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What Is Going On At The Arena?

December 15, 2008

What kind of practice is Lindy running these days? There should not be two injuries to two relatively key players during one practice. First, Patches somehow loses a tooth. (No word on whether the tooth was recovered for Patches to leave under his pillow as an offering to the Tooth Fairy.) Then, James Patrick tries to dump in a puck and ricochets it off of Paul Gaustad’s chin, causing Goose to leave the ice bleeding and in need of X-Rays. I guess someone forgot to tell Goose to duck.

:::ba dum bum::: Thank You. Thank You. I’m here till Tuesday. Try the fish.

Anyway, Lindy predicts that Gaustad will be fine, but is just a little sore. (Ya think!)

At least the puck didn’t ricochet in off Timmy. That would have probably scared the poor dear into giving up hockey altogether. If it didn’t kill him first.

Today’s practice also revealed what Rivet’s exact upper body injury is. His shoulder is a bit out of whack and he will be evaluated in two week chunks. After reading about Patches, Goose’s and Rivet’s injuries, I half expected the next bulletin out of HSBC Arena to be that Ryan Miller threw out his back while putting on his peacoat after practice.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade holiday special. Cocktails, seasoning packets and tablescapes for all!


This Post May Contain Hockey Content

August 28, 2008

I spent some time tonight mucking around in the WGR audio vault, and found these recent tidbits.

– Andrew Peters has been bartending at Pearl Street this summer as a fundraiser for the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. For his last gig this past week, he invited along Roy-Z, Paetsch, Mair , Paille and Kaleta to help out and sign autographs and mingle. I would’ve loved to have seen these guys trying to bartend.

– It sounds like the boys are slowly starting to trickle back into town. Paetsch mentioned that he and the guys he’s skating with at the Pepsi Center are now up to 5 weekly on-ice workouts. The same guys mentioned as Peters guest bartenders are the core of the little Sabre skating group, with the addition of Marty “Chatterbox” Biron in net. In addition, we also have Breaking! Timmy! News! Patches reports that Timmy is now back in town and skating with them, and looks to be in the best shape of his career. Which, of course means that Timmy will have a tragic toenail clipper accident at training camp and be out for half the season.

– Not in the WGR audio vault, but still highly informative and entertaining, was this article regarding the Michigan State Pro Hockey Camp. MSU opens its doors for a week to its famous NHL/AHL alumni for a week in August. They spend time with the MSU coaches, working on plays and conditioning. And of course, who shows up at this event? Our very own Ryan Miller, who looks darn good. It looks like the offseason agreed with him, and that he was able to relax and bulk up (and lose a pair of shoes, if the first picture in the camp’s gallery is any indication).

– Also, Michael Phelps hosting SNL could either be the best thing ever or the best trainwreck ever.



March 13, 2008

– Where to begin? Last night’s game just sucked. The goalies sucked. The forwards sucked. The defense sucked. About the only thing that didn’t suck was…..yea, I got nothing there.

– I really didn’t mean to jinx Paetsch in my last post by questioning whether he should’ve played last night. Laraque’s elbow to Paetsch’s head was a complete cheap shot, and I really hope he gets seated for it. Miller was the first teammate to Paetsch’s side, motioning for the trainer, and what was scary about the whole scene was that you could see that Patches was clearly out cold. I also thought that it was nice that Miller was hovering like a mother hen while the training and medical staffs were working on Patches. When he finally got to his feet and was taken off the ice, you really could see that he wasn’t all there, that he was a few french fries short of a happy meal. I really do hope he’s alright. A concussion on top of a neck injury can’t be good for anyone.

So now that Patches is out for awhile, let’s review the Sabres current active defensive players: we have one guy who had a starring role in Law & Order SVU Sweden, a Finnish metal head, a November UFA pickup, two AHL callups and maybe a Pommerdoodle. Do I start drinking heavily now or wait until game time on Friday?

– I did like the little bit of fight that I saw out of the Sabres in the third. Goose and Bernier were a little scrappy. However, I do hope that when Goose is teaching the children to read, he leaves his hockey vocabulary at home. I caught about five f-bombs during one scrap.

– During his postgame presser, Lindy threw the entire Roy line under the bus, saying that they didn’t perform. I do have to agree with him. About the only player I noticed from that line during the game was Stafford, and that’s only because he was whiffing on more shots or making a turnover. And not to harp on Stafford, but did his all-but-guaranteed roster spot at the beginning of the season make him more complacent? He hasn’t been all there for awhile lately. What gives?

– I agree with Roby and Ray that Miller should’ve been pulled from the game at the start of the third period. Lindy’s made no secret of the fact that he’s going to ride him like Secretariat for the rest of the season, so why not give the guy a rest in a game that you knew you were going to lose anyways. So what if the human five hole (TM someone that I can’t remember right now) gets to play? The game was already lost at that point. Give Crunchy a break. He needs one, damn it.