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Better Late Than Never

November 2, 2011

Since tonight’s Sabres/Flyers game was one of total dreckitude, I figured I would come out of my posting hiatus to talk about happier times. You know, like last Thursday’s game against the Blue Jackets. I had the good fortune to be at the only Sabres home win of the season. Here are a few observations from that night:

– I loved the crowd sing-a-long to the anthem. I don’t care if it was planned or a last minute substitution for a sick or chickened-out anthem singer, it was something different. I wonder how it sounded on TV and the radio, as you really couldn’t tell that anyone was singing along to O Canada, and the Star Spangled Banner was only slightly louder.

– Having the kid with cancer drop the puck on Hockey Fights Cancer night was an emotional start to the night. I admit that I teared up as he left the ice, and I’m sure he appreciated the roar of the crowd as he doffed his cap and saluted the audience. I wish him nothing but the best and hope to god that he kicks cancer’s butt.

– I noticed that only about one-quarter of the crowd stood and applauded the recipient of Gerbe’s Tickets for the Troops. The recipient at this game was going to be deployed to Afghanistan at the end of the year. I ask you, fellow fans, to respect what this guy is putting on the line for you. At the very least, you can stand up and applaud him for it. You don’t even have to put down your beer! I don’t care if you’re against the war(s) or not, the troops still deserve our support.

There was also the potential for a highly awkward moment when this gentleman chose his 15 seconds of fame to propose to his girlfriend. While she did say yes, it would have been quite embarrassing had she not. This is the second game I’ve been to where I’ve seen a proposal, and thankfully both times resulted in a favorable answer.

– When the Sabres took a 2-0 lead, I said “please don’t blow it.” Apparently, the team heard me, but had selective deafness and collectively missed the word “don’t.” Apparently, two goal leads are dangerous for the Sabres to have. They definitely fall into the “this is why we can’t have nice things” category.

– $4 for a bottle of pop is ridiculous. As is $4 for a plain, undecorated hot dog. I don’t care if it’s a Sahlen’s dog; a hot dog sans chili and other fancy toppings should cost less than $4.

– I purchased a mystery Sabres hat from a very nice Sabres wife/girlfriend wearing a baby in a baby sling. I ended up with a Cody McCormick hat. And if it wasn’t for the number next to the signature, I would have had no freaking clue who signed the hat. I know these guys literally sign hundreds of things for giveaways, but some of these signatures look more like abstract works of art than legit names.

– Enroth played an outstanding game. At some points, I really thought he was the only thing keeping the Sabres in the game. The team just seemed tired & sluggish, like their minds were working but their feet were not following along.

– There was also some discussion during the game  amongst those of us in the cheap seats regarding how many major penalties a player can earn in a game before being tossed. (Its 3.) Since Cody Bass earned two fighting majors, we were curious if that was enough to get him tossed from the game. As we all know now, it was not. However, after reading the rule book, I also didn’t know that getting tossed from the game means that you will also be paying a $200 fine. (On a related note, there is also a $100 fine if you are assessed a major penalty for causing an injury to someone’s head or face with your stick. Good to know that a facial/dental deformity is worth $100 to the league. I guess that gives literal meaning to putting a price on someone’s head.)

And because I’m sure we can all use a chuckle after tonight’s debacle, I leave you with this video.


Sabres vs. Canes: Live and In Person

March 15, 2011

I was at tonight’s Sabres/Canes game. Because I don’t have one of those smartyphones (tm Dan Stark on The Good Guys), I was not able to live blog tonight’s game from the arena. I do however have a few comments on the night.

– First, Montador was blessedly brutal in the third period. I’m still not sure whether the falling down without a Hurricane in spitting distance of him or the penalty in the last four minutes of the game was the worse offense.

– Montador was not the only Sabre to randomly fall down tonight. I know Myers fell and there was at least one other stumble. Carolina had no problems, so I think we can rule out cruddy ice as a factor. Do they all need skating refreshers or aids of some sort to prevent from falling down? Speaking of skating and falling down, the little Timbits shooting on Sabretooth during the first intermission were adorable. I also thought that the Timbits animation on the scoreboard was a nice touch.

– I really liked that Pegula was sitting amongst the people tonight. Being named Mayor of Pegulaville while sitting in that section was really cute.

