Not Just Another Game

March 5, 2011

– Remind me again why Tim Connolly is still a part of this team? I know, I know, Tim is the top center we have, blahblahblahfishcakes.

– How did that high stick on Myers in the first period not get called? He went down, stayed down and was bleeding. It sounded like RJ wanted to hop out of the booth and head down to the ice and argue the call himself.

– The warm and fuzzy first intermission feature on Pominville and the Make-A-Wish kid is exactly what has been missing from games in the past. It’s a total human interest story, but it’s something other than K-Syl & Roby blathering on and on and on. I’m sure the dead horses that have been beaten repeatedly on intermissions appreciate the break, LOL. And the warm and fuzzy feelings generated from this feature are exactly what was needed on this cold, dreary Saturday afternoon, especially since the game was featuring a 2-0 Sabres loss at that point.

– Have I mentioned how much I hate the Boomer and Carton commercials? I hate them about as much as the fact that Kathering Heigl is going to play Stephanie Plum in the movie adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s “One for the Money.”

– On a positive note, glad to see Stafford finally score again.

– Did The Fourth Period really need to use this image of Mr. Biznasty for their story about him? I really don’t want to think about anyone “twooping” for pete’s sake, let alone be confronted with an image of (faux) twooping in action. And yes, I do understand that people do use their phones and Twitter while visiting the loo. I just don’t want to be reminded of it.

– I’m completely enthralled with this video of a Briard riding a scooter. My aunt had a Briard, and his sole achievement was not getting electrocuted while eating the refrigerator cord while it was still plugged into the socket. He was nowhere near the coordination level needed for scooter riding.

– The Flyers third goal is a clusterfuck of epic proportions for the Sabres. First, it’s a shorthanded goal during a four on three. Second, four forwards completely forget about the third Flyers skater in their rush to head up the ice. If Vanek held onto that puck, their puppy-like exuberance could be excused. But because Vanek whiffed, they needed to switch into defensive mode and they didn’t quite do it quickly enough. I’m not even going to mention that Miller needed to make that save, because that’s just obvious.

– I did like seeing Morrisonn take offense to Versteeg poking at Miller long after Miller covered the puck and the whistle blew. Too often, Sabres players have acted ambivalent about the opposition going after Miller. If the team is going to play a style of hockey where Miller is going to be required to consistently bail them out, then they need to treat him like the sacred cow that he is and protect him.

– The fourth Sabres goal is a textbook example of how going to the net can and will often lead to goals. Keep it up, Sabres.

– Where the heck has the refreshed Sekera come from? Where has this guy been all season?

– I’m glad that Boyes is fitting into the lineup so seamlessly. Four points in his last three games is certainly nothing to sneeze at and makes Regier’s past trade deadline acquisitions look like dead fish.

– MSG and the Sabres really need to work on their technical issues. Mike Harrington reported on Sabres Edge that Paul Hamilton had to do the radio play-by-play of the game, as the WGR/MSG link broke (and the SD feed broke at the same time). My father sprinted up the stairs to my apartment just as the Gerbe goal crossed the line at the end of the game, as the SD channel made the switch to college basketball. I know that the Sabres are the redheaded stepchildren of the MSG family, but the team needs to ensure that such technical issues do not happen again.

– I was poking around on the NY Times site (before that infernal pay wall goes up), and this article about NFL players managing their finances is fascinating. It’s refreshing to read about athletes being wise with their money and not spending it all on bling and Bentleys and mansions that go into foreclosure.

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