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Dear Sabres – Game 2 Edition

April 16, 2011

Dear Sabres,

Stop taking stupid penalties. I mean it. It is easier to play hockey with five skaters, not four. You had six penalties in the second period alone. When you take penalties, you keep your scorers off the ice. As much as I adore a good penalty kill, I do not adore having six penalty kill attempts in one period. Please keep that in mind on Monday.

Frustratingly yours,

– Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Goose,

Your straight arm of Danny Briere in the first period was a thing of beauty. You became the talk of Twitter and I’m pretty sure you made Buffalo smile. Your ass kicking of Hartnall also was admirable. You beat the snot spewing grin right off his face. And you didn’t break your hand on his hard head. Kudos to that.

Honkingly honky honk,

– Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Nathan Gerbe,

Outstanding work in body-slamming Claude Giroux. Way to show him that just because you are fun-sized doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.

Your fellow height-challenged person,

-Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Andrej Sekera,

I was quite worried about you when Mike Richards came and poked you in the face while you were writhing on the ice in what appeared to be “man pain.” He broke all rules of good sportmanship by doing so. But I should expect nothing less from a Flyer.

Way to suck it up and come back on the ice.

Respectfully yours,

Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Crunchy,

What. The. Hell? Was tonight’s game needed to average out your outstanding performance in Game 1? While I will admit that you did have some great saves tonight, there were quite a few moments when I wondered what was going through your head. I’m also surprised that Lindy didn’t park your rump on the bench for the third period. Not only would a benching have sparked the team, but also prevented you from getting killed by an overzealous Flyer.You did take quite a few checks, whacks and smacks tonight.

On the plus side, I did enjoy your yammering at Mike Richards after he poked at a wounded Sekera. I’m sure you had a pithy, witty and well-though out retort to his actions. I would expect nothing less from you.

Get some sleep and come back strong for Game 3.

Respectfully yours,

Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Tyler Myers,

Stop pushing players into your goalie! It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and 99% of the time, it will be your goalie that gets hurt. Do we understand each other? Good.


Shots Off the Crossbar


Dear Internet Gods,

Please take pity on the poor reporters and let them have at least one game with a dependable internet connection. I know that asking for constant connectivity is a wild and crazy request, but the role of the reporter in the 21st century requires the use of the internet. I missed reading Sabres Edge this game and want it back for Game 3.


Shots Off the Crossbar


Notes and Thoughts

February 5, 2011

I know, I know, I haven’t written a lot around here lately. I’ve been alternately sleepy & grumpy when I’ve come home from the office, and there are times I feel like I’ve said all I have to say during the day on Twitter. But then, a big news week happens and you just feel the need to blog.

– Thursday’s press conference was quite entertaining once I got the sound on my work computer figured out. The bittercakes expressed by Golisano and Quinn were off the charts. I can understand how they might be frustrated with the fans and media, since public opinion of them changed so radically after The Day that Hockey Died Drury & Briere left town. Up until that point, they were still operating under the perception that they were seen as the saviors of hockey in Buffalo and could do no wrong. Once Briere & Drury changed sweaters, the fans saw Golisano and Quinn for what they really were: shrewd businessmen focused on the bottom line, who may have been hockey fans on their down time. It might be a horrible reality check, but it happened. We – both fans and Golisano/Quinn – just need to move on. And hopefully, Pegula moving into the owner’s suite will all allow us to do so.

– I know injuries are never funny, but only Rick DiPietro could manage to injure his knee while getting punched in the face.

– Did anyone else notice the comedic awkwardness of Gaustad’s postgame interview last night? First, K-Syl needs to have a box or a stool to stand on when interviewing the really tall guys. It would make the shot look so much better. Second, Goose’s high beams were quite obvious in the neutral colored UnderArmour shirt he was wearing. It made for an awkward camera positioning, as the camera guy was trying to avoid the high beams and yet keep Goose and K-Syl in the shot, which was made all the more difficult due to K-Syl and Goose being on two different height planes! It’s a vicious cycle, and I don’t blame K-Syl for being short (lord knows, I live in heels to compensate for my lack of height), but when the interviewer is “yay high”, and the players are “yay-yay high”, there has to be a way to level the playing field.

