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Not. Fair.

October 20, 2009

At practice today, the Lightning get naked shootouts while the Sabres get pucks to the face, temper tantrums, strained hips and the wind knocked out of them? How on earth is that fair to the boys in blue and gold?

And then Danny Paile gets traded. Peace out, little Paille. Go forth and do well in Boston (but not too well against the Sabres, mind you). And now you shall be moved to the SOTC “Former Sabres” realm.

And for the love of everything holy, will someone at please remove the apostrophe from Tyler Myers’ last name in the headline of the article on


Pie Down!

June 16, 2009

WGR is reporting that Dan Paille hurt his knee during offseason workouts and had a “minor procedure” to fix the problem. Here’s to hoping that not only is Paille ready to go for training camp, but that he’s well enough and healed enough for his wedding later this summer.

(And before you ask, I have no deets on the wedding, other than Paul Hamilton’s comment that it’s happening later this summer. The end.)

That concludes today’s talking about actual hockey.


I Suppose I Should Write Something…

June 3, 2009

– I really expected more from the Penguins in Games 1 & 2. With how quickly they dispatched the Hurricanes, I thought that they would be able to handle the Detroit juggernaut. Yeah, I was wrong. There were breakdowns all over the ice and Fleury had more than a couple shiny object moments leading to Detroit goals.

I did like Geno being all spunky and taking on Zetterberg at the end of Game 2. Where the heck did Geno get the spunk from (that’s what she said)? He looked so adorkable pulling away from Zetterberg clutching both of their jerseys in his hand. It was almost a “what…how did these get here?” expression on his face. Then again, that might have just been Geno’s usual expression.

I did have to laugh at the non-call on the too many men on the ice penalty during last night’s game. I thought Doc and Edzo were going to have synchronized aneurysms over the fact that the Red Wings and the refs never noticed that there were six Penguins (and Fleury) on the ice for 25-30 seconds.

If the Penguins that showed up for last night’s game show up for the remainder of the Finals, we just may have an interesting series ahead of us.

When I compare Pittsburgh’s parties outside Mellon Arena to the Sabres Parties in the Plaza, I think the Sabres win by a landslide. The Sabres pack them in and really celebrate. While there was a considerable crowd outside Mellon, it looked nothing like what was outside the HSBC.

– Finally, Patrick Lalime shows himself to the world and proves that he’s not dead, he’s just resting. Turns out that he was having a sports hernia repaired followed by an arthroscopic repair of his hip. Poor little French Canadian button. Based on Lalime’s age, you do have to wonder if Darcy is considering whether to buyout Lalime’s contract and go after a free agent goalie or will he keep Lalime around and have Enroth as the safety valve?

– Speaking of Enroth, he was taken in the KHL Entry draft. While it’s unlikey that he would leave Portland to go play in Russia, you have to wonder what promises are being made to him behind the scenes to keep him in the Sabres organization. If Lalime hangs around another year, is Enroth being told that in two years he’ll be brought up to Buffalo to back up Miller? Which then begs the question: would he settle for being a backup goalie for four years, since that would be the length of Miller’s current deal? And what’s to say that the Sabres wouldn’t re-sign Miller for a year after that? Eh, this is why I am not in hockey management.

– Continuing on the goalie discussion, there’s some fascinating rumors coming out of Philly. Puck Daddy cites that Ray Emery could be the answer to the Flyers goalie problems, while CNNSi had a rumor that the Flyers were interested in making a deal for Roberto Luongo. And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that the Flyers need a backup goalie, as both Marty and Nittymaki are UFA’s this year.

– Meanwhile, Danica Patrick is doing some pretty nice backtracking on her comments to Dan Patrick (no relation) that she would take PEDs if they would help her win the Indy 500 and she wouldn’t get caught. Princess, I’m not sure what PEDs would do for you in the racecar, but you have to be pretty bleeping stupid if you think that a comment like that wouldn’t draw attention in perhaps one of the most read magazines in the world. While her league hasn’t made any formal statements on the situation, I have to wonder whether Princess Permapout is going to be coming under more scrutiny in the world of “random” pee tests.

– I’m getting a very nice giggle out of the fact that my search terms this week included: “Daniel Paille injured at Sears Portrait studio.” All I have to say is that whoever was assigned to babysit young Paille was not doing their job very well if this is true. Heh.


Another Couple Day Break

November 10, 2008

– So Doc Emerick was named the recipient of this year’s Foster Hewitt Award, which is given by the Hockey Hall of Fame to a member of the NHL broadcast community for their outstanding contributions to broadcasting and the game of hockey. The list of reciepients is a veritable “who’s who” of hockey broadcasting, including the Sabres own late, great Ted Darling. So my question is, when will RJ get his due? The man has been the Sabres announcer (whether radio or TV) since the team’s second season. In all those years of service, he’s only missed two games due to illness. RJ is an institution in these parts; hopefully the Hockey Hall of Fame will recognize him someday.

