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Blah, Blah, Blah

June 10, 2008

– With Hasek announcing his retirement yesterday, the cynical part of me has to wonder if this is a permanent retirement or just a temporary one until he gets the hockey itch again. Also noteworthy is that Hasek’s son doesn’t look anything like him; the boy looks like a younger (younger) version of Sid the Kid.

– I took a very long weekend from work (including an extra day to recover from traveling to Indiana), and spent today trying to Father’s Day shop. I headed down to the Sabres store and was really unhappy with the selection. If you weren’t looking for shirts that are a 2XL, then you were out of luck. However, the most interesting thing that I saw was the discounted jersey rack containing nothing but Connolly and Afinogenov sweaters. In my opinion, this just adds more fuel to the “Tim and Max are trade bait” rumors.

– Regarding my trip to Indiana, thank goodness I had my laptop. I was able to keep up on the latest news in Buffalo and the world. The town where my family lives has a local paper that makes the Buffalo News look like the New York Times. And I also realized how much I missed Wegmans. Meijer and Wally World just do not hold a candle to Wegmans, especially since I’ve been spoiled by the prepared foods section at Wegmans.

– With the arrest of game-day announcer John Gurtler, this makes the third brush with the law that a member of the Bills organization has had, and the season hasn’t even started yet. We could be well on our way to busting the Bengals record of eight arrests.

– In a surprise to only the six people in the Buffalo area that live under rocks, the Sabres announced that the Portland Pirates are their new AHL affiliate. (The Ducks have moved their affiliate to Iowa). Its just another thing that DarcyQuinn has checked off their to-do list for this offseason. By my count, only “draft some really, good, young prospects,” “sign some UFAs,” “make a trade or two” and “sign the RFAs” are left. A lot of work is left to be done, but a good chunk is still remaining.