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Honk! Honk! Honk!

December 11, 2008

– So he didn’t score a goal last night, but one could argue that Paul Gaustad made just as important a contribution last night as Vanek and Stafford did. That fight with Tampa’s Ryan Craig was a key turning point of the game. It re-energized the crowd (I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a prolonged Gooooooooose! before) and put the Sabres on the power play that led to Stafford’s goal. It wasn’t until the replay on the jumbotron that you really got the full impression that Gaustad kicked Craig’s ass in that fight. I think I counted Goose landing at least 8 punches before Craig got one in.

I was really struck by a couple of quotes in Mike Harrington’s article in this morning’s paper. First, we hear from the Goose regarding his fight.

“It’s probably not the best thing for my hand,” he said, looking at his wrapped appendage. “It’s still pretty sore but it’s my job and sometime you have to go through pain.”

Talk about putting the team/job over oneself.

Also, does anyone else think that while Lindy gave Goose a public  “atta-boy” during his post-game press conference,  that in private he’s giving Goose the old “what the hell were you thinking?” Sabretooth’s House has  a photo from the fight posted and you can clearly see Goose’s hand is wrapped up pretty well. While it’s good that he stepped up and took one for the team, I don’t want Goose to mess himself up further by fighting. Although, again, it was a pretty kick ass fight. Seriously,  kick ass.

And the second quote from Harrington’s article comes from our beloved Crunchy:

“I’m glad to see him back swinging,” goalie Ryan Miller said. “He’s been waiting for the right moment with his thumb. .‚.‚. He’s a big animal. I wouldn’t want to tussle with him.”

The mental image of a Goose and Crunchy fight is giving me the giggles. It would be like the class jock taking on the class emo dude. It would not end well for the emo dude.

– I thought the refeering was a little off again last night, especially in the third period. Crunchy’s delay of game penalty was a joke, considering he was waving his glove and indicating that the puck was in it. If I, who am blind as a bat on a good day, can see from the 300 level that the puck is in the glove, why couldn’t the ref?  Crunchy wasn’t just waiving his glove around for shits and giggles. The next time Crunchy made a glove save, the guys in the row behind me yelled that it should be a 2-minute penalty for use of the glove.

Crunchy was very vocal with the refs in the immediate time after the penalty was called. I hope he was still being respectful towards the refs, though I would laugh if he was told again to go eff himself.

The Kotalik penalty at the end of the game was also a bunch of mularkey, considering that a similar play was a non-call a couple of minutes before. As my dad put it, towards the end of the game, you really had to wonder if Rick Tocchet had any money down on Tampa, the game was that skewed. (Bad joke, I know. But relevant.)

– Interesting to see former POTUS Clinton at the game and the crowd give him a nice round of applause.

– During the starting lineup introductions, Staffy’s “photo” was giggling, like he just heard the world’s dirtiest joke. On the other hand, Roy-Z’s “photo” was working some serious bedroom eyes. One more minute of him on the Jumbotron, and I think he would have been having eye sex with half the arena.

– The kids doing the Timbits skills competition during the first intermission were absolutely adorable. They could not have been more than five years old, and the vast majority of them were still using the stick for balance. Sabretooth was a good goalie, letting each kid score. The final kid was having difficulty skating and moving the puck at the same time, so ‘Tooth picked him up, dropped him in front of the net, and let him shoot. Then carried him off the ice so no one would get runover by the Zamboni. This was the first game that I’ve been to in I don’t know how long that had the little kids playing during the intermission. More little kids and less high schoolers, please!

– And speaking of little kids, Gerbe looks like a little kid when he’s out on the ice. He makes Roy-Z look gigantic.

– Wacky observation: when the jumbotron lists what players are on the ice of each team and includes that cut-off headshot, Pommers’ picture makes him look like a young Wallace Shawn. (You know, Cyrus on Gossip Girl or Vizzini from the Princess Bride.) It’s not a good look for Pommers.

– About the only downside of the game was that there could have been more ice in my pop. My Sprite was warm by the end of the first period.


Game Time: Sabres v. Blues

November 12, 2008

First off, have you voted for your Teppo today? This (non)paid political announcement brought to you by the Letter “T” and the number 27.


– Stafford and Kaleta are the scratches tonight. No word on whether The System is in the lineup.

– Added in the Third Period: I do not like that the date stamp formatting is forcing the pregame header above to be off-center with the rest of the post. Driving me absolutely batty is what it is.

