June 16, 2011

It’s a hell of a first world problem that we have when we riot over the results of a sporting event. Other nations riot over things like democracy & human rights. We riot over the end result of a seven game series that at its essence is nothing more than grown men running around on ice, fighting over a little rubber disc. We’re a lucky lot, and need to do more to remember that.

I know the people that rioted last night are not representative of Canucks fans and the good people of Vancouver. I feel so bad for those Canucks fans that not only have to deal with their personal angst over watching their team lose Game 7, but also have to deal with being painted with the world’s widest brush and seen as nothing more than a bunch of rabblerousers and spoilsports. They are not like that, and they deserve better than that.

I have been tremendously impressed by the social media response to what happened last night. Vancouverites are fighting back and letting people know that they will not tolerate actions like that and are working to find and label those responsible for the damage. They are also working to clean up their city. You know what, they shouldn’t have had to. Neither should the municipal government for that matter. If it wouldn’t have hindered city life, those people responsible for the damage should  have cleanup & repair as a major part of their punishment in addition to whatever confinement/monetary penalties the court system hands down.

I hope that if the Sabres ever win/lose the Cup, that Buffalo fans remember our shocked reactions to what happened last night. We are Buffalonians. We are hockey fans. We are better than that.

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