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Preseason: Sabres vs. Sens

September 28, 2010

I’m slowly working my way back into this blogging thing. Baby steps, you see.

– The new white sweaters look sharp, but like a lot of people have said, the gold band on the bottom just seems off somehow. It’s like they pulled the wrong PMS color or something. (Speaking of PMS colors, did you know that Tiffany Blue is a copyrighted color? You cannot take a Tiffany box to the store and get the color matched. PMS 1837 is limited only to Tiffany use.)

– I love the picture used in the online edition of today’s Buffalo News for the article discussing Lalime’s goals for the season. It really works nicely with the headline calling out the Sabres need to lean on Lalime.

– I can’t help but giggle when I hear the name “Bobby Butler” for the Sens. Another Bobby (well, Robert) Butler was one of my profs in college (and head thesis reader) and if you’ve ever met Bobby Butler from Canisius, you will understand why I am chuckling.

– It’s incredibly weird to be hearing the old HNiC theme on TSN. I do like the music that the CBC got to replace the old theme, but to me, the babababa theme will always be HNiC-related.

– The Double Stuf Oreo mascot appearing in the new Oreo commercials looks like he could be Peter Puck’s long-lost little brother. And while I’m thinking about the Oreo commercial, Apolo Ohno really is a little guy compared to the rest of the athletes he’s appearing with.

– Stafford and Connolly are both wearing letters tonight. No leadership pressure in a contract year boys, nope, none at all.

– The season hasn’t even started yet and I’m on Center Ice commercial burnout. I will be thrilled to order CI as soon as I  jump through TWC’s hoops that are required before they will come out and install a cable line to my flat. Then there’s the mishegas of them actually coming out to install and bringing the DVR and all that jazz.

– It was kind of shocking to hear the number of concussions that Peca & Barnaby admitted to having during their NHL careers. (Peca: 3 reported, 6 total. Barnaby: 6 reported, 12 total.) Barnaby’s candor during this segment is refreshing. To admit that he played a chunk of a game with no vision in his left eye as a result of a fight just proves that these guys are of a different mindset than a “normal” human being. I want to curl up and whimper when I have a headache, these guys want to be out on the ice.

– I could live without this Pierre/Gary Bettman interview. Pierre just creeps me out, and Bettman is just to PR-speaky for me. Not to mention that I keep hearing the Charlie Brown teachers “whaa-whaa” voice as Bettman is prattling on with his usual talking points on the Olympics, salary caps, circumventions, and other topics.

– Not NHL related: I simply cannot fathom a $55,000 dinner. Mind…blown. It’s moments like this that don’t do much to rehab the image of professional athletes as spoiled brats. The fact that they spent $55k on dinner (not that the rookie stuck with the bill couldn’t afford it), when people are struggling just to make ends meet on $55k a year is astounding. I guess the rich really are different from you and me.

– After one aborted fight, the refs finally let Cody McCormick and a Senator go at it. McCormick is one tough cookie. The Sabres need that “don’t mess with me, bro” attitude.

– Earlier tonight the broadcast crew said that Gerbe was 5’7. Right. He’s 5’7 in the same way I’m 5’7 – when I’m wearing heels and standing on a footstool. Dude is tiny, but according to the media guide, has some weight on him. He apparently weighs more than Miller despite being 9 inches shorter!

– Leopold has an undetermined injury and was scratched from tonight’s lineup. Sekera replaced him. Isn’t it a little early for all these injuries (Rivet, Kaleta, etc)?

– My cousin had a rugby crossbar fall on him today and ended up with four staples in his head. I guess you could say that he took a shot off the crossbar? (groan)

– I do like the “questions will become answers” theme that the NHL is utilizing for their ad campaign. It’s nice that they can tailor individual spots for each team. If they carry it through the season (say updating at the halfway point and the playoffs), it could be a winner.

– On Pommer’s goal, I’m pretty sure that I could have made the shot through that large gap between the goalie’s legs. And I have no athletic ability or skills whatsoever.

– Neil gets an extra whack in on Miller while running the crease, and Vanek, Connolly and Pominville rise to their goalie’s defense with a little bit of pushing & shoving. Miller just calmly skates away, like “you people deal with this nonsense, I’ll just be over here watching.”

– How funny is it that an Ottawa player heads off the ice and to the dressing room only to be stopped by local constables for some autographs? I’m sure that doesn’t happen at Scotia Bank Place.