First Period

The Sabres record against St. Louis is 0-6-2. I have high hopes for this game.

– Roy-Z, you’re fired. A wide open net and you miss wide left. You better do something tonight or Heather B. may just head down to the locker room and try to kick you in the shin.

– Someone forgot to tell Hinote that the puck needs to go in the net to score, not the goalie.

– And we’re a short ways into the game before Peters and Koci go at it. I’d call this one a draw. Not the most thrilling fight that we’ve ever seen.

– WHOO! Adam Mair follows up on a defensive breakout and rips a shot past Manny Legace to make it 1-0, Buffalo.

– Statbit alert: St. Louis has allowed 18 first period goals this season. They get scored on more often than a cheap floozy during Fleet Week.

-WHOO! Timmy manages to rescue himself from the well and is given credit for a goal that caromed off a St. Louis defenseman and through Legace’s five hole.

– WHOOO! The population of Pominville has increased, as Pommers taps a gentle shot past Legace.

– After allowing 3 goals in 2:32, the Blues pulled Legace. Goodbye, Manny. Hello, Chris Mason.

– 3-1 Buffalo after Perron bounces a bouncing puck off Miller’s right arm and into the net. Degree of difficulty on this goal: 6.2. I kind of wish that it went in off Miller’s tushie. Its easier to make a tushie joke than an arm joke.

– Peters participates in his second fight of the first period as he scraps with Cam Janssen. I’m underwhelmed, but do give Peters credit for fighting twice in one period.

– I zone out for a few minutes to go purchase tickets for the Buffalo edition of the Radio City Christmas Show during Thanksgiving weekend. I have tickets to the 2:00 show but now just need to figure out where to grab a bite afterward. I’m leaning towards Empire Grill, but welcome any suggestions from the peanut gallery.

Second Period

– Looks like The System remained in the locker room for some tending to, as Berglund scores for St. Louis after a mad scramble in the Sabres zone goes awry.

-Tkachuk is a great hockey name. It looks funny in print and is fun to say.

– I’m really amused that the arena PA announcer is playing “The Angel is a Centerfold.” Love that song.

– After a Blues rush gets called on an offside, someone yells something about someone being a fucking idiot and not seeing something. I don’t know whether it was a fan or a player, but it was clear as a bell over the broadcast feed. RJ ignores it.

– Vanek heads in towards Mason on a breakaway, is stopped, tries again on a rebound and is stopped again. However, the play is under review, but the angles are kind of inconclusive. And I hate that I have to say that. I give Vanek credit for arguing his point, but knowing when to shut up about it and move on.

– As much as I rag on Peters, he didn’t deserve Koci’s stick to his face and smush into the glass. However, kudos to Mair, Rivet and Gaustad for all going after Koci immediately.

– How many sticks has Pominville broken this season? With 6:00 left in the second, he went to take a shot close in on net, and the stick snapped in two. It seems like Pommers breaks sticks more than any other player. Is the type of stick he uses more prone to breakage than the ones used by the other guys.

– I was playing around on Getty Images and came across this one of Lindy, Goose and Pommer from last season. How relaxed do they look here?

You have no idea how many non-game pictures show Pominville and Gaustad together. They’re mucking around in street clothes, sitting in the stands, etc. It’s like the two of them are joined at the hip.

And it also looks like Miller had the tree logo for the Steadfast Foundation added to the back of his mask for this season. I still love the little halo over the bulldog in honor of his cousin.

– Timmy and Pommers get loose on a 2-1 and the shot from Connolly deflects high off Mason’s glove. Opportunity wasted.

– This second period has not been able to keep my attention in the same way the first period did.

– Intermission includes an interview with Jay McKee. It’s always good to see Jay back in town. He’s a true Sabre and an all around good guy.

Third Period

– The Whip during the second intermission discusses hits from behind and to the head. It was kind of funny watching Kevin Sylvester try to keep the peace between Ray, Roby and Neale. K-Syl was trying to stay on topic and calm, but the other three just kept carrying on.

– Oh, sweet Jeebus. Timmy got bounced around by Tkachuk. And while Timmy stayed on the ice and finished his shift, I predict that his bell is rung and he’ll be out for three weeks. I think Timmy getting injured means that we’ll have six more weeks of winter, but I’m not sure.

