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Oh Marty.

November 5, 2009

– While discussing how scrappy Marty was last night, Miller noted that he wouldn’t be able to ever participate in a goalie scrap with Marty for the following reason.

“I wouldn’t even be able to stop laughing to even throw a punch at him,” Miller said.

But remember the Marty / Emery brawl featured the two of them laughing hysterically at each other.

– Also, has Pat Kaleta never heard of a washing machine? He threw out all his bedding to remove any traces of the flu? Patty, honey, it’s called detergent, hot water and this fun little machine that you might have in your basement. Then again, if you need help picking out new bedding, I have the Ikea catalogue at the ready. Call me!

Sully hops on the bring Marty back to Buffalo train.  Also, I really don’t buy his hypothesis that Lalime cost the Sabres a playoff spot last spring. Lalime was just one of several issues last spring. It’s all water under the bridge now, but if Lalime continues to have a wonky groin and Enroth doesn’t play well while he’s up here, then something probably would need to be done. Despite popular opinion, Miller can’t play every night. The more he plays without rest, the higher his chances for injury get.



June 8, 2009

Greg W. twittered earlier today with a link to a blog post regarding a very controversial question a team allegedly asked a prospect during the interview portion of the scouting combine. While the question may have been asked to judge the maturity of the prospect based on his response, there are other, better ways to determine maturity than questioning the prospect’s sexuality. In addition, it doesn’t send a good message to the current players and the league if the team is trying to judge a player by his sexuality. I can’t wait to see what – if any – feedback the league gives on this.

– Moving on, news reports out of Philly indicate the Flyers and Ray Emery have agreed to a 1-year / $1.5 million deal. Such a deal ends the Marty Biron era in Philly. The Philly media also indicates that Marty is allegedly looking for the mythical 5/$25 deal that we all know and love. Now I adore Marty as much as the next person, but there is no way that Marty is worth that much money for that length of time.

It seems fitting that any post talking about both Marty and Ray Emery deserves this video to be included, right?

At least with Emery potentially entering the league again we’ll hear the “Emmmmmm-ry, Emmmmmm-ry” chants again echoing from HSBC Arena. (And part of me kind of would like to see an Emery/Miller fight. Emery may have size and temper, but I think Miller could cut a bitch and swing a blocker when needed. Heh.)


Sabres v. Flyers – 3.20.09

March 20, 2009

Or, The One Where the Wheels Officially Came Off The Wagon.

I had to watch tonight’s game on a bit of a DVR delay, as I had to go and make like a grownup and socialize at an industry event. Midway through cocktails, the score was still 0-0. By the time I got to my car, it was 2-1, Sabres. When I got home, it was 2-2. Fine. Since I’m a complete spoiler whore, I kept peeking in the picture in picture to check the live score while watching the recording of the game. As the live game pulled away from the Sabres, I couldn’t stop watching the DVR’d version. It’s like I had to know how the team went from winning to losing so pathetically. I even thought that it might be me that’s bad luck, and even debated whether or not to watch tomorrow night’s Rangers game. (I decided I will, mostly because I’m a glutton for punishment.)

– Tonight is the first game I really want to blame Lalime for the loss. At times, he looked shaky, but other times he looked confident. The team doesn’t need a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Spastic Goalie playing in net for the Sabres. While Miller is skating and taking shots again, I doubt he’ll be back any time soon to try and help the team out.

– What the hell was up with Pommers knocking the 5th Flyers goal into the net. There’s “helping your goaltender by crashing the crease when he’s out of position” and then there’s “not helping the goaltender by hitting the puck into the net while the goalie is out of position.” Guess which one Pommers demonstrated.

– Pommers was asked during the post-game press conference why the Sabres can’t keep leads. He almost looked like a deer in headlights while answering the question. I really think they’re overthinking this. Don’t think about the lead, which means a win, which means help in the playoff chase, etc. Just think about the next second on the ice and the next shift. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself by trying to make it fancy dancy. Not to be cliche, but just play the damn system! It’s THE SYSTEM for a reason. It works. To paraphrase Nike, just do it already. Don’t make me and the assorted wheaty bitches come down to HSBC Arena and slap some sense into you.

– Roby brought out a good point, that it’s alright for the fans to lose hope and go to their bad place (per Goose), but if the players lose hope, then you might as well not even take the ice for the game. It sounds like the players still believe, but they’re losing the big room that is Sabre Fandom.

– At least Chris Butler got his first NHL goal. He probably would have liked it better had the goal come during a game that the Sabres actually won.

– The Sabres put 43 shots on Marty and he stopped all but four of them. Marty was especially spectacular at the end of the second period, point blank stopping Roy, I believe. 43 shots and if they can’t beat Marty, who has had his moments of mediocrity this season, then there’s no way that they can beat other, better NHL goalies (Prawn, Tim Tom and the other Marty B. come to mind).

