I’m Back!

October 1, 2011

You may have noticed that it got a little quiet here in blog land recently. I was suffering from a lack of a laptop and the lack of patience to complete a blog post on an iPod touch. But I’m back. I now have a shiny new computer and am ready to take on a full season of Sabres hockey.

– We all saw the Fu Man Drew video that the Sabres posted a week or two ago. They were also kind enough to post the outtakes from said video.

The biggest revelation for me (just edging out Stafford’s awesome laugh) was that someone at the Sabres thought it was a good idea to let $5 million in talent roll away in a Range Rover piloted by a driver in rollerblades. Yes, I realize that the car moved a grand total of three feet and wasn’t moving fast, but it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

– Speaking of losing an eye (how’s that for a segue), I’m so glad that Paul Gaustad is wearing a visor. Poor little Goose has had too many near misses with eye injuries & cuts in his career. I’m sad that it had to take Manny Malhotra getting hurt for him to realize that eyesight is forever, but whatever works, I guess. And doesn’t that just prove how stubborn hockey players are about their equipment?

– Because I’m a nerd, I took next Friday off from work. I want to be able to watch the first Sabres game and not have to worry about an online radio stream dying out or annoying my co-workers with score updates or quiet swearing.

– The new fall TV season has started. I’ve enjoyed “New Girl” so far, but object to one small thing. A hipster character like Zooey Deschanel’s would not carry Vera Bradley luggage. Vera is too mainstream for hipster tastes.

I know this post has kind of been a mishmash of topics, but until there’s actual games to write about, this is what you get.


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