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Sabres vs. Flyers – 3.5.10

March 5, 2010


– Thanks to some goofiness at the office, I now know more about Tim Hortons “Roll Up the Rim to Win” contest than I ever wanted to know. It all started as a result of trying to figure out what kind of skills question that Canadians had to answer in order to receive their prizes, which then led into figuring out that all the Timmy Hos in the US have 13.8 million cups to split out of a total pool of 279 million cups. That means 4.8% of all available cups are here in the States.  Also, it appears that the good folks at Timmy Hos have something against the residents of Vermont, Florida, Alaska and Hawaii, as they are not eligible to win. Long story short, it appears that my odds of winning a blessed cup of coffee or a donut are about one in eleventy-seven million. (I’m currently O-for-5 in RUTR attempts, for the record.)

And thus ends your Timmy Hos lesson for the day.

– Per the pregame skate report, Butler is scratched tonight.

First Period

– Torres will be wearing #17 for the Sabres, as his previous number (14) is currently hanging in the rafters at HSBC.

– After Miller mentioned in his postgame rant on Wednesday that he would be working on some attitude adjustments in the locker room, why did I get this mental image of him going all El Kabong and whacking people over the head with his silver medal in order to get his point across? (By the way, a cartoon like El Kabong would never get made today. It would be labeled as “too violent” and “not politcally correct.” My god, it’s amazing that kids of my generation who grew up with Looney Tunes and Thundercats and He-Man and Jem survived to adulthood, what with being so corrupted by this kiddie programming It’s truly, truly outrageous.)

– Harry Neale-ism of the night: “The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing.” Ooookay.

– Oh, Lent. Glad to see that you’ve brought the McDonald’s Filet of Fish ad back with you. Thank you sooooooo much for that one.

– Dear Sabres: See puck. See stick. See net. Put puck in net using stick. The end. (That’s my passive agressive way of saying “score some goals, damn it.”)

Second Period

– Guys, when I said SCORE SOME GOALS, I didn’t mean LET the other team score some goals. And don’t go throwing the rookie and the goalie under the bus, that was a collective team FAIL for not putting the puck into the Philly net before that point, considering you had several opportunities earlier in the game. 1-0, Flyers.

– Stafford is reported to have a lower body injury and will not return. I have a joke ready at the tips of my fingers, but it’s too crude for a family(ish) blog like this one. So I’ll just say that I hope all is well and he returns quickly.

– Wowzers, Vanek just shot the puck from behind the net in the far corner and banked the puck of Leighton into the net. That was a pretty, pretty, but oh so fluky, goal. Game tied at 1.

– Really, Timmy? You get a beautiful breakaway coming out of the penalty box, shoot the puck and then when you miss, you stand there with your metaphorical thumb up your metaphorical butt and watch the play develop around you. That’s not good! That’s half-assed, and there’s no half-assing in hockey!

– By the way, I was incredibly amused that Eddie Harris from Major League was one of the patients of the week on last night’s Greys Anatomy. I love when “Hey! It’s That Guy!” actors appear, especially when they’re actors with two of the best lines in that entire movie. (“Are you trying to tell me that Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?” and “Up your butt, Jobu.”)

– From the “Captain Obvious” files: Harry Neale informs us that with Stafford out the Sabres are down to 11 forwards, so someone is double shifting. Really, Harry? Do you think that we the viewers can’t compute that 12 minus 1 is 11?

Third Period

– Hmm. The question during The Whip tonight is about whether it is the players or the coach’s responsibility to right a sinking ship during the season. Ray thought it was the coach’s responsibility, Neale thought it was the players. In my opinion – having never been inside a pro locker room or played organized sports outside of basketball in the eighth grade – it’s on the players. They’re ultimately the ones that are on the ice and making things happen (or not happen). While Lindy can scream and yell all he wants, unless it gets through the players thick heads, it’s not going to click and work. The players need to do the about face. For what it’s worth, I would love to see one of the Sabres give Timmy hell about checking up on that breakaway in the second period. It’s that kind of lackadaisical effort that gets everyone pissed off.