– The power play went 0-7 tonight. When the other team gift wraps  you scoring chances, you better convert on them.

– I fully support the fans booing the Sabres at the end of the game. Giving up a boatload of odd man rushes, lots of shots but few conversions, and some defensive breakdowns do not a successful, winning game make.

– What exactly happened to send Carcillo off for a 10-minute misconduct in the second? I kind of missed that while getting a beverage.

– I’m now fully ready to book my ticket on the good ship World Championships. It sucks that the Sabres are most likely not going to be playing hockey in the spring, but at least some of them can go put on their country’s sweater and extend their season a bit.

– I noticed after the 6th Flyers goal that there’s a large Gatorade, scuse me “G”, jug on their bench labeled “ice bags.” Do all teams keep ice bags on their bench in G containers or is that a Philly tradition?

– I’m not going to wade into the Ovie: To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate discussion, but seriously, Don Cherry’s head is going to explode during Coach’s Corner. The potential to top the discussion from a couple of weeks ago is huge.

– I got a kick out of reading what Pat Kaleta put in his auction basket for the Aces and Blades event.

– And on a light note, check out the rapping flight attendant. Skip ahead to the 1:00 mark for the real fun to start.


He Gets an “A” For Effort

September 3, 2008

Soupy sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Sunshine gets an A for effort, that’s for sure. It has to be tough to sing pretty much a capella in front of thousands of fans. However, Soupy won’t be the last celebrity to muck up the song at a Cubs game. Even Chicago native Mike Wilbon from PTI mucked it up.

– In some other news, Marty and Crunchy get taken out to the ballgame as well.

– And speaking of Crunchy, hello Crunchy’s guns

– It sounds like the NHL did quite the publicity blitz in New York City these past couple of days. Getty Images shows Crunchy, DiPietro (and I’m assuming the future Mrs. DP), Pat Kane and Papa Kane sitting in a box at the US Open. Marty Brodeur and Henrik Lundqvist got to go to the Entourage premiere party. However, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this part of the festivities:

One of the more interesting (and hilarious) sites was seeing each player having makeup applied and choosing through various wardrobes for photo shoots with NHL Images.

This moment could have been absolutely hysterical. The mental image is enough to make me forgive for using the wrong version of sight/site. Was our fashionista Miller guiding his fellow players in wardrobe choices, or did he remain silent?

But I just wonder why no one talked Pat Kane out of wearing a cream colored sweater. It does nothing for him.


This Post May Contain Hockey Content

August 28, 2008

I spent some time tonight mucking around in the WGR audio vault, and found these recent tidbits.

– Andrew Peters has been bartending at Pearl Street this summer as a fundraiser for the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. For his last gig this past week, he invited along Roy-Z, Paetsch, Mair , Paille and Kaleta to help out and sign autographs and mingle. I would’ve loved to have seen these guys trying to bartend.

– It sounds like the boys are slowly starting to trickle back into town. Paetsch mentioned that he and the guys he’s skating with at the Pepsi Center are now up to 5 weekly on-ice workouts. The same guys mentioned as Peters guest bartenders are the core of the little Sabre skating group, with the addition of Marty “Chatterbox” Biron in net. In addition, we also have Breaking! Timmy! News! Patches reports that Timmy is now back in town and skating with them, and looks to be in the best shape of his career. Which, of course means that Timmy will have a tragic toenail clipper accident at training camp and be out for half the season.

– Not in the WGR audio vault, but still highly informative and entertaining, was this article regarding the Michigan State Pro Hockey Camp. MSU opens its doors for a week to its famous NHL/AHL alumni for a week in August. They spend time with the MSU coaches, working on plays and conditioning. And of course, who shows up at this event? Our very own Ryan Miller, who looks darn good. It looks like the offseason agreed with him, and that he was able to relax and bulk up (and lose a pair of shoes, if the first picture in the camp’s gallery is any indication).

– Also, Michael Phelps hosting SNL could either be the best thing ever or the best trainwreck ever.


I Love Marty

May 22, 2008

While perusing a message board that rhymes with BlabresBlans dot com, I found this article about Danny maybe selling Philly to Soupy.

San Jose’s Brian Campbell will be the best free agent out there on July 1. Flyers center Danny Briere is close to Campbell and may be asked to act as a recruiter, in the same way goalie Marty Biron recruited Briere last summer.

“I will definitely ask him, if it comes to that, and give him info just like Marty did for me,” Briere said. “As far as speed and rushing the puck up the ice, he is one of the best in the league. There’s no doubt about that. You look at where the league is going, you see more and more defensemen like him, guys who can move the puck and skate well.”

