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To Not Catch a (Nashville) Predator

December 2, 2008

I fell asleep watching the thrill fest that was last night’s Sabres/Predators game, so here’s my thoughts based on what I did see.

– I wonder what Rivet’s mysterious upper body injury is?

– I spend most of the boring first period poking around on YouTube and the rest of the internets. This game is just not holding my attention.  I also find this adorable video of JP Dumont shooting a United Way commercial in Nashville with his two daughters. The kids are adorable and some of the faces Dumont makes to distract his kids are priceless. I miss JP. I almost wonder how he would fit in with this group of guys currently on the team?

– I really think that Trent Edwards’ groin injury isn’t really an injury, and was just the team’s way of saving face in benching him during Sunday’s game. It’s easier to say that the guy is injured and needs to be replaced, rather than saying he sucked and his ass was nailed to the bench for the remainder of the game.

– Does anyone else think that with the scruffy hair and unkempt beard that JP Losman is looking a little Che Guevara-esque? Just me, then?

– I know I said it yesterday, but it’s worth mentioning again. Plaxico Burress was damn lucky he didn’t shoot his bits off. A 40 mm Glock leaves a heck of a hole. Seriously though, the ESPN article about the shooting reveals that this situation has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. The alleged coverup and inconsistencies in the story are quite astounding. First off, why was he carrying a Glock? That’s not the first gun I think of when I think of a weapon used for personal protection.

– Continuing with the football theme for a moment, Rick Reilly has a really interesting look at the financial arrangements that caused Michael Vick to declare bankruptcy. Some of the expenditures included are mind boggling. I guess the rich really are different than you and me.

– I sense a rumble forthcoming between NHL goalies and Mike Robitaille. Roby and Sylvester were discussing the rash of goalie injuries this season and how goalies are team’s sacred cows in terms of how they are interacted with on the ice. Roby points out that goalies should be less policed by the refs, that if a goalie is roughed up a little bit, the goalie has a stick and can take care of himself. I can see Miller snotting off at Roby that if he thinks it’s so easy to be a goalie these days, he can come down, strap on the pads and take care of himself for awhile.

– Speaking of Miller, after seeing that list of goalie injuries, does anyone else kind of want to wrap him up in bubble wrap to keep him safe? Or maybe put him in a little plastic ball like the hamster in Bolt ?

– Sheesh, even the announcers are stretching for things to talk about, as Rob Ray just informed us the game is a sell out (with a visual of some empty seats, good job producers) because RJ is on the tickets.

– I woke up in time to watch the last 5 minutes of the game, and then tried to watch the postgame show, but my cable connection went wacky on both the HD channel (sound, no picture) and the SD channel (frozen everything). Oh well, Gossip Girl cheered me up.