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NHL Awards

June 18, 2009

Random thoughts from tonight’s NHL Awards broadcast.

– What is Chaka Khan wearing? It’s like dominatrix gear was crossed with a Hefty bag. Her duet with Robin Thicke didn’t sound bad at all, but the crowd was not getting into it.

– Wow, can Pat Kane read a teleprompter. He somehow manages to look greasy, drunky and baked at the same time.

– “My English still short.” – Pavel Datsyuk. Aww

– How the hell does almost dying on the ice preclude someone from winning the Masterton trophy? That trumps coming back from open heart surgery and not being nominated as one of the biggest injustices of the year. I’m now outraged on Zednik’s behalf, in addition to still being outraged on Teppo’s behalf.

– Props to Manny Fernandez and Tim Thomas for bringing some much needed comedy to this evening, as Tim Tom cracked the room up during his Jennings Award by asking if he should thank Manny’s wife. Heh.

– The awards presenters are almost painful. As Schnookie pointed out on IPB, Goose apparently needed to be brought in to teach the fundamentals of reading. I guess he didn’t get that call from the NHL.

– During Datsyuk’s acceptance speech for the Lady Byng when he commented about following your dreams, I immediately launched into Cartman’s “follow your dreams, you can reach your goals. I am living proof. BEEFCAKE!” speech.

– I really hope all the NHLers get flea dipped after the show at the Palms. Between the Playboy suite, the Real World suite and god only knows what else, there’s enough cooties running around the Palms to keep exterminators busy for eternity.

– Who do Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick know in the camera booth? They keep showing up on the screen for no. good. reason.

– Ethan Moreau looked nervous but gave a good speech.

– Apparently teleprompters are not Jeremy Roenick’s strong suit. He stumbled over his introdutory blather for the Fan Five award winner. And I would have liked to have seen what the Fan Five were, instead of just seeing Luongo be annointed as the winner.

– The blue hue of this broadcast is bothering the snot out of me.

– In this beige outfit, if Chaka Khan moves the wrong way, the camels toe will be on display. I don’t want or need to see that. Thankyouverymuch.

– And it’s so nice that in this “tribute to the fans” montage, we’re seeing more of Chaka. As a fan, I’m feeling a wee bit disrespected.

– Why am I getting so upset about all of this?

– Aww, William Fitchner. He’s a good Buffalo boy. Here’s to hoping that someday he’ll be presenting the Vezina to Ryan Miller instead of Tim Thomas. Puck Daddy seems to think that Thomas should be the starter for the 2010 US Olympic team. Two words for TimTom’s performance this year: contract year. On the other hand, a Miller/TimTom battle for starter could be mighty entertaining.

– Aww, Tim Tom’s getting emotional. It’s nice to see, since everyone else is kind of rolling the speeches off by heart with little emotion.

– Kevin Smith. The fact that you love hockey made me love you even more than I did after I saw Dogma. I can even forgive the fact that you’re a Devils fan.

– Pat Burns looks fantastic for being in the middle of his third battle with cancer. Go get ’em, Pat. Kick some cancer ass.

– Claude Julien wins the Jack Adams award. He kind of looks like a hockey coach, with the stern yet pudgy face.

– Oh, shut up already, Mark Messier. No one cares. Just hand out your award and get off the stage.

– Kudos to Iginlia for thanking his teammates during the leadership award presentation. He remembered that you can’t be a leader without a good group of followers.

– I can honestly say that I will not be watching Fanarchy.

– Kevin Connolly is a short little man, as any fan of Entourage can attest.

– Chara wins the Norris trophy. If it would have been that little punk Mike Green, I might have thrown something at the TV set. A good defenseman needs to be both offensively and defensively minded. Chara’s speech was pretty good, both thanking the team and the family, and even bringing the humor into it.

– Malkin’s attempt at English is so charming.

– Ovie brings some humor to the room by saying that Geno’s English is better than Datsyuk’s English.

– Oh yay, Gary Bettman. Joy and bliss!

– And Jean Beliveau wins the “I thought he was dead” award.

– Ovie wins the Hart. Fun will once again reign throughout the league.

– That awards show was definitely underwhelming. Next year, the league should let the fans be in charge of planning the festivities. We’d find a way to mix tradition and fun and have it be interesting.


HONK This!