– Timmy, that’s it. You’ve moved several positions up on THE LIST*. You give away a pass to Mike Richards of all people and he gets in on a breakaway and scores to make it 2-1, Flyers.

* THE LIST is my ish list. You never really come off the list, you just move up and down as things progress. Timmy has rocketed up the standings tonight.

– On the replay of the goal, we see that Timmy apparently forgot to notice that Richards was skating directly into the path of where he wanted the puck to go.

– Why am I even getting hepped up about this? From what Rob Ray just said, the expression on the Sabres faces is bordering on WGAF.

– What the bluedilly eff was that? Adam Mair makes a nifty backhand shot off a Grier pass – that goes through two Flyers – ties this game at 2. Who knew Adam Mair had hands like that? He needs to pull those out more often. (That’s what she said.)

– Hmm. RJ made a comment during the play-by-play about how one of the Sabres couldn’t hit Vanek (with a pass). I wonder if that would make us feel better if we could hit the Sabres with some of those whack-a-mole soft mallets. Turn it into a fundraiser for charity, and it’s a win/win/win situation.

– Hey! What’s that sound I hear? It’s the crowd! The crowd pipes up for the first time tonight with an audible “Let’s Go Buff-a-lo” chant. I remember when you couldn’t hear yourself think at Sabres games because the crowd was so loud. Now, it’s library quiet.


– I wonder what Lalime and Miller talk about during their pre-overtime gossip sessions? Plans to hide the body of whatever teammate has most recently irked Miller?

– Alrighty, Timmy scoops up a rebound while falling down to his knees and banks it in off the post past Leighton. Buffalo wins, 3-2.

– That was a badly, badly needed win. But there’s no time to drink from the keg of glory and eat the finest muffins and bagels in the land. The Rangers await on Sunday.


Couple of Thoughts

October 11, 2009

– When Mike Grier and his hands of stone score your only goal of the night, you know you’re having trouble scoring. While it’s not for a lack of opportunity, as the Sabres have had plenty of shots, the lack of finish is what’s bothersome. I wonder if putting cardboard cutouts of foxy ladies in the net during practice sessions would help with scoring, as we know the Sabres do not suffer from a lack of hitting that.

– Check out this quote from Ryan Miller after last night’s game.

“Mike Grier, you are my hero,” Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said. “Mike does a lot of things really well on the ice. He kept on telling us to trust the system and that we would get a breakthrough.”

The quote is noticeable because I think this might be the first time Miller has ever referenced The System (usually that’s everyone but the goalie’s fallback comment) in an interview. Also, with Grier stepping into that on-ice leader role,  could it allow the Pommers, Roys and Vaneks of the world to just chill out, stop trying to do too much and just play some good old-fashioned hockey within The System?

– Timmy looks incredibly relaxed during this interview with Kevin Sylvester. And mother of pearl, Timmy’s gracing a smile at a couple points during the interview. Timmy smiles are incredibly rare, which makes them all the more special when they do come out.

– Please tell me that you all saw Stafford goofing around behind Kevin Sylvester during K-Syl’s postgame report last night. While I did Zapruder the footage of the moment (why yes, I am a dork), and am fairly certain that Staffy was shaking and choking Paille, I hope fun and frolic like that is exhibited after wins. If I ever see / hear about things like that happening after a loss, I will not be a happy camper.

– Continuing with the Staffy theme, he was the first guest of Kevin Sylvester’s new interview series held in the penalty box. Stafford again expresses his admiration of Zach Parise (c’mon, we all know they’re BFF) and shares that Chris Neil is the player he would most like to see take a stick to the bits. (Personally, I’d go with Ovie, but I think Goose took care of that a couple of seasons ago.)

– There’s a couple of 10-12 year olds outside playing with a football and I think it’s incredibly sad that they have nicer cell phones than I do. Why a 10-year-old needs a cell phone is another story, I suppose.

