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July 10, 2009

– Pictures from this year’s Camp Good Days Gala are up.

1. Gaustad looks good in a tux. Between him and Edgar from Deadliest Catch, this week has been full of yum-in-a-tux.

2. Gaustad looks happier to be with the kids than with the adults; the smiles are more genuine. Could it be that the kids aren’t asking him the usual questions the fans ask? Like “why do you guys suck so hard,” “should Lindy/Darcy/Sabretooth be fired,” and “which of your teammates would you trade / get rid of via free agency / drop kick into Lake Erie without a life preserver in order to make the team better?”

– I’m glad that Jay Mckee found a home in Pittsburgh. He’s a good, hard working guy, but the last thing the Sabres need is an injury prone defenseman. As we all know, the Sabres defense is somewhat injury prone, and since this appears to be the year of the Baby D, the veteran leadership that Jay would have brought would have been outweighed by his injury streak.

I still have a feeling Darcy is trying to make a deal of some sort to improve the team. I find it incredibly hard to believe that this team would enter the new season with the same bunch of guys that they finished the last season with, the exception of the Montador for Spacek swap, of course. There’s optimism that these guys have yet to reach their full potential, and then there’s delusion. Or maybe I’m just becoming even more jaded and cynical than usual.


Bits and Pieces

June 29, 2009

– With the news that the St. Louis Blues have bought out the remaining year of Jay McKee’s contract, obviously there’s going to be discussion of the Sabres potentially making a move to re-sign Jay. I have to vote no on this one. While Jay was a solid defenseman, the poor dear has been injured more often than he’s been healthy over the course of his career. Those 3-4 shots he’d block per game don’t outweigh the time he could spend on the IR. He’s like a slightly more rugged version of Timmy in that regard.

– The team also announced that it has extended qualifying offers to Stafford, Sekera, Kaleta, MacArthur and Kaleta. With this announcement, the team has effectively secured the rights to any compensation should another team make a qualifying offer. Of the bunch, only Sekera and Stafford could potentially attract offers from around the league. And with Regier’s comments that he’s had discussions with Stafford, but doesn’t foresee him signing before July 1, does this mean the team and Stafford are far apart on a deal, or does this mean that Staffy could be trade bait come July 1 or later? Remember, last year Regier and Co. were quiet on July 1, but made the big move after the fourth with the Rivet deal.

– Any ideas on who Regier was talking about with this comment during his interview with WGR?

There are players we’ve looked at and felt there’s a change that could be good for both the player and the organization. It doesn’t mean the player won’t be back. It doesn’t mean we can’t get the performance we expected from the player, but we would look at some changes.”

Stafford again? Roy? Tallinder?

– Tomorrow USA Hockey announces the invitees to 2010 Olympic Training Camp, to be held outside Chicago in mid-August. Miller is pretty much a lock to be invited, but Gaustad, Pominville and Connolly remain as dark horses. With the comments Brian Burke has made about loving Paul Gaustad’s grit and physicality, I would think he would have a better shot at making camp than some of the other guys.


Game Time: Sabres v. Blues

November 12, 2008

First off, have you voted for your Teppo today? This (non)paid political announcement brought to you by the Letter “T” and the number 27.


– Stafford and Kaleta are the scratches tonight. No word on whether The System is in the lineup.

– Added in the Third Period: I do not like that the date stamp formatting is forcing the pregame header above to be off-center with the rest of the post. Driving me absolutely batty is what it is.

First Period

The Sabres record against St. Louis is 0-6-2. I have high hopes for this game.

– Roy-Z, you’re fired. A wide open net and you miss wide left. You better do something tonight or Heather B. may just head down to the locker room and try to kick you in the shin.

– Someone forgot to tell Hinote that the puck needs to go in the net to score, not the goalie.

– And we’re a short ways into the game before Peters and Koci go at it. I’d call this one a draw. Not the most thrilling fight that we’ve ever seen.

– WHOO! Adam Mair follows up on a defensive breakout and rips a shot past Manny Legace to make it 1-0, Buffalo.

– Statbit alert: St. Louis has allowed 18 first period goals this season. They get scored on more often than a cheap floozy during Fleet Week.

-WHOO! Timmy manages to rescue himself from the well and is given credit for a goal that caromed off a St. Louis defenseman and through Legace’s five hole.

– WHOOO! The population of Pominville has increased, as Pommers taps a gentle shot past Legace.

– After allowing 3 goals in 2:32, the Blues pulled Legace. Goodbye, Manny. Hello, Chris Mason.

– 3-1 Buffalo after Perron bounces a bouncing puck off Miller’s right arm and into the net. Degree of difficulty on this goal: 6.2. I kind of wish that it went in off Miller’s tushie. Its easier to make a tushie joke than an arm joke.

– Peters participates in his second fight of the first period as he scraps with Cam Janssen. I’m underwhelmed, but do give Peters credit for fighting twice in one period.

– I zone out for a few minutes to go purchase tickets for the Buffalo edition of the Radio City Christmas Show during Thanksgiving weekend. I have tickets to the 2:00 show but now just need to figure out where to grab a bite afterward. I’m leaning towards Empire Grill, but welcome any suggestions from the peanut gallery.

Second Period

– Looks like The System remained in the locker room for some tending to, as Berglund scores for St. Louis after a mad scramble in the Sabres zone goes awry.