– Another weekend gone haywire for the Sabres, another 30-minute closed door meeting before the first weekday practice. I’m sure the players loved having another ass chewing followed by an long practice. But you know what, I don’t care. They blew two games in a row again. Maybe the lesson in removing heads from sphincters and then playing hockey will sink in this time.

(Cookies to the first reader who can name what movie I ripped that last line from.)

And while he’s got his Irish in an uproar, can we then send Lindy down to One Bills Drive and let him say a few words to the Bills? After the way the Bills played this weekend, I think they need a good old-fashioned Lindy lecture. Jauron may be a good coach, but he strikes me as too mild-mannered to put the fear of god into his team. Can you imagine the look on a Bills players’ face if he was called out publicly like Lindy has been known to do with a Sabre or two? Could you imagine how Jason Peters would react if he was called out for AGAIN missing a speed rush?

– Danny Paille is the featured Sabre in this week’s “Your Sabres Delivered” section on the website. I let out a small “aww” when I saw that he mentioned that Gaustad was the teammate he’s learned the most from.

Since I’ve played with him in Rochester he’s taught me a lot on the penalty kill and every time things don’t go well he’s very positive.

Sounds like Goose could be the rah-rah cheerleader in the locker room, which I wasn’t quite expecting. I get a stoic vibe from Goose, rather than a cheerleader vibe.

And I will reserve comment on Stafford hanging out with MacArthur and Paille. Why do I have this feeling that the three of them could be the team’s version of the Three Stooges?

And I will also not comment on his watching of the Paris Hilton BFF reality show. I watched Flava of Love and the Charm School shows, so I have no room to judge.

– I’m not a fan of the Gaustad / Mair / Peters line that skated at practice today. I like the Gaustad / Stafford / Paille line more. The former seems to be a hit first, offense later line; while the latter trends more towards offense with the physicality thrown in.

– It’s now officially the holiday season: I’ve seen the Hershey’s Kiss commercial where the kisses act like bells and perform ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’


Is This The Year…Volume 2

October 1, 2008

The NHL is continuing to use “Is This The Year?” as their marketing slogan. While stars such as Kane, Crosby and Lundqvist are anchoring the national campaign, each team will have two commercials featuring its players for use on local TV. One commercial will focus on an individual player, and one commercial will focus on the team as a whole.

For the Sabres, our player focused commercial is built around Ryan Miller. It ends with the tagline: “the more pucks you feed him, the stronger he gets.” I wonder if that’s been the problem with Miller’s nutritional regimen the past few seasons. He’s been eating pucks! Pucks have no nutritional value whatsoever. The nutritionist that told him to eat the pucks should be taken out back to face many, many slapshots.

In all seriousness, I wonder if the NHL is keeping tabs on the Sabres blogosphere? How many blog entries have been written speculating on Miller’s lack of weight being a problem as the season progresses? Even more entries have been written about Miller facing an unseemly high number of shots during the season due to our team’s lack of effort at shot blocking or playing defense.

Our team focused commercial is built around the tagline: “no matter how cold it gets in Buffalo, the scoreboard is always kept warm.” I think this ad does a really good job at capturing the essence of the team. The Sabres are a high scoring team. They’ve finished in the top five in goals scored each season since the lockout. Scoring hasn’t been a problem (overall) for the Sabres.

I also really love the photography featured in each ad, but the team focused ad makes it look like Vanek, Roy and Pommers are the only ones on the team. Yes, I realize that they were our three leading scorers this past season, but let’s share some commercial time with the rest of the team.


Where Are They Now?

May 13, 2008

I was poking around and found this photo album from a signing some players did in Niagara Falls last weekend. It took me a few minutes (and the reading of the accompanying article) to figure out that this was Richard Smehlik!

Smehlik now owns a dog kennel in Western NY.

Yes, Pie-sy. A dog kennel.


From the Frozen Tundra…

March 10, 2008

– Its really cold in my office this morning. I mean, really cold. 56 degrees cold. I can’t type with my gloves on, so I fully expect my fingers to turn blue and fall off sometime this morning.

– Moving on, I take back my earlier comments about Danny Paille needing adult supervision. I watched his Power Play episode, and he seems like a normal, down to earth 23-year-old guy. A normal guy who has a fiance, a pretty good friendship with Clarke MacArthur, and a year-old shepard/husky mix that’s 75 pounds of love.

Host Jeremy White also took some time to clarify earlier players comments about Paille being the player most likely to eat something off the floor. Paille’s a believer in the five second rule. Someone should point him in the direction of the Mythbusters episode that dealt with that topic, since it would change his mind radically on that topic. He did clarify that he would eat something if it fell on his bathroom floor (which, ew) but not something that fell on the locker room floor, because there’s way to much “stuff” that hits that floor. (Again, ew. I gagged a little when I heard that.)

