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“Bite Me” Is Not Meant to Be Taken Literally

January 7, 2009

– Did Ottawa forget to feed Ruutu before last night’s game? Biting a chunk out of Andrew Peters hand is not kosher. While I’m sure the bite wasn’t as big of a deal as Peters embellished it to be, it’s still pretty serious. Biting has no place in hockey. Heck, biting has no place anywhere in polite society, unless your name is Bella and you’re pining away for your sparkly true love vampire boyfriend to turn you into a vampire.

– I’m really liking the Goose / Ellis combination. For whatever reason, those two seem to work well together. And Goose last night was a pissed off little honker. It seemed like every time he was on the ice, he was involved in a scrap, or a hit or just busting his ass out there.

– I don’t blame Ryan Miller at all for letting in the first Ottawa goal. That was a completely fluky shot that managed to find the inch and a half of space that Miller left open between his hip and the goalpost. I do think he could have done better on the Spezza breakaway, however. He got a piece of the shot, but not enough of it.

– Congratulations to Rob Ray on the birth of Rob Ray Jr. However, I still would have loved to have heard his reactions to all the Peters biting drama that took place in front of his usual game position.

– I think my cell phone is possessed.  One of my friends texted me this morning saying I called him. However, while the call did come from my phone, the timestamp on the call occured when I was scraping ice off my car. My phone was in my purse in the car. This is so frigging bizzarre.


I Don’t Think Bleeping Yourself Is Anatomically Possible

December 9, 2008

Usually the media reports coming out of Sabres practice are humdrum and as dry as a good martini. However, today’s reports on WGR contained some great tidbits.

– First, Lindy and Ryan Miller are on good terms. There is no rift between them after last week’s call out of Miller by his coach. I mean, did any of us seriously think there was a rift? Lindy has been known to call out his players in the media. He’s not shy a lot of the time about protecting their widdle feelings. If he was exhibiting a pattern of consistently calling out Miller, then I think we would have evidence of a rift. I think the media just encountered Miller on a bad day, as his quotes made him sound like he was having a bad PMS day.

– I find it hysterical that a ref told Miller to go fuck himself during last night’s game.  First of all, I really don’t think it’s anatomically possible; let alone anatomically possible while one is wearing a hockey uniform. While it’s not the most professional thing for a ref to say to a player during a game, somehow, I doubt that Miller was the completely innocent choir boy that he claimed to be during his encounter with the ref. What Miller saw as “respectful,” the ref could’ve seen as insolent whining. Irregardless, the league probably will have a thing to say to the ref in question.

– Continuing with the hilarity, while WGR broke the news of Gerbe getting some fighting pointers from Peters, WGRZ had the video on their 6pm newscast. The “fight” was all the more comical because it looked like Peters was taking on his seven-year-old brother, and not a fellow professional athlete. Peters had Gerbe’s sweater over his head, and eventually got it off him and was twirling it around. I would definitely add that “fight” to a Sabres blooper reel.

– And based on Miller’s comments about goalie fights, I guess I can cross “goalie fight” off my Christmas list.

“No. I watched Marty (Biron) and all his fights here and how well he did, so I don’t think a skinny guy is gonna have to leave the net.”

Ryan, the skinny guy thing can be remedied. Eat something, sunshine. Calories are your friend. This is the holiday season. You’re a freak of nature with the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack if you don’t gain weight during the holidays. And besides, Sabres fans have seen your temper come out occasionally during games. The next logical step is to fight. Just saying that you’d be a hero to Buffalo if you got into a fight. Remember how much Marty’s fight with Emery was talked about? If you’re worried about your fighting skills being less than stellar, see Peters. he’s been giving fighting lessons left, right and center this season. Just think about it for me, alright?

– Tomorrow night’s game marks the first one I will be seeing in person this season. I really, really hope it’s a good one. Otherwise, some bitches will get cut.


Dancing With Henrik

November 13, 2008

Today’s practice notes on contained this gem:

The Sabres enjoyed a laugh at the expense of defenseman Henrik Tallinder following practice.

As players entered the locker room, a video of the blueliner’s goal looped to Chubby Checker’s version of “The Twist.”

Tallinder scored a goal for the first time since March 15, 2008 in last night’s win against the Blues, and celebrated with an unconventional move.

“He’s never going to want to score again” Clarke MacArthur quipped after seeing the video.

“I just can’t stop watching it,” Jason Pominville added. “It’s hilarious.”

Here’s the link to the video of Tallinder’s little jig. Twist music not included. I can just imagine Pommers standing in front of that ginormous TV set in the locker transfixed by the whole thing.

Tallinder didn’t do a bad job of moving his hips and staying in rhythm. Could an appearance on Dancing With the Stars be in his future, once his playing career is over?

Also worth noting from the team today is that Peters was given the ceremonial pigeon for his performance in last night’s game.

And Timmy has a bruised chest, but no head trauma after last night’s hit from Tkachuk. I would bet that he doesn’t play tomorrow but plays on Saturday, but only time will tell.


Semi-Live: Thrashers v. Sabres

November 7, 2008

Check in occasionally for semi-live thoughts from tonight’s Sabres/Thrashers game.


