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I’m In The Wrong Racket

April 25, 2009

– Matthew Stafford, the #1 overall pick in today’s NFL draft, signed a deal worth $78 million, including $41.7 million in guaranteed money. What is a kid fresh out of college going to do with that much money? And what the heck were the Lions doing giving that much money? What happens if Stafford pulls a Ryan Leaf and flops out of the league after a year or two? The Lions are up the creek without a paddle, that’s what. How long until the league mandates a rookie salary cap like what the NHL uses? An NHL rookie makes a maximum base salary of $875,000 before bonuses. This is a manageable salary for someone so young. It kind of reduces the amount of income that one could spend on hookers and blow…not that I’m saying that anyone has spent money on that.

– I was in Rochester today and the mall I stopped at had a Bills store. I about fell over when I saw that a t-shirt was $35. And the Bills hats were pretty tacky, too. Fail on the merchandise front.


Monday, Monday

March 23, 2009

What’s new in Buffalo sports these days?

– TO’s a no-show for VOLUNTARY workouts at the Ralph. How is this news? They’re vol-un-tary workouts, meaning the player can choose whether or not to participate. If it was a mandatory workout, I’d be a little more concerned. But let’s just chill for a bit and see if he shows up later in the week. From the little bit I saw on the news, looking good, Poz. Looking good.

– The Bills are going to start their season with a Monday night game in Foxboro against the Patriots. If Brady is back and healthy, can you say ass kicking? Then again, the Bills have performed well on MNF the past two years, so who knows? They could pleasantly surprise me.

– I’m not even going to talk about the idea of playing more Bills home games in Toronto. All I want to point out is that the Packers played home games in both Milwaukee and Green Bay for how many years and no one stroked out over it.

– Ryan Miller updated his blog. Three posts in a month is a nice change of pace from the once-a-month plan that he was on for awhile. I particularly enjoyed his comments on Ovechkin and Don Cherry. I don’t think many people would have thought to write out such a detailed analysis comparing the styles of Ovechkin and Cherry. It’s an interesting way of looking at the situation, that’s for sure. But I bet Don Cherry’s head is probably going to explode over the fact that someone has compared him to a person that he spends the better part of his Coach’s Corner segments trashing.I’d laugh if Miller’s opinions were brought up on Coach’s Corner on Saturday.

In addition, Miller pretty much tells the Buffalo fans to chill the fuck out regarding the end of the season. He would have gone up another notch in my book if he had told us fans to chill the fuck out, but I understand that his website is supposed to be family friendly. Anyway, Miller does point out that there’s still 20 points left to be gained and they have the chance to do something memorable. And it’s his preference that things be kept interesting down the stretch. (So he’s the one that we should be sending the alcohol and therapy bills to based on how these last 10 games turn out? Heh.)

I may be falling for the smooth talk at the right time, but his post is pulling me out of the little hockey funk I was in earlier today. That’s what happens I suppose, from visiting Sabres Edge, where the big to-do earlier today was about whether the Sabres allegedly should have been out and about at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe the collective hissy fit that was being had over there on this topic. But I digress.

– This Devils / Flyers game is mildly entertaining. It’s nice to be able to watch a hockey game that I’m not 100% completely invested in, both in the on-ice action and the off-ice running of differential calculus to figure out what the current scores are doing to the Sabres playoff chances. But based on the chippiness shown so far in the first period, I’m going to be seriously pissed if I don’t see a little Marty vs. Marty brawl.


What a Weekend

March 8, 2009

– So Terrell Owens is now a Buffalo Bill. Please sit back, fasten your seatbelt, make sure your tray table is in the upright position and start enjoying the ride on the Chaos Express now departing from Ralph Wilson Stadium. There is no way that this is going to end well, but we’ll all be in for a ride. After seeing what Owens did to try and destroy quarterbacks in Philly and Dallas, I really hope he doesn’t try the same thing with Edwards. I mean, Edwards is a good kid and a good quarterback. While he’s still learning, he’s at a critical point in his development. A bad season with a person like TO on the squad could do more harm than good. Hopefully, Trent will be able to tell TO to STFU if things start getting out of hand.

The cynical beeyotch in me thinks that the TO signing was nothing more than a ploy by the front office to sell tickets, as its been rumored that season ticket sales and renewals are lagging. I know the Bills needed a receiver, but I don’t think a TO type ego is needed in the locker room.

This season promises to be interesting, that’s for sure.

– I missed most of Friday night’s Sabres game as I was at a home interior decorating party. I came home in time to see the third period. All I can say is that it’s about time that Pommers woke up and put the puck in the net.

– Saturday’s game was a different story. I watched the game at Tully’s with my fellow amazing lady bloggers. While the company was fantastic, the hockey…not so much. I lost count of how many times the team missed a wide open net or shot the puck wide or just plain screwed up. While the team is only three points out of eighth place, efforts like Saturday night’s will not get them back into the playoff group. I would not be surprised if Tellqvist started on Tuesday, as Lalime looked a wee bit shaky towards the end of the Ottawa game.