– I was keeping an eye out for Jersey Fouls tonight. At first, I thought my only contender would be a Zach Parise Devils vintage red and green sweater, but then I saw the following on the walk out to the parking lot. There was a nice young gentleman wearing a sweater with the name/number combination of “Jizzbot 13.” What does it mean and why does this sweater exist? (Or do I really not want to know?)

– I can honestly say that tonight was the first time that I heard “Centerfold” played on the pipe organ. (And was “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” slipped in there as well? I definitely noticed a difference in the music tonight versus the game that I attended back in December. Although I do have to ask, who slipped the “We Like to Party” song in there?

– I’m pretty sure that tomorrow we will be hearing an announcement from the Sabres that Sabretooth has been put on the disabled list with a torn rotator cuff. That cat was really working his shoulder while leading the crowd in the towel waves. (Note to the Sabres: the animated Sabretooth on the scoreboard for birthday announcements still wears a slug on his sweater.)

– Speaking of towels, the first synchronized towel wave of the night looked really cool.

– I might have missed the announcement, but was there no serviceman/servicewoman attending tonight’s game courtesy of the Sabres?

– The water in the ladies room by Section 110 was a coldish version of lukewarm, but not the ice cold that has been reported in other areas of the arena by other lady bloggers.

– Can someone get Pominville some non-breaking sticks? Or at least ensure that the Pommerdoodle has some other chew toy available in the locker room? This stick breaking nonsense is for the birds.


Best. Game. Ever.

December 3, 2010

Tonight’s Columbus vs. Buffalo game was the first Sabres game I attended in two years. I made a comment on Twitter earlier today that if the Sabres played like a lackadaisical bunch of sots tonight that I would have no choice but to pull out the Keyboard of Fury. Well, I’m pleased to report that the Keyboard of Fury has been put away for the night in favor of the Keyboard of Awesomeness and Goal Scoring.

My seats tonight were three rows from the top of the arena on the bench side, so I had a fantastic view of the action. I love the new Columbus sweaters, but for some reason, the blue doesn’t translate well on the ice. It appears black to the naked eye from a high vantage point. I did like the nice touch of the Sabres using the cannon emblem for the Blue Jackets on the scoreboard rather than the team’s traditional logo. And I really loved that the Sabres were wearing white sweaters on home ice. Can we please, please, please go back to that? Both teams had a very Olde Tyme Hockey feel to their look tonight and I liked it.

Anyway, sitting in the row immediately behind us were two boys about eight years old who were attending their first hockey game. They were adorable until the blimp showed up in the second intermission and they started howling about wanting pie. Let’s just say that the “adorable” turned to “obnoxious” REAL quick. Seated behind them were two girls who spent the whole game yelling “Let’s Go Buffalo” and managing to rhyme it with something about a rock & roll. I dunno, they were having fun. However, the crash from their sugar high was bound to be painful tonight.

Onto the on-ice action. Who the heck were those people on the ice tonight and can we have them show up every night? My god, the physicality. Can we please sign Cody McCormick to an extension, like now? Dude took care of Commodore for going after Kaleta. I had a feeling that once the response to Commodore’s hit was delayed, that our usual bunch of softies would show up, but was surprised to see old Pepper Grinder taking care of his boy and exercising a little frontier justice for Kaleta.

Montador wasn’t too impressive in his fight, but he tried. Bless his heart. He can still come sit by me anytime.

Moving on, for the second game in the last three, Patrick Kaleta engaged an opposing player in an actual fight. And again, Kaleta acquitted himself quite nicely. He also riled up the crowd afterward, which apparently, the Columbus bench wasn’t too happy about. If Kaleta were on any other team, I would hate him. But as a Buffalo fan, I embrace his d-bagness. He may have a d-bag playing style, but darn it all, he’s our d-bag.

There were two sickening thuds from players colliding into the boards in the third period. The first occurred when Stafford took out Garon and the goalie’s head bounced off the boards. However, the goalie was a tough nut and returned to the game. The second sickening thud occurred when Boll elbowed Morrisson’s head right into the glass. I have a feeling that Boll will be getting a call from those in the league office to discuss that little play. I did notice Lalime gesticulating madly at someone or something during the ensuing discussion of the penalty for Boll’s hit. I’d love to know what was he was engaged with to warrant that kind of reaction.