– With The Buffalo News confirming that Andrej Sekera felt shooting pains in his side, can we classify his boo-boo as a middle body injury rather than an upper body injury? I know his injury is north of the Maxon-Dixon line, so it technically is an upper body injury, but middle body is at least a little more descriptive. Also, can we cut the upper/lower/outer/inner crap until the playoffs come? Just say what the injury is an move on.  And if Sekera is going to be out for some time, do the Sabres play Patches or call up Weber? (I’m ignoring for now what’s going to happen when Lydman and Mair are ready to play again. The speculation and fan theories are making my head hurt.)

– Tyler Myers has been pleasantly surprising. I know he’s due for a speed bump in his career trajectory at some point, but management is going to have a very tough decision in six games.

– Check out the images on Getty from the Blackhawks red carpet festivities. I give Dustin Byfuglien a lot of credit for being able to pull off a suit in that shade of red.

– Who lit a fire under Tim Kennedy’s ass last night? He was all over the place and not afraid to take the hit or punch in order to make the play or drive the net. He’s proving he belongs up here.


They’re Alive

June 24, 2009

It’s been a decidedly quiet time for the Sabres. However, the Sabres related news has perked up in the past couple of days.

– Darcy Regier has made an offer to Jaroslav Spacek. I hope it’s like a 2-year deal, since Spacek is 35-years-old. A longer length of time would be ridiculous.

Paul Gaustad again proves that he is a stand up guy by pointing out that he knows that the team needs to work on shooting more and defending their goalies and each other. Well, praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Now if Goose can only get it through the thick heads of the rest of his teammates. When Miller spends more time getting run than playing goal, you know you have a problem. Also, if the boys will spend more time shooting the puck next season, they will drastically reduce the amount of times I want to throw something at my television set. That’s good on both sides. They can score goals, and I can keep my TV set in one piece.

Gaustad also mentions that he was invited to play for Team USA in the World Championships earlier this year, but had to decline the invitation due to an injury. He doesn’t specify the nature of the injury, and whether it was upper, lower inner or outer body. Speaking of injuries, was I hallucinating earlier this spring, or did Pominville have some sort of undisclosed injury at the end of the season? If so, did anything come of it?

– How did y’all celebrate the anniversary of the day that brought Tim Connolly into our lives? I, for one, went to work and am now spending the night with Edgar, Crosby, Ding, Dong and my favorite other crab fishing boyfriends on Deadliest Catch.

– Congratulations to Lindy on being named to the coaching staff of Team Canada for the 2010 Olympics. Lindy, you know I love you, but when push comes to shove next February, I’m going to be routing for my USA babies. I also am really amused at the photo editors of TSN/CTV. The TSN photo promoting the story features Lindy giving his best “bitch please” face, while the CTV Olympics site features a photo of a hollering Lindy. They’ve really managed to capture the essence of Lindy, haven’t they?

– I heard a commercial for the Sabres draft party at the Albright Knox on Friday. One of the things the commercial is promoting is a Q&A with Sabretooth. Now tell me, how is Sabretooth going to do a Q&A? Last time I checked, the poor thing is mute. Is he just going to gesticulate his answers or will someone interpret for him?


Sabres vs. Canadiens – 3.29.09

March 28, 2009

First Period

– Like the Sabres, I spent today in Canada. I went to Ikea in Burlington, and then on the way home, did the touristy thing and walked around Niagara Falls, ON. I’ve said it before, but the Canadian side of the Falls is so much cooler than the American side. It has the better view and the totally cheesy tourist attractions that make it so much fun. I walked up Clifton Hill (which, between the Hill and the 7 flights of stairs walk to my car, means that my legs are screaming at me now) and walked along the Falls. The weather is still cold enough that the water coming over the Falls has caused ginormous blocks of ice to form at the base of both the Horseshoe and American Falls. The ice formations were absolutely gorgeous, and the ones at the base of the Horseshoe Falls were home to a number of seagulls. Also, why are the Timbits so much better in Canada than they are here?

– I’m liking that the Sabres crease has again become a no-touch zone for the opposition. Gaustad and Kaleta prove on the first Montreal shift that they will not tolerate any liberties in or around the crease. What made the situation funnier was that Miller was trying to sneak out of the crease and away from the fists of fury.