– How awful was it that Kotalik learned that he was traded via a text message from Ales Hemsky welcoming him to the Oilers? Regier mentioned that the Sabres have a silence policy until the trade is fully approved by the league. I guess Kevin Lowe and the Oilers don’t have that same policy. Just another reason that Lowe probably won’t be appearing on the Sabres Christmas card list.


Things I Learned Last Night

February 18, 2009

from the Versus broadcast.

– Ryan Miller went to Michigan State. And won the Hobey Baker.

– It was Justin Pogge’s first game in the ACC. Third game in the NHL, but first in the ACC.

– Ron Wilson has a plaaaaaaaaaan for bringing Pogge and Luke Schenn up to speed.

– Jason Blake and Dominic Moore are apparently the linemates with the bestest sense of chemistry ever in the history of teammate chemistry-dom. (And seriously, can Jason Blake be anymore pale? Between the white-blond hair and the pale skin, dude was looking a little washed out.)

– Yesterday was Lindy Ruff’s 49th birthday. Alright, so this wasn’t mentioned during the broadcast specifically, but it was nice that the boys went out and got him a win as a present.

– Pogge is a really fun name to say.

– The plane crashed in Clarence near several Sabres. I thought it was tacky that Chris Simpson asked Rivet about the crash and the emotions of it in her pre-game interview. NOT APPROPRIATE.

– The Versus announcers must’ve gotten a memo in the middle of the first period on how to pronounce Gerbe. Up until that point, it was being pronounced “Gerb,” as in, rhymes with herb.

(Not that Versus repeats it’s talking points or anything during a game.)

– And not only was Marshawn Lynch allegedly in possession of a concealed weapon, that he was apparently high as a kite at the time, too. Wonderful. The News reports that Trent Edwards is using part of his offseason to go back to school and learn about post-NFL careers, and Marshawn is getting high.


Hot Mess All Around

February 16, 2009

– I think that describes the effort put forth last night from the Sabres, doesn’t it? Lalime and Miller are probably the only two guys in the room who don’t deserve the vicious tongue lashing that I’m sure Lindy will deliver at practice today. Miller got pulled through no fault of his own, and Lalime played well, giving up that wonky goal at the end of the game. Their teammates let them down last night, plain and simple.

I think I showed more commitment to the game than the players on the ice. I DVR’d Amazing Race so I could finish watching the hot mess that was the game.  But at least Amazing Race was so worth it. Please go to and watch the episode. Who knew giant wheels of cheese, a hill and a group of tired people could be so damn hysterical.

– And one of my brilliant co-workers just turned the lights off on me AGAIN. Dear Genius, the switch for your side of the room is on the LEFT!

– Someone really needs to tell Marshawn Lynch that the offseason does not mean that one goes out and gets oneself arrested. The Bills and the league may have taken your first brush with the law as a “shit happens” offense, but that this is your second offense in less than a year, and it involves a firearm, you might not get away so easily this time. On the other hand, at least he didn’t almost shoot his bits off like Plaxico did.


Seven Minutes With Ryan Miller

January 31, 2009

The Buffalo News added a very in-depth interview with Ryan Miller to its archive.

See it here.

According to a Buffalo News editorial preview published on Friday, there’s supposed to be an article in tomorrow’s paper about Miller. I don’t think the video is a complete giveaway of the article, but it probably contains a good bit of info that might be included.

Quick thoughts:

– In addition to being a talented goalie, he really is a talented photographer as well. I was kind of coveting some of those shots in the book he was flipping through as I need some new art on my walls. He really did a good job of capturing the natural beauty of his home state.

– I love, love, love his thoughts on Buffalo. We’re not chain-restaurant city, there’s so many mom-and-pop and locally owned places that give Buffalo its own flavor. He also mentioned his appreciation for the beauty of Buffalo’s architecture, like Mansion Row on Delaware and the beautiful houses on Chapin. It really underscores how much he’s come to embrace Buffalo and all we have to offer. It also sounds like he misses the place when he goes home for the summer or over breaks. And it sounds like he (and Goose) also have some great neighbors keeping an eye on them and their houses, which you can tell he appreciates.

I think this interview just reinforces that he wouldn’t have signed his contract extension had the team and the city not been right for him. He would have been on the first plane out of here if he didn’t like the area, but you know, the city can and will take a hold of you if you let it. And it sounds like Buffalo has gotten its hooks into Ryan Miller.

– I was mildly amused by the plethora of liquor bottles sitting behind him in one of the still photos of him and his guitar. It was like he was playing guitar at Sandra Lee’s house, and cocktail time was just around the corner. (That’s a crossover I never want to see: Ryan Miller and Sandra Lee. Girl would be all over him like a bitch in heat and he doesn’t deserve that.)