Speaking of Lalime, he’s really quite the little busy bee on the bench. He’s got that door opening thing down to an art and he collects old sticks and hands out new ones just as well as soccer moms hand out orange slices and sports drink. To think that the team pays him $600,000 for that. (Oh, you mean he’s supposed to play goal, too?) I know, I know, he’s Chief Morale Officer, Goalie Division for the Sabres and that’s his value.

And speaking of goal, how nice was it for Ryan Miller to finally get a shutout and not a “Ryan Miller Shutout?” Miller really didn’t have too difficult of a night, with the small exception of him getting dumped on his arse in the second period. At least the refs were smart enough to waive off that goal. I could see the arena flipping out if they had let it stand.

It was nice to see Stafford bounce back from his shoulder injury tonight with a goal and an assist. Vanek had a three point night and Pommers, that sneaky little thing, increased the population of Pominville in one fell swoop. If these three gentlemen – and wee Tyler Ennis – continue their scoring touch, this team might just turn around. Might. With a capital M. I know these guys will soon return their heads to their arses and forget how to score, but I will enjoy tonight for what it was.

During the second intermission, there was quite the coffee klatch going on in the press box on the left hand side (press box right, if you were in the box). I was trying to figure out what was going on: cookie delivery, Darcy finally trading Timmy for that 10-pound catfish,new scoop on the new owner, but the klatch broke up reasonably quickly.

I did get a giggle from the nice young ladies that were shown on the Jumbotron holding a sign that says “Sabres Hit It.” While I would hope they were innocently referring to the action on the ice, for the love of everything holy, that sign has quite the puckbunny subtext, does it not?

And what was up with the groups of young boys taking their shirts off and waiving them around for Jumbotron time?

And now to show my crankypants side, the nice lady sitting next to me spent the entire game texting. While she had a thorough knowledge of the game and of the team, it was incredibly annoying to see her phone attached to her like an appendage all night. If you pay $60 something dollars for a seat to watch the game, why not do something outrageous and watch the game. It’s annoying to those sitting next to you when your fingers are flying away all type-y type-y and your phone is beeping incessantly. And get off my lawn while you’re at it.


Oh My God, They’re Back Again!

September 18, 2010

Yes, I did use a line from a Backstreet Boys song in my title. Deal with it.

I went to Puck Drop today. Hockey is back my friends!

Excellent graphics!

– Got to the arena at about 930 and found seats in Section 105. I know it’s supposed to be cold in the arena, but holy moses, it was cold in the arena. I was wearing uggs, jeans & a sweatshirt and I was still cold. I wish I would have brought gloves as my hands were freeeeeeezing.

– The seats in this section (or maybe just my row) looked like they could use a good steam cleaning. They were kind of spotted and gross looking.

– For every one well behaved and considerate child I saw, there had to be at least three hellions. The worst offenders were the woman who sat in the row in front of me and let her three children (all under the age of 6 or so) use the two rows as their own personal jungle gym. She was trying to keep them under control, but it really wasn’t working. Thank god she left before the jersey unveiling or I would have been angry with her little monsters.

– During the practice session, Lindy called huddles repeatedly to explain plays in the whiteboard. The players all look like Lindy is attempting to explain nuclear physics to them rather than basic hockey plays.


– The Adult Street Hockey tournament was going on outside the arena. The best team uniform that I saw was worn by a group of gentleman who called themselves the Buffalo Rangers. Each of their sweaters had a departed Sabre on the back: Kennedy, LaFontaine & Drury. These guys get the award for both creativity & snark.

– I saw a woman wearing a number 28 jersey with Goose on the nameplate. Is that fair or foul? (Or is that fowl? :::rimshot:::)

At one point, Gaustad and Myers (I think) were standing at the bench entrance in their undergear and watching the practice. One word from Lindy and they turned tail and ran back into the locker room. It was pretty funny, like they got scolded by dad and were headed to their room to serve out their punishment. Another player briefly came out, munching on a banana, but soon left.

At least I THINK this is Goose and Myers. Suggestions welcome on whom else it could be. Updated to say that I’ve been told that it’s Kassian. Thanks Mike!

– Lindy was quite vocal during the drills, with Roy-Z, Montador and Gerbe getting some name attention.

– There was Pominville graffiti in ladies room. I’m sure whoever thought it was a great idea to write Pominville’s name in a heart in a ladies bathroom stall clearly never thought it through, that the object of her affection would never get to see her adoration for himself.

– The smell of pizza & hot dogs at 10am is kind of repulsive. Same thing with the overly yeasty smell of beer fresh from the tap. But if that’s your thing who am I to judge?

