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I Love Marty

May 22, 2008

While perusing a message board that rhymes with BlabresBlans dot com, I found this article about Danny maybe selling Philly to Soupy.

San Jose’s Brian Campbell will be the best free agent out there on July 1. Flyers center Danny Briere is close to Campbell and may be asked to act as a recruiter, in the same way goalie Marty Biron recruited Briere last summer.

“I will definitely ask him, if it comes to that, and give him info just like Marty did for me,” Briere said. “As far as speed and rushing the puck up the ice, he is one of the best in the league. There’s no doubt about that. You look at where the league is going, you see more and more defensemen like him, guys who can move the puck and skate well.”

Campbell and Biron are not close friends. Biron didn’t think Campbell took the game seriously when they were teammates in Buffalo.

“Brian is a single guy and likes to have fun,” Briere said. “But I think he takes the game seriously. To get to where you are, you need to be. I don’t think it’s an issue.”

I know Marty wasn’t directly quoted, but his thoughts do have a lot of weight, since he spent so many years in the B-lo with Soupy. This comment does tie a lot of things from the local rumor mill together. Briere’s comments sound a lot like damage control, in my lowly opinion.


Oh, Hi, Oh.

May 5, 2008

The awesome dando at Off Camber forwarded me this link from the Columbus Dispatch. The writers at the Dispatch are looking at the different NHL teams, and this weekend was their turn to rip apart Buffalo.

Things they got right:

1. Management is to blame for a lot of the nonsense that happened in the past year.

2. The Sabres need help on the blue line.

3. Thiebault’s status is up in the air, and Miller’s contract is the new source of speculation around town.

4. Lindy’s a good coach.

Things that aggravated the heck out of me:

Rather than sign defenseman Brian Campbell at a reasonable rate last summer or early this season, the Sabres waited and waited. When the price went up – well, yeah – they backed out and traded him to San Jose.

Ugh. Darcy realized that when there wasn’t going to be a deal made with Campbell at the deadline, he pulled the trigger on a trade. Better to have Soupy leave town and get something in return (a first-round draft pick and Steve Bernier) rather than have Soupy leave town in July and get nothing. Its not that Darcy didn’t think that Soupy wasn’t a good fit for the organization, its that they weren’t willing to pay the price Soupy was commanding.

If all of these players re-sign, the Sabres will be paying in excess of $30 million for a B-minus cast of forwards.

Wow. That’s a little harsh. Pommers has really blossomed this year. Hecht has been one of the most consistent players on the team for the past two seasons. Roy-Z has grown up and matured from little snot nosed diver into a reasonably mature player. Timmy, when he’s not injured, averages a point-per-game. Mair adds grit and determination.

Looking at the RFA forwards, Goose adds heart and soul. Paille came out of nowhere this season to become a 20-goal scorer. Bernier has the potential to develop into a solid player now that he’s under the gentle guiding hand of Lindy Ruff.

These guys definitely are not a B-minus cast. I also disagree with the assertion that these are not a dynamic group of forwards without Drury and Briere. Apparently, this writer has not seen much Buffalo hockey. When all the forwards are clicking, they are one of the most entertaining forward groups in the league.

It’s a decent group of puck-movers, but when Spacek is your most accomplished defenseman, you’ve got issues. No offense, Jaro.

Dude. That’s harsh. Expect to hear from Tallinder’s and Lydman’s representatives shortly.

many believe Miller will sign with the Red Wings when his deal is up after 2008-09.

When the main reason for Miller signing with the Red Wings is that he’s from Michigan, you know you’re reaching.

Sigh. This article was definitely as aggravating to read as Bucky’s bj of the Phlyers.


La De Frickin Da

April 30, 2008

– I probably found this way funnier than I should have:

– I’m supremely disappointed that I missed two Crunchy interviews during last night’s Pens game. Not only because I wanted to hear what he had to say, but also because I have been told that he looked quite foxy. And not just foxy for Crunchy, but foxy for a regular guy. Not fair. Stupid American Idol.

– Speaking of American Idol, I adore David Cook. I’m not ashamed to admit that I downloaded his take of “Music of the Night.” It is a beautiful rendition, and he pulls off the high note beautifully. David Archuleta, on the other hand, should be ashamed of his rendition of “Sweet Caroline.” 18,000 drunk people sing that song better than he did.

– Crunchy (who still hasn’t updated his damn blog) was named to the Goalie Equipment Working Group, which will evaluate goalie equipment standards and make reccommendations to the league. Calling it a working group just makes me think of a dog show, and we can all agree that Pretty Ricky, Marty and Crunchy are not dogs. I hope Marty’s ready to have two young whippersnappers kissing his ass during these meetings. I can see both Crunchy and Pretty Ricky asking for advice, and Marty responding along the lines of “You, Ricky, stop being so attractive. And you, Miller, eat a cookie. Have some Sprite. Bulk up. You don’t see Marty getting fatigued after playing 70 games. Try Marty’s training regimen and you’ll see immediate results.”