– I was listening to the Pominville Report on Z101 on my way to the doctor this afternoon. Pommers shared that Tuesday night was the team’s belated Halloween party. He went as Darth Vader. Or would that be Darth Pommer?  He also admitted that they were keeping tabs on the election results while enjoying each other’s company and the libations and such. I can just imagine the boys gathered round the TV watching the election results in all their costumed glory. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? After reading his comments on Wednesday, can’t you just picture Miller making like Leo McGarry and telling everyone to shut the hell up so he could hear what Wolf Blitzer was talking about, while Kaleta would be confused about what kind of degrees the electoral college gives out.

(By the way, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a massive West Wing fan.)

– Janet and Nick were talking this morning about Derek Roy showing up at the Juicy Couture party at the Tony Walker store last night. Seriously, Derek? Juicy Couture? I thought better of you.

– The Erin and Andrew Peters interview during the Sabres show was pretty cute. I like seeing these behind the scenes features about the guys. You could tell from this interview that Peters kind of struggles with the perception of the fans that he’s just a meathead who’s only role is to beat up the opposition. He wants to be seen as a hockey player not a lunkhead. And also, Augie Peters…completely adorable. Even if he does have an expensive shoe fetish.

– With Hecht coming back from his thumb injury, Stafford is a healthy scratch tonight. Hopefully, the benching will serve as a reminder for Staffy to remove his head from his sphincter, then play hockey. For every absolutely brilliant play he’s had these past couple of games, there’s been a boneheaded play to offset it. While its been a consistent pattern, that’s not the kind of consistency you want in a hockey player.

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Meep! Meep!

October 6, 2008

Yahoo’s Q&A with Derek Roy sheds a little more light onto the mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a white seersucker suit that is Derek Roy.

Who is your all-time favorite roommate on the road?

I like Andrew Peters, but he’s a little overboard a lot of times. But he’s always fun. He keeps you on your toes. You never know what he’s going to do – beat you down with a pillow or wrestle you. He keeps you on your toes.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Probably the Road Runner. It’s funny how they come up with all these episodes about basically the same thing – a coyote chasing a roadrunner. It’s fun to watch.

Anyone else getting the feeling that Roy-Z’s just the little angel sitting in front of the TV with his bowl of cereal on the road, just trying to watch his Looney Tunes cartoons, when all of a sudden he’s attacked by a pillow-wielding Peters?

Yea…me neither.


This Post May Contain Hockey Content

August 28, 2008

I spent some time tonight mucking around in the WGR audio vault, and found these recent tidbits.

– Andrew Peters has been bartending at Pearl Street this summer as a fundraiser for the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. For his last gig this past week, he invited along Roy-Z, Paetsch, Mair , Paille and Kaleta to help out and sign autographs and mingle. I would’ve loved to have seen these guys trying to bartend.

– It sounds like the boys are slowly starting to trickle back into town. Paetsch mentioned that he and the guys he’s skating with at the Pepsi Center are now up to 5 weekly on-ice workouts. The same guys mentioned as Peters guest bartenders are the core of the little Sabre skating group, with the addition of Marty “Chatterbox” Biron in net. In addition, we also have Breaking! Timmy! News! Patches reports that Timmy is now back in town and skating with them, and looks to be in the best shape of his career. Which, of course means that Timmy will have a tragic toenail clipper accident at training camp and be out for half the season.

– Not in the WGR audio vault, but still highly informative and entertaining, was this article regarding the Michigan State Pro Hockey Camp. MSU opens its doors for a week to its famous NHL/AHL alumni for a week in August. They spend time with the MSU coaches, working on plays and conditioning. And of course, who shows up at this event? Our very own Ryan Miller, who looks darn good. It looks like the offseason agreed with him, and that he was able to relax and bulk up (and lose a pair of shoes, if the first picture in the camp’s gallery is any indication).

– Also, Michael Phelps hosting SNL could either be the best thing ever or the best trainwreck ever.


Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

January 10, 2008

The news yesterday that Teppo returned to Buffalo after not being cleared for contact by Sabres doctors initially appeared troubling. His doctors at the Cleveland Clinic cleared him, so what was the Sabres issue? Would this be another LaFontaine situation, where player was cleared by his doctors but not by the team, thereby saving the team contract money?

I enjoy conspiracy theories and wearing my tinfoil hat as much as the next person, but the thought that the Sabres are intentionally screwing Teppo over is a bit much. Sure, everything in their history points otherwise, but can you really blame the Sabres for being overly cautious? The man’s heart was operated on. You don’t need to have Teppo cleared to play and then – god forbid – he gets hit the wrong way, and something goes wrong with his heart.

I think Teppo gets it. As much as he’d rather be on the ice with his teammates, having his body fully healed is more important. His hockey career pales in importance to being able to be around for his family.

Speaking of families, there’s quite a bit of hubbub over Roberto Luongo’s decision to skip the All-Star Game and the Canucks first game after the break to spend time with his pregnant wife. Now, not knowing all the details (whether she’s having a difficult pregnancy, multiple babies, etc), I think Luongo made a courageous decision to skip the game. The All-Star games are not known for being goalie showcases. And having a kid is a pretty life changing event, especially if its his first one. Do you really blame the guy for wanting one last break with his wife before a baby arrives?

And I think we may have found the real reason for the Sabres recent skid: the breakup of Andrew Peters and Ryan Miller. In this video, Peters confirms that they are not a couple, despite a kiss shown on the Jumbotron at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl and witnessed by 75,000+ people. He claims he also lost his manhood when that video was shown at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl.

Petey, I realize you might be riding the pine for the next little while, but if your teammates don’t find a way to win SOON, you might not be the only one that’s lost manhood. Capisce?