– Montador blocked a shot and stayed down on the ice on all fours for a bit, then moved to the bench to shake it off. That shot looked like it hurt.

– Can someone please tell me who was the other player skating in the red practice sweaters with Gerbe & Grier? My eyes are horribly bad and not having numbers on the back of the practice sweaters was NOT helping matters. Whoever it was had nice chemistry with the other two. (On a random note, I was typing notes on my iPod, and Apple consistently wants to change Gerbe’s name to Herbert. I feel like that’s a nickname in waiting.)

I know the red guy is someone completely obvious, but it’s annoying me that I can’t figure out who it is!

– Has Lindy always made players do push-ups on the ice after drills?

At one point, there were four or five different players doing push-ups on the ice.

While the Zamboni was prepping to come out, the coaches were “helping” to remove the pucks from the ice by flipping them into a bucket with their sticks. Their aim…not so good.

They looked to be having a great time doing this, until the Zamboni appeared and ruined the fun.

– The new sweaters look sweet. It’s so good to see the white sweaters back out on the ice this year. I hope this isn’t a one year only thing, and that the slug is dead and buried for good.

New duds. Same dudes.

Even the ‘Tooth got in on the fun!

Staffy! He better come down with a massive case of contractyearitis, or his time in Buffalo could be coming to an end.

None of my other sweater reveal photos came out that great,  so if you want to see more, visit the gallery on (And someone please explain why Pommers always has a “where am I” look on his face.)

– Watching the scrimmage after the reveal was fun. It was actual hockey played by actual hockey players! Who cares if nothing but pride and a spot on the team is on the line. For the fans, it was great to see.


– Nice nod to history with the names of the two teams for the scrimmage.

I think they would be proud.

Here we have species Crunchious Goaltenderous in his natural environment.

All in all it was a good day. I did buy a new t-shirt at the Sabres store (the blue one with the logo script) and a set of fridge magnets. The cynical part of me knows that the team is making money hand over fist today because of the new gear, but the stuff does look great.


Hey, Look! It’s a Blog Post…

August 1, 2010

…that once again, has little to nothing to do with hockey. Consider yourself warned.

Last weekend, I drove up to Frankenmuth Michigan for a long summer weekend. I’m not a fan of taking full week vacations from the office. I do my one week of winter vacation a year, but prefer to take long weekends throughout the year. It’s just easier to get back into the groove and results in less chaos on my desk. But I digress.

The fastest way to get to Michigan is generally to cut through Canada. All was well and good until we hit the Blue Water Bridge at Sarnia. There, due to construction on the Canadian side, and Chatty Christopher the Border Patrolman on the US side, we waited for over an hour-and-fifteen minutes to cross back into the US. So what else does one do when one is stuck on a bridge? Take pictures, of course!

A lighthouse on the US side of the border.

This boat was well on its way into Lake Huron by the time we made it through customs.

At one point, the front half of the car was in the US, and the back in Canada.

One of the highlights of Frankenmuth is a visit to Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, which is one of the largest Christmas related stores in the world. In addition to racks and racks of ornaments and other holiday related bric-a-brac, the store contains many holiday related displays in the rafters. You never quite know what you’re going to see.

For instance, I saw a Goose.

HONK! HONK! When’s hockey season start? HONK!

And a penguin. He looks charmingly like Sid, right?

Making goodies. My goodies are much better than Ovie’s goodies, right?

Sadly, there was no frog around to wish me a Hoppy New Year.

The town of Frankenmuth itself is set up to emphasize the area’s German roots. All of the buildings in town are encouraged to utilize a German/Bavarian style when remodeling building exteriors. The main hotel in town, the Bavarian Inn, looks like a German village from the front and a traditional hotel from the rear.

Hotel, front view.

Hotel, rear view. The yellow portion on the right is one of the hotel’s five pools. (Thankfully, it’s the adults only pool. No snot nosed, bratty children need apply.)

There was a softball tournament staying at the hotel while we were there. It’s all fun and games until a group of brats runs down the hallway at 11pm, knocking on every door and hollering. It was quite fun to watch one of the hooligans parents get (politely) reemed out in the lobby the next morning by the hotel staff. Outside of the children, the hotel is pretty neat to stay in. There’s a full arcade & game room that has skeeball lanes. I love playing skeeball, but after a marathon skeeball session, my arm & shoulder were jelly.

