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Sabres vs. Blackhawks – 12.11.09

December 11, 2009

Random Thoughts from tonight’s game…

– Is Roby and K-Syl’s introduction taped or is it just a late arriving crowd? There’s a ton of people still streaming into the arena behind the two of them.

– If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Bucky’s article on Tim Kennedy and Pat Kane. I adore the “Buffalo touch” of describing what parishes these two belonged to when they were kiddos and how they wanted to beat each other on the streets and the rinks because of that. Catholic school rivalries are hardcore, yo. (Ask me sometime about the Nardin/Holy Angels egging fiasco in the late 90s.)

– Wow, Rob Ray is actually taller than Nathan Gerbe. That’s a nice change from the interviews where Ray is looking up into the players faces just to make eye contact.

– I love how Ray is explaining that the fans (and media) are full of it for thinking that the team plays differently with the backup goalie in net. I think there is a subtle difference between how the team plays when Miller is in net versus when Lalime is in net. When Miller plays, there’s a confidence shown by the skaters that Miller will bail them out if they make a massive mistake. I don’t always see that when Lalime (or the backup du jour) is in net.

– There’s been some subtle booing of Kane and Soupy, but nothing like what has been heard when Those Two That Shall Not Be Named roll into town.

– Per Sabres Edge, Mike Grier’s mother passed away. My condolences to the entire Grier family.

– C-Mac is tied with Vanek for the team lead in goals. Chew on that for a little while.

– Aww, there’s a Make-A-Wish kid in the booth with RJ and Harry tonight. That’s a pretty cool wish to have fulfilled.

– Nice hustle by Rivet to keep the puck in the Chicago zone at least three times on one power play.

– Unrelated note, MTV’s Jersey Shore may has surpassed The Real World in terms of awesomeness. It’s such a cheesy show, but I get a more “real” vibe off of these people than the cast members of The Real World. It’s also more entertaining than the Real Hos shows on Bravo.

– There’s a couple shots of Miller looking intense (pissed off? constipated?) on the bench. I have to wonder if backup goalies ever have the urge to make like Stanley on The Office and pull out a crossword puzzle to keep occupied. Or do the backup goalies keep an eye on the game, noticing things that they can bring up to their teammates? (“Hey asshole, you’re not protecting your goalie. Hey you, you were offside 16 of 17 rushes. Slow the eff down/speed the eff up. Hey Lindy, you might want to watch out for Player Name, he’s got a heck of a toe drag when faced with an opponent in the neutral zone.”)

– I see that Soupy has taught Kane the art of the spinorama.

– So Lindy looks like a genius by playing Lalime tonight. The Sabres won and Miller got a well deserved rest. As much fun as watching Miller play against the Chicago young guns would have been, Lalime did a perfectly cromulent – even outstandingly cromulent – job in goal tonight. I also liked that his teammates looked so happy for him during the post game congratulatory helmet nuzzles and fist bumps.

– I hope tomorrow the boys don’t blow the momentum from these past two games. I will be watching the game on a DVR delay as it is the office holiday party. I will be off to get my dinner on, my drink on and see which of my co-workers will be the talk of the office on Monday.

– Not hockey related, but this Peter Gammons column chronicling his career at ESPN is another great read. Gammons has been around and his move to MLB Network will only help bolster the fledgling network.


Couple of Thoughts

October 11, 2009

– When Mike Grier and his hands of stone score your only goal of the night, you know you’re having trouble scoring. While it’s not for a lack of opportunity, as the Sabres have had plenty of shots, the lack of finish is what’s bothersome. I wonder if putting cardboard cutouts of foxy ladies in the net during practice sessions would help with scoring, as we know the Sabres do not suffer from a lack of hitting that.

– Check out this quote from Ryan Miller after last night’s game.

“Mike Grier, you are my hero,” Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said. “Mike does a lot of things really well on the ice. He kept on telling us to trust the system and that we would get a breakthrough.”