– The two minute penalty on Lapierre was bullshit. That was a nasty hit that could have seriously injured Kaleta. Lapierre should have been given a minumum four minutes, if not thrown out of the game.

– Holy hell, the Rivet / Kostopolous fight was hot. Remind me to cross the street if I see an angry Craig Rivet heading my way.  Kevin Sylvester interrupts to tell us that Rivet was screaming at Kostopolous that ‘this was Round One.’ Oh lord, this game is going to get out of control quickly.

– There was a shot of three Sabres lined up in the penalty box after the Rivet fight. With Rivet, Kaleta and Moore in there, things were kind of tight. But we were at least treated to shirtless Rivet, so thank the broadcast gods for that.

– Hank takes a deflected shot off of his forehead, so while he’s off getting checked out and Rivet is in the box, the Sabres play with only four defensemen.


Ryan: “Oh shit, he’s bleeding. What do we do?”

Toni: “Usually with the kids, I kiss it and make it all better. I ain’t kissing Hank.”

Ryan: “Don’t look at me. I don’t do owies.”

– WHOOO! Mair tips a shot past Carey Price to make it 1-0, Buffalo. Someone forgot to cover Mair, as he was wide open to the left of Price. Memo to the Habs: just because he’s not a scorer doesn’t mean he should be ignored.

Second Period

– I often wonder if Harry Neale’s repeated use of “the Buffalo player” during a call is him honestly not knowing who is involved in the play or if he’s just trying to be generic and leave the details to RJ?

– WHOO! Timmy rips a bullet past Price for the Sabres second goal of the night. And a power play goal, no less.

– RJ: “These guys have got to get off, but they can’t do it.” I think they have medicine for that now.

– Harry Neale mentions that Timmy’s goal earlier tonight gives Timmy 17 for the season, which is a career high. It’s kind of sad that he’s such a talented player and has only ever had 16 goals in a season. I know the concussions and crap have hindered him in the production department, but I had no idea his numbers were that low. I want to see him get 20 by the end of the year.

– Higgins rips a shot from the dot past Miller to make it 2-1, Buffalo.

– Rivet somehow gets hurt during a flurry in the Buffalo zone. He skates off the ice, doubled over, and we’re treated to several shots of him on the bench shaking out his right hand and applying ice to it. In addition, RJ notes that Kaleta has not reappeared on the Buffalo bench for the second period. I wonder if he got his bell rung after that hit in the first and his better angels talked him out of returning for the rest of the game,.

– In the dirty play department, Butler was cross checked in the back of the head, and Roy got a stick tap in the face. It’s all fun and games until someone gets seriously hurt, boys.

– RJ tries to inject a little levity into the game, as the Sabres and Habs tussle after yet again another stop by Price leads to a tussle in front of the net. RJ wonders how many times he’s said “and here we go’ during the game. Not that the chippy is getting out of control or anything.

– The Bell Centre PA System is playing “99 Luftballoons” during a stoppage in play. Awesome.

– Shit. Montreal ties it at two on a wraparound by Koivu.

– Double shit, Montreal takes a lead on a Kovalev power play goal. Stupid fucking Hecht takes a retaliatory cross checking penalty as he was removed from the puck on a breakaway. Meanwhile, Derek Roy is off for repairs after taking a stick to someplace where sticks should not go.

– I knew I should have picked up some alcohol at the Duty Free on my way home from Canuckistan. I’m not liking where this game is headed.

– During the intermission, Timmy kind of gives Kevin Sylvester an “are you fucking kidding me” look during their intermission conversation. Kevin Sylvester brought up the fact that tonight Timmy scored his career high in goals, and will he think about that now or after the game. Timmy pissily (and rightly so) replies that all he’s thinking about is the next 20 minutes, and how it’s the most important 20 minutes of the season. I liked seeing the fire coming out of Timmy, but do want to point out that we wouldn’t be hinging an entire season on one fucking period if the earlier parts of the season hadn’t been such a hot mess.