The hotel is connected to town via a covered wooden bridge.

The bridge crosses the Cass River, which only runs about 6-7 feet deep.

This chicken made of flowers is located outside Zehnders Restaurant, which is known for its family style chicken dinners. In fact, Zehnders has been ranked as the #1 restaurant in the US in terms of meals served. (And the chicken is quite delicious.)

While we were in town, there was a Revolutionary War re-enactment going on. I’m not sure what was more entertaining: the battle itself, or the group of Canadians next to me trying to figure out what was going on. I think they were tripped up when the “Highlanders” showed up, since they were fighting on both sides of the battle. (Sadly, none of the Highlanders looked like Jamie Fraser, so that was a bit of a letdown, LOL.) I did take pictures at the re-enactment, but since they were of people I didn’t know, I’m not going to post them.

Now that my vacation time is over (and its officially August), it seems like all the signs pointing to the end of summer are hitting me full on in the face. Bills training camp has started, the Erie County Fair starts in 10 days, and Labor Day is a short month away. Which all means that hockey season is right around the corner. Yay!


Live from Buffalo: It’s Sabres Hockey

October 3, 2009

It’s a fresh start for the Sabres. All the past whining, finger pointing and bitching is in the rear view mirror. There’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Let’s watch some hockey!

First Period

– Gaustad and Pominville are wearing the A’s tonight. Let us all HONK! and Pommerdoodle in a dignified manner…if that’s even possible. It’s about time Gaustad was recognized for his leadership abilities. The fans have clamoring for this for awhile, especially after seeing Gaustad defend his teammates on the ice and call them out off the ice.

– If I drank every time I saw the Leafs/Flames Greatest Game Video or NHL Center Ice commercials this weekend, I’d be in desperate need of a liver transplant. I swear, the Center Ice ad ran during every single break in the BlackHawks/Panthers game.

– CBC brought back Peter Puck. It’s deliciously cheesy, but I love it!

– The players entered the ice to the sounds of “Street Fighting Man” by the Stones and salute the fans at center ice. Then, chaos ensues as they have have to line up by number at the blue line. Tim Kennedy, as expected, gets a huge round of applause. Kaleta, Grier, Goose and Miller were also well received by the crowd. (At this point, my mother is insisting that “Eye of the Tiger” is playing, when in reality, it’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” My mother can be deaf as a post at times, in case you were wondering.

– It’s now officially hockey season, as Doug Allen graces us with the National Anthems. Every time he points at the end of the Star Spangled Banner, I feel like he’s pointing at me.

– Puck drop! Ladies and gents, we have hockey! It’s a beautiful thing.

– I’m glad to see that both major donut franchises in Buffalo (Dunkin and Timmy Hos) are represented on the dasher boards. For the record, Dunkin has better iced coffee while Timmy Hos has better baked goods and hot coffee.

– The crowd sounds incredibly pumped, as the “Let’s Go Buff-a-lo” chant rocks through the stands.

– I do like MSG’s new understated new scoreboard graphics. The small bar is very subtle compared to what’s been used the past couple of seasons.

– WHOOO!! Timmy scores on the power play after Rivet’s point shot made it through the crowd. 1-0, Sabres. The scoreboard helpfully tells us that this is Timmy’s 89th NHL goal. Thanks statboard for that bit of relevant info.

– The Sidney Crosby couch interview on ESPN is great, especially the part where they discuss Sid’s continued presence at Chez Mario. However, did ESPN really have to use at borderline bow-chicka-wowow music as the intro and outro?

– Ack, live action Cellino and Barnes pop-ups during the broadcast! Do not like!

– I wish I was in 5th-8th grade and could have an ice cream party with Ryan Miller. Could we expand that to offices that have the mentality of 5th-8th graders? I’m sure my co-workers would love to have an ice cream social with Miller. We’re all sane…well, most of the time at least.

Second Period

– I think I may have hit my social media limit, as I’m blogging, checking Twitter and messing around with the family on Facebook. I might need to step back and pay attention to the game.

– The SabresDotCom twitter reports that the special at the arena is a hot dog, chips and a souvenir soda for the low, low price of $9.25. I think I can go to Teds and get several hot dogs for that price. I know arena food is expensive, but that’s borderline highway robbery. Actual highway robbery is paying $1 for a cup of cheese to go with a pretzel.

