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We Want Three!

January 3, 2009

Now that the Sabres beat the Leafs and the Bruins, I’m going to be greedy and ask if the Sabres can go three-for-three in this divisional series of games and beat the Sens on Tuesday.

– Matt Ellis was a little beast today. Two goals, an assist and a plus 3 for the game. You could also tell that the guys were really trying to get him the puck so that he could complete the hat trick.

– I really liked the Ellis / Gaustad / Pominville line. They had some spunk and generated a halfway decent chemistry together. I can’t figure out though, whether this is a demotion for Pommers or a promotion for Goose and Ellis. Either way, it worked.

– Speaking of the Goose, Harry Neale mentioned during the Leafs game that Brian Burke was keeping an eye on Goose for the 2010 Olympic team. Neale mentioned that Burke really liked Gaustad’s physical presence. And short of his death or injury, Miller is a lock for the Olympic team. Could one of his BFF’s in Gaustad be joining him? There’s been rumbles about Burke wanting a bigger and badder Team USA.  Time will tell, I guess.

– Did anyone else notice Lindy crack a smile at the end of today’s game? Smiles from Lindy have been a truly rare sight this season.

– I can live with Brian Campbell being named to the All-Star team, but is he really worthy of a starting position? And I say that as someone who owns Campbell on her fantasy hockey team. He’s a perfectly cromulent defenseman, but I’m not convinced he’s worthy of a starting position. And maybe I’m just naively looking at it from the point of view of someone who thinks that the starters should be the cream of the crop, not just the most popular.

– I’m ashamed to admit that I spent way more time during the Winter Classic than I should have contemplating Ty Conklin’s time management skills. In the third period, he utilized the link-up of the final commercial break and the singing of “Take Me Out To The Hockey Game” to meander over to the Red Wings dugout, get his skates fixed and take a whiz. I’m impressed, Mr. Conklin, very impressed. And it also sounds like the ratings for the Classic were pretty impressive as well. Hopefully, the final ratings will be as good as the overnights.

– I can’t believe that the Boston fans booed Sejkera as he was leaving the ice after taking the stick in the bits. Dude was in some serious pain and they’re booing him. Though I’m glad to see he recovered and was back on the ice. I did get a giggle out of Harry Neale’s euphemisms explaining where Sejkera got hit. Yes, I’m 12. And speaking of injuries, what the heck was up with Max’s mysterious “lower-body injury”? He was involved in a perfectly innocent collision with Chara and then suddenly was gone from the game.

– And Sidney Crosby fought and got 19 penalty minutes during today’s Pens / Panthers game. Sid’s getting a little pissy at how the Pens are playing. Alright, Captain Sid; take some of your aggression out on your teammates and not the opposition.



December 28, 2008

– While Lindy was rocking a very dapper cantaloupe colored shirt last night, the color was doing nothing for him as the game went on and his face was getting increasingly redder.

– I especially appreciated MSG’s replays of Lindy’s end-of-game tirade towards the whole bench after the team gave up two goals in the last 1:30 of the game. Thank heavens Miller came through in the shootout, or I would have been forced to throw something at the TV had they lost.

– And the Tim Kennedy experiment is over. At least he got to give his parents a nice Christmas present.

– Eesh. Jay McKee is in danger of losing a finger. Man, is he snake bit. First it was the staph infection during the Playoffs of My Injured Defensemen, then the injury litany during his first season with the Blues and now this. The poor guy really does have the worst luck. I wish him well, and really hope that he doesn’t lose the digit.

– I think I’ve exhausted my “shut up Gumbel and Dierdorf” quotient for this Bills game. Yes, it’s windy. We get it. No need to keep mentioning it every 30 seconds. Though the bent goalposts are pretty neat to see.

– And shut up, Duke Preston. It’s (mainly) your fault that the Bills weren’t able to get a play off at the end of the first half. And yes, I do understand that the Bills poor clock management played a role in how the half ended. And yes, I do understand that it was a bullshit call by the ref to say that the whistles were to break up the skirmish and not end the play. I thought a whistle ended the play irregardless of what’s going on, not that there’s whistles for play ending and whistles for skirmish ending. But Preston shouldn’t have given in to the Patriots heckling and just gone about his business.

– Tonight I’m off to the Ronan Tynan concert (with special guest musician Drew Stafford). I hope to write about it tomorrow (or even later tonight), provided I’m not blown into next week by these winds.


I Don’t Think Bleeping Yourself Is Anatomically Possible

December 9, 2008

Usually the media reports coming out of Sabres practice are humdrum and as dry as a good martini. However, today’s reports on WGR contained some great tidbits.

