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January 4, 2011

Lots of little things today.

– I admit to watching a fair amount of the World Juniors over the past week-and-a-half. The games have been entertaining and well worth my time. However, the ads shown during the game broadcast have been incredibly disappointing. The “Ovechkin head in a bowling ball bag” terrifies me. Who is the creative director that thought a disembodied Russian head made a good ad? And this ad is repeated at least three times per game, so it’s disturbing in triplicate.

Ad over-repitition seems to be a key theme on NHL Network. I’m pretty sure that I am very close to being able to recite the AHL promotional ad and the USA Hockey “Hockey Weekend Across America” ads. Speaking of the latter ads, Ryan Miller and Patrick Kane manage to cram about 30 kinds of awkward into their :30 ad. (Go to this USA Hockey page, and flip to the second video to watch Miller & Kane.) Miller is nervous and “reading” the ad (and strangely dressed like he’s going to a costume party as a low rent Danny Zuko), while Kane just mumbles his way through the entire thing.  Compare these two Awkward McGee’s to the stellar performance turned in by Zach Parise. Parise is a natural in front of the camera, almost like he memorized the script and practiced it in his bedroom mirror.

I know that the ad repetition occurs because it is difficult to convince companies to buy ad time on a network that appears on a premium tier in a lot of homes. I understand why it is on a premium tier, as most of the nation has no interest in hockey, but at the same time, the network can’t be expected to grow if all it is running is ads from current league or program sponsors.

– Can someone explain to me why tonight’s pre-game story on WGR has the tag of “disaster_accident, sports“? Is it an auto-tag based on the use of the word “Avalanche?” Is WGR hoping that the Sabres meet an untimely end in Colorado? Do they know something the rest of us don’t?

– I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the play of Marcus Foligno during the WJC’s. Dude has played like he is playing for an NHL contract, which in a way, I suppose he is. I would be really happy to see him and Kassian win a gold medal in this tournament. If the USA can’t win it, might as well be the team with the guys that are “ours.” (Sidebar: when I was in college and working summer orientation, Marcus’ older sister was a part of the freshman class that we were orientating and her father accompanied her to orientation. It was hilarious watching the parents of these incoming freshman freaking out that Mike Foligno was in their midst and had a kid their kid’s age.)

– Only in Buffalo does a tweet by a mascot get included in a recap of a hockey game.

– Also, only in Buffalo does a quarterback’s grooming habits warrant coverage on the 5 o’clock news…and not in the sports report. I will say that Fitz’s beard was probably the best part of the Bills season. I haven’t been that impressed with a beard since Scott Niedermayer’s playoff beard a couple of years ago.


Things & Stuff & Guys

September 27, 2010

– So the pre-season has started and we Sabres fans can’t see any of the games being televised on NHL Network due to some backwards issues between MSG & the NHL. Yay! Way to piss off one of your biggest markets! I’ve only seen bits & pieces of the first two games due to internet feed issues (and the whole being in Pittsburgh thing), but it sounds like Kassian is impressing many. I hope he’s atoned for his past misdeeds and the Sabres give him a fair shot. Whether it means a contract this year or not, he’s gotten a lot of fans past their summer apathy & misery and talking hockey again.

– How adorable is Chris Butler admitting that his grandmother gave him a pep talk regarding getting out of the press box and back onto the ice? Between his common sense, low key Twitter postings and this recent article, Butler is slowly getting back into my good graces. He’s just so refreshingly normal for a professional athlete. There’s no bitching, whining or comments about making panty soup (which is a phrase I just learned, thanks to the Twitter.) He appears to be what my aunt would call “just plain folk.” I love it.

– Ryan Miller is a very nice photographer. He could have a lucrative career capturing moments at weddings, baptisms & bar/bat mitzvahs if that whole hockey player thing doesn’t work out for him. And if I may wade into the shallow end of the pool for a moment, has Drew Doughty always been that attractive?

– And in case anyone is looking for a nice, nostalgic time waster, Entertainment Weekly has provided a list of the 25 or so most memorable Sesame Street guest appearances.

– I wasn’t expecting the Bills to cut Edwards today. Since Trent was a perfectly nice gentleman, he deserves a classy send-off.


Idea Time

September 14, 2009

– After watching the video of the Sabres golf tournament (found on, I really think that my company golf tournament could be made better by requiring us to each take a shot while wearing a pair of hockey gloves. Then again, we’re bad enough golfers that wearing the hockey gloves just might *help* some of us out. And I’d also like to note that my golf tournament is not played at a swanky location such as Park Country Club. Heh.