– I like that Rivet immediately came to Butler’s defense when Gomer attacked him. Then Pommer comes flying  into the fray when Hal Gill enters to defend his teammates and Gill starts swinging his cane and muttering about those damn kids.What Pommer is going to do in that situation, I don’t know. Pommer doesn’t scream “I’m a big tough guy” to me.

– There’s now three Sabres in the penalty box as Roy gets assessed a penalty for participating in another scrum, this time at the Montreal end of the ice. Apparently, the new rule to stop scrums is to only assess a penalty to one of the players involved in a scrum. Somehow, this is supposed to stop them from happening. I’m not following this leap of logic from TPTB at the NHL.

– The kids are playing alright tonight, as both Kennedy and Myers have seen time on the penalty kill. That’s confidence building from the coach right there (with a side order of out of the frying pan and into the fire for good measure).

– Two of the Habs have dropped by the wayside during this second period. O’Byrne is out with a lower body injury and Metropolit is out with an upper body injury. That’s three injuries for the Habs in one-and-a-half games. At this rate, they’ll have burned through their entire  A-team and minor league team by the midpoint of the season.

– I FLOVE that Myers, Gaustad and Hecht all went flying in to defend Miller after Lapierre got a little too close to the goalie for their teammates comfort. That’s the kind of toughness we need to see for the remaining 81 games this season. Gaustad gets a double minor and Lapierre a single minor, so Montreal is on the power play. They also show Myers on the bench getting his helmet re-screwed together, and it looks like they’re re-tightning the bolts on Franken-player.

– That Montreal power play lasts for all of a blink as Roy gets tripped up.

– I love this Chris Butler interview on He’s thoughtful with his answers and I do enjoy that he’s paying forward the kindness shown to him in his rookie season by becoming Myers’ chauffeur and lunch buddy.

– The crowd erupts as the puck, Miller and Moen all go crashing into the net. Even though the net is off, the goal stands as unfortunately the puck crossed the goal line before the net came off. Whatevs. Let’s just hope this retreating nonsense doesn’t continue.

– Alright Ryan, I know you’re a busy little boy and all, but it’s been two whole months since you updated your blog. Please share your snarky wit with the rest of the world. We like it, and those that don’t can just go take a long walk off a short pier.

– Where is Sabretooth? I haven’t seen his little tiger striped head along the glass at all so far.

– Miller makes a pad save on Latendresse, who got in on a breakaway. Nice save as Miller had to sweep from side -to-side pretty quickly to stop the puck.

– Defenseman down! Sekera gets beaned by a Spacek slapshot. The shot was a deflection, so Spacek didn’t intentionally mean to kill Reggie, but he’s looking a bit worse for the wear as he skates of the ice. Here’s hoping it’s nothing too serious, but if it is, and he’s out for a significant amount of time, would the Sabres call up Weber or play Paetsch?

Third Period

– Harry Neale tells us that 14 different Sabres have had a shot on goal in tonight’s game. Vanek is one of the four players without one.

– It seems like Sekera wasn’t hurt too badly, as he’s back out on the ice, but he inadvertently hits Stafford with the puck while trying to bring it out of the zone. Was he paying something forward?

– Dear RJ, please don’t use the word “diddling” ever again. It’s not a good out loud word.

– Neale mixes up Gomez and Gionta while trying to explain which player Miller gave an elbow to after said player inadvertently got into his crease. Gomez & Gionta are totally interchangeable, right? (NOT!)

– The Sabres are on the power play as Myers draws his second penalty of the night. I think teams are going to realize that tripping the tall dude is kind of obvious and will get called every.single.time.

– I now have “Piano Man” stuck in my head, after reading on Sabres Edge about the Billy Joel sing-a-long that happened at the Arena tonight.

And we are going to ohhhhhhhh-vertime. Guys, Game 1 of 82 should not be going to overtime. You played well, but a nice convincing win would have been a good way to start the season.


– You know what I noticed? There didn’t seem to be the intense booing of Spacek that normally greets a departed Sabre (Peca, Hasek, Drury, Briere, etc).

– There’s two good – and I mean GOOD – scoring chances for the Sabres, but both go wide.

– Well fuck me. Gionta takes a rebound off the dasherboard and whacks it past Miller. Drive home safely, folks.

All in all, the game was alright. The Sabres still sat back on their heels and tried to protect the lead rather than go balls out and try to create a bigger lead. But overall, I like what I saw tonight, especially in the tough and scrappy department.


