Laying Down the Law

March 28, 2011

I guess that as a non-hockey player, I will never fully understand the logic behind putting the logo of your team on the carpet in the middle of the room. I mean, on the surface level, I do get it. The logo indicates that this is your room, your team, your space. You take pride in the space and the team, and you don’t dishonor either by stepping on the symbol of the organization. But on some other common sense level, if the logo is so sacred, then why is it on the floor where anyone can/will step on it unless they are threatened with monetary penalties?

At least the laying down of the law regarding the carpet was done with a nice, pleasant reminder from Mike Grier.

Warning: this video contains a word that rhymes with “ducking,” so please be warned if you are in an office environment or other place where such language is not appreciated.

I love Grier’s “dad” tone of voice when speaking to the team and assorted media. You can tell he’s used the same tone with his kids before. (“I warned you about flushing daddy’s keys down the toilet. $20 fine goes into your college fund right now!”) While I wouldn’t necessarily want to hear about any more profanity induced freak outs from the team regarding the new policy, I would genuinely be curious as to the amount of money donated to charity at the end of the season (playoffs) because of the new rule.



  1. Heh, win-win! I wonder if a lot of other teams have a carpet fine/charity bucket?

  2. It’s a mental thing when you put a logo on the floor. Many military units put the unit crest on the floor in their headquarters. By putting a crest on the floor then making the area a no-walk zone the organization is sending a message that they own the area and absolutely no one will disrespect the organization or any of the organization’s property.

    The Sabres are saying that not only is the locker room their property but that anyone who sets foot in that room(and by extension the ice and the rest o the arena) will take the team seriously. It’s also a reminder to each individual player (and trainers, equipment manager, coaches, etc.) is expected to give their all for the team. It may seem simple but the change in mindset will exhibit itself on the ice. There’s a reason our boys are playing with more intensity lately, and it starts with a renewed sense of dedication.

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