I did enjoy Lindy saying that Dineen only beat him for longest drive as he [Dineen] hit from the ladies tee. There’s nothing wrong with hitting from the ladies tee, as sometimes, it’s the only decent shot that your foursome will have on that hole. (Refer to my company golf outing this year, as my shot from the ladies tee was the only one that went straight/stayed out of the rough/out of someone’s backyard. I might not have gotten it far off the ground, but at least it went straight, damnit.

– I’m kind of amused by the “fantasy style draft” used to select the teams for camp scrimmages. You think Lindy and the coaching staff would be available to help me with the rankings for The Two-Eyed Pea Brains?

– If the story being reported on SF is true (no Sabres showing up for the autograph session on Saturday and the team giving those in line 2 tickets to the Leafs/Sabres game), then good on the Sabres for fixing a bad deal, and bad on the players for either not getting the memo or bailing completely.

– The video of Gaustad and Paille playing street hockey with the kids at Camp Good Days that Channel 2 showed last night was completely adorable. However, I am slightly concerned that Paille was playing in only a pair of flip flops. That sounds like a quick way to sprain an ankle or break a foot due to stick-to-foot contact.

– And Go Bills! Even though it’s probably going to be a massacre tonight, the first game is always exciting. There’s an air of anticipation, of joy and of fun. Of course, those airs all go right out the window by week two, only to be replaced by despair, anger, hate and rage.



September 3, 2009

– Who says Bucky Gleason isn’t inspirational? After reading his column regarding the NHLPA follies, I was inspired with a name for my fantasy hockey team. The Two-Eyed Pea Brains will be striving for their third consecutive 5th place finish in the IPB Super/Amazing League.

Since house rules limit me to Western Conference players only, I have to decide whether to again pick Luongo for the third consecutive year. Lui has been a solid performer for me, but I can’t help but think he’ll fall prey to DiPietro Syndrome and be injured a lot now that he’s signed a super-long term deal. At least this year, the battle over Pronger and his Elbows of Fury moves over to those picking from the Eastern Conference.

– With the current labor situations in both the NHL and the NFL, is it possible that both leagues could be on a lockout during the same year? Whatever the heck will Buffalo fans have to bitch about if this is the case? There’s only so many “those greedy players/owners/fans/mascots/bastards” posts that one can write.

– Speaking of the NFL, they are apparently cracking down on live-blogging during games from in-stadium locations. Bad NFL. At least the NHL hasn’t stooped to this level, but the NHL has been more receptive of social media venues than other sports.

– I’m glad to see that Sabres Edge is doing well, but do they realize that in the world of interweb advertising, a “hit” is often referred to as “how idiots [measure] traffic.” Just saying…

Yay! Darcy’s alive! I’m willing to give our motley crew of Sabres ANOTHER chance, but if I start seeing half-assedness on a repeated basis – Roy, Hecht, Tallinder,, I’m looking at you – I will not be a happy camper. Here’s to hoping that the “leaders” in the locker room can help lead some of the younger, more impressionable Sabres along the right path. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, you can lead horses to water, but you can’t make them drink.

– Alright, I read about Adam Mair’s potential hip issues at least a month ago on a message board. Just saying.

– Gauntlet…thrown. Gerbe is reporting that he is NOT going back down (east?) to Portland this year. Good to see a little bit of spunk out of Gerbe, but at the same time, he has to play [ahem] within the system and not try to do it all. He worked hard last year, but whether it was rookie jitters or being overwhelmed by NHL defense, he didn’t do well with the Sabres. The little button has to step it up this year with the glut at forward.


This Is All Completely Random

August 25, 2009

– I’d love to know how long it took to turn around this ESPN commercial regarding Brett Farve? posted a Q&A with Adam Mair where he answered questions posted by Facebook users. While the cartoon question is something new and different, I do have to wonder why people even choose to ask whether players like what management has done in the offseason. Do we really think the players are going to answer that with anything but a positive answer? They value their jobs and their happy homes here in Buffalo. No matter if they think they’re heading out on a voyage of the SS Minnow, starring Darcy as the Skipper and Lindy as Gilligan, they’re not going to say that. It’s always going to be sunshine, kittens, puppies and rainbows. Let’s move on already and find a new question.

Today’s Jerry Sullivan’s column discussed letting Trent call the plays, rather than relying on the press box or the sidelines to determine the play. After reading the following text, you get the feeling that Trent’s ready to kick ass and take some names of members of the media.