He also shared some of what a game day schedule is like. By the time the players are done with the pre-game skate and meal, its 1-130ish. Most players take a nap, but not Paille. He goes and walks his dog (and I hope he means that in the literal sense and not the Dawson’s Creek usage) and watches some TV. He’s one of the few players on the team that doesn’t nap. Oh, and he’s Andrew Peters’ roomie on road trips. Ain’t that an unlikely pair, almost as unlikely as Miller and Hecht.

– It looks like Patches might be out for tonight’s game against the Rangers, as he was seen leaving the Arena to go get X-rays on the leg contusions he suffered against the Hurricanes. If Patches can’t play, Mike Weber might be called up from Rochester.

– And in some good news for the defensive corps, Hank skated on his own yesterday and could be ready for Wednesday’s game against the Pens. I really hope we get the Hank in a suit interview tonight. Versus, if you’re reading this, make it happen.

– How did I miss that Vanek sat out the second period after the Canes went up 3-1, and then most of the third? But it sounds like Vanek got Lindy’s message loud and clear:

“A few mistakes early on and we didn’t play well as a line,” Vanek said. “He substituted Gaustad for me and then there wasn’t any room for me. Nothing you can do. You can’t whine and pout about it. Show up today, work hard in practice like I always do and we’ll see if I get more [tonight].”

I do like that Vanek was one of the first players on the ice at practice yesterday and spent time working with Kaleta and Thiebault. Looks like Vanek’s one of the players that subtle coaching works on, rather than all out screaming fests.

– In non-hockey related fun, the News ran an article this morning about there potentially being a shortage of pussy willows for Dyngus Day. Only in Buffalo would this story even be newsworthy.


Overrated or Underrated?

January 24, 2008

Heather at Top Shelf brought up Jerry Sullivan’s most overrated Sabre poll, where Ryan Miller currently leads the pack. I don’t think Miller should be the most overrated Sabre. Is he having a crappy season? Yes. But at the same time, he looked so good last year because he had a decent team in front of him. He could make that absolutely ridiculous save knowing that if he got out of position, someone would back him up. You’re not seeing that this year. Miller gets out of position, and his teammates are standing around with their thumbs up their bums watching. The entire team had career years last year. Miller’s just following the curve and adjusting.

Anyways, my pick for most overrated Sabre is Max Afinogenov. I won’t argue with you that he’s a good hockey player. He’s a strong skater and can leave most defenders standing still. But, he’s frustrating to watch sometimes. He’ll dipsey-doodle to no end, when there’s multiple shots or passing lanes available. He’s also mysterious off the ice, what with his lack of commentary about his head injury “playing soccer” in Russia (which is almost as good of an injury story as Patrick Carpentier’s, who broke his wrist “carrying luggage”), and refusal to discuss his life off the ice. I’m not saying the rest of his teammates are chatterboxes, but compared to Max, they’re open books. His scoring this year is down, he’s been off-and-on the injury list this year, and his salary of $3.5 million all make him the winner of Shots Off the Crossbar’s Most Overrated Sabre Award.

Also recieving votes: Tim Connolly and Brian Campbell

In the interest of fairness (I’m not always going to be throwing this team under a bus, no matter how much I want to), my pick for most underrated player is Danny Paille. He’s been a solid, dependable call-up from Rochester for the past two years. In his first year as a true Sabre (meaning he’s on a one way deal), he’s continued that solid, dependable play. He’s 10th on the team in scoring with 23 points, and his plus/minus is the highest on the team at 11. And, he’s doing all of this for a relatively cheap salary of $585,200. Granted, he is an RFA at the end of the year (along with Goose and C-Mac), so his price will probably increase, but it should only be a minimal increase. He won’t be getting a Vanek deal, that’s for sure. Now watch that happen and me have to eat my words.

Also receiving votes: Paul Gaustad and Adam Mair.

Moving on, according to John Vogl in this morning’s Buffalo News,

The Sabres will dress the usual crop of six blue-liners, but Ruff had made no decision on whether Paetsch or Nolan Pratt will sit.

The coach could have them redo the routine they conducted Wednesday. The Sabres were doing five-on-five drills, with the defensive combinations of Henrik Tallinder-Toni Lydman and Jaroslav Spacek- Brian Campbell getting the first shift. When it was time for the next pair, Dmitri Kalinin hopped over the boards sans partner.

Pratt and Paetsch looked at each other on the bench, took off a glove and played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who practiced first. Pratt won.

Good way to do it at practice, but if that’s how its decided for the game, it will probably replace the Chris Drury / Scott Gomez puck flip as the most ridiculous off-ice moment this season. If I had a choice, I’d pick Pratt over Paetsch. Nothing against Patches, but I’ve seen more fire out of Pratt lately.