The quote is noticeable because I think this might be the first time Miller has ever referenced The System (usually that’s everyone but the goalie’s fallback comment) in an interview. Also, with Grier stepping into that on-ice leader role,  could it allow the Pommers, Roys and Vaneks of the world to just chill out, stop trying to do too much and just play some good old-fashioned hockey within The System?

– Timmy looks incredibly relaxed during this interview with Kevin Sylvester. And mother of pearl, Timmy’s gracing a smile at a couple points during the interview. Timmy smiles are incredibly rare, which makes them all the more special when they do come out.

– Please tell me that you all saw Stafford goofing around behind Kevin Sylvester during K-Syl’s postgame report last night. While I did Zapruder the footage of the moment (why yes, I am a dork), and am fairly certain that Staffy was shaking and choking Paille, I hope fun and frolic like that is exhibited after wins. If I ever see / hear about things like that happening after a loss, I will not be a happy camper.

– Continuing with the Staffy theme, he was the first guest of Kevin Sylvester’s new interview series held in the penalty box. Stafford again expresses his admiration of Zach Parise (c’mon, we all know they’re BFF) and shares that Chris Neil is the player he would most like to see take a stick to the bits. (Personally, I’d go with Ovie, but I think Goose took care of that a couple of seasons ago.)

– There’s a couple of 10-12 year olds outside playing with a football and I think it’s incredibly sad that they have nicer cell phones than I do. Why a 10-year-old needs a cell phone is another story, I suppose.

– With The Buffalo News confirming that Andrej Sekera felt shooting pains in his side, can we classify his boo-boo as a middle body injury rather than an upper body injury? I know his injury is north of the Maxon-Dixon line, so it technically is an upper body injury, but middle body is at least a little more descriptive. Also, can we cut the upper/lower/outer/inner crap until the playoffs come? Just say what the injury is an move on.  And if Sekera is going to be out for some time, do the Sabres play Patches or call up Weber? (I’m ignoring for now what’s going to happen when Lydman and Mair are ready to play again. The speculation and fan theories are making my head hurt.)

– Tyler Myers has been pleasantly surprising. I know he’s due for a speed bump in his career trajectory at some point, but management is going to have a very tough decision in six games.

– Check out the images on Getty from the Blackhawks red carpet festivities. I give Dustin Byfuglien a lot of credit for being able to pull off a suit in that shade of red.

– Who lit a fire under Tim Kennedy’s ass last night? He was all over the place and not afraid to take the hit or punch in order to make the play or drive the net. He’s proving he belongs up here.


It’s All Starting To Come Together

September 18, 2009

Paul Hamilton is reporting that the Sabres lines appear to be coming together quite nicely. I’m happy that the “popular opinion” line of Gaustad, Hecht and Grier appears to be a reality. (Not that I think Lindy reads the blogs or other writings outside of the MSM, but hey, it’s all about me on this blog.) I hope that playing with Grier and Gaustad pulls Hecht out of the funk that he appeared to get into at several points last year.

And Lindy’s also altering The System. Oh, how I’ve missed hearing about The System. Then again, by mid-January, I’ll probably be so sick of hearing about The System, I’ll wish that we traded The System to Atlanta for Max Afinogenov.

– I wonder how much whining the trio of Miller, Gerbe and Kennedy threw at Lindy so that they all could play in Michigan tomorrow night? I mean, we know Miller probably did the least amount of whining, he was probably more of a demander than a whiner, but Kennedy and Gerbe are the youngins and don’t quite have the clout Miller does. I could imagine Lindy letting them play just to shut them up and get them out of his hair (what little he has left).

Anne discusses the awesomeness that is the picture accompanying the Tim Kennedy article on, but I want to talk about how yet another one of the little kiddos is looking up to Gaustad as a role model. This time, Kennedy is analyzing Gaustad’s face off skills, trying to pick up any pointers and techniques to help him win more of them. I know Kennedy said that he wouldn’t dream of out-muscling Gaustad in a faceoff, but those two going up against each other in a drill could be fun to watch.