In some non-Sabre related news, the great state of oHIo had better be preparing for a Buffalo invasion in early August. Not only were Bruch Smith and Ralph Wilson elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the Bills will be playing the Tennessee Titans in the Hall of Fame game that weekend. There’s no one that will argue that Bruce wasn’t deserving of making it in on his first ballot. I do think that a lot of people were surprised that Mr. Wilson made it in. He was considered a long shot by many of the prognosticators, based on the thinking that he wouldn’t be voted in until he had passed on. Irregardless, that weekend in August is going to be one heck of a blue and red painted party in Canton.


They Really Can’t Be Serious

December 30, 2008

– And Dick Jauron lives to see another season as Bills coach. I really think the respect of the players is what saved him. All the mentions of “continuity” in the Bills release make me think that management realized that they would have a player revolt on their hands if they canned Jauron.

TSN is reporting that the NHL is considering moving their annual awards show to Vegas in the hopes of drawing more attendees and sponsors. The Palms has reportedly shown an interest in being the host venue, which…ew. I really hope that any players considering staying at the Palms get flea dipped afterward. There’s quite a history of debauchery at that hotel. I mean, that hotel was the site of the infamous hot tub threesome on Real World: Las Vegas. There could still be Trishelle cooties floating around that hotel.  Not to mention that Playboy has quite the presence at The Palms. Aren’t there enough “NHL Players Are Manwhores” stories out there without dangling Playmates in front of them?

Not to mention that Vegas brings up connotations of gambling, and the league did have that pesky Rick Tocchet gambling ring thing a couple of years ago.

Use some smarts for once, NHL!

– Continuing in the “what the…” mode, Barenaked Ladies have written and recorded lyrics to “The Hockey Song.” (aka the old HNiC theme). I didn’t realize that the song needed lyrics. Is this just adding something to the song for the sake of adding something to the song? It’s an instrumental piece for goodness sake.

– Is it really a big deal that Ovie chews tobacco? There are worse “drugs” he could be using after all. Let’s keep that in mind.

And now for some notes from tonight’s game…

– The Sabres really need to work on clearing people out from in front of Miller during a penalty kill. Laich was standing unmolested in front of Miller, leading to an easy tap-in for Washington’s first goal. Tallinder and Lydman should have done some quick math and realized that only four Capitals players were in front of them and noticed that Laich was just chilling out in front of the net.

– The first period was not the most inspired period I’ve ever seen the Sabres play. They were constantly beat to the puck by the Caps, and while there were some flashes of brilliance, more often than not, the team appeared one step out of sync with each other.

–  The second period was not fun to watch either. However, Gaustad gets a gold star for trying, as he leveled two Caps in one shift. He even dared to check the wonderful Ovechkin. I don’t think he got the same memo that the rest of his teammates got about Ovie being untouchable due to his status as a “superstar” (insert your best Mary Katherine Gallagher pose here).

– What. The. Hell. It’s like an entirely different Sabres team has taken the ice after Mair scored to end the Caps shutout. Why do they insist on teasing us like this?

– The little box between the two benches looks so sad and lonely without Rob Ray and his camera dude in there. Speaking of Ray, did anyone else try to figure out the layout of the arena as Ray suddenly went from the Zamboni entrance  during the game to standing just outside the Sabres locker room in the intermission?

– The camera lingered on Miller seated on the bench at the end of the game. Dude had a very intense look on his face, almost like he was praying into his catching mitt. And as I’m writing this, the Caps scored into the empty net. Guess those prayers didn’t work so well.

– Wow, Jose Theodore is short. He just disappeared into the Caps congratulatory postgame huddle.

– I’m watching the postgame show and Goose looks like he’s going to kick ass and take names later. He said about 14 times that the game tonight was embarrassing, especially in front of the home crowd. I also like the subtle dig about how it’s everyone’s job on the team to make hits, not just his or Mair’s. We’ve all noticed that there are certain players on the team who are a little wimpier than others when it comes to hitting. It makes me think that it’s being noticed inside the room, too. Did I mention already that Goose looked pissed? Just want to get that across.

– Somehow, Vanek’s post game interview – while saying the same things as Goose’s (minus the hitting part, of course) – lacked that pissiness and frustration that I wanted to see. Vanek sounded almost whiny, like he’s tired of getting asked these questions from the media. Guess what sunshine, you wouldn’t get asked these questions if y’all hadn’t sucked worse than a cheap hooker tonight.

– It’s never a good sign when Miller starts his interview by crossing his arms over his chest. That’s a classic example of defensive body language. And it’s really not good when Miller throws the media under the bus by making a comment about how media members don’t show up to get their own quotes and instead rely on other people for quotes and then write their articles based on this secondhand comment. Anyone else curious as to what media members Ryan is referring to?

– And Lindy continues the bus throwing theme, by throwing all the forwards except for Gaustad, Mair and Ellis under the bus…backing it up, and driving over them again. Lindy also mentions that wimpy play is not going to be tolerated and people will get pulled from the lineup. Though Lindy says it’s not an idle threat, I will really believe that when I see it. If Jochen or Roy-Z is riding the pine on Thursday, I’ll issue a mea culpa post.