Sabres vs. Bruins, Game 1 – ITS THE PLAYOFFS, MY FRIENDS!!

April 15, 2010

– It’s playoff time! It’s playoff time! I could not wait for the workday to end and for this game to start. As Emerson, Lake & Palmer once said, “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.”

– Dad and I are playing spot the new dasher board advertisers: so far, we’ve spotted 84 Lumber and Local Edge. We both agree that “Sobotka” (the Boston player) sounds like it should be the name of a former Soviet Republic.

– The HSBC crowd is one of the loudest I’ve heard in the past couple of seasons. There’s been a couple “Let’s Go Buffalo” and “Tuuuuka” chants echoing into my living room. Who knew all it took was a playoff appearance to make the fans here in Buffalo wake up.

– WHOOO! Roy-Z makes a sweet drop pass to Vanek who whistles it past Rask. 1-0, Sabres.

– Mair heads to the dressing room after getting whomped on in the corner. Crack sideline reporter Rob Ray reports that Mair was favoring his shoulder and both the doctor and the trainer followed him down. I guess the bionic shoulder replacement went quicker than the experts thought it would, as Mair is back on the ice after a few minutes.

– Can someone get Tyler Myers a glass of warm milk or cut down on his pre-game sugar & caffeine consumption? He’s awfully jittery tonight. I know some of that is rookie nerves, and that he’ll grow out of it, but it is noticeable here in the cheap seats.

– Vanek and Chara get tangled up as they both try to leave the Buffalo zone. Vanek was in between Chara’s legs and I would have loved to have seen Vanek just flip the giant over. It totally would have been something out of the WWE and definitely would have been a penalty, but it would have been worth it.

– Oh goody, someone brought a horn into the arena. Now we can hear honk honk honkhonkhonk all night long.

– OMG. These past three minutes have been amazing. Chara crushed Kaleta off to the side and there was a delayed penalty call. Meanwhile, Lucic drops the stick and gloves and starts going after Lydman, who wants no part of it (he’s a lover, not a fighter). Somehow, everyone makes a friend to tangle up with and we get SO CLOSE to the line brawl that Miller discussed in his pregame interviews. By the time all is said and done (and four Sabres are in the penalty box), the Sabres are on the power play. The cherry on this little sundae is Sabretooth shaking his moneymaker in front of the crowded Boston penalty box.

– Someone is going to have to tell Ennis just to shoot the effing puck. He’s trying too hard to make the perfect play rather than just going for it and seeing what develops. As that old cliche says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

– So apparently Chara escaped the penalty box too early and is escorted back. RJ and Harry say someone screwed up and let him out too early, since it’s not like he just busted the door down and said “I’m Out of Here.” Although it might have been a much better story had he busted out and we saw a little penalty box door hanging by a hinge and some poor timekeeper looking like he’s been run over by a herd of wildebeests.

– Oh poop. Recchi scores as Pommers gets tied up in front of the net and can’t clear the puck. We’re tied at 1.

Oh! Captain, My Captain! Tim Kennedy finds Rivet slipping into the Boston zone and he bounces one over Rask’s shoulder. 2-1, Sabres.

– Harry Neale keeps saying that Kaleta doesn’t want to fight because of the cast on his hand. How many times do we have to go over this? He CAN’T fight because of the cast on his hand. If he did fight, he’d have a wonderful meeting with Colie Campbell and be parked for a couple games. Are we all clear?

– This has been a great game, but it’s only 9pm and I’m already yawning. How in the bluedilly heck am I going to make it through the postgame and at least some of the Canucks game if I’m already sleepy? There needs to be a fan training camp for getting your body acclimated for the playoffs.

– Miller gets shoved into his net by Krejci and there’s a meeting of the minds behind the net, with the Sabres players expressing their displeasure at how Miller was treated. I’ve noticed tonight that the Sabres are definitely more expressive with regards to how Miller can and cannot be treated.

– RJ: “Vanek couldn’t get good wood on it…” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! (Oh, come on. What’s a blog entry without a litle TWSS among friends?)

– The Party in the Plaza clips that have been shown during the game are impressive. It’s great to see so many hockey crazy Sabres fans all in one space and kudos to the Sabres for setting it up and allowing as many Sabres fans as possible to participate in the game experience.

– WHEE! Buffalo wins 2-1, and takes a 1-0 lead in the series. Montador and Lalime crack me up during the postgame celebration line as they do some sort of wacky fist bump sequence.

