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Fun Times

September 17, 2009

– If you haven’t already seen the video of the little girl throwing the foul ball back at the Phillies game, I strongly encourage you to go watch it. The video is adorable, and the father reacts perfectly to the situation. That girl is going to have quite the story to tell someday.

– This past Tuesday was the second birthday of Shots Off the Crossbar. This blog wouldn’t be possible without the antics of the Sabres and all their frustrating (and sometimes comedic) glory, the NHL and their follies, and my loyal readers, both those who comment and those who lurk (And if you don’t comment, feel free to. I don’t bite…well not too hard. Heh.) Here’s to another season of Sabres hockey, and here’s to hoping it’s not another 10th place finish. The keyboard of fury could use a rest.


Shots Off The Foul Pole…Or, My Trip to a Bisons Game

June 14, 2009

Tomorrow is my grandfather’s 80th birthday. In celebration of that event and next week’s Father’s Day holiday, the entire family decided to surprise him with a trip to today’s Bisons game, including a suite experience and throwing out the first pitch. Let’s just say that D-Day had less planning than this birthday extravaganza. But despite all the hard work, emails and other subterfuge that had to happen (aka lots of phone calls in code), my grandfather was truly surprised and a good time was had by all.

– No way in heck were there over 6,800 people at Coca Cola Field for today’s game. I realize that may have been the “tickets sold” number and not the “tickets redeemed” number, but my guesstimate on attendance was probably 4,500 at best. There were lots of people disguised as red seats, lets put it that way.

– When we entered the stadium, we were given Thunderstix. I think I’m now deaf in my left ear after having cousin #1 bang on them for the better part of a game.



Cousin #2 exercised his creative juices and made the below from his Thunderstix.

P6140494It’s a dog, in case you were wondering. Said creative cousin is also available for birthdays, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs.

– I took a breather from the fam and headed down to the main concourse to check out the gift shop and what was going on on the main level. The Bisons gift shop is pitiful compared to the Sabres Store. And I knowsthat I’m spoiled by the Sabres Store, but seriously, the Bisons gift shop is ridiculously small and doesn’t seem to have a very large product mix. There was a hoodie on the website that I liked but the store didn’t have, and the team was selling Buster plushies from last season at full price. Is it because the Mets don’t seem to want to have the Bisons sell a lot of merch? Who knows.

– When we were leaving the stadium, we were all handed bags of new Wise Honey BBQ Cheese Puffs. I can’t help but wonder why someone would want to combine barbecue flavor with cheese poofs, but they did. It’s like someone got baked, combined cheesy poofs and Honeycomb in their munchie stupor and thought this would make a great snack. They’re not bad if one is hungry enough, but I’m not going to run out and buy a bag.

– The kids running the bases after the game were ridiculously adorable. There was a father out there with his son, who was probably not more than a year old. They ran the distance from first to second before the father picked him up and ran around the rest of the bases carrying him, before depositing him about ten feet away from home and allowing him to toddle the rest of the way on his two little legs. The kid was precious and completely in awe of both Buster and Chip. Belle just confused – and probably frightened – him.

– I really felt bad for those in the Bisons bullpen during the game. They were constantly being divebombed by seagulls and even had a close encounter with a foul ball that scattered them pretty quickly. While the seagulls were nowhere near as insane as what is going on in Cleveland (at least ours don’t land on the field), I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until a fan is attacked by a bird, or a bird affects the on-field action.


Four Things

August 4, 2008

– Someone should tell Kevin Allen of the USA Today that Jason Pominville is not an unrestricted free agent at the end of this coming season. I understand that hockey is the redheaded stepchild of the US sports environment, but a little fact checking goes a long way.

– I’m glad to see Lindy get some respect from Terry Frei at ESPN. Frei ranks the current NHL coaches, and places Lindy among the league’s elite. Ruff guided the team through no goal, making the playoffs, missing the playoffs, two seasons of losing in the ECF and the most recent free agent debacle. He’s always ready with a genuine comment for the media, even when you can clearly tell that he’d rather tell them to go puck themselves. He’s also proven adept at guiding young players with the transition from the AHL to the NHL, as proven by how the Rochester kids have stepped right into the Sabres system with few hiccups.

– I was shocked to hear this morning that Skip Carey died. I learned so much about the Braves through watching his telecasts on TBS. Some of the more longtime Braves – Smoltz, Glavine and Jones, sounded really shaken up in their interviews. It sounds like Carey, like the Sabres RJ, wasn’t just a play-by-play man for the club, but also a friend.

– How awesome was it to see Luke Russert as the Special Guest Stat Boy on PTI last week?



February 19, 2008

I saw the short version of this clip on Sportscenter over the weekend.

That tops any practical joke I’ve heard about from an athlete before, just because of the breadth of people that were involved: the player’s agent, his manager, his teammates. Its particularly cruel, but absolutely brilliant.