– WHOOOOO! Henrik Tallinder scores his first goal of the season and gives the Sabres a two goal lead. That was his first goal in 23 games and only the third for the defense this season. At this rate, the defense should have 10 goals by the end of the year.

– Tkachuk rips a shot past Miller, but the goal is waved off as Andy MacDonald interefered with Miller in the crease. And it was a pretty clear interference call as well. There was no one in a Sabre sweater in sight that could even be accused of helping MacDonald into Miller.

– Stempniak has a great homecoming as he scores to make the score 3-4 Sabres.

– Note to the little buggers in blue: don’t fuck the rest of this game up. I really want a win in regulation for a change.

– Mason makes a gorgeous side-to-side save on MacArthur, theoretically keeping St. Louis still in the game.

– Sweet jeebus. Roy-Z cranks one right off the post. Keep those shinpads on, sunshine. 🙂

– Rob Ray reports from down below that Timmy will not be returning tonight. The Tim Connolly Injury Watch officially starts now. While the whole Timmy situation really isn’t funny anymore, at least he got hurt during a game and not while going about his daily life (trimming nails, hair cut, cooking dinner, rolling over in bed, etc).

– I’m amused that tonight’s Carubba Collision is two Blues players colliding with each other and spinning off in opposite directions. Degree of difficulty on the manuever is a 7.5, but they only scored a 3, as their spins were out of sync and they both fell down.

– Vanek intercepted a clearing pass from Mason who was out of the net and ricocheted the shot off the damn post. These posts are both goalies best friends tonight.

– The Sabres hang on by the hairs of their chinny, chin, chins to win the game 4-3.


– Looking at the final stats, is Peters’ 1:26 of ice time and 10 penalty minutes worth sitting Kaleta and Staffy? And yes I realize that Peters might have been hurt after the smush in the second period. And Max only played a hare over 6 minutes. Is he back in the doghouse? Gaustad and Mair were the next lowest forwards in the TOI column, but they were just shy of 15 minutes each.

– You can hear the locker room stereo over Adam Mair’s post game interview. And what’s playing is that stupid “allright, we’ve got to get right back to where we started from” song from the 1970s that pops up in commercials. Who the heck chose that as their postgame song?

– All in all, tonight’s game was an ugly win. I’ll take the two points, but another game like this just won’t do against Columbus on Friday.


Semi-Live: Thrashers v. Sabres

November 7, 2008

Check in occasionally for semi-live thoughts from tonight’s Sabres/Thrashers game.


– I was listening to the Pominville Report on Z101 on my way to the doctor this afternoon. Pommers shared that Tuesday night was the team’s belated Halloween party. He went as Darth Vader. Or would that be Darth Pommer?  He also admitted that they were keeping tabs on the election results while enjoying each other’s company and the libations and such. I can just imagine the boys gathered round the TV watching the election results in all their costumed glory. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? After reading his comments on Wednesday, can’t you just picture Miller making like Leo McGarry and telling everyone to shut the hell up so he could hear what Wolf Blitzer was talking about, while Kaleta would be confused about what kind of degrees the electoral college gives out.

(By the way, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a massive West Wing fan.)

– Janet and Nick were talking this morning about Derek Roy showing up at the Juicy Couture party at the Tony Walker store last night. Seriously, Derek? Juicy Couture? I thought better of you.

– The Erin and Andrew Peters interview during the Sabres show was pretty cute. I like seeing these behind the scenes features about the guys. You could tell from this interview that Peters kind of struggles with the perception of the fans that he’s just a meathead who’s only role is to beat up the opposition. He wants to be seen as a hockey player not a lunkhead. And also, Augie Peters…completely adorable. Even if he does have an expensive shoe fetish.

– With Hecht coming back from his thumb injury, Stafford is a healthy scratch tonight. Hopefully, the benching will serve as a reminder for Staffy to remove his head from his sphincter, then play hockey. For every absolutely brilliant play he’s had these past couple of games, there’s been a boneheaded play to offset it. While its been a consistent pattern, that’s not the kind of consistency you want in a hockey player.

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Is This The Year…Volume 2

October 1, 2008

The NHL is continuing to use “Is This The Year?” as their marketing slogan. While stars such as Kane, Crosby and Lundqvist are anchoring the national campaign, each team will have two commercials featuring its players for use on local TV. One commercial will focus on an individual player, and one commercial will focus on the team as a whole.