March 11, 2008

The Sabres announced today that the Goose is the team’s nominee for the Masterton Trophy. This trophy is given annually to the NHL player who best exemplifies perseverance, dedication to hockey and sportsmanship. I think all of SabreNation can agree that Goose is a shining example of all three traits.

On the ice, he’s a 7th round draft pick who self-admits that he is not the fleetest of foot (skate?) on the team. However, he’s willing to put forth a 100% effort, often playing the punishing position of right in front of the net. In previous seasons, he’s admitted to trying to beat Chris Drury to the rink, as Drury was always the first player there.

Off the ice, he’s done PSAs encouraging children to read books (featuring the classic line: “Books are the foundation of reading.”) and save our planet. Shoot, they could’ve even done a PSA encompassing both efforts and saved money on the air time. In addition, his teaming up with MotherGoose to promote physical education should also be commended. And – and this is a big one with me – he actually lives in the City of Buffalo, and not in a swanky subdivision in the burbs.

However, after looking at the start of the Masterton nominee list on Mirtle, I’d really be surprised if Goose won. The list so far includes an old fart (Chris Chelios), a player currently battling cancer (Jason Blake), and a goalie who pretty much resurrected his career from the dead (Ty Conkin). Compared to them, all Goose has done is manage to overcome low expectations for his career and become very active in the Buffalo community. No life threatening diseases or injuries, no career resurrection. Just a hardworking guy representing a hard working town.

In my opinion, this highlight of last night’s Rangers game should make him a shoo-in for some kind of award. But what do I know?

I’m kind of worried about Patches. Sure, he managed to play last night after that killer hit from Avery, but he’s admitted he can’t move his neck all that well today. Its been reported in the media that he has whiplash. Should a hockey player that has whiplash even be playing? I realize in the current defensive shortage he may think he has no choice but to play, but is it worth hurting yourself further just to play a game?


What I’m Thankful For – The Day After Edition

November 23, 2007

I meant to post this yesterday, but time got away from me.

My family – its been a rough year for me and they’ve put up with a lot. They haven’t killed me yet.

I’m also thankful that although Kendallcar is pretty smooshed after Wednesday’s accident, that I’m not smooshed. On a lighter note, my bruised knee will look lovely with my holiday party dress.

My job – I love what I do, and I adore my co-workers. Even though we drive each other batty sometimes, we all know we can rely on each other when the chips are down.

OC – Off Camber‘s been the one place I can go for reliable auto-racing news and commentary. Plus a healthy dose of pop culture snark, recipe sharing (mmm chili), and techno-help. The people on there are some of the funniest, yet most cynical people I’ve ever met. Meeting them in person is the icing on the cake after talking to them online for so long.

Champ Car  – I’m thankful that Champcar’s still around. It’s been a rocky past couple of years, but I really, really hope that the series has its collective head on straight and can improve on 2008. Its not the on-track product that’s the problem, its the off-track nonsense. I’d be sad if there was no Champcar in 2008.

The hockey blog world: I didn’t really enter the hockey blog world until this year’s playoffs, when I stumbled across HLoG and then IPB / Top Shelf / The Willful Caboose, etc. I’ve been able to read some of the most insightful commentary on hockey that can be found on the internet. Its analytical, yet light-hearted, whimsical and often times downright hysterical. We commiserate in our team’s mediocrity, share in our team’s successes and poke fun at the ridiculousness of the hockey world. Its a total community. I’ve been able to meet three people since I started this blog, and they’ve been just as great in person as they are in the blog world.

Bucci and Bucky – believe it or not, I’m thankful for these two yahoos. They’ve provided me with endless snarking opportunities, plus an outlet to distract me from the insanity of life. I feel deprived when I’m not able to utter “shut up Bucky” or “shut up Bucci” after reading one of their columns.

Stay tuned for thoughts on tonight’s Montreal / Buffalo game, brought to you in HD by the fine folks at “avoiding my family” corporation. 🙂


Oh Captain, My Captain – November Edition

November 1, 2007

The Sabres announced yesterday that Toni (Tony Tone) Lydman is their captain for the month of November. I’m intrigued by this announcement, as Lydman was not at the top of people’s lists to be captain. Heck, I’m not even sure he was on some people’s lists.