– So that’s all for now. See you Saturday afternoon for Game 2.


Sabres vs. Sens – Please Let Them Win

April 10, 2010

– I’m knitting during tonight’s game, so there’s a lot of multitasking going on, especially as the blanket I am knitting is getting to the rather unwieldy in size stage.

– Puck drop is delayed as the Sens are honoring Alfredsson for playing in his 1,000th career game. The delay might actually end up being a good thing, as this MSG feed is very herky jerky, with constant stops and starts and stutters. If you can upgrade my cable guide, you can deliver me a good quality hockey feed. While this Alfie ceremony is long, his kids are completely adorable and the one is hilariously mugging for the camera.

– It’s officially springtime in Buffalo: Mr. Softee trucks are on the streets and Marineland ads are on display. (I dare you to not have the Marineland jingle stuck in your head after seeing the TV commercial.)

– I know statistics are right up there with lies and damned lies, but the Sens have won 9 in a row against the Sabres. If this was Vegas, I’d be betting on the Sabres, because at some point, the odds turn against the dominant team. Look what happened last month with the Sabres and the Leafs: the Sabres had a pretty lengthy winning streak against the Leafs and it was snapped just like that.

– Dear MSG: once you’ve fixed my feed, can you make a note for future games that showing the national anthems is a great idea? HNiC does it. Most local teams do it. Why don’t you? And have I mentioned lately that I love when the crowd sings along to “Oh Canada?”

– A quick poll on Twitter shows that the MSG feed is jittery for all, and not just those of us with TWC.

– The feed also decides to inappropriately cut out as Sutton decides to smush the hell out of Stafford, who spends a good few minutes on the ice and eventually gingerly heads off the ice. The end result is that both teams are shorthanded as Torres and Sutton are both sent to the box.

– Vanek makes it 1-0, Sabres as he taps the puck into a wide open net, as Leclaire was badly out of position.

– I really think there’s going to be bloodshed tonight, as Neil goes after Roy and Ruutu tackles a yet to-be-determined Sabre after a Leclaire save. How can you attack Roy? It’s like going after a little yappy chihuahua that’s writing checks it thinks its body can cash.

– WHOO! Vanek scores off of a gorgeous Roy pass as Vanek had wandered in all alone to the net. 2-0, Sabres.

We’re told that Stafford won’t be returning tonight as he has an upper body injury. That might just be the “no sh*t, sherlock” injury description of the year. We all saw him get knocked into next Tuesday.

– This playoff flashback or whatever they’re calling it showing Pommers hat trick from 2006 subtly points out that Pommers isn’t one of the kids any more. He looked so young then!

– Neil makes it 2-1, Sabres as he slips the puck through the half inch of space between Miller’s leg and the goalpost. Have I mentioned how much I hate Chris Neil?

– Vanek makes it 3-1, Sabres on a penalty shot after he gets chopped down on a breakaway. The chop to the ankles looks like it’s causing Vanek quite a bit of pain. Since Vanek now has a set of triplets (Manny, Moe & Jack), when is the first play date scheduled with Pominville’s triplets (Huey, Dewey & Louie)?

– So the triplets have now become quadruplets as Vanek knocks the puck out of mid-air past Leclaire. 4-1, Sabres.

Looking at the new Patrick Roy “History will be made” ad, its still shocking to see how tiny the goalie gear was even in the mid-80s. Do we think that Miller or Lalime would willingly get on the ice against today’s hard shots with such pithy gear? And I know we all mock Miller’s quirks, but at least he doesn’t talk to goalposts or hop, skip and jump over blue lines.*

* that we know of

– WHOOO! Roy breaks the Vanek stranglehold on the scoring and makes it 5-1, Sabres.

– Donovan decides to try and make things interesting, as he makes it 5-2, Sabres. Too little, too late, my friend.

– WHEEE! The Sabres finally beat Ottawa and do it with minimal bloodshed. (Well, Staffy technically wasn’t bleeding, but you know what I mean.) This was a critical win for the Sabres. They managed to get Ottawa out of their heads and do it while kicking some ass. (Did someone watch before the game the scene in The Cutting Edge where Kate announces she’s in the mood to kick a little ass? Because really, the Sabres were totally in ass kicking mode tonight. Or did Lindy somehow manage to invent a Wayback Machine and get the 2005-06 Sabres that beat Ottawa to come and pep talk these guys?)