Campbell and Biron are not close friends. Biron didn’t think Campbell took the game seriously when they were teammates in Buffalo.

“Brian is a single guy and likes to have fun,” Briere said. “But I think he takes the game seriously. To get to where you are, you need to be. I don’t think it’s an issue.”

I know Marty wasn’t directly quoted, but his thoughts do have a lot of weight, since he spent so many years in the B-lo with Soupy. This comment does tie a lot of things from the local rumor mill together. Briere’s comments sound a lot like damage control, in my lowly opinion.


My Favorites

May 17, 2008

Heather B. at Top Shelf recently traced her journey though her Sabres fandom, issuing to others the following challenge:

How about you guys? Who’s your favorite now? Whose jersey do you don at game time? Who’s your all-time favorite? Who was your first favorite? Do your favorites have similarities? Or are you all over the map? Can you articulate why your guy is your guy or is it just a gut feeling that can’t be explained?

My favorite Sabre right now is Paul Gaustad. I really admire his work ethic and style of play. He was a 7th round draft pick for the Sabres that probably had no business making the NHL at all. But, while the lockout screwed the fans, Goose probably benefited from it. He got to spend time developing in Rochester, working with the Amerks coaching staff and even the Sabres coaching staff. He also rehabbed like a madman after his ankle injury during the 06-07 season, coming back in time for the end of the Rangers series, when it was thought that he would be lost until the start of the 07-08 season. And if this article is any indication, it sounds like Goose spent most of last summer rehabbing and working on getting stronger. If we look at this past season, all the work did pay off for him, as statistically, he had his best season since cracking the NHL. And how can you not like a guy whose weight training regimen doesn’t focus on creating “beach looks,” but instead focuses on performance? But bench pressing 300 pounds is pretty hard core, though.

And you have to love Gaustad’s community involvement. Whether its having flour fights with the kiddies at Camp Good Days, working to save the planet or spending time chilling out with the guys on WGR, you get this feeling that he really likes this town.

At game time, I wear a Drew Stafford jersey. I had wanted a Gaustad one, but unfortunately, one could not be found in the size that I needed. Stafford brings an interesting mix of snot-nosed punk and flashy player to the team. Hopefully, this past season was just a sophomore slump for young Stafford. We saw more wimpy nerd than snot nosed punk from him, and I didn’t like it.

His was not the first jersey that I had. My high school graduation present was a Michael Peca jersey. And Peca was only with the Sabres for one more season after that, so that jersey has been relegated to the “worn on cold nights around the house” pile. I’m worried about whether my Stafford jersey will soon be out of date, as his name keeps popping up in some of the trade rumors out there.

I’m having a hard time with who my all-time favorite Sabre is. I’m leaning towards declaring it a tie between Lindy Ruff and Marty Biron. Lindy’s spent over twenty years with the Buffalo organization. He’s been head coach for ten years and was captain for three during his playing days. He wouldn’t devote so much time to an organization if he didn’t love both it and the town it was located in. His interviews are always a joy to listen to, irregardless of whether you have Happy Lindy or Bitchy Lindy shows up to talk with the media.

Now onto Marty. How can you not love Marty? He came to Buffalo as an 18-year-old kid and left as a 30-year-old man. He could’ve made life a living hell for the team after losing playing time to Ryan Miller, but he manned up and made his corner of the bench the French Canadian Back-Up Goaltender Comedy Zone (TM SAS Wiki). You never knew whether you would catch Marty rambling away at a teammate or opposing player, doing the Wave, or chewing on his towel like it was a chew toy. And he has a rule in the NHL rule book named after him. The Biron rule says that players can only wear numbers 1-98. (Marty wore #00 in his first couple years with the organization. Note that the NHL could regulate player numbers, but not whether a player was in the crease or not.) I was sad to see him leave Buffalo, since it meant the Sabres were without a solid and dependable backup goalie. But, I really wish him the best as a Flyer; he deserves it.

Michael Peca was the first player I clearly remember naming my favorite. If I may be shallow for a moment, I started liking him because he was hot. Then, once I moved past the hotness, he was a pretty decent player. I liked his willingness to make or take a big hit when needed, his ability to play sound defense and the fact that he had his own foodstuff (Peca’s Pickles, anyone?). My love for Peca started to go downhill when he held out for more money, and completely evaporated when he made the comment that a $3 million / year deal from the Sabres was an insult, since he needed to feed his family.

As a fan, I’m relatively easily won over by players. Show up every game, do your job, don’t hold out on stupid contract offers, don’t play like a pansy, own up to your mistakes in the media and don’t be an asshole to the fans. Do all of those things (or at least most of them consistently), and you’ll stay in my good graces.