Unlike October’s captaincy, the November award was a coach’s decision, meaning Lindy and JP have to see something that we do not. They mentioned that they’re rewarding consistency. Lydman’s stats so far don’t indicate that he’s the caliber defenseman we know he is, but he obviously is doing something in the room that the coaches like.

I also like how we’re getting more insight into the inner workings of the team through these announcements. The News this morning mentions that Lydman doesn’t deliver unsolicited advice. Miller and Hank seem to handle the talking, while Spacek handles the yelling. I’m sorry, I love Spacek interviews, but if I can’t understand Spacho when he’s talking, how do his teammates understand him when he’s yelling? Or is he just the crazy mumbling guy in the room, like in Blazing Saddles?

Lydman’s reaction to being named captain is cracking me up. The last time he was a captain was during his junior days in Finland. His only change is that he has more body hair now. If he keeps granting interviews like that, we could be in for a very entertaining month.

November’s going to be a tough month: 13 games in 28 days. That’s great for the fans, who are mighty tired of this Monday / Thursday / Tuesday scheduling nonsense, but it could be tiring for the guys. Then there’s the fact that this month is so heavy on the divisional games. 10 of the 13 games are against Boston / Ottawa / Montreal / Toronto. And of those games, 4 are against Montreal. (Can the mighty scheduling gods please tell me why if you play 8 games a season against a particular team, you must put 4 of them in one month?). Ottawa and Montreal games are always entertaining, but they could be spread out more throughout the season. Its like food, eat too much of one particular food that’s your favorite, and suddenly, you don’t like it so much anymore and need a break from it.

I started this post with Whitman, and I’m going to end with Whitman.

A great scene from a great movie.


Oh Captain, My Captain

October 2, 2007

The Sabres announced today that the players voted to do a rotating captain of the month plan. The captain for October is Jochen Hecht. I can’t say that I’m surprised by the selection of Yo-Yo as captain, since he wore the letter twice during the preseason, but what I am surprised at is the decision to do a rotating captain. But if its what the players want, who am I to question, since I’m not in the room.

Hecht is going to be a good captain, I think. He’s got that quiet, calm style and is hardworking on-and-off the ice. I see a lot of Drury-esque qualities in him. Let’s hope that doesn’t extend to slag-faced-whoredom at the end of the season.

No word on who’s going to be wearing the A, but I really hope that Goose or Timmy get one. I would think Timmy’s got a halfway decent shot, as Lindy ordered that Timmy wear a letter for Saturday’s game, despite not having played in the pre-season before Saturday. That to me says confidence in him.


Watching the Emmys

September 17, 2007

Emmy night. Couple of thoughts after watching the 2 hours of pre-show coverage and the actual show itself.

  • Lisa Rinna’s lips scare me. Its like they just take over her face.
  • Ryan Seacrest is pretty. He should just concentrate on being pretty and hosting Idol. He comes across as trying to hard to fit in, and it was totally skeezy how he kept mentioning that Hayden Panetierre just turned 18.
  • Loved the Family Guy opening with Brian and Stewie. Of course, everything they sang about was true.
  • Katherine Heigl of Grey’s was flirting with the bitch line. People know who you are. No need to correct the announcer-person that they mispronounced your name while you’re up presenting another award. Also, no need to bring it up when you win!
  • The Fox censors were hyper-sensitive last night. Cutting away from Ray Romano and his comment about his wife and Kelsey Grammar. Cutting away from Katharine Heigl when she said “shit” after she won, bleeping Sally Field and g-dammed. Sheesh, watch a hockey game. More profanity flies there than on some awards show broadcast, and more children are probably watching that. (Then again, I did think it was rather suspicious that my Media Buying Academy e-newsletter was all about Fox and profanity/obscenity and how we all should boycott the Fox network).
  • I don’t think Sally Field was wrong to make a statement about wars. She wasn’t calling out specific wars in general, she wasn’t calling our leadership out, she was just saying war sucks, which I think we all can agree on.
  • Did not like Kate Walsh’s hair. The side-swoopy ponytail thingy is not a good look…for anyone.
  • What was up with the sternum bearing dresses on some of these women? I know the saying is “if you got it, flaunt it,” but at the same time, if you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it. Sternums are not cool!
  • It was kind of funny how the entire audience gasped when 30 Rock won their award. Talk about unexpected awards.