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Getting To Know You

November 4, 2008

– The Hockey News posted a “Getting to Know Him” interview with Patrick Kane. I am speechless at the fact that he drives an aquamarine Hummer. Alright, I’m speechless that he called it aquamarine instead of blue.

– Be extra kind to your neighborhood Devils fans for the next couple of days. Marty Brodeur is going to be out for the next 3-4 months after having surgery to repair a torn biceps muscle. Does this mean that the NHL is going to have to take its tasteful, yet Blingy Bob-esque, Marty record breaking tracker down?

– Aren’t the Portland Pirates just the best bunch of team builders you ever saw? I did like that Dineen went through the course with the guys as well. I would expect Lindy to do the same thing, too.

– And congrats to Teppo, Vanek, Roy and Miller for making the All-Star ballot. When the ballot goes live, remember to vote for these guys, plus your favorite write-in candidates. Those write-in votes for Goose or Paille have to come from somewhere. 🙂


Puck Drop Report

September 20, 2008


I just got back from Puck Drop, and it was so nice to see actual hockey being played. Even though it was just a scrimmage, and there was no hitting, it was good to see the scoring, the skating and the creativity on the ice.

Hockey, Its Good To See You Again!

I fully admit to having edited the above photo in Picasa. The flash of my camera was having a blast catching the reflective stripes on the jerseys. Making the photo black-and-white really made the stripe pop.

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We’ve Come To the End of the Road

April 5, 2008

– Nope, you’re not imagining things. Shots Off the Crossbar did a little redecorating tonight. Please, take off your hat and coat and stay awhile. Beer’s in the fridge. Snacks are in the kitchen. Enjoy.

– At least the Sabres ended the season with a good, strong effort against the Bruins. Happy endings are always better than soul-crushing defeats. And goodness knows, we’ve had enough of the latter and not enough of the former this year.

– Since tonight’s game was meaningless (more or less), it was refreshing to see such a relaxed attitude out of the team. It looked like they were out there having fun, and just playing hockey for the fun of it. Like the light bulb went off that these guys are getting paid to play a game that they loved. This was a different team tonight. I liked it.

– Interesting choice by Lindy to sit Stafford instead of Afinogenov or even Kotalik. Its possible that Staffy was nursing an injury of some sort, or else was benched to send a gentle message. Staffy was pretty much assured a roster spot this season after the departures of Briere and Drury, and at times he did play like he was untouchable by the coaching staff. Who knows, maybe this will be a reminder to work hard over the summer and come back a different player.

– I really like that Crunchy’s toque says “Sabres” on it.

But what’s interesting is that between the above picture and this one, Miller looks refreshingly normal, less wonky than usual.

– For not playing competitive hockey in over a year, Teppo looked great out there tonight. He played just over 16 minutes and is reporting in the post-game that he felt great in the third period. As the post-game pointed out, the fact that he’s even playing professional hockey after open hear surgery really is amazing. It just goes to show the level of conditioning that these guys are at, that he was able to spring back so quickly after such an invasive procedure.

I really would love to see the Sabres bring him back at a reduced salary just to bring some leadership to a young d-corps. Or, maybe bring him on as a coach, if the team doesn’t want to pay him to play. I really did like how Goose was congratulating Teppo at the end of the game by bopping him on the head a couple of times. Congrats to Teppo on being named the third star of the game.

– Every single Sabre on the roster tonight had double-digit TOI. Even Peters. That’s a shocker.

– One of the best things about hockey is the length that other players will go to in order to get a teammate a hat trick. Roy had a wide open net at the end of the game and passed it over to Vanek, allowing him to get his fourth hatter of the season. I knew Vanek had a few hatters this year, but all of them have come since mid-February. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

– Interesting take by Lindy on Vanek. Even though Vanek is pointing the blame at himself for being inconsistent, Lindy reminded him that he’s only 1/25 of a team. Everyone shares an equal part of the blame for this season. And he does have a point, but a lot of people put a lot of pressure on Vanek to perform this year because of the contract. And I think it got in Vanek’s head a bit. Nice to see that he might now be putting that behind him and starting to play normally again.


Doing It the Hard Way

April 2, 2008

(That’s what she said.)

– Going down 2-0 in the game, then 3-2, then going 6 shooters deep in the shootout. They were bound and determined to win this game the hard way. Do you think the team will reimburse the fans for all the Maalox, Tums and vodka that has been / will be consumed by the fans of Buffalo during this last week?