Look! It’s Real Hockey(ish) Played By Real Hockey Players

September 12, 2009

I went to Puck Drop today, and this wordy, photo filled post summarizes my day. Carry on at your own risk.

Read the rest of this entry ?


One Reminder and Some Thoughts

November 3, 2008

This is my semi-live blog of tonight’s Sabres/Devils game. If you want to read the NJ perspective, hop on over to Interchangeable Parts for Pookie and Schnookie’s thoughts.

First Period

– For the love of everything holy, why is Timmy charging towards the net helmetless? His helmet should require three teammates, an equipment manager and some vaseline to get it off his noggin.

– Could there *be* any more power play opportunities for the Sabres in this first period? Every time I turn around, some hapless Devil is on his way to the box.

– Glad to see that Rivet is back in the lineup. That was a completely surprising personnel move for tonight’s game. I’m shocked that a) Rivet is ready to play and b) Lindy tinkered with the lineup after such a resounding win. We all know Lindy doesn’t like to tinker after wins. And that’s what she said.

– The Devils should be thanking their lucky stars that the score is only 1-0 at the end of the first period. Weekes stopped 20 Sabres shots while the Devils only put three on Miller. That’s roughly a 7:1 shot ratio. Games are not won like that.

– The mentions of Gaustad’s large body are getting a little out of control. I think we were up to four mentions of Gaustad’s size during this period alone. While Gaustad is a little intimidating on the ice, he’s not an extremely bulky guy off the ice. I mean, he’s tall, but he’s not bulky. He carries his weight well, it doesn’t carry him, is what I’m trying to say.

– I just read that Poz is going to be the special guest host of Kissmas Bash. Please tell me that they’re going to give David Archuleta a bench or something to stand on for any photo ops he has to do with Poz. Otherwise, those could be some extremely awkward looking photographs.

– Speaking of awkward photographs, check out Miller being all Gumby-like with his leg propped up 100% on the boards. I try that, I’m on the floor with a broken something-or-other.

Second Period

Rayzor mentions that Lindy preaches a game of tempo and intensity, and he’s getting both in spades from his team tonight. He can say that again.

– Wow. Marty Brodeur has only missed 9 games due to illness or injury during his career. That’s pretty phenomenal, especially for a goalie. Rayzor then mentions that Miller lost 12 pounds or so during last season, and that wasn’t weight he really had room to lose in the first place. I’m glad that this year the Sabres have a perfectly cromulent backup goalie on place, so that Lindy won’t have to ride Miller like Secretariat. (Speaking of backup goalies, does anyone know where Thiebault ended up this year?)

– I noticed that the Sabres have now posted an “Ask a Sabre” feature. You can submit a question to either the entire team or to a specific player and the question may be answered on The Sabres Show. I can think of a couple very easily.

– Dear Timmy: Please shed some further light on your new found love of reading. Are you a library lover (and not in that way, sunshine) or do you pick up the latest and greatest at your favorite local bookstore?

– Dear Team: Do you think anyone will ever get the mythical 5/25 offer? And as a follow-up, during the doldrums of last season, did you ever want to tell Bucky to shove it up his piehole sideways, as he continued to beat the dead horse that was Briere and Drury.

– Dear Ryan Miller: Please explain why The Refinery sells boob hoodies. They serve no useful function other than to cut a woman in half in the most unflattering way. Please reconsider your stance on selling this garment.

– I’m very, very disturbed by the photo over at Puck Daddy of the gentleman who dressed up for Halloween as the be-gashed Clint Malarchuck. Not cool, dude. Not cool. (I’m not linking to it here, since it is kind of disturbing. The photo is in Greg W.’s preview of tonight’s games, if you need/want to see it.)

– The Devils have cheerleaders? The hell?

– Doc ends a brief anecdote about Nathan Gerbe by mentioning that Gerbe is only 5’8. I don’t believe that. Promoting Gerbe to 5’8 would automatically make Roy-Z about 5’10 and that does not compute either.

– I spend the last little bit of the second period looking for Richie Havens’ version of “The Times They Are A Changin” on iTunes. I cannot find it. Boooooo!

– During the intermission, the broadcast staff relates how surprised they are by Miller’s extremely low GAA. They’re not as surprised as some of the fans are. There’s a vocal contingent of Sabres fans who are ready to throw Miller under the bus if he so much as sneezes the wrong way.