– I enjoyed seeing Gaustad/Grier/Niedermayer as the dominant scoring line last night. These guys have all kind of faded into the woodwork from time to time , so seeing them step up and lead the team was a nice change of pace. Now if only the Sabres can get their muckers and grinders firing at the same time as their top lines. Then they might be a dangerous team.

– I can attest that there are plenty of Toronto & other Canadian residents in town for tonight’s game. They were all over the Galleria mall earlier today. They way they were carrying on at Lord & Taylor, you would have thought they had never seen shoes on sale before, LOL.

– Conan O’Brien has come up with what may quite possibly be the most adorably disturbing concept ever: the Lingerie Puppy Bowl.

– The pre-game spiel contained the title of “Leafblower” in regards to Ryan Miller. For the love of everything holy,why does no one run these things past a 12-year-old to avoid any innuendo or awkwardness? Why not call him “The Rake?” Oh wait, that might be awkward too. (See: here.)

– K-Syl dissed canned spaghetti during the first intermission break. I know what he meant, but there is nothing wrong with the occasional can of Spaghetti-O’s. Nothing wrong at all.

– I’m never, ever one to criticize ads (stop laughing!), but I’m confused as to why Ellen Pompeo was chosen as the spokeswoman for the Huggies/NHL PSA.? Google tells me she’s a member of their “Diaper for Every Bottom” campaign, but why not choose a “real” hockey mom? You could really have some fun with it. Imagine Mama Crunchy or Mama Niedermayer or Mama Staal giving that speech. It would add an aura of realism to the commercial. And I’m not saying this just because it’s a good idea, but also because I can’t look at Ellen Pompeo and not see Meredith Grey. The idea behind the PSA is a good one, it’s the talent I’m having a problem with.

– Goose’s goal tonight was scored off a nifty drop pass from Grier. This is the second consecutive game where the Goose/Grier/Niedermayer line has been one of the best for the Sabres.

– I may be one of the few people out there who doesn’t “get” Tumblr. I don’t mean to be all fuddy-duddy-ish, but I’ve never found it very user/reader/audience friendly.

– I know a lot of people mentioned it on Twitter, but it takes a real tough hockey player to pick fights with and target the littlest guys on the ice. The Leafs were especially guilty of it tonight, going after Gerbe, Ennis & Byron. The only problem with that strategy is that these guys have fire and will fight back if provoked hard enough.

– I’m sorry, but Rob Niedermayer giving Rob Ray a love tap with his stick during the third period was funny. I know Ray was kvetching about it messing up his suit, but it’s still fun to see the guys on the ice interacting and having fun with the broadcasters.

– Speaking of fun times, RJ informed us during the game that the upcoming Florida roadtrip is the Sabres annual trip with their fathers. Altogether now, awwww. I love that NHL teams promote these family bonding moments.

– I know it’s the Leafs, and the Leafs haven’t won in Buffalo in dogs years, but a win is a win. I will take the two points and go about my business.


News & Notes

June 22, 2010

– Is Miller the chaperone for the NHL draft picks attending the Twilight Eclipse premiere? Is his attendance required because he has a Hollywood starlet girlfriend? Is he secretly a member of Team Jacob? Is he going to be required to explain the plot of the movie to his teammates at some point? I have no idea, but there has to be a good reason for him attending this movie. I know when I think of sparkly vampires pining for their true, pure love, the first thing that pops into my mind is Ryan Miller.

– And speaking of red carpets, what kind of bull is it that the red carpet pre-show for the NHL awards is only going to be broadcast on I have a perfectly cromulent TV set with NHL Network that is perfect for watching pretty men on the red carpet. Why should I have to hunch over my laptop’s 17″ screen and deal with a buffering feed? Boo, NHL. Boo to you on this one.

– The prevalence of back-to-back games on the Sabres schedule for next season illustrates the Sabres need for a perfectly cromulent backup goalie to give Miller a night off here or there. The Sabres need to find a goalie that Lindy will have faith in to play a number of games, and not just sit on the bench wearing a touque, opening and closing the bench door. I’d like to see Marty back here. He’s a good goalie, and a decent guy. There would be a minimal breaking-in period between Marty & Ryan, and Marty already knows enough of Lindy and The System to be dangerous. (On an unrelated note, Lindy and The System would be a great name for a band.)