– Sweet merciful hockey playing baby Jesus, what the eff is Don Cherry wearing tonight? It’s like an Ikea duvet cover committed suicide and the remains became a suit coat.

– So tomorrow could be a fun day of hockey. Sabres/Devils settles positions 2 and 3 in the conference while Rangers / Flyers determines who gets to sit at home and stew for the remainder of the summer.


I Hadn’t Planned on Blogging Tonight

April 6, 2010

But I didn’t feel like flooding Twitter with pointless babble, so instead I come here.

– Harry Neale is in rare form tonight. During the mixup in front of the Sabres net immediately after Myers was smushed, Neale mixed up Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Toni Lydman in trying to describe who was involved in the scuffle. None of these players are interchangeable. Stafford and Lydman are the only two who could mistakenly pass for each other…in a dark alley and from behind, as they have similar builds, but not strikingly similar. Roy-Z is the oddball in the group.

– Then Harry mentions that the scouting on Lundqvist shows that he is rumored to be weak on the high shots. That’s one straight out of the no ish, sherlock files. Us fans were shouting that in the Rangers/Sabres series TWO years ago.

– Stafford scores. Roy-Z defended a teammate. What’s the third impending sign of the Sabrepocalypse? Miller getting into a fight with King Henrik? (BTW, I love the nickname King Henrik in that it’s a close cousin to one of the best racing nicknames out there: King Hiro. Let me explain. Hiro Matsushita was a Japanese Indy Car driver who had sponsorship checks that his driving skills couldn’t cash. One day, he was being a moving chicane in front of legendary driver Emerson Fittipaldi. Emmo calls his pits to complain about Hiro. However, as Emmo is ranting about [fuc]king Hiro, his radio cuts out and all his team hears is “King Hiro.” And thus, a legend was born…and that’s my story.)

– I know this was linked on Puck Daddy earlier today, but this NHL parody video is just hilarious, both for the tagline and the look on Ray’s face. We all know Rob Ray has quite the poker face.

– Miller stops Gaborik point blank on a sliding save in the second period. It was just a stunning save. And did I mention it was a four-on-one? Miller brought a spoon to a knife fight and came out on top.

– Seeing that this game is sponsored by Yanceys Fancy makes me want some cheese. And I do not have any cheese because when my dad went grocery shopping, he thought that my request for “cheese curds” was a silent plea for “cheese curls” and as such, he brought me Cheetos. They’re not exactly interchangeable foodstuffs.

– And The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back on May 3rd. I cannot wait!

– It’s great that Ryan Miller was nominated for the Mark Messier Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (c’mon, it’s not like the real name of the award is that much better). He’s really come into his own this year and is one of the few players that could probably tell his teammates to go eff themselves and not have many repercussions. I just wonder when the nominees for the “Mark Messier Award for Crying Like a PMS’ing Woman Who Just Found Out She’s Out of Ice Cream” will be announced.

– For being only 23 years old, it looks like Little Timmy is developing an unfortunately positioned bald spot. Poor thing.

– Since Stafford is playing somewhat better tonight, is Lindy/Darcy/His Mommy going to let him have his Twitter again? I miss his sarcastic wit.

– According to, the Devils are playing the Trashers tonight. They must be the rec league team from the Streets & Sanitation department.

– Dudes! Derek Roy is getting feisty again. He steps in when Shelley and Miller are going at it after Shelley tumbles over the top of Miller. Miller threw a couple of good smacks before Roy-Z stepped in and gets rewarded with a roughing minor for his efforts. It’s no fight with King Henrik, but I’ll take it.

– The team salute at center ice has so much more meaning when it’s done only once or twice a season. Do you hear me, Rangers? It’s a special gesture and doing it every game cheapens it, in my opinion.

– As the wonderful Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog pointed out, the Sabres and Canucks are division champ and team birth year twinsies. I love fun stats like that!

– Mike Robitaille was the recipient of a standing ovation from the fans tonight. He looks good, but as my mother pointed out, he looks like he’s aged a ton in just a few short months. Here’s to hoping for a continued good recovery for Roby. We all miss him in the booth, and when he comes back, a K-Syl/Roby/Gare booth could be great fun to watch.

– I still want to know where the heck the powers that be found a white sportcoat that fits all of the guys on the team. What’s funny is that with the coat worn over their undershirts, they all look like they’re doing a bad Sony Crockett impression. And seeing the coat with the handwritten messages on the back reminds me of high school and signing your uniform skirts the last day of junior year to celebrate that you never had to wear them again. Whoever gets to keep the jacket at the end of the season is going to have one heck of a keepsake, albeit a somewhat smelly one. Multiple player post game hockey player funk has to be incredibly gross.