May 8, 2008

Two unsubstantial posts in one day. That’s some kind of record around here.

– I’m not sure how I feel about the person who asked Crunchy on his blog about his eyebrow: unnatural arch he was born with or puck to the noggin? On the one hand, its a completely awesome question and the questioner has quite the set of bits to ask that question, but on the other hand, its kind of a rude question to ask in a public forum.

– I really love this Marty tidbit from Bucky’s column in today’s paper:

One lasting memory from the Eastern Conference finals two years ago, aside from a medical room full of Sabres’ defenseman, was Biron doing “The Wave” with Carolina fans from his Zamboni entrance perch in the RBC Center. That’s when he wasn’t performing the dance number that accompanied the song, “YMCA.”

Why is it we’re hearing about this two years after the fact? Or maybe we did hear about it but we were so distracted by the defensive injuries that we completely missed it.


Playoff Matchups

April 6, 2008

Let’s take a look at this year’s playoff matchups. This analysis is going to be completely unscientific, and kind of sad, since there’s no Buffalo included in any of the matchups. I bear no responsibility if you go and bet the house, kids and dog on anything that you read here.

The Eastern Conference

Montreal (1) vs. Boston (8)

– Montreal’s been on fire lately, and Boston played listlessly its last few games. The fans in Montreal also get more into the game than those in Boston. The Habs game against the Sabres was probably one of the loudest games I’ve heard this year. The crowd was in post-season form already. The only downside is that the “Ole” song gets stuck in your head for awhile after watching a Habs game.

Prediction: Canadiens in five.

Pittsburgh (2) vs. Ottawa (7)

Ottawa’s been a hot mess since the midpoint of the season. They started the season 15-2 and ended up just barely making the playoffs. This is especially odd, considering many people thought the East was going to be between them and Buffalo. The Sens goalie situation is the hottest part of the hot mess, as Emery’s a flake, and Gerber’s just well, he is what he is. The Sens also aren’t helped by the loss of Alfie and Fisher for “weeks.”

The Pens proved this season that they are not all Crosby, all the time. Most of the NHL predicted that they would flounder when Sid went down with his ankle sprain. Instead, Sid’s teammates – most notably Malkin – stepped up to the plate, and not only kept the Pens in the playoff picture, but propelled them to the top of the conference. Not bad for a bunch of kids. And who would’ve thought that Conklin would play so spectacularly well when Fluery got hurt?

Prediction: Pens in 6.

Washington (3) vs. Philadelphia (6)

The fact that Marty shut out his opponents in the Phylers last two games means that he’s going to turn into a human sieve against Ovie and Co. Philly has a potent offense when they can figure out how to make it work, but they’re most known for their goonery this season. Marty’s been anything but consistent, and I smell doom for him.

On the Caps side, expect all Ovie, all the time. And the media will probably regale us with the tales of how Ovie is the first person to ever celebrate a goal, and how his celebrations are so joyful. Despite that, the Caps did a great job turning their season around. Bondreau (did you know he was in Slap Shot?) did a great job of righting the Capitals ship.

Prediction: Caps in 6. (What, you thought I would pick Philly? They have a slag faced whore. Do I really want to read Bucky columns gloating about Briere’s run in the playoffs? I. Don’t. Think. So.)

New Jersey (4) vs. New York Rangers (5)

Oh, those wacky Devils. Marty’s solid in net. The team has more defenders than they know what to do with. They’ve got solid leadership in Langenbrunner and Pandolfo, and a lot of young talent in Zajac and Parise. They’ve somewhat managed to overcome their reputation for killing hockey and/or their coaches to finish a solid fourth in the conference this year.

The Rangers bug me. They’ve got two slag-faced whores on the roster in Drury and Gomez. And they’ve got Sean Avery (who was really amusing me during the Devils game due to his trash-talking with Madden and Clarkson) who perpetually manages to annoy the crap out of fans and opponents alike. And people act like they’re god’s gift to hockey because they’re the Rangers and they play in NY. Yippee.

That said, I’m going with the Devils in 7.

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Oh, Marty

December 21, 2007

How I’ve missed you and your wit. From
Biron was holding court in the hallway outside the visiting team’s locker room. It was all in good fun as Marty yelled to each Sabres player as they went on the ice for the team’s morning warm-up.

The best exchange came when Biron went to the visitor’s bench area to see what was happening.

Biron: “Hey, Goose. I see that shot. High-blocker. I’ll be ready for that.”

Paul Gaustad [Laughing]: “I’m going to go five-hole on the next one.”

Biron: “Yeh? … you’re not good enough to do that.”

First off, Marty, you get an angry honk from me for making fun of the Goose. Second of all, I would probably fall off my chair if Goose scored either five hole or blocker on you. You’re just tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing by taunting Goose.