Third Period

– “Ambition without determination has no destination.’ – Reportedly Lindy’s game quote for the day.I’m surprised that perspiration or some other -ation didn’t appear in the quote as well.

– WHOO! Clarke MacArthur scores his 15th goal of the season to tie the game at 3. If he would have missed the wide open net, I might have thrown my shoe at the TV.

– Sweet German on a bratwurst, Hecht continues his suckitude tonight by flipping the puck out of play. Real good, Jochen. Real good. Well, at least this penalty didn’t cost the Sabres as the PK performs admirably, including a nice shorthanded chance by Timmy.

– Whoever decided that the song with the annoying “put your hands up in the air” lyrics needed to be a part of any arena rotation should be taken out back and shot. Thank you.

– Harry reports that Sekera hasn’t played a shift in the third period, but doesn’t know if he’s hurt or just in the doghouse. My vote is for doghouse. Sekera was brutal earlier tonight.

Overtime/Skills Competition

– RJ shares the comforting stat that the home team has won every game in this series so far. Great, just great.

– Bob Gainey looks like he’s in need of an enema or something. Dude looks uptight.

– Four-on-four blahblahblah. The game will be decided in the skills competition.

– Timmy’s the first Buffalo shooter and there’s a brief delay while the refs sort out the paperwork. Timmy looks like his pissed at the delay. The mom unit cracks that every minute this game is delayed is one less minute the boys can spend at a bar when they get back to Buffalo.

– Miller stops Kovalev and Price stops Staffy.

– Next up Tanguay is biffed by Miller, who deflects it over top of the net. Pommers whiffs his shot off the fucking crossbar.

– Miller stops Koivu point blank on the final regulation shootout.

– And I beg to differ with Harry Neale. The shootout is not exciting. Hockey is a team sport and should not be decided on an individual effort.

– Price stops Roy and Miller stops Markov to complete Round 4.

– Price stops Vanek’s attempt for the top corner and Miller stops Plekanec to finalize Round 5.

– Holy flirkin schnitt. Toni Lydman scores in the shootout. Turns out its the game winner as Miller makes the save on the Montreal player. I was kind of having flashbacks to Hank scoring on Marty Brodeur last year. It’s amazing what happens when you put the less conventional players out in the shootout, eh?

– So, as it stands right now, the Sabres are four points behind Montreal for eighth. Things just got a heck of a lot more interesting. Never a dull moment in the Buff, right?

– Ooh, commercial for a free chicken wrap snacker at Timmy Ho’s on 4/1 between 1130-2. Sweet. And Wednesday is also free medium coffee day at Dunkin Donuts.


Trade Deadline Reflections

March 5, 2009

Well, now that we’ve all calmed down after the rush that is NHL trade deadline day, it’s a good time to sit back and reflect on what happened yesterday.

– Ales Kotalik was shipped to Edmonton for a 2nd round draft pick. While the team will miss Kotalik’s mad blasts from the point and wicked backhands during the skills competitions, he probably wasn’t going to be re-signed at the end of the year and so better to send him somewhere and get something for him.

– Tellqvist was acquired by the Sabres in exchange for another draft pick. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize this isn’t a sign that Ryan Miller’s injury is more severe than first thought. It just means the team needed to bring in some goalie depth, a proven veteran to spell Lalime on occasion. (And according to Miller himself, he’s still keeping active while on the DL. I do appreciate that he calls himself a wimp when it comes to tattoos. I’ll make no bones about joining him in that boat. The needles thing is what does me in.) Let’s give Tellqvist a chance before we automatically throw him and the team off the SS Playoff Chance.

– Dominic Moore was acquired from Toronto for a 2nd round draft pick. From what I know of Moore, his style seems like it would fit in with the Sabres, a mix of mucking and grinding and solid dependable play. While he may only be a rental player, let’s give him a chance before we write him off as gone at the end of the season.