– I love Miller’s subtle plea to the coaching staff via the media for a night off before the playoffs start. I know he wants to get in some goalie practice, but he should also treat himself to that massage and a jacuzzi for his efforts.

– In closing….WHOOO! One banner down, two more to go! LET’S GO BUFFALO!


Sabres vs. Canadiens – 4.3.10

April 3, 2010

– With a win tonight, the Sabres can clinch the Northeast Division title. Let’s go Sabres!

– K-Syl asks Rivet in the pregame if he knew about Lindy’s heinous “let’s go for a walk plan” on Friday. Rivet responded that Lindy did warn him about the impending walk (which I hear was done barefoot, in the snow and uphill…both ways). I wonder if Lindy gave him the heads up so as to have some help in making sure that all bodies that got off the bus got back on the bus at the end of the day? You know, like on school field trips. (But what do I know of school field trips? I went to a Catholic school. We only got schlepped to retreats where we all had to pretend that we liked each other and then sing along to “Angels Among Us” by Alabama.)

– Yes, that is a chalk outline of Lindy in the middle of the road. Afinogenov threw him under the bus…but then promptly turned the bus over to another driver.

– The wind here in the Buff tonight is simply insane. I hope I can keep power throughout the game…or at the very least don’t end up being blown to Oz.

– Inquiring minds want to know: now that Bucky is back from Vancouver, is the great Bucky Gleason Twitter Experiment over?

– Miller has been “on” so far tonight. I can’t say the same for Harry Neale, who has mixed up penalty kills and power plays and the first period isn’t over yet.

– O’Byrne manages to only complete 2/3 of the “oopsie” hat trick. He fell down, knocked over his goalie, knocked the net off the moorings, but managed to avoid knocking the puck into the net.

– O’Byrne scores on a long shot that gets through Miller’s five hole. 1-0, Canadiens.

– K-Syl interviews Brian Gionta during the first intermission and FINALLY K-Syl is taller than the player he is interviewing!

– Miller gives up a rebound and Tom Pyatt beats Myers to it and puts it again through Miller’s five hole. 2-0, Canadiens.

– My head itches and my eye is still kind of wonky. Shingles blows. Don’t get ’em if you can avoid ’em.

– How can I tell it’s the night before Easter? The 10 Commandments is on. Unfortunately, none of the Sabres are worthy of being called splendid adorable fools tonight.

– Is it wrong that I went to the Habs website to check if Tom Pyatt has the same amazing eyes as his brother Taylor when K-Syl mentioned that they are related? (I will admit to being slightly confused when I saw the Montreal splash page reading “Je Suis [Player Name]” and wondered when the heck Jesus starting playing for the Habs.) My research did conclude that the younger Pyatt definitely has nice eyes.

– Miller gets smushed (technical term) by a flying Rivet and gets up kind of gingerly. He looks to be shaking either his hand or his thighs. Is he checking to make sure that all bits and pieces are properly placed where said bits and pieces should be? If I were Lindy, I’d be knocking some sense into Rivet for that one.

– Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, the Sabres give the puck away in their own end and one of the Tits brothers puts in past a down Miller. 3-0, Habs.

– That’s it. No Easter candy for the Sabres. The rabbit doesn’t reward games like this.

– With about 2 minutes left in the game, all blessed hell breaks loose as Goose gets involved with Moen and Gill and his teammates come running in to offer support (Gerbe and Mair, although what the heck the Tiny Tot is going to do is a mystery) and Montador and Lapierre go at it at center ice. What’s especially entertaining about this whole thing is that Montador was at the end of a very long shift and was at the complete opposite end of the ice from where all of this was breaking out. When all is said and done, Goose and Montador are chucked from the game.

– The Montreal fans start singing “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.” All they’ve done is win a hockey game that is just one of 82. It’s not like they’ve won a series or the conference finals or even the blessed Cup. One game. Not worth it.

– Dear RJ: Stop using the word diddle. IT’S NOT A GOOD OUT LOUD WORD. Thank you.

– May I have those 2.5 hours of my life back, please?


