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Spotted…I Think

June 10, 2011

– Someone please tell me that I haven’t completely hallucinated that the gentleman in the grey shirt at the right of this photo is a Buffalo Sabre. Or does this Sabre just have an identical twin out there in Buffalo?

This is about the level of hockey blogging that I can handle at the moment. I’m tired of reading about the following:

  1. The Canucks being chokers
  2. The (alleged) classless idiocy of both fanbases
  3. The lack of clarity regarding headshots (you would think that this would be something we all can agree on!!!)
  4. Chris Drury coming back to Buffalo
  5. The whining about having to travel to Winnipeg next year. It’s Winnipeg, not a Siberian gulag.

As much as Twitter & the blogosphere are making me cranky lately, I do have to say that I’ve been enjoying the little vacation snippets that the Twitter-engaged NHLers are sharing. These guys are not only solidifying their popularity with their own fans, but also making many new ones just by being entertaining and open to sharing a small portion of their lives. Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone pulls a weiner (that’s what she said), so we’ll just enjoy things while they last.