– Thank heavens for star players L. Goalpost, R. Goalpost and T. Crossbar. They really showed up to play, but were especially solid in OT and the shootout.

– Miller was totally fired after the first two goals, but somewhat redeemed himself after his performance in the shootout.

Why does Crunchy look like he’s pulling on Pratter’s leg, as if to say “scuse me, a little help please.”

– Breaking news, per Darcy Regier, Timmy’s surgery went well. Repeat, Timmy is alive and well, and expected to be healthy for training camp. (That is, provided there’s not some sort of freak off-season accident, like a hang nail.)

– Now that Teppo’s been cleared to play, Lindy has a tough decision to make. Does he not muck with the defensive pairings that have worked so far, or does he muck around and make a spot for Teppo, who hasn’t played in a year? If Teppo does come back, who sits? Lindy made it very clear that he’s not going to sit Weber and Sejkera. Did I mention he made it very clear? These two kids have worked their way into becoming the Sabres solid second defensive pairing, behind Hank and Toni. If I had to sit one of the Paetsch and Pratt combo, I’d really sit Paetsch (Sorry, Patches. No offense.) I really like Pratt’s mean streak and willingness to defend Miller.

– Reason #657 to love Paul Gaustad: during the shootout, he was suggesting that his teammates all link arms for luck. I was waiting for a return of the rally helmet.

– Looks like tonight is another critical night for the Sabres even though they’re not playing. If both the Bruins and Flyers win tonight, the season is over. No spring hockey in Buffalo. Go Devils and Go Pens!


Everything But The Game

March 21, 2008

Since I’m not on speaking terms with the lot of them after tonight’s game, this post is going to be slightly random.

– I really liked the idea behind the feature during the 2nd intermission about the bracelets the Sabres wore to support Camp Good Days. The little girl’s story was inspirational, and Goose was clearly passionate about the subject, but there seriously had to be a better way to frame the shot of Goose holding his bracelet. As much as I like Goose, I did not need to see an extended close up shot of his groinal area. TMI! TMI!

On an aside, its 1038pm. I checked the Sabres auction site to see what the bracelets are going for. The auction for them opened at 7pm. Crunchy’s bracelet is already up to $100. I’m stunned.

– I’ve been getting some pretty wacky search terms lately. In addition to the usual “mvp hockey wives” queiries, I’ve also received:

  • “ryan getzlaf going bald” (your guess is as good as mine)
  • “paul gaustad favorite food” (bet its not foie gras)
  • “ed kilgore fetish” (AAAAAAAHHH! Brain Bleach, please!)
  • “canuck players wives” (all lovely women, I’m sure)
  • “crossbar calling games” (I didn’t know there were games involved with crossbars)

– Look who’s back!

Welcome back, Teppo! Glad to see you on skates again, and all smiley. I’m sure you’ll be happier when you’re cleared to play in a game and when you’re getting paid again.

– Timmy’s toast for the remainder of the season. Monday’s surgery will put the tin man on the shelf until the beginning of next season. I’m glad to see that its getting fixed, because it sounds like he was in a considerable amount of pain, and the “will he play / won’t he play” each night was a bit of a distraction for the rest of the team. But at the same time, reports of him allegedly being out on the town partying it up while he was on the injured list probably didn’t help things either. Hopefully, the surgery will be successful, and the tin man will return all bright and shiny and new for the start of next season.

– SI did an informal poll of MLB, NHL and NBA athletes regarding their choice for president this year. The poll was limited to American citizens that are registered to vote, which narrowed the pool considerably. All athletes that answered were granted anonymity in regards to their answers. What I thought was interesting was that the vast majority of NHL players that answered the poll were for McCain. One of the players made the comment that his wife said he needed to vote for McCain, because he’s a fiscal conservative, and look what tax bracket they’re in. (That’s an “oh dear”, on so many levels.) Only one NHL player was for Clinton. After reading some of the comments all the athletes provided, its just another reminder that athletes are people like you and me, concerned about taxes, healthcare, the war, etc.

SI has also placed every single one of their issues online. Searching through the issues for articles about some of my favorite athletes, I found the following tidbit about Ryan Miller:

Standing bare-chested in the dressing room and wearing only a pair of padded hockey pants held up by suspenders, he calls to mind, in the words of Spartans assistant athletic director John Lewandowski, “a man preparing to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.” His teammates have dubbed him Quadzilla, a sarcastic reference to the less-than-formidable musculature in his legs.