– However, the goalie situation in the league just got a lot more interesting with the news that the Sharks are not tendering an offer to Nabokov. The goalie pool is deep this year, and watching where the various free agents land is going to be interesting.

– Sabretooth appears to have fallen off the face of the Twitter earth. He wasn’t fired like the Pittsburgh pierogi, right?

– Late edit to add that Goose was the celebrity chair of the Camp Good Days Gala this past Saturday night. Video of him being adorable with the kiddos is at the link.


Brains in Your Head, Feet in Your Shoes…

April 29, 2010

While perusing the Buffalo News Photo Gallery chronicling locker cleanout day, I noticed something peculiar:

Look  at photo #6 of Miller.

Look at photo #8 of Gaustad.

Notice anything?

Look again. I’ll wait.

Give up?

They’re wearing matching shoes!

Somehow, the thought of them going shoe shopping together is oddly endearing.

I swear, there’s going to be relevant hockey content on this blog soon.


Quick Hits From Locker Cleanout Day

April 28, 2010

– I’m still upset that the Sabres were bounced so quickly by the Bruins, but when you look at the big picture, this season was a definite improvement on the last two. When you look back at the preseason predictions, most people in the know had the Sabres fighting for the final playoff spot in the East. Fifth place was considered overachieving for this crew. But then – due to heads being removed from behinds and some epic collapses by their divisional rivals – this team actually won the division. That blew everyone’s mind, but still didn’t stop those in the know from saying that the Sabres were ripe for upset. Sadly, this prediction was correct.

I’m excited for next season. Ennis, Gerbe and Myers showed a ton of potential (and heart…and effort) and I’m sure some of the core have to be worried about those little spitfires breathing down their necks and challenging them for playing time. That might motivate them even more…provided they’re still here and haven’t been traded for a Sports Night DVD set and a box of microwave popcorn.

– I’ve been pondering this for most of the day: would a professional hockey team’s locker room be just as gross on locker cleanout day as the locker alley at an all girls high school was on locker cleanout day? I know hockey equipment comes with its own special brand of stink, but high school comes with its own personal level of stuff finding (“Hey! That’s where that skirt went!” as you pull your spare uniform skirt out and give it a shake to return the polyester to its unwrinkled glory. And the skirt was usually just the tip of the iceberg  of crap residing in the locker.)

– I’m falling into the non-surprised, surprised camp regarding Rivet’s injury. He was not playing up to a veteran’s standards during the season, so an injury seemed to be a likely reason for his play. I still am amazed that hockey players suck it up and go out and play even when there’s broken bones involved (Timmy) missing teeth, pucks to the head, etc. I turn into a whiny baby when I’m sick (and just ask my parents how I was while I had shingles) so their resilience and stubbornness to play amazes me. I’m not dumb enough to think that it’s without medicinal aid, but unless their getting horse steroids (which I’m pretty sure is against the law), these guys have to just be mentally strong to deal with what body breakdowns they have during the year.

– I’m incredibly amused by Timmy color coordinating his green Yankees hat to his gentle sea foam green polo shirt. I can’t help but wonder if this was an intentional decision on his part or just an “I’ll pull whatever hat I want out of the closet and roll with it” thing.

– Speaking of hats, the less said about Miller’s chapeau, the better. Male hats should not be gaudy. Ladies hats should be gaudy. Kentucky Derby hats should be gaudy. Goalie hats…not gaudy. However, I can give a thumbs up to how Miller’s skates do look like Chuck Taylors. That’s a neat look and I know it’s probably unintentional, considering the bottom of his pads are white and the white skate tips make everything very matchy-matchy.

– I’m also amused by Paul Hamilton’s peeking around the locker wall while interviewing Timmy. Every so often this little Hamilton head pops around the corner and into the frame.

– Goose still looks pissed off. Like rage-y pissed off. His voice may be calm, but his facial expression is betraying what he’s saying.


Sabres vs. Bruins – Game 5

April 23, 2010

– Ryan Miller’s new ‘stache is joining Bradley Whitford’s new ‘stache on my “things that are incredibly creepy” list. But hey, if it changes the team’s juju, then I’m all for it.