– And in probably the most shocking news of the day, the Sabres signed Tim Connolly to a 2-year, $9 million contract extension. It wasn’t the fact that he was re-signed that was the most shocking, it was the dollar amount and length of the deal that caused many an eyebrow to be raised. Most people – yours truly included – thought that Timmy would be signed to a one year deal at a pretty significant discount. The fact that he was given a raise despite playing less than half of the games in his current contract. Darcy has to know something we don’t or Timmy has to have pictures of LQ at the company Christmas party with a lampshade on his head, that’s the only reason for such a wacky deal. Right? I wish Timmy nothing but the best, and pray that he remains healthy for the next two-and-a-half years.

– It will be interesting to see whether Calgary implodes with the addition of Olli Jokinen to its roster. General perception around teh internets is that Jokinen is a locker room cancer. It seems that Calgary is also slightly distressed that Lombardi was sent packing in this deal as well. If the room is already tempestous, how will adding such a volitile player affect the chemistry of the team?

– Just what Philly needs: two more rock-em, sock-em robots in McLaren and Carcillo. And it looks like that Marty to Buffalo rumor didn’t quite come true. Guess we’ll all have to look elsewhere for quotable material.

– I hope that the news that Kotalik is playing with Hemsky and Horcoff results in an uptick in production for all three. I would be quite distressed if Hemsky’s production suffered, as he is one of the leading producers for The Little Honkers. Yes, it is all about me, why do you ask?

– And in other news, sounds like Vanek is in the market for a new road roomie, as Kotalik was his roomie for the past three years. I wonder if Lindy will slot one of the new guys in, or break up an existing combination? And in other roomie news, while at Barnes & Noble last night, I was reading The Hockey News and Andrew Peters mentioned that Kaleta is his road roomie. Peters likes Kaleta since Kaleta lets him control the remote.  Heh. Would you want to go up against Peters over the remote control? I don’t think so.

– Last night’s game against the Habs was beautiful to watch. Gaustad set the tone early with his crushing hit. The team responded and took shots, and charged the net. Gaustad’s excellent tip of Rivet’s shot and his breakaway goal definitely put him as the second star of the game in my book. First star was Lalime for obvious reasons. Sure, he pulled a Miller and let in a goal with less than a minute remaining in the game to give up the shutout, but he was solid as solid could be for the entire game.

– I liked that the broadcast pointed out Rivet’s absolute happiness with Danny Paille during one of the goal celebrations. Joy like that for a teammate is something nice to see every now and then.

– Sometimes I think that Harry Neale exists solely in the broadcast to announce inane trivia like “on the second Tuesday of each month during the full moon, Patrick Lalime has let in two goals against the Montreal Canadians when playing at HSBC Arena.” Alright, so that’s slightly exaggerated, but you get my point. Harry tries to be a font of knowledge, but sometimes it’s not inserted at the right moment of the broadcast.


Hockey Players Are People Too

December 18, 2008

– At least that’s what Ryan Miller implied during the announcement of the Third Annual Catwalk for Charity. He mentioned that the event is a chance for fans to see what players are like off the ice. If I were at the CfC, I doubt I would be able to keep a straight face if I saw one of the Sabres dressed up like a 1920’s gangster. (This year’s event is focused around the idea of a “roaring speakeasy party.”) I’m having a hard enough time not giggling at Kaleta, Mair and Miller dressed in their best gangster get-up.

– And our beloved Crunchy updated his blog with his thoughts on the holiday season, including a lament that he’s going to miss all the fun holiday parties back home where someone has a wee bit too much egg nog and makes a fool of themselves. You mean to tell me that at the Sabres holiday party, no one gets smashed and is talked about the next day? I thought it was a rule that every party had one of those people. Even my work party at Dewey Addem and Howe has had that person make an appearance….every year. And it’s never the same person, either!

– And it looks like our long national nightmare is over. Mats Sundin signed with the Canucks. “Sundin and the Sedins,” while probably being a tongue twister for a play-by-play guy, sounds like a great name for a band.

– After reading this article, I kind of get how Drew Stafford is friends with Zach Parise. Parise seems very high strung, while Stafford gives off the chill vibe. They complete each other!