– First, Lindy and Ryan Miller are on good terms. There is no rift between them after last week’s call out of Miller by his coach. I mean, did any of us seriously think there was a rift? Lindy has been known to call out his players in the media. He’s not shy a lot of the time about protecting their widdle feelings. If he was exhibiting a pattern of consistently calling out Miller, then I think we would have evidence of a rift. I think the media just encountered Miller on a bad day, as his quotes made him sound like he was having a bad PMS day.

– I find it hysterical that a ref told Miller to go fuck himself during last night’s game.  First of all, I really don’t think it’s anatomically possible; let alone anatomically possible while one is wearing a hockey uniform. While it’s not the most professional thing for a ref to say to a player during a game, somehow, I doubt that Miller was the completely innocent choir boy that he claimed to be during his encounter with the ref. What Miller saw as “respectful,” the ref could’ve seen as insolent whining. Irregardless, the league probably will have a thing to say to the ref in question.

– Continuing with the hilarity, while WGR broke the news of Gerbe getting some fighting pointers from Peters, WGRZ had the video on their 6pm newscast. The “fight” was all the more comical because it looked like Peters was taking on his seven-year-old brother, and not a fellow professional athlete. Peters had Gerbe’s sweater over his head, and eventually got it off him and was twirling it around. I would definitely add that “fight” to a Sabres blooper reel.

– And based on Miller’s comments about goalie fights, I guess I can cross “goalie fight” off my Christmas list.

“No. I watched Marty (Biron) and all his fights here and how well he did, so I don’t think a skinny guy is gonna have to leave the net.”

Ryan, the skinny guy thing can be remedied. Eat something, sunshine. Calories are your friend. This is the holiday season. You’re a freak of nature with the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack if you don’t gain weight during the holidays. And besides, Sabres fans have seen your temper come out occasionally during games. The next logical step is to fight. Just saying that you’d be a hero to Buffalo if you got into a fight. Remember how much Marty’s fight with Emery was talked about? If you’re worried about your fighting skills being less than stellar, see Peters. he’s been giving fighting lessons left, right and center this season. Just think about it for me, alright?

– Tomorrow night’s game marks the first one I will be seeing in person this season. I really, really hope it’s a good one. Otherwise, some bitches will get cut.


From the Crowd

December 5, 2008

Dear Mr. Bettman,

I’m not upset that you suspended Sean Avery for six games and sent him for anger management analysis. Nope, not upset about that at all. What does bother me is that you invoked the sacred “what about the children?!?!?!?” line in your rationale for suspending Mr. Avery. Seriously? Of all the things you could have used as rationale (and the above link does detail some very nice and well thought out reasons), you have to go all cliche and invoke the children? I’m sure the children you’re so concerned about would be able to tell you what sloppy seconds are, as kids are more aware of things than even kids were when I was growing up.




Dear Lindy and Ryan,

Can I please be a fly on the wall when you two hash out your differences over last night’s loss?

Pretty please? I’ll even bring enough snacks for you two as well. I’m nice like that.




Dear Mike,

I hope you at least get the airline miles credit for your voyage from Portland to Miami and back again.




Dear Derek,

I’m going to regret asking this, but is letting someone else operate your joystick in public a normal activity for you?I would think that invades about 19 kinds of personal space and some public decency laws.

Seriously confused,



Dear Ryan.

I hope you channel some of the pissiness you’re undoubtedly feeling right now into tomorrow night’s game. I’m feeling a one goal game from you. Maybe, you could even channel some of your anger towards your teammates. They need to score more goals than you let in. Go ahead and review basic math with them if you have to.

I’m getting tired of writing pissy and whiny post and in-between game posts.




That’s What He Said

December 3, 2008

– I’m finding the whole Sean Avery “sloppy seconds” situation pretty comical. I mean, should Avery have said what he said in front of the media? That’s a resounding NO. But should the NHL have stepped in and suspended Avery? Probably not. By stepping in, the league took what should have been a quietly handled team matter and thrust it even further into the spotlight. All the league would have had to have said is that “the Stars are handling it, but we’ve discussed this situation with their management, and have given our input on the matter blahblahblah Colin Campbell cakes” Now, because the league has stepped in, discussions of whether the league is being hypocritical are now hitting the media and the blogosphere. I mean, the League doesn’t have a consistent standard when it comes to suspension-worthy infractions, or suspension length. Someone executes a late hit, and they’re given a slap on the wrist, but someone else calls their ex-girlfriend a skanky ho, and they’re suspended indefinitely.

What’s also adding to the hilarity is the MSM’s creative editing of the term “sloppy seconds.” Could some people take offense to such a term? Yes, and I’m sure some people are. But at the same time, that phrase is at the heart of the story. Removing that phrase and substituting a euphemism like cheap tart, or removing the phrase and bracketing in [euphemism for loose woman] is really taking away the main reason why this story is even a story at all.

