Extreme Locker Room Makeover: Sabres Edition

May 25, 2011

I know there’s not a ton going on in Pegulaville and the surrounding suburbs of Sabreland, but I do want to write a few things about the formal announcement of the team’s new locker room.

You know it’s a long off-season when a LOCKER ROOM renovation is big doings, but I digress.

– I completely understand that the circular shape of the new locker room promotes team unity and all that other caring & sharing rah!rah!-ness, but I really did like the old style lockers. It made it seem like each player had their own personal space. I wasn’t wild about the gloves & pads storage area being above the heads of the players, as it seemed like it would be at a disadvantage for shorter players like Gerbe or Ennis. (Did they have a stool? Ask a taller player for help? More importantly, why am I wondering about this?) It also was a clean look during interviews, but I could also understand how it might be awkward for reporters to interview players if they have to climb into lockers and contort themselves around walls.

– Today’s press conference is the second time in recent memory that I recall “player communication” mentioned as one of the goals. I know after this past season ended that someone remarked that the players had a goal of staying in better touch during the off-season. I remember someone saying something along the lines that the players have to do better than the occasional text message to make sure that they’re all alive. I realize that after spending the better part of 7-8 months together that they may need a break from each other, but the break shouldn’t be the entire off-season long. Relax, and then check in on each other. Talk. Whether it’s about kids, life, politics, religion, the hot barista at the coffee shop down the street, I don’t care. Just don’t be freaking strangers. Pretend that you like each other and give a flip about each other.But I digress. It sounds like management has zeroed in on a problem and is doing everything they can to fix it.

– I love Lindy’s enthusiasm about having dedicated space to review video with the team. Was it this season or last season where the press was kicked out of their room so Lindy could take over for a video session? Having a designated area with the proper equipment should make video sessions more comfortable & productive for all involved (and avoid throwing the media out into the street.)

– Granted, it’s the probably the style of the photo, but doesn’t it look like Miller had his own personal plan review with Pegula, as opposed to the group view that some of the other guys got? Is he that much more special than the other players, or is he ensuring that the goalie portion of the circle is adequately sized?

That’s it for now, but I plan to review Sunday’s Indy 500 insanity in some form, so check back at the end of this long holiday weekend.

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