– While I missed most of last night’s game due to the need for sleep beating the crap out of the need for hockey, I did wake up briefly in the first intermission and saw the feature on the Sabres trip to Childrens. Tim Connolly in a Santa hat looked more human and less sleazy than I think I’ve ever seen him. Both the kids and the Sabres looked like they were having a ball during this visit. I just wish the Sabres would show more of the warm and fuzzy features during their intermissions.


Good Things

November 23, 2008

– The Bills win today helped salvage this Buffalo sports weekend for me. After the Sabres let me down, the Bills pulled through and completely trounced the Chiefs.

If they wouldn’t have won, could you imagine what WGR would have been like tomorrow morning? The station probably would have had to have East Side Eddie and Lackawanna Louie on suicide watches. I was listening to the postgame show while doing the dishes earlier tonight and thought it was pretty funny that Bulldog had to specifically mention that callers today don’t necessarily have to be negative when they call in. There were plenty of things that went right today for the Bills, no need to nitpick to find the bad stuff. And I agree! They won for pete’s sake. Let’s not slit our collective sports fan wrists over a win.

And at least the football related talk at most Buffalo Thanksgiving tables will be happy. The hockey related talk…well, depending on what happens on Wednesday night, could still go either way.

– I was glad to see Leodis McKelvin finally show up today. He had 67 yards in kick returns, and two interceptions, including one for a touchdown.

– I also liked that Trent Edwards also seemed to get his mojo back. He had a 75% completion rate, threw for two touchdowns, ran for two more and seemed more confident in the pocket. I hope this means Old Trent is back, and New Trent has been banished to the deep recesses of his psyche.

– Speaking of Trent, wow, is he looking sharp in his postgame interview. Screw that, the entire team is looking sharp. Was there a group field trip to Napoli’s, M.Wile or Riverside Men’s Shop? The past couple of games have seen the guys giving postgame interviews in nothing more than jeans and sweaters. Did someone crack the dress code whip? If so, I wholeheartedly approve.

Moving on…

– Timmy spoke to the media last night and revealed that he had been suffering from a broken rib. (And not disassociated man boob, endometriosis, a bit relocation or a head injury, as had been speculated at various points around teh internets.) I give Timmy a bunch of credit for even playing through something as painful as an undiagnosed broken rib. I just have to wonder what’s going to break next on the guy? His hip was repaired in the offseason, his vertebrae just healed and now he broke a rib. What’s next?

Private to the Hockey gods, DON’T ANSWER THAT!

– I’m really amused that Ryan Miller thinks that he’s getting old, as his iPod choices have recently seen him revisiting some of the bands he listened to in high school (Smashing Pumpkins and Counting Crows, if anyone is wondering.) And as much as Miller is trying to be cool about what music he listens to, isn’t Counting Crows like the least offensive band ever? And I say that having ABBA and Neil Diamond on my iPod. (But at least ABBA and Neil Diamond have a kitchy cool factor associated with them. I don’t think you can say that about Counting Crows.)

I can certainly empathize with wanting to revisit the high school years, as it seems like every so often I have this massive urge to listen to the RENT soundtrack, which along with boy band music, played a really big role in my high school years. I remember getting stuck in a car one night with my friends doing laps around Gates Circle, but it was alright, because we were singing “La Vie Boehme” at the top of our lungs. I also remember the endless BSB or N*Sync discussions that seemed to dominate the conversations at school. You could either like one or the other. You couldn’t like both. (For the record, I liked N*Sync better.)

I also got a good laugh at Miller’s subtle dig on “Kiss FM” trying to steer music tastes by telling their listeners that “OMG THIS SONG IS THE BESTEST ANYTHING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING WE’VE EVER PLAYED ON THIS STATION!” One of my co-workers listens to Kiss at his desk, and I can hear it pretty clearly. For example. I think Kiss plays “Womanizer” at least 5 times during my 8 hour workday. It’s enough to make you want to bang your head against your desk and then turn your iPod up louder.