Third Period

– The Sabres start the third period by extending their shotless streak to thirteen minutes. At the beginning of the game, they were shooting every other second. Now, they’re not shooting at all. Do they think that there’s a limit to how often and how many shots they can take during a game? Minimizing their shots is not how they win hockey games.

– Dear Doc: its pronounced Rih-vay. Not Ree-vey. K? Thx. Bye.

– Shaq looks like he wants to be anywhere but being interviewed by Versus. Although I do admit that the interview would go a lot better if Shaq would a) enunciate and b) the broadcast staff turned down the background noise. It was a little difficult to hear what Shaq was saying.

– WHOO! Sejkera and/or Paille score. Versus isn’t clear about telling us who did the deed. Correction: The Kaleta scored. There’s just a little bit of difference between Sejkera, Paille and Kaleta is all I’m saying. Clear player identification is pretty important is all I’m saying.

– Miller arguing his puck into the mesh call is pretty comical. He’s so delightfully animated when he feels he’s being wronged.

– Every time Doc or Rayzor mention the Devils Vrana, I have this urge to start humming the Mahna-Mahna song.

– The Devils look like they’ve pulled a page from the Bad Sabre playbook, thinking that the game can be saved with only two consistent periods of hockey on their part.

– Holy crap. Miller has back-to-back shutouts. I don’t think he’s ever done that before. Keep up the good work, Crunchy!

– Post game gives us a nice interview with Miller. He talks about his puckhandling, and how he feels better with it, since its been worked on in practice. However, the lighting at the Rock and Miller’s sweaty head are conspiring to make him look like he’s rapidly gaining a salt-and-pepper shaggy head. Now I think I understand why he’s usually wearing a hat post game.

And now that the game is over, just a friendly reminder to everyone that no matter who you vote for, make sure you vote.

TSN’s James Duthie has a pretty entertaining look at how politics and hockey have intertwined in this election.

– And in honor of Election Day, this blog would not be complete without two of my favorite clips from The West Wing.

Bradley Whitford pwns this little vignette about how our ballots can be somewhat complicated to fill out and understand.

This next one is one of my faves just because it deals with the stereotype of internet crazies. It’s also Aaron Sorkin’s oh-so-subtle “fuck you!” to the good folks over at, who banned Sorkin from their forums after he got into a pissing match with some fans and one of his writers. In trying to condemn them, he stooped down to their level. Bad Sorkin. But in being a little petulant, he gave Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney and Janel Moloney some pretty great material to work with. Then again, those three could spin shit into gold…and often did, during the John Wells years.


Puck Drop Report

September 20, 2008


I just got back from Puck Drop, and it was so nice to see actual hockey being played. Even though it was just a scrimmage, and there was no hitting, it was good to see the scoring, the skating and the creativity on the ice.

Hockey, Its Good To See You Again!

I fully admit to having edited the above photo in Picasa. The flash of my camera was having a blast catching the reflective stripes on the jerseys. Making the photo black-and-white really made the stripe pop.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Pissed Off Blogger

June 23, 2008

Or…my trip to The Refinery.

This past weekend I was in Frankenmuth, MI. It’s a really cute, quaint German town halfway between Saginaw and Flint. The entire town is focused around German food, German history and little shops selling every sort of chotchke available. It’s a total tourist area, but the townsfolk acknowledge it and move on. As part of our weekend, the mom unit and I decided to drive down to East Lansing and visit The Refinery, which as we all know is the clothing store owned by our very own Ryan Miller.

(I would have posted this earlier, but I was without internet access this weekend, as my cheap little self didn’t want to pay $9.95 per 24 hours of access at the hotel. Hotels should have complementary internet, damn it. It was very disconcerting being without access to the Buffalo News, especially during NHL draft weekend. I wanted to find out who the Sabres drafted and whether Darcy traded Max for a 10-pound catfish and a bag of pucks. ESPN was completely useless in this regard, for what it’s worth (shocking, right?). I can however, tell you the complete saga of Evgeni Malkin’s contract offer from the Russians, and Marian Hossa rejecting the Pens 7/$49 deal.

Now that I’m back amongst the civilized, I can’t wait to see how our new 6’7″ draft pick drastically adjusts the height alignment of the team. I’ll bet that Derek Roy magically grows to 5’10” by the start of training camp.)

But I digress. Onto the real reason you’re reading this post…

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