Ramblings: Sabres vs. Thrashers Edition

March 19, 2011

– How great was it to see Hasek back on HSBC Arena ice tonight? Aside from a touch of grey (which happens to all of us), he still looks like the same lean, mean goaltending machine that played for the Sabres. If the Sabres and Hasek can bury the hatchet (and not in each other’s backs), I have hope that the Sabres and other former players can bury their hatchets.

– I love the addition of the 7 on the ice behind the nets. It’s a nice touch and a good way to honor a Sabres legend. (Even Sabretooth’s 7 on his sweater is a nice accent.) Does anyone know if the Sabres will be webcasting the Martin memorial service on Thursday?

– I was at the mall this afternoon and noticed that Laux is already selling Brad Boyes Sabres t-shirts. I approve of that. I do not approve of the Pegula/4 shirts that were for sale at T-Shirt University. I know we’re all excited about T-Pegs, but it seems wrong somehow to be wearing the owner’s name and number on your back.

– I was disappointed that the “Swords of 1,000 Men” song did not come clearly through the TV set after the Pominville goal. After all the ruckus on Twitter regarding the song, I want to hear it during a game for pete’s sake.

– I have no idea what to make of the Thrashers first goal. It looked to me like it went off Miller’s stick (which was on the ice) and then bounced over Miller’s shoulder. I’m pretty sure there’s no way Miller would have been able to contort himself that fast to catch the puck from going behind him.

– I liked Craig Ramsey’s red shirt & patterned tie combination; however, the brown houndstooth coat that he is wearing doesn’t work so well with the vibrancy of the tie & shirt.

– The Sabres second goal just illustrates the unintentional humor that comes from watching Sabres games. The power play unit consisted of Myers, Gerbe, Leopold, Gaustad and Mancari. Gerbe looked like a fun sized candy bar amongst a bunch of king-sized candy bars out there. (I want chocolate, can you tell?)

– I spend way too much time trying to figure out the answer to the Cellino & Barnes trivia question. I knew that the question was easier than I was making it, and it still took me for-freaking-ever to figure out that the answer was Michael Peca. I think I was having a mental block where I was stuck on Rhett Warrener and Jay McKee as the answers, but then I remembered that Warrener was later on and McKee was drafted in 1995.

– I miss a good chunk of the second period while searching online for instructions for the exhaust fan/light in my bathroom. I know the whole fan housing comes off for maintenance, but there is a way that the light cover thingy comes off and I need to find that out to replace a bulb. But enough about my troubles. The Sabres left the period with the lead, that’s all that matters.

– The third period was quite fun, once I abandoned my search for the fan instructions. Niedermayer scored his second goal of the night, the Sabres scored their eighth goal of the game, the crowd chanted “we want nine,” and Evander Kane tried to fight Tyler Ennis (after trying to scrap with Gerbe earlier). That’s a lot to take in.

– I’m pretty sure that the Sabres official Twitter account was as shocked that Connolly scored, as their announcement of his goal used several exclamation points. We’re talking a teenage girl level of exclamation point usage here.

– Cody McCormick’s reading PSA was kind of adorkable. It’s nice to see the team’s designated tough guy reminding kids to use their noggins and read a book. Also, Sabretooth reading to Perrywinkle was a nice touch. I just hope Cody is re-signed next year, I really like this guy.

– So that’s all she wrote until tomorrow’s game against the Predators.

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