Sabres vs. Bruins – 3.29.10

March 29, 2010

-I think I learned way too much from the internets today:

  • I now know what “vadazzling” is. I still don’t know why anyone would want to do that, but I digress.
  • I now know that Derek Roy is an epic fail at Getting Behind #9 (search Twitter for that one. I’m not linking it here)
  • Ryan Miller had better be careful. Those stretches with Tubey could result in him getting chased with a shotgun by Tubey’s papa.

So I’ve been in an incredibly goofy mood today. Can you blame me?

– Gerbe is starting the game playing with Goose and Grier. Do they have to tell Gerbe to slow it down so he won’t be at one end of the ice while Goose and Grier are still huffing and puffing it down towards  him? Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Goose and Grier, and they’re all heart, but they’re not exactly known for their speed.

– After watching the first couple minutes of tonight’s game, I’d like to suggest that the Sabres invest in one of these for Miller. They could just attach it to the crossbar so that he would remain in the crease. And I’m sure the monkey would make a fetching addition to the Sabres uniform. If he doesn’t want to wear the monkey, then I suggest that he stay in his damn crease!

– Gaustad scores a goal, but makes it incredibly stylish in both the execution (backhand between his legs) and personal appearance (the trial runs of a playoff beard, perhaps?).

– OH MY GOD. I did not need to see Sammy the Seal get clubbed to death in this Humane Society Commercial. I know it’s a hockey game and there’s violence galore, but that’s just too much.

– Could no one get Charissa Simpson a box for her interview with Gaustad? He’s all tall and dripping and she’s all short and overly bleached blond and it just looked awkward.

– Just from watching Tim Thomas tonight, he is crashing back to earth – and hard – after his Vezina winning season last year. The goals he gave up tonight were very soft ones, and the Goose one was off a pretty big rebound. Mercifully, Julien pulls Thomas for Rask after the third Sabres goal.

– Mother of pearl, someone tell Joe B. that TIM Kennedy plays for the Sabres, not Tyler.

– Breaking news: Ryan Miller must be the last player off the ice and meditates before each game.

– Pominville gets a nice breakaway on Rask and ends up getting tackled and slapped by Marco Sturm after poking at Rask. How can someone tackle and beat up on Pommers? It’s like kicking a puppy!

– The Bruins second goal is kind of fluky, as bodies are flying, pucks are flying, Crunchy’s falling and next thing you know, the puck is in the net.

– Towards the end of the game I noticed Stafford had red splotches on the shoulder of his sweater. Were he or his teammates bleeding at some point during the night or did the manicure party during the intermission go horribly wrong?


Sabres vs. Bolts – 3.27.10

March 27, 2010

– So the Sabres apparently cannot beat Ottawa, but seem to have little trouble with Tampa, getting out to a 3-0 lead before the first period is over. Goose scored his 10th and 11th of the season and Roy-Z got his 20th. Goose’s second goal was initially credited to Hecht, which would have been his 20th, had that stood.

– Tampa’s cause isn’t helped by LeCavalier getting thrown out of the game for spearing Timmy Kennedy in the babymaker. That’s just bad leadership and bad manners. Bad Vinny!

– Reading between the lines, I think Marc Savard’s comments towards Matt Cooke could best be summed up as “Eat s*%t and die.”

– RJ kvetching that he won’t be home to help Cupcake with the spring gardening, planting and pool opening  because of the playoffs was kind of adorable.

– BFD alert: James Woods is in the house. He’s scouting out movie locations in Buffalo.

– So the Sabres start the second period with a decidedly mellower playing style. Of course Tampa takes advantage of this attitude and the vast majority of play in the beginning of the period is spent in the Buffalo end.

– That quickly changes as the population of Pominville grows to 23 as he deflects a shot from the point past Mike Smith. 4-0, Sabres.

Smith is just laying in the crease like a dead fish, with a loose puck, and five teammates standing around, when here comes Roy-Z to pick up the loose puck and go high on the prone goalie. 5-0, Sabres.

– I finish my ice cream just as Ennis finds Mair with a beautiful pass to make it 6-0, Sabres.

Are these the same guys that played Ottawa last night? Or is Tampa just that bad?

Dear Darcy, Can we please keep Tennis the Menace? We all promise to love him, hug him, and call him George (which, you have to admit might be one of the nicer things that Sabres fans have called players in the day). Pleeeeeeeese can we keep him?

– Boo-urns. Downie gets one past Lalime on the short side. 6-1, Sabres.

– WHOOOOOO! Roy-Z gets his fourth career hat trick. 7-1, Sabres.

