Oh Photographer, You So Clever

January 30, 2011

Getty Images has the official NHL All-Star portrait gallery up and I honestly think these photos are SO MUCH better than the traditional “stand here and hold the stick and look awkward” photo theme that the NHL will usually resort to. The sparkles add an extra reminder that these guys are All-Stars (see what I mean by the photographer being clever), while I have yet to figure out the reason for the jersey nightlight in the background.

I really don’t have much to say about All-Star weekend. The draft was a new concept and seemed to be well received by the players. I’d like to see it stick around. The best part of the weekend was the goalie race between Cam Ward and Tim Thomas in the fastest skater competition. Goalies trying to skate fast in all their gear will never not be funny. Goalies falling down (but not getting hurt) while skating fast in their goalie gear will also never not be funny.

The actual game was nothing more than a game of shinny played between grownups who know what they’re doing. It will never be more than that, since there is nothing on the line but pride, and no one wants to get hurt. It’s all fun. It might not do much to attract new fans, but should it have to?

One comment

  1. great photo gallery- the sparkles are so random! And LOL at Kessel being last- I don’t like him very much so I’m down with that.

    I love the All-Star game, the skills competition, the whole bit. I thought the draft was hilarious and fun. The first hockey game I ever watched was the 1994 All-Star game *and the old-timers game* so maybe that’s it- plus I just like to see all that skill on display in a game that’s just for fun. We have 82+ games of serious to make it through- it’s nice to have one where you can cheer for anyone and everyone! 🙂

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