– Praise the lord and pass the ammunition…Adam Mair gets the Sabres out to an early lead on a Mairsy-around that Rask probably wishes he had back. This is the first time I’ve seen the crowd in the plaza today and I have to commend my fellow Buffalonians for showing up, even in the face of elimination.

– I’m kind of creeped out by the reports of Blake Wheeler’s man crush on Thomas Vanek. If Wheeler was a woman, we’d be warning the Vanek family to keep an eye on the family rabbit lest it be boiled by a crazy person.

– The Sabres have scored first in all five games of this series. That’s your fun stat of the night.

– Harry Neale: “Derek Roy couldn’t get out fast enough.” That’s what she said.

– WHOOO! Pommers increases the population of Pominville and gives the Sabres their fourth 2-0 lead of the series. Oy. And in other news, for the second time tonight, I misidentify a Sabre as Derek Roy. Why am I fixated on Roy-Z tonight? I’d like to apologize to Mair and Pommers for erroneously labeling them as the short and dive-y one.

– How sad is what’s happening to Bret Michaels? I had read about his situation before  I left the office and while I was toodling along home, Star started playing “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” (which we all know is not the usual “Star Music”), so I immediately thought he was no longer with us. Best wishes to he and his family while they’re going through this. (On a related note, his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice has proven that he isn’t the vapid skirt chaser that Rock of Love showed him as.)

– The Sabres third goal was quite possibly the perfect play. Gaustad has a dominant face off win, and gets the puck to a wide open Grier who whistles it past Rask. It was just gorgeous.

– I see that RJ has picked up on my mistaking anyone and everyone wearing blue for Derek Roy, as he mislabels Toni Lydman as Derek Roy.

– I love that Dierdre Martin’s new book is coming out in time for my road trip. Hurrah for in-car reading material!

– Nice to see that CJ Spiller is being introduced to life in Buffalo by appearing at tonight’s game. However, how dazed and confused did he look when the camera panned over to him? He’s got to be running on fumes and/or adrenalin at this point.

– Holy Jeebus, Grier takes a Wideman slapper right to the head and drops like a rock. His teammates immediately rush to him after the whistle and Miller is down on all fours talking to him. Again, I reiterate my utter amazement over the fact that these guys willingly dive in front of a speeding frozen rubber disk when the normal human reaction is to, oh I don’t know, get the eff out of the way.

– My curiousity is still piqued as to why exactly the Devils had jelly on their postgame spread. Do they have a PB&J bar? Toast? Saltines & jelly? A make your own jelly donut station? Inquiring minds want to know. And that jelly must have been one hell of a mess for some poor locker room attendant to clean up.

– Boychuk scores with two-and-a-half minutes left in the game. 3-1, Buffalo.

– Game, set, match as Tennis the Menace makes a diving poke check into an empty net. 4-1, Sabres.

– I’m tempering the excitement I feel right now with the knowledge that the wheels can fall off the wagon on Monday night.

– Best ending to a game, ever. Chara and Gaustad start going at it and then everyone piles in, including Miller, who gets a few shots (and a nice face wash) in on Satan. Miller must be at his wits end if he’s diving into scraps like that. Did anyone else notice Lalime gesticulating on the bench while all that was going on, and Lindy standing in the door of the bench making sure no one pulls a groin or breaks a goalie. With how close he was standing to the edge of the bench, I half expected him to come charging in and start throwing bodies around, like teachers do with scrapping kids on the playground. Either that, or he was swearing at his Vezina-nominated goalie to stop fucking around before he gets hurt.

– And just when I think Cranky Ryan is the highlight of the night, after the horn blows, Patty Lalime starts dancing around on the ice. Is he auditioning for a role on Dancing With the Stars? (Because how awesome would a hockey player be on DWTS? I know that the current hockey schedule doesn’t allow an active player to participate (like Ochocinco is now), but why can’t a nice retired player participate?

– Finally, how awesome (and adorable) is this video?


Goose Gets Loose for Charity

March 23, 2010

And I thought the Briere Bunch hats were nifty.

Turns out Goose is Loose hats are much better.

And that’s all she wrote.

(What, it’s been a long day. Would you rather I went off about the Caps potential link to steroids? I think not, but just want to stress that hugs not drugs is what’s important, my friends.)