Oh, Crunchy. I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to go over the Falls in a barrel after tonight’s game.

– I about fell off my chair when I saw this at work today:

Humorous Pictures

Have a great Easter weekend, everyone. And if you don’t celebrate Easter, have a great weekend.


Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

January 10, 2008

The news yesterday that Teppo returned to Buffalo after not being cleared for contact by Sabres doctors initially appeared troubling. His doctors at the Cleveland Clinic cleared him, so what was the Sabres issue? Would this be another LaFontaine situation, where player was cleared by his doctors but not by the team, thereby saving the team contract money?

I enjoy conspiracy theories and wearing my tinfoil hat as much as the next person, but the thought that the Sabres are intentionally screwing Teppo over is a bit much. Sure, everything in their history points otherwise, but can you really blame the Sabres for being overly cautious? The man’s heart was operated on. You don’t need to have Teppo cleared to play and then – god forbid – he gets hit the wrong way, and something goes wrong with his heart.

I think Teppo gets it. As much as he’d rather be on the ice with his teammates, having his body fully healed is more important. His hockey career pales in importance to being able to be around for his family.

Speaking of families, there’s quite a bit of hubbub over Roberto Luongo’s decision to skip the All-Star Game and the Canucks first game after the break to spend time with his pregnant wife. Now, not knowing all the details (whether she’s having a difficult pregnancy, multiple babies, etc), I think Luongo made a courageous decision to skip the game. The All-Star games are not known for being goalie showcases. And having a kid is a pretty life changing event, especially if its his first one. Do you really blame the guy for wanting one last break with his wife before a baby arrives?

And I think we may have found the real reason for the Sabres recent skid: the breakup of Andrew Peters and Ryan Miller. In this video, Peters confirms that they are not a couple, despite a kiss shown on the Jumbotron at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl and witnessed by 75,000+ people. He claims he also lost his manhood when that video was shown at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl.

Petey, I realize you might be riding the pine for the next little while, but if your teammates don’t find a way to win SOON, you might not be the only one that’s lost manhood. Capisce?


Thursday’s Thoughts

January 3, 2008

Couple of interesting tidbits from this morning’s Buffalo News:

– Jaro Spacek was excused from practice yesterday to attend the birth of his son. Captaincy and a kid in one month. Congrats, Jaro!

– Lindy scoffed at NBC’s report from the Ice Bowl that Teppo would return in 10 days, but offered further comment. Why do I have a feeling that Teppo’s return is going to be a surprise to everyone, one of those “game-time decisions” that gets the crowd and players pumped.

– Apparently, there was quite the ruckus over Ronan Tynan singing God Bless America at the Ice Bowl instead of the National Anthem. Sabres PR Director Mike Gilbert brought up a good point that Tynan is an Irish citizen, so him singing the anthem is not appropriate. I can certainly see people’s point that sporting events should include the National Anthem, however, its not a surprise to Sabres fans that when Tynan shows up, God Bless America gets sung. Its happened at how many Sabres games in the past few years, and there was little to no ruckus created before. Now we create a ruckus because the game was nationally televised?

– Now onto the heavy stuff. Drew Stafford is close to being cleared for regular practices, which if that goes well, means he could return to the lineup soon. All’s well, right? Wrong. Staffy admitted to the News that he had headaches after the Philly game, but didn’t tell anyone. He played in the Ottawa game, and got his bell rung further in a hit with Chris Neil (what is it with Chris Neil and injuring Sabres?), forcing him out of the lineup.

Staffy, by admitting that, you’ve probably earned the right to have every Sabres fan smack you upside the head. Haven’t you seen what concussions – especially untreated ones – can do to mess a guy up? Go read up on Pat LaFontaine. Or better yet, talk to Timmy about concussions and what he went through. I realize that you’re 22, and you think you have a certain invincibility factor, but sweet merciful heavens, you have a life to think about outside hockey. Don’t screw that up because you’re playing macho on the ice.

I was also reading on HockeyBuzz yesterday that Lindy’s two daughters were fighting over which one of them would get to wear his retro varsity Ice Bowl jacket to school on Wednesday. However, Lindy didn’t bring the jacket home, leading to some strife in the Ruff household.

If the Sabres were smart, they would make those jackets available for purchase at the Sabres store. The one thing that was pretty consistent across the blogs and MSM articles about the Ice Bowl was how snazzy those jackets looked. Maybe it was the mood of the day that made them go over so well, but the Sabres might just want to listen to their fans on this one.