And not that the fans are bored or anything, but a massive wave has broken out at HSBC. It’s kind of hilarious that it keeps going for as long as it did, but the cameramen are having to dodge the flying hands and arms.

– I’m getting a case of the warm and fuzzies watching the players celebrating with Lalime at the end of the game. They finally gave him that good game that they promised him. And the s*%t eating grin and bear hug that Miller gave Lalime made me full on smile. I fully expect those two to tackle each other at the end of a game one of these days. You can tell that these two genuinely like each other and have a great relationship. Goalies are awesome.

I know it’s a Boston video, but really, happy dances are universal, are they not? We’re going to the playoffs, we’re going to the playoffs! Commence happy dancing! Commence pommerdoodling!

– K-Syl reports that playoff tickets go on sale at 9am on Dyngus Day. Who else thinks that a Dyngus Day celebration will break out in the line outside HSBC Arena?


Sabres vs. Sens – 3.26.10

March 26, 2010

The Good:

  • GOOOOOOOOSE! Where the hell have you been, my fine feathered friend? Although that was a garbage kind of goal, beggars can’t be choosers.
  • This Pat Burns article on TSN. Talk about grace, dignity and courage in a time of immense personal trial.
  • The Pat Kaleta fight in the first period.

The Amazing:

  • The Duck, Duck, Goose sign in the 300 level.
  • The Pommers & Montador two-on-zero. Not only did it result in a goal, but do you ever think those two players will ever have that same opportunity ever again?

The Terrible:

  • Gary Bettman’s intermission interview. Dude has shifty eyes and was looking sideways at the camera the entire time.
  • Goose crashing awkwardly into the boards at the end of the second period.
  • The Sabres playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

Game Summary:

  • Screw you Sabres and the horse you rode in on. I don’t think a win was asking for too much tonight. You want all of us to stop yakking about how you can’t beat the Sens? Then man up AND BEAT THE EFFING SENS!

Sabres vs. Habs – 3.24.10

March 24, 2010

– I tuned into the game just after the puck dropped  (don’t look at me like that, I was watching Ina Garten) and am rewarded for my tardiness with one of the Tits Brothers scoring on Miller. Yay Team! If I may be crass for a moment, who is the little darling that forgot to keep his eyes on the Tits? Lindy obviously agrees with this analysis, as he’s spotted on the bench yelling his fool head off and turning a most unattractive shade of red. 1-0, Habs.

– RJ remarks that one of the Habs changes looks like a Chinese fire drill is going on at the bench. Heh. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a team one day really did do a Chinese fire drill?

– I think we may have to add “drink whenever a Mike Robitaille commercial airs” to the Sabres drinking game. Between the cheese ads, rehab ads and ads discussing his nuts, Roby is all over the broadcast these days.

– Did Miller have his mask touched up? There seems to be a new blue and gold design on his forehead and the “Miller Time” on the back looks sparkled up, like he ran it through an internet blingy design template.

– Timmy takes a puck in the snout after the Tits tries to clear the puck out of the zone. I will not make a joke about Timmy being injured by some tits. This is a klassy blog run by a klassy broad. My inner 12-year-old isn’t happy that I’m moving on, but she’ll have to deal.

– Aww, Rob Ray has a friend in his little hovel tonight. It’s nice that he has company, but stinks that he’s stuck with Pierre McGuire.

– Roy-Z, honey, I get that you’re trying to “help” by playing some good solid defensive hockey, but shoving the guys in the white sweaters into your goalie isn’t helping things. In fact, it only hurts your teammates when you get a stupid penalty. Try not to do it again, sunshine. OK?

– Danny Gare’s tie would make a darling pattern for a Vera Bradley purse. Judging by the comments on Twitter, I’m one of the few people that likes his tie.

– Timmy is back on the bench to start the second period with only a small scar on the side of his nose to show for his efforts.

– So the Sabres must’ve been reading their own press about how faboo their penalty kill is and decided to march a steady stream of players to the penalty box to consistently be on the PK. That plan backfires when Kostitsyn puts his second of the night past Miller. 2-0, Habs.

– Harryism of the night: “The Sabres needed that penalty like a giraffe needs strep throat.” Um…what? Do giraffes even get strep throat?

– Because his teammates aren’t helping him that much tonight, Miller has had to be extra flail-y in net tonight. He’s flinging his body around and flapping around into some positions that would make some gorgeous snow angels if we were outside in the snow. The score doesn’t show it, but Miller is in the zone tonight.