What I Did On My Winter Vacation

February 24, 2010

Remember when you were in grade school and you had to write essays about what you did on your summer vacation? What if our favorite Sabres had to do the same thing for this Olympic break, just to prove to Darcy that they were behaving themselves? Here’s a small sample of what would result, gathered through SuperSecretSpy methods.

By “The Goose”


(Editor’s Note:  Google Translator says “Instead of stewing in my bitterness over not making Team USA, I decided to re-dedicate myself to saving the planet, and watched old episodes of Captain Planet. He’s a hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero.”)

By “Drew Stafford”

I went home. I needed to spend more time refining my hybrid Minnesotanadian accent….and have mama do some laundry. Do you know how much laundry has piled up since I was last home? My ride back to Buffalo was diverted to Newark when some little mutant started screaming and its mother wouldn’t shut it up. Since I was already in Jersey, I tried to find that chick from Jersey Shore that looks like Littlefoot. No luck there. Since I was mad, I toilet papered Parise’s front yard to make me feel better. And just so you don’t think I’m a total ass, I fed his pet turtle. Can’t let the pets die while he’s off chasing glory.

By “Derek Roy”

I went to NY Fashion Week. The clothes, the glamour, the lights, the stars. Ooh, it was just the best! I got to meet Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum! Kors is nearly not as orange in person as he is on Project Runway. I also saw Tyra and the Jays. They were fierce. Tyra told me that I need to work on my smizing. She says smizing is an essential skill. I can already see the signs at HSBC: “Smize for me, Roy-Z!”

Editors Note: I’m sad that Miss Jay will not be at panel on this season of Top Model. Whatever will we do without his giant gimmicks to count down the number of hamsters remaining?

By “Nathan Paetsch”

I updated my resume. I’m not stupid. I’m the eighth defenseman on a seven man rotation. I’ve spent more time this season getting to know the press box staff than skating on the ice.

By “Thomas Vanek”

I spent time playing with my young son. Who knew kids toys had so many parts? And who knew that little parts hurt when you stepped on them. My wife just says be thankful they’re not Barbie shoes. Can someone please tell me what is this Yo Gabba Gabba? And how can a kitchen sponge live under the sea with a squirrel?

By “Chris Butler”

I wanted to make a recipe I saw on The Barefoot Contessa. But was thwarted by not being able to find The Good Vanilla at the grocery store. Why does no one carry this brand? Can I substitute another brand of vanilla? I want to bake, damnit!

By “Tyler Myers”

I grew three more inches and my feet bust through my bedroom wall while I was sleeping. Mairsy and Patty came over to see if they could help me fix the wall, but Mairsy misfired the nail gun and shot a nail through his foot and Patty had to take him to the hospital. Does anyone know a good contractor?

Editor’s note: On a serious note, does anyone know a good contractor in Buffalo? SOtC Estates needs a bathroom reno and needs a quality trustworthy contractor that can install a shower, upgrade some electrical, add an exhaust fan and potentially do some tile work. Drop me an e-mail if you’ve had the good, the bad or the ugly.


Sabres vs. Sharks – How Not to Turn Into Chum

February 13, 2010


– We’re being treated to a ceremony honoring the Sabres Olympians. The little kids interacting with the players were so adorable. I know that they had to give Lindy a jersey to keep the flow of the ceremony going, but how funny would it have been if they would have given him a tie to commemorate his role as a coach during these games?

Now smile for the birdie…

(Bill Wippert/Getty Images)

First Period

– Mother of pearl, why didn’t Lalime play tonight for the Sabres? Give Miller a night off before he’s got to go cross country and play nearly every other day for two weeks.

Deadspin has screencaps of the look of total panic on the Great One’s face as the Fortress of Solitude cauldron was delayed in opening. I think I saw those same panicked looks on his face while he was coach of the Coyotes, only then he was wearing a sweater vest instead of a tracksuit. (Disclaimer: while this story is SFW, you never know what ads and headlines may pop up above and around the story. It is Deadspin after all.)

– Vanek has been noticeable tonight. He had one opportunity where he shot straight at the net and another one where he tried to be fancy dancy and it went nowhere.