– The Sabres theme for the year appears to be “City Of Hockey.” I really like how the theme is carrying through the passport-like media guide and the season tickets. I’d like a t-shirt with the crossed swords/City of Hockey logo on it, but again, I need another Sabres shirt like I need a hole in the head. Heh.

– Where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? Project Runway just isn’t the same without them.

– How awesome are the Voltaggio brothers on Top Chef? Not only are they good cooks, but they also have some dry wit and intensity that’s a welcome break from the typical reality show crazy.


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

February 9, 2009 has posted their gallery of photos from last night’s Catwalk for Charity. It really does look like a good time was had by all.

Ryan Miller and a puppy. Altogether now: awwwwww.

– Please, please, please tell me that Sabretooth is not getting a lap dance in this photo.

Timmy! Happy! The grin works well on him.

– Why am I not surprised to see that Roy-Z’s sporting a boa? He is looking a little less than fierce in this photo, however. Tyra would be disappointed.

– It may be an unfortunate photo, but the first nominee for the “Drunk as a Skunk” award sadly appears to be Goose.

– I’m glad Staffy cleared up that he is not, in fact, Joey Ramone. But the expression on his face is PRICELESS.

Bemusement, thy name is Ryan Miller.

– And the second nominee for the “Drunk as a Skunk” award appears to be Jaro Spacek. He’s either alcohol flushed or about to come down with some sort of flu or other ailment.

– The Pat Kaleta cutout would make a wonderful addition to my office environment. Our library needs a librarian. Patty’s pretty threatening, right?

– It’s not related to the CfC, but Tim Kennedy was on the news tonight. If it wasn’t for the unfortunate lack of front teeth on the one side (thanks SO much, Gauthier), you would peg him for a graduating senior at St. Joe or Canisius. I wouldn’t even peg him for a college freshman, he looked that young. He really does not look like he should be a professional hockey player.



December 28, 2008

– While Lindy was rocking a very dapper cantaloupe colored shirt last night, the color was doing nothing for him as the game went on and his face was getting increasingly redder.

– I especially appreciated MSG’s replays of Lindy’s end-of-game tirade towards the whole bench after the team gave up two goals in the last 1:30 of the game. Thank heavens Miller came through in the shootout, or I would have been forced to throw something at the TV had they lost.

– And the Tim Kennedy experiment is over. At least he got to give his parents a nice Christmas present.

– Eesh. Jay McKee is in danger of losing a finger. Man, is he snake bit. First it was the staph infection during the Playoffs of My Injured Defensemen, then the injury litany during his first season with the Blues and now this. The poor guy really does have the worst luck. I wish him well, and really hope that he doesn’t lose the digit.

– I think I’ve exhausted my “shut up Gumbel and Dierdorf” quotient for this Bills game. Yes, it’s windy. We get it. No need to keep mentioning it every 30 seconds. Though the bent goalposts are pretty neat to see.

– And shut up, Duke Preston. It’s (mainly) your fault that the Bills weren’t able to get a play off at the end of the first half. And yes, I do understand that the Bills poor clock management played a role in how the half ended. And yes, I do understand that it was a bullshit call by the ref to say that the whistles were to break up the skirmish and not end the play. I thought a whistle ended the play irregardless of what’s going on, not that there’s whistles for play ending and whistles for skirmish ending. But Preston shouldn’t have given in to the Patriots heckling and just gone about his business.

– Tonight I’m off to the Ronan Tynan concert (with special guest musician Drew Stafford). I hope to write about it tomorrow (or even later tonight), provided I’m not blown into next week by these winds.


If Lil’ Timmy’s In…

December 27, 2008

Then who’s out?

With the announcement that Tim Kennedy has been called up from Portland for tonight’s game against the Islanders, who rides the elevator to the press box? Does this mean that Vanek is suffering some post-Ovie shot block effects? Is Yo-Yo going to sit? Reading Lindy’s post game comments about Hecht’s performance made me think that Jochen is in the Ruff doghouse.

I guess we’ll have to see when the puck drops tonight.