For the Sabres, our player focused commercial is built around Ryan Miller. It ends with the tagline: “the more pucks you feed him, the stronger he gets.” I wonder if that’s been the problem with Miller’s nutritional regimen the past few seasons. He’s been eating pucks! Pucks have no nutritional value whatsoever. The nutritionist that told him to eat the pucks should be taken out back to face many, many slapshots.

In all seriousness, I wonder if the NHL is keeping tabs on the Sabres blogosphere? How many blog entries have been written speculating on Miller’s lack of weight being a problem as the season progresses? Even more entries have been written about Miller facing an unseemly high number of shots during the season due to our team’s lack of effort at shot blocking or playing defense.

Our team focused commercial is built around the tagline: “no matter how cold it gets in Buffalo, the scoreboard is always kept warm.” I think this ad does a really good job at capturing the essence of the team. The Sabres are a high scoring team. They’ve finished in the top five in goals scored each season since the lockout. Scoring hasn’t been a problem (overall) for the Sabres.

I also really love the photography featured in each ad, but the team focused ad makes it look like Vanek, Roy and Pommers are the only ones on the team. Yes, I realize that they were our three leading scorers this past season, but let’s share some commercial time with the rest of the team.


Puck Drop Report

September 20, 2008


I just got back from Puck Drop, and it was so nice to see actual hockey being played. Even though it was just a scrimmage, and there was no hitting, it was good to see the scoring, the skating and the creativity on the ice.

Hockey, Its Good To See You Again!

I fully admit to having edited the above photo in Picasa. The flash of my camera was having a blast catching the reflective stripes on the jerseys. Making the photo black-and-white really made the stripe pop.

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Pommer Signs!

September 18, 2008

In some surprising news today, Pominville signed his contract extension with the Sabres. The population of Pominville will continue to grow in Buffalo for five more years. And the terms of the deal (5/26.5) are probably as close to the mythical 5/25 deal as we’re ever going to get.

With Pommer under contract, six Sabres are locked up with long term deals. I think we can agree that Vanek, Roy, Hecht, Gaustad, Pommers and Miller aren’t six bad choices to build a team around. Miller – when he’s on – is one of the best goalies in the world. Gaustad and Hecht are the quiet, yet dependable lunchpail guys. They’re going to show up game in and game out. Vanek and Roy provide the flash and panasche, while Pominville has developed into a quiet leader.

Now that the deal has been done, and done before Pommer’s self-imposed Friday deadline, let us move on to more important things. Like, what the heck are Sabres fans going to bitch about now? If we don’t have something to bitch about, will we all implode?

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Pominville (and Sabre) memories.


Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

September 15, 2008

– Just because Pominville and his agent have put a Friday deadline on signing a contract extension doesn’t mean that it is time to panic. From all accounts, both sides have said that the lines of communication remain open. Both sides have made offers and counteroffers. Both sides are still talking to each other. I can completely understand why Pominville wants to have a deal done before camp starts and I can also understand that he doesn’t want to have the contract negotiations hanging over his head, affecting not only his play, but potentially the play of his teammates. Not that the Sabres have any experience recently with that type of phenomenon, or anything. It’s not yet panic time.

– Today was the Sabres First Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Via the video on the Sabres site, it looks like a good time was had by all. Each foursome was captained by a member of the team. No word on who the winner was of the tournament, as it looks like the video was filmed before the hard core golfing took place.

Most of the video was taken up by an interview with Craig Rivet. He mentioned that while he’s only been in town for three weeks, its felt like three months, as the guys have all been so friendly.

– Tim Kennedy will be blogging from Rookie Camp. Today, while the big boys were out golfing, the rookies and prospects were up at 5:45 am to make sure they could catch the bus to the Pepsi Center. Sucks to be a rookie sometimes, doesn’t it?

– It was announced today that there is the potential of WIVB and WNLO being dropped from Time Warner’s cable lineup if TWC and the stations’ ownership cannot agree on a new licensing deal by October 2nd. Since the stations were the ones that announced the potential loss of coverage, one can only hope that they were hoping for disgruntled (or even gruntled) Bills fans, CSI fans and Gossip Girl/ANTM fans to light up the switchboards at TWC to protest the situation. However, there is a downside to this situation on both sides. It could cause more people to drop TWC and head for the Dish or the new FIOS slowly entering the area. In addition, missing a prime time show isn’t that big of a deal these days, as both CBS and CW put their shows on the internet. If I can’t watch Gossip Girl on Monday night, I’ll watch it the next day on CW’s site. No big deal.