– Reported in the Buffalo News this morning is that Pat Kane is Jason Pominville’s roomie on Team USA. The Doodle gets to have the little brother he never had.

– Last night’s hockey could have been called “Do or Die Tuesday,” as three teams had the possibility to go up 3-0 in their series. I watched the Pens game until the Pens started losing, and was strongly advised to turn the game off, since last time that happened, the Pens came back to win. And they did it again. Maybe I shouldn’t watch the next game? I’m also glad for the Stars. They’re a scrappy little group, and them winning means Brian Campbell loses. Its all good.

Note to Soupy: $6 million dollar men do not knock out their own teammate. Its bad etiquette. You’re supposed to knock out the guys in the other team’s sweater. You know, the opposite color of yours.


Shark Bait

April 21, 2008

During last night’s Sharks/Flames game, Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey were harping on Brian Campbell, that he needs to step up to the plate and be effective. The gist was that he couldn’t expect a big money contract after completely disappearing during the playoffs (two points in six games, compared with a point-per-game pace during his 20 games with SJ in the regular season). Thornton and Marleau have stepped up for the Sharks (Marleau especially has paid a physical price), while Soupy is the hockey equivalent of the kid in left field that’s making daisy chains during a little league game.

They especially pointed out that Campbell has yet to figure out how to move around a person when bringing the puck up ice. Soupy is so used to having the freedom to wheel and deal that anyone getting in his way causes his mind to short circuit. The example they used involved Soupy bringing the puck up, and just past center ice, Damond Langkow steps into his path. Soupy can’t process whether to go right or left, and instead dumps the puck off the boards and right to a Calgary player. There were a couple other examples that they used to illustrate this, and they were just from last night’s game alone.

In Buffalo we knew that Soupy can turn into a ball of goo from time to time. Please refer to the month of February if you need some examples. Could Soupy be thinking ahead to what is waiting for him on July 1, and its messing with his head? Going out of the playoffs in Round 1 when you’re supposed to be the best UFA defenseman available is not helping his value.



April 16, 2008

Kevin Sylvester is amazing. On his blog, he mentions that Brian Campbell is again shooting off his mouth to the Canadian media. In the Globe and Mail, Campbell said,

“The accountability inside the dressing room. It’s probably the first team I’ve been on where guys will speak up and say something and you take it to heart. It’s a big change that way, probably the biggest thing.”

As K-Syl rightly points out, this season Soupy was a leader in the locker room. He wore the C for one month and an A for two. If he felt he couldn’t speak up and be taken seriously in the locker room, what the hell was he doing wearing a letter? Or is he pissed that he would talk and his teammates wouldn’t listen to him? Admittedly, I’d probably tune out the drama queen that Soupy became in February, too.

We know the team has a room full of guys that will speak up. Its been rumored that Miller has said a few words to the guys (in addition to his public comments throwing the team under the bus), and we know Spacek is the one that yells in the locker room (which admittedly I would not be able to keep a straight face through). We also know that during his captaincy, Spacek had an on-ice pep talk with the team and the team responded. All of the above just leads me to believe that Soupy is pissed that the team tuned him out.

And another thing, Soupy landed in San Jose, which has a decidedly high percentage of leaders and veterans on its roster. Thornton, Marleau, Grier, Rivet and CuBro all come to mind. He can let them do the heavy leadership lifting. Its not like in Buffalo where he was one of the older guys on the team and expected to say and do more.

And why am I talking more about Soupy now that he’s left the team? Oh, right. It’s fun to watch him become a ball of goo under the pressure that’s been put on him as part of the Thornton and Campbell dynamic duo. In my opinion, Soupy’s UFA value drops after every game. Last night, he spent 22 minutes on the ice, was a -1, and had no SOG. Those aren’t exactly $6 million per year numbers.

– And because Cork at Off Camber rocks, he pointed out that the script for the Sens Roman legionnaire speech was imprinted on the shield he was carrying. You can see it towards the end of the video in my last post, when he waves his arms in the air and the inside of the shield faces out. And I thought the cheesiness of that opening couldn’t reach a higher level than it already did. Would anyone have noticed if the guy had gone off script? He just could’ve rambled about victory/duty/honor/vanquishing one’s enemies and no one would have been the wiser.

I still maintain that SpartaCat coming out to fight him might have redeemed that intro just a tiny bit.

– The crappy results of last night’s games was more than made up for by the return of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. That show just rocks. Its really amazing what Mother Nature throws at these guys and how they keep right on going to hit their crab quotas. I also like how the show has followed the most of the same boats since the first season, so you really get to “know” these guys. And, its narrated by Mike Rowe, who has the perfect narration voice.