– It was nice that the Sabres Sled Hockey players had their USA sweaters presented to them tonight as well, but why were they shunted off to the press room at the arena? They should have been recognized on the ice as well. Sure, they’re not “name” players like Miller and Co., but they do deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments all the same.

– And we have a new participant in the “Let’s Fine Tyler Myers Every Time I Get Asked About Him” game. It’s the Goose! According to this article on Fanhouse, Goose gets $20 every time he answers a Myers question. I was going to say that they need to take it easy on him, but then I checked and Myers is making $1.3 mil this year. At this rate, he may end up forking up enough cash to buy the team dinner…or several rounds of drinks.

This was probably my favorite Q&A from the interview:

Which teammate of yours would you like to be for one day?

I like my teammates a lot, but I’m happy being myself.

In other words, I know too much about these guys to even consider trading places with them, even if it is for a day.

Second Period

– Rivet has a puck go off his stick inches in front of Miller with Heatley and Thornton within striking distance. Miller bails out his captain by falling on the puck.

– WHOO! Goose scores off a nifty pass from Hank! Goose didn’t really have to shoot that puck, it was more of a two-foot tap-in for birdie. 1-0, Sabres.

– Did anyone else notice that Hank jumped into Goose’s arms when the goal went in?

– The good thing about having a fantasy team comprised entirely of Western Conference players? You can still log in at 8pm and set your lineup. Not that this was the first time today I thought about the team or anything.

– Vanek FINALLY scores tonight. That’s his 18th goal of the season and is a backhand shot on a rush off the right wing. 2-0, Sabres.

– It sure sounded to me like RJ just suggested that Roy might want to take a dive and go down while wrapping around the San Jose net on a penalty kill. Not that young Roy-Z has a reputation as a diver or anything.

– Pommers gets credit for a pretty wacky goal that actually goes in off Wallin in the Sharks crease. 3-0, Sabres.

– Who the eff are these Sabres and where have they been the past two weeks? Fans were this close to putting them on milk cartons and/or sending the lot of them out of town for a roll of half used tape and a printer cartridge. I know the Sharks are a dangerous team and I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, but I can’t help but feel optimistic.

Third Period

– What happened to Stafford on Twitter? Has social media been banned by the team? Did the furries steal his phone?

– All hell breaks loose behind Nabokov as Lil Timmy gets roughed up by Mitchell for daring to breathe the same air as Nabokov. Mair rushes in to defend Kennedy and the rest of the Sharks and Sabres on the ice jump in to the fun as well. What made it funny was that while two of the refs were working to separate Kennedy and Mitchell, the other ref was standing there yelling that all the other players need to move to away from the action and to the other side of the ice. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

– San Jose scores on an odd man rush as Huskins shot goes in under Miller’s arm on the short side. 3-1, Sharks.

– It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Sweet Caroline played at the arena.

– The U-S-A! U-S-A! chant coming from the fans while the play goes on in the San Jose zone is something else. What a nice encouragement for Miller.

– At least they didn’t go 0-for-February!


– Hey, at least the Sabres aren’t in 5th anymore. 3rd place has a much better ring to it.

– If I may wade into the shallow end of the pool for a moment, Miller appears to have gotten a very flattering pre-Olympic haircut. It works for him.

– With the next game not until March 2nd, it might be quiet around here, unless all hell breaks loose at the Olympics or one of our little darlings does something stupid over break and it makes the news. K-Syl was reading my mind and snarked that if something happens, we’ll find out about it on YouTube. (That’s not a hint or a request, boys.)

– Rayzor reports that the players are off until a week from Wednesday (which is the 24th), where they will then start practicing without Lindy and any players that are still in Vancouver. I think this is the first confirmation we’ve had from anyone about what the official Olympic break timeline is.


Sabres vs. Caps – 12.9.09

December 9, 2009

First Period

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and I hope I have power and internet for the rest of the night. The wind is whipping mightily outside beautiful SOtC Estates, but there is no snow yet. On the positive side, at least my laundry is done so I have clean pants to wear to work tomorrow. I will be 19 kinds of pissed if the power goes off before 11pm. Tonight is the final episode of Glee until April and the Top Chef finale. (On a related Glee note, I think it’s incredible that Barry Manilow is slated to guest star in the spring and Idina Menzel is in talks as well. I’ve been humming “Copacabana” and “Over The Moon” since I read about these two on EW. Talk about an odd juxtaposition. Heh.)