And to think that if Avery had just kept his mouth shut to the media and made his comments to Phaneuf on the ice, none of this would have happened. Ok, so Avery might have been Phaneuf’d into the fourth row during last night’s game, but there would be 97% less pearl clutching going on this morning.

I did like Lindy’s comments on Avery-gate:

“We always talk to our players about how much pride they have to take in representing the Buffalo Sabres, the organization and themselves. I do it every year at the start of training camp … We’re in a unique situation here in that we’re a lot closer to our fans than in a lot of cities. I want our fans and our young followers to be proud of the way our players handle themselves.”

Obviously Lindy has not seen any of his boys on Chippewa.

And why do I have a feeling that the plane ride to Florida is going to include a brief lecture from the Sabres PR department about how to conduct oneself in front of the media or just out in public? I mean, the ish hit the fan last year when Soupy busted out with the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl comments at the Buckin Buffalo, and that was relatively minor compared with how the league is viewing the Avery situation.

– Moving on, why does the Lindy Roast at WGR’s Whiney awards sound like it could be a barrel of laughs?

– I’m not sure that I like this “fresh start” crap that the Sabres are spewing. Do they need to forget the past couple of games? Probably. But at the same time, they shouldn’t forget the streak they went on to start the season? Remember that? It was when Buffalo was having fun with their sports teams, instead of running around looking for bandwagons to jump off of. I did like that Rivet skated in the post-meeting practice despite being injured. Now that’s a leader.


Just a Little Bit Behind

October 13, 2008

Like the Bills, I was on a bye weekend of sorts these past couple of days. The real world, plus a lack of motivation, conspired to prevent me from posting this weekend. So, with that aside, here’s a couple quick tidbits.

– Toni Lydman gets a hardy “that’s what she said” from me for his comments on his amazing save against Montreal:

“I didn’t see it right away because it was on Ryan’s other side,” Lydman said Sunday. “I was standing on his left side, I saw it rolling towards the net and I guess thank God I have a long stick.”

Yes, my inner twelve year old is coming out to play today. I think its a coping mechanism in preparation for my 401k meeting this afternoon.

– It wasn’t until I read about it in yesterday’s paper, but I didn’t notice that Lindy was shaking up the PK units. I was surprised as all heck to read that Kaleta was on the PK for a couple of shifts. Maybe the lack of the penalty clock on screen during the broadcast made it harder for me to keep track of that stuff? Who knows. But I do like Lindy’s willingness to experiment.

– During the player intros of Friday’s game, did no one clue the cameraman into the fact that Goose, Timmy and Patches were being introduced from the bench since they weren’t playing? For that matter, why didn’t they let the three of them dress in their sweaters and breezers and skate out with the rest of the team? Last time I checked, a broken thumb couldn’t inhibit skating and someone could’ve pushed Timmy around the ice if his back was still bothering him.

– While I wasn’t at the game, I did read in the Buffalo News gameblog that the population of Pominville sign now reads 26.5 million. Hee. That gave me a good chuckle.

– I watched the pre-game show on Friday night. I think the show is definitely off to a good start. I liked the Teppo feature, as well as the Ales Kotalik interview. The Darcy and Lindy joint interview was fun to watch because you can tell that they really like each other, in addition to just respecting each other. The only thing I didn’t like was that some features were replayed during the game’s intermission. Don’t waste my time like that, Sabres!

– If I wasn’t a fan of Poz already, I would really be one after reading Bucky’s (I know!) absolutely fantastic article about the guy in yesterday’s paper. Poz sounds almost too good to be true.

– I don’t have the best eyesight, but is Miller organizing a deck of cards in this picture?


Three Days to Go!

October 7, 2008

Just a short 72 hours from now, the puck will drop to start the Sabres 2008-09 season. It will officially end what seems like the longest offseason in history. There’s really not many things to write a lot about, so here’s some news and notes.

– The Sabres new permanent and/or rotating captain will be announced tomorrow after practice. The Sabres final two roster moves will also be announced then as well. In his blog, Pommers mentioned the players had a vote, but he doesn’t know how that vote will be used.

– Timmy and Stafford skated at full speed today at practice. They also practiced yesterday while the rest of the team had the day off. features a really nice write up on Lindy Ruff as one of their main features of the day. I liked this story because you really get a feel for the evolution of Lindy as a coach (and dare I say it, he’s mellowed out a wee bit since the early days?) as well as some insight into Lindy the man. Note to the Sabres: more features like this, please.

– This comment from Langston Walker about Trent Edwards made me chuckle this afternoon:

“He was a little woozy but his hair was perfect,” tackle Langston Walker said of his conversation with Edwards. “That’s one thing. If Trent’s hair was off, I’d be worried. But his hair was on point.”

At least Trent has a hair scale for his teammates to judge him by. I don’t think the Sabres can use the same kind of scale when Timmy gets concussed.