The only thing I don’t like is that product placement has started to seep into the show. The crab count board is sponsored by Yellow Book, and the map of the fishing grounds is sponsored by Honda. Its really distracting, and takes me out of the moment. I know that as a media geek I should be all excited about placements like that, but this is one of the times where I hate it.

– Advertising Age has been very thorough in their coverage of the Project Runway move to Lifetime from Bravo. Lawsuits and such aside, the most recent developments are that Nina Garcia was let go as fashion editor at Elle, and the magazine is now scrambling to keep her on the masthead because she’s under contract to Runway. If she leaves Elle, she leaves Runway. Or she stays at Runway, but Elle is no longer involved. Its all up in the air right now.

The other development they mentioned is that there are talks to maybe link Runway up with ANTM in some fashion. Seriously? That would make sense if the rumors that Tyra wants to leave ANTM are true. But if they’re not, I can’t see Tyra and Heidi in the same room. Each wants to be the center of attention, and probably wouldn’t take too kindly to the other one stealing the spotlight.

I just hope that all these changes don’t wreck what is an awesome show.



April 10, 2008

– While in the car this morning, I was listening to the WGR whiner line, and was absolutely disgusted at what I was hearing. Aside from the usual things that get thrown under the whiner line bus (Sabres management and Ryan Miller being the two chief culprits), there were also a surprising number of people throwing Pommerdoodle under the bus for playing for Team USA instead of Canada. The level of hatred and vitriol was surprising. They were calling Pommers an embarrassment to Canada and Quebec, and implied that he wasn’t a good little Canadian boy. It was really quite appalling. Honestly, the only people Pommers should worry about upsetting are the Canadian members of his family. But if they are okay with it, who are we to judge?

Here’s an article from The Hockey News explaining this whole situation.

– I admit to laughing when Brian Campbell was stripped of the puck by Iginla last night. Karma’s a bitch for some of the comments he made in the USA Today the other day.

– How did I miss Crunchy calling out Campbell, Briere and Drury as not being known around the league for their smarts?

– Aw, no one wants to sit next to Mr. G. I also want to know who the mysterious guy wearing #19 is. That is most definitely NOT Timmy.

And finally: Good news: laptop is here!

Bad news: need to buy a router tomorrow. So I won’t be able to hear purple and see wind on the new computer until tomorrow night.


Crunchy Goodness

February 27, 2008

– Perry’s Ice Cream in Buffalo has a tradition of making ice cream flavors that are a nod to local sports teams and events. This year is no exception. According to Business First, Perry’s is going to debut a new flavor called “Breakaway Berrier,” inspired by some of Ryan Miller’s favorite things. It will be a dark chocolate ice cream with swirls of raspberry and fudge chunks. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Steadfast Foundation.

While I do love Perry’s Piece of Cake and Birthday Cake flavors, I’m a little nervous how this flavor is going to turn out. I was really disappointed in their Sabres flavor last year. I’m also really amused by the name, since Breakaway Berrier sounds like some sort of contraceptive device.

And this may have to change my impression of Mr. Vanilla Crunchy. He likes chocolate! And berries! Together!

– The news last night had footage of Bernier arriving at the BNIA. I’m impressed that fans were already going up to him and asking for pictures. This woman had him pose with her little girl, who was in a stroller. He’s looking all adorable, and this poor girl is near tears and hiding her face behind her hands. He did take it really well, however. After hearing a bit of his interview, I’m this close to adding him to my list of people that I would listen to read the phone book, since the way he says “Pominville” is completely adorable to my Buffalo accented ears. (My “read the phone book list” also contains Elliot Sadler and the cast of The West Wing, in case you were wondering.)

– The Buffalo News has some great comments from the team regarding the Soupy departure. There’s also some comments about the upcoming contract renewals. We all know Miller’s the most important potential UFA coming up. He’s the present and future of the franchise. But there’s also Goose, Paille and C-Mac hitting RFA this year. The following comment came from Goose after practice yesterday:

“I’m not focused on my situation at all,” Gaustad said. “My focus is totally on [tonight’s] game. It’s sad to see guys go but you have to move on. Life is all about changes and so is hockey. We just have to stick together as a team.

Amen. I’m sure Goose is aware his contract is up, but he’s not letting it affect him. I also like that he’s pushing for the team to stick together as a group. Only the 23 guys – and Lindy – in that room can play the game and right the ship that is the Sabres season.

– If Soupy left, and Jochen’s broken temporarily, then Adam Mair is the default captain. Who gets to wear the A’s in the short term? Or will Lindy just say f-it, and not do anything until March? I vote for Assistant Captain Goose, but then again, I don’t get a vote.

– And to the reader who found SOTC by searching for “Toni Honk Games,” please let me know if you found what you were looking for. I hust have this weird image of Toni and Goose playing Scrabble, with Goose honking indignantly that Toni’s using Finnish words to help him win.