– Ruh roh, the Buffalo bench has been warned by the refs to keep their yaps shut (or at least simmered down) for the rest of the night. Not that Lindy or the boys have ever had profane mouths. Ever. I find it hard to believe that a professional athlete would use profanity in the course of a game. They kiss their mothers with those mouths.

– I think “Goose Woos Statue, Traps Woman” might be one of the funnier headlines I’ve seen lately.

– How is it the guys finally manage to get their ish together while playing on the road but then return home and start playing like piles of puke on toast?

– What is up with all of the odd man rushes and breakaways the Sabres have given up tonight? Have they forgotten how to count? Did someone not get the memo on whether they’re playing a man-to-man or zone tonight?

– So yay, the little buttnuts (TM Katebits via Twitter) managed to score one goal when Connolly did whatever it is that he gets paid lots of money to do. Sorry I don’t have a better description, I was distracted by some Google results. 2-1, Habs.

– Holy flirking schnitt, those idiots did it again as Montador bangs away in the crease to put the puck past Price to tie the game at two with only a few seconds left on the clock. Where the hell was that desperation the rest of the game??

– The PA is playing “Apache” and while Miller is cleaning off his crease before the shootout, for a brief second, it looks like he’s skating in time to the music. I know he’s not, but it would have been hilarious had he been.

– Well eff me. The little morons actually won this thing in a shootout. I was firmly ready to put this one in the L column, but they proved me wrong. This game had that 2006 vibe to it: late comebacks, lucky bounces and some great goaltending. Someone give Miller a steak dinner, a slice of cake and a beer. He deserves it.

– Memo to the morons: you play Ottawa on Friday. This ish ain’t going to fly against them.


Sabres vs. Canes – 3.21.10

March 21, 2010

– Eric Staal has been very chippy little sumbitch tonight. What I wouldn’t give for Miller just to haul off and whomp him one with his blocker. You know, just because.

– Mr. Vogl reports on Sabres Edge that today is Stormy the Ice Hog’s birthday party, and many a mascot is in attendance to “celebrate” the occasion. Why do the Sabres not do things like this for Sabretooth? I’m not necessarily talking about a fancy party with mascots in attendance, but why do they not promote the mascot more? He’s arguably the least terrifying Buffalo sports mascot (with Billy Buffalo leading Buster by a wide margin for second place), but yet the team doesn’t promote him all that much. There’s no Sabretooth bio on the Sabres site, which leads me to wonder why,  if “Sabretooth” can tweet, why can he not write a quick profile of himself?

– And spring is officially here: I’ve flipped from my flannel Gap satchel to my Vera Bradley tote.

– You guys, I don’t mean to alarm you, but this is the third game in a row where the Sabres have showed up to play hockey in the first period. I…I…I don’t know what to say about this. I’m not used to full game efforts from this lovely bunch of coconuts. Did they finally all come to Jesus on this topic?

– Speaking of coming to Jesus, who lit a fire under Hecht these past two games? He’s been a foxy, goal scoring beast.

– I love springtime afternoon hockey games. The setting sun is streaming in through my front window and my feet are sitting in a pool of warm sunshine. I’m as happy as a clam.

– The NHL debuted their new ad campaign for this year’s playoffs. I like the Bobby Orr ad a lot more than I like the Mario Lemieux ad. Maybe it’s because the Orr ad focuses more on a “specific, iconic moment” than the Lemieux one? Maybe it’s that I have warmer fuzzies for Orr than I do for Unkie Mario? It’s just hard to explain.

– Lydman scores? Toni Lydman? Well eff me. Is it a full moon or something?

– Lil Timmy scores to complete the Timmy scoring category for the evening.

– OriginalRecipeTimmy mentions The System during his intermission interview with Kevin Sylvester. Maybe it’s because the game is going well (and I’m in a fabulous mood), but I’m not minding the obligatory mention of The System. Maybe it’s because they’re actually sticking to The System for a change, who knows.

– You know what else is good about tonight’s game? There is no Sad Trombone playing every five minutes every time a Sabre heads to the penalty box. That s*t was getting old last night.

– Dear Ryan: stop “puck handling” the puck right to the opposition. You know that rarely ends well for you.

– Boo to MSG for cutting away to commercial as Mair and LaRose were going to go at it. What happened that Mair had to go right to the dressing room and sent the Hurricanes onto a four minute power play? Why hasn’t MSG showed a replay? If heads rolled, I want to know about it.