-Tkachuk is a great hockey name. It looks funny in print and is fun to say.

– I’m really amused that the arena PA announcer is playing “The Angel is a Centerfold.” Love that song.

– After a Blues rush gets called on an offside, someone yells something about someone being a fucking idiot and not seeing something. I don’t know whether it was a fan or a player, but it was clear as a bell over the broadcast feed. RJ ignores it.

– Vanek heads in towards Mason on a breakaway, is stopped, tries again on a rebound and is stopped again. However, the play is under review, but the angles are kind of inconclusive. And I hate that I have to say that. I give Vanek credit for arguing his point, but knowing when to shut up about it and move on.

– As much as I rag on Peters, he didn’t deserve Koci’s stick to his face and smush into the glass. However, kudos to Mair, Rivet and Gaustad for all going after Koci immediately.

– How many sticks has Pominville broken this season? With 6:00 left in the second, he went to take a shot close in on net, and the stick snapped in two. It seems like Pommers breaks sticks more than any other player. Is the type of stick he uses more prone to breakage than the ones used by the other guys.

– I was playing around on Getty Images and came across this one of Lindy, Goose and Pommer from last season. How relaxed do they look here?

You have no idea how many non-game pictures show Pominville and Gaustad together. They’re mucking around in street clothes, sitting in the stands, etc. It’s like the two of them are joined at the hip.

And it also looks like Miller had the tree logo for the Steadfast Foundation added to the back of his mask for this season. I still love the little halo over the bulldog in honor of his cousin.

– Timmy and Pommers get loose on a 2-1 and the shot from Connolly deflects high off Mason’s glove. Opportunity wasted.

– This second period has not been able to keep my attention in the same way the first period did.

– Intermission includes an interview with Jay McKee. It’s always good to see Jay back in town. He’s a true Sabre and an all around good guy.

Third Period

– The Whip during the second intermission discusses hits from behind and to the head. It was kind of funny watching Kevin Sylvester try to keep the peace between Ray, Roby and Neale. K-Syl was trying to stay on topic and calm, but the other three just kept carrying on.

– Oh, sweet Jeebus. Timmy got bounced around by Tkachuk. And while Timmy stayed on the ice and finished his shift, I predict that his bell is rung and he’ll be out for three weeks. I think Timmy getting injured means that we’ll have six more weeks of winter, but I’m not sure.

– WHOOOOO! Henrik Tallinder scores his first goal of the season and gives the Sabres a two goal lead. That was his first goal in 23 games and only the third for the defense this season. At this rate, the defense should have 10 goals by the end of the year.

– Tkachuk rips a shot past Miller, but the goal is waved off as Andy MacDonald interefered with Miller in the crease. And it was a pretty clear interference call as well. There was no one in a Sabre sweater in sight that could even be accused of helping MacDonald into Miller.

– Stempniak has a great homecoming as he scores to make the score 3-4 Sabres.

– Note to the little buggers in blue: don’t fuck the rest of this game up. I really want a win in regulation for a change.

– Mason makes a gorgeous side-to-side save on MacArthur, theoretically keeping St. Louis still in the game.

– Sweet jeebus. Roy-Z cranks one right off the post. Keep those shinpads on, sunshine. 🙂

– Rob Ray reports from down below that Timmy will not be returning tonight. The Tim Connolly Injury Watch officially starts now. While the whole Timmy situation really isn’t funny anymore, at least he got hurt during a game and not while going about his daily life (trimming nails, hair cut, cooking dinner, rolling over in bed, etc).

– I’m amused that tonight’s Carubba Collision is two Blues players colliding with each other and spinning off in opposite directions. Degree of difficulty on the manuever is a 7.5, but they only scored a 3, as their spins were out of sync and they both fell down.

– Vanek intercepted a clearing pass from Mason who was out of the net and ricocheted the shot off the damn post. These posts are both goalies best friends tonight.

– The Sabres hang on by the hairs of their chinny, chin, chins to win the game 4-3.


– Looking at the final stats, is Peters’ 1:26 of ice time and 10 penalty minutes worth sitting Kaleta and Staffy? And yes I realize that Peters might have been hurt after the smush in the second period. And Max only played a hare over 6 minutes. Is he back in the doghouse? Gaustad and Mair were the next lowest forwards in the TOI column, but they were just shy of 15 minutes each.

– You can hear the locker room stereo over Adam Mair’s post game interview. And what’s playing is that stupid “allright, we’ve got to get right back to where we started from” song from the 1970s that pops up in commercials. Who the heck chose that as their postgame song?

– All in all, tonight’s game was an ugly win. I’ll take the two points, but another game like this just won’t do against Columbus on Friday.


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

August 20, 2008

– I’ll let you come up with some of them after you review this photo of Jay McKee at a Carly’s Club fundraising event.

And I don’t know if those are the respective Mrs. Jay and Mrs. Baby Joe, so please don’t ask. (For the record, Baby Joe’s political site doesn’t have any mention of a Mrs. – which, hello, political site, family should be all over that thing).

– Its good to hear that Trent Edwards’ “deep thigh contusion” isn’t serious. I just find it funny that injury reports list a player as day-to-day. By definition, every human being is day-to-day. There has to be a better descriptor out there for the injury report, right?

– I realized today that Gossip Girl starts back up on 9/1. And the new 90210 starts the same day. Whoo! Real TV again!