– Per Mike Harrington, Sekera and his wonky ankle are in, Paetsch is again relegated to the origami swan factory in the press box with Goose and Butler. (While we’re on the subject of scratches, has there been any word on Mama Grier? Thoughts and prayers are with her and the entire Grier family.)

– Miller is again starting in goal tonight.

– Montador rips a shot from the point and it gets past Theodore. There is initially some discussion about whether Gerbe tipped it, but the goal is credited to Montador. 1-0, Sabres.

– I love the Honda commercial that shows the dog race in the snow. The dogs look so happy to be out running.

– Per the Sabres Twitter feed, Teppo is in the press box tonight, doing some scouting for the Finnish national team.

– And for the love of pete, Princess Permapout (aka Danica Patrick) hasn’t even raced in NASCAR yet and she’s already been named the second most powerful woman in the sport? Eff me. If I were Delana Harvick or Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, I’d have a thing or six to say about that. I need a “roll eyes” smiley right about now.

– Vanek makes a nice play by going after Ovechkin rather than the puck and manages to distract Ovie into turning over the puck in the Buffalo zone. Very nice play, TV.

Second Period

– A wonderful stat flashes on the screen that the Caps are 2-0 when trailing after 1. Oh goody.

– Pommers fans on a gorgeous scoring opportunity on a wide open net after the puck takes a little hop shortly before it arrives to him from Lydman. Lydman, for his part, did a wonderful little dipsy doodle to keep from turning over the puck.

– I’m cracking up at the photo on Getty showing Ovie and Backstrom sitting on a dumpy old couch in the bowels of HSBC Arena watching their teammates play soccer. These two guys looks like they’re sitting on something that should be found in the basement of Faber College’s Delta House.

– Gerbe deflects the puck off of Theodore. 2-0, Sabres.

– Great8 – or Grape Ape, as he is known in other parts of the internet – is sent off for diving. Roy-Z is sent off for tripping. Oh, the irony, as our sweet little Roy-Z is usually the one sent off for diving.

– Tallinder buries the puck in the net after a coast to coast rush. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Better now? Please note that this is Tallinder’s second goal of the season and it again featured a real live goalie in the net. It’s still not the awesomest goal Tallinder has ever scored, though.

3-0, Sabres.

– As the period ends, Harry Neale is waxing poetic about the Sabres 2-0 lead and how if they hold onto it, they’ll win. RJ just calmly butts in and tells Harry that it’s 3-0, that it’s alright that he goofed up, since the Sabres scored no goals on Monday night.

Third Period

– The Acme Brain Trust known as “The Whip” is debating whether or not Marty Brodeur is the greatest goalie ever. While this is a great discussion topic, it’s  I’m pretty sure that Patrick Roy’s introduction at the Montreal Centennial ceremony made reference to him being the best goalie ever. And you really can’t argue about Hasek’s prowess in net. But, if you boil it down to statbits and records, then you have a compelling argument to name Marty the best goalie ever. It is a matter of opinion and personal preference. While I think Goose may be the heart and soul of the Sabres, there are others out there for whom Goose is not their cup of tea.

– Wow, another fanfuckingtastic save from Miller comes while I’m off reading one of my high school classmate’s articles on (I’m not bitter. No. I’m. Not.) Miller swept across the crease to grab the puck and ends up sliding onto his back like a turtle that’s been flipped over onto it’s shell.

– I feel like tonight has been a good team effort. While Vanek has missed a couple of quality opportunities, there’s been great goaltending, solid play from the defense and decent play from the forwards.

– In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the annual “Gaustad bakes cookies with the kiddos” video. We do need to have a discussion regarding his choice of headwear. Yankees apparel is unacceptable, unless he is wearing a Yankees hat so that he doesn’t dirty up any of the hats of his favorite team?

– It is now snowing at SOtC Estates.

– The game ends with Miller getting an honest to goodness shutout and not a “Ryan Miller shutout.” I like games that end with a real shutout and not a Crunchy special. It’s a nice rebound from the 3-0 shutout the boys endured the other night.

Now onto the Blackhawks on Friday…