“You’ve watched the games just like I have. I don’t know if you’ve seen any throws I could have made down the field. If you want to call the plays and throw the ball down the field, that’s fine. I’m taking what the defense is giving me and continuing to go through my reads, and that’s the way I’m coached.”

However, after seeing the video with this quote on the news last night, Trent has to be exhibiting the classiest and most polite bit of pissiness I’ve seen out of a professional athlete in a long while.

– Wonder what the NHL thinks about the DirecTV potentially dropping Versus at the end of the month?


Oooh, Shiny

July 31, 2009

Since the Sabres appear to have been sucked into the great beyond (seriously, are they live, dead or memorex?), let’s talk football. I’m usually gung-ho about the first couple of games, then, once the Bills start going downhill, I give up. But for some reason, I’m feeling unusually optimistic about this season.

– Can Trent find his cojohnes if needed to tell TO to STFU about not getting the ball enough or tell Lee Evans to STFU that TO is getting the ball too much? He showed a little bit of ballsiness on PTI yesterday, when he told TK and Willybuns that he’s got to balance getting the ball to both TO and Lee, and Lee is just as good a player as TO.

– I love the throwback unis.


Looking sharp, boys. Looking sharp.

– Has anyone else noticed that things have been strangely silent from Marshawn Lynch during camp? It’s almost like the dude doesn’t exist.

– I really think Paul Pozlusny’s neck has a bigger circumference than my thigh.

– Do I really want to brave the idiots at Tops in search of a box of TO’s? I hate going to the Tops by my house. Hate with the passion of the fire of a thousand nuns. Rude people, rude staff and just a generally unclean store do not make for a good shopping experience.

– I’m kind of enjoying the TO Show on VH1. Even though it’s obviously staged at a lot of points, TO manages to pull it off. He comes across as both charming and a high maintenance pain in the rear, like it would be totally draining to be around him all the time. I was dying when he showed up in last Monday’s episode in the footie pajamas. That replaced the oogie boogie feeling I got when I saw his agent appear on the screen earlier in the episode.



May 19, 2009

– Patrick Kane has been all over the media today. Bucky Gleason did an excellent profile of him in today’s Buffalo News, and ESPN profiled him via stories and other embarrassing information provided by his parents and sisters. I’m sure after reading the ESPN article, Kaner will be hearing no amount of grief from his teammates over dance parties, karaoke and still sleeping in his childhood bedroom when he goes home. After reading both articles, I kind of want to carry Kane around in my pocket. At times he sounds like a grownup and yet, there are other times he still sounds like the 20-year-old kid that he is. Irregardless of where he goes and what he does, it sounds like he’s still grounded in South Buffalo. And I do like that he addresses – somewhat indirectly – the perception that he can be an arrogant little shit. Heh.

– Favorite search term of the day: “the stick that Sidney Crosby youses.” I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen that word spelled that way. Where has our educational system gone awry?

– I’ve been looking at the weather report all day trying to figure out whether hell has actually frozen over, since I enjoyed both Bucky and Jerry Sullivan’s writings in today’s paper.

– The Toronto Star had an interesting article the other day, ranking North American cities based on the winning percentage of their sports teams since 2000. For this purpose, “sports teams” is limited to NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL/CFL organizations. The #1 city was Indianapolis, with Boston at #2 and Vancouver at #3. Of the 37 cities ranked, Buffalo fell in the 29th position. Since the Bills and the Sabres were at varying levels of mediocrity throughout this decade, I was curious as to what the team’s actual records were and how this ranking could have been achieved.

Since 2000, the Bills record is 60-84. By my rough math, this gives them a .416 winning percentage in eight seasons. The Sabres record in that same time frame is 330-245-33-48, with a points percentage somewhere around .565 or so (I took an average of the percentages in the seasons under question for sake of simplicity.)

So what does this all mean? Who knows. It’s open to interpretation, especially since a city so rich in good/decent sports teams like Boston is falls second to Indy, which only has the Pacers and the Colts. In closing, I want to paraphrase something my research methods teacher once said: 25% of all research is crap. You make the call whether this study is or not.

– Joke time: In France, why do they only eat one egg for breakfast? Because to them, one egg is un oeuf. (Thank you, thank you. No applause. Try the fish.)

– This Bob Cole parody is absolutely brilliant. The writer has all of Cole’s verbal ticks down cold.