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Stop The Presses

November 9, 2009

I’m cutting and pasting  this Bucky Gleason quote so that when January comes and the “Fire Lindy” columns start coming, we all have this on record.

Ruff is both a good coach and the right coach for Buffalo.

I also find it slightly hysterical that Lindy was reading a parenting book in order to become a better coach. Does that imply that he’s coaching a group of children?



September 3, 2009

– Who says Bucky Gleason isn’t inspirational? After reading his column regarding the NHLPA follies, I was inspired with a name for my fantasy hockey team. The Two-Eyed Pea Brains will be striving for their third consecutive 5th place finish in the IPB Super/Amazing League.

Since house rules limit me to Western Conference players only, I have to decide whether to again pick Luongo for the third consecutive year. Lui has been a solid performer for me, but I can’t help but think he’ll fall prey to DiPietro Syndrome and be injured a lot now that he’s signed a super-long term deal. At least this year, the battle over Pronger and his Elbows of Fury moves over to those picking from the Eastern Conference.

– With the current labor situations in both the NHL and the NFL, is it possible that both leagues could be on a lockout during the same year? Whatever the heck will Buffalo fans have to bitch about if this is the case? There’s only so many “those greedy players/owners/fans/mascots/bastards” posts that one can write.

– Speaking of the NFL, they are apparently cracking down on live-blogging during games from in-stadium locations. Bad NFL. At least the NHL hasn’t stooped to this level, but the NHL has been more receptive of social media venues than other sports.

– I’m glad to see that Sabres Edge is doing well, but do they realize that in the world of interweb advertising, a “hit” is often referred to as “how idiots [measure] traffic.” Just saying…

Yay! Darcy’s alive! I’m willing to give our motley crew of Sabres ANOTHER chance, but if I start seeing half-assedness on a repeated basis – Roy, Hecht, Tallinder,, I’m looking at you – I will not be a happy camper. Here’s to hoping that the “leaders” in the locker room can help lead some of the younger, more impressionable Sabres along the right path. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, you can lead horses to water, but you can’t make them drink.

– Alright, I read about Adam Mair’s potential hip issues at least a month ago on a message board. Just saying.

– Gauntlet…thrown. Gerbe is reporting that he is NOT going back down (east?) to Portland this year. Good to see a little bit of spunk out of Gerbe, but at the same time, he has to play [ahem] within the system and not try to do it all. He worked hard last year, but whether it was rookie jitters or being overwhelmed by NHL defense, he didn’t do well with the Sabres. The little button has to step it up this year with the glut at forward.


Sabres v. Leafs – 4.8.09

April 9, 2009

– I thought the Brad May ceremony was very nicely done. The Leafs were incredibly classy to let the Sabres even be involved in the ceremony itself. Then again, considering May played 43% of his career in a Sabres uniform, it should have been a no brainer to include the Sabres. I did like the brief “oh shit” moment that passed across Rob Ray’s face when May turned to hug Rayzor. I think the past couple of weeks have showed us that Rob Ray does not have much of a poker face. And that was a pretty snazzy painting that the Sabres gave May. I’d like that in poster form.

– After reading on Sabres Edge that RJ was fully prepared to re-enact the May Day call if May scored during the game, there was a tiny part of me that hoped that May would score so we could hear the call. But alas, Miller foiled that opportunity.

– The “three men in the booth” dynamic was interesting, especially since RJ and Harry kept encouraging Ray to speak up more. I think Ray’s used to being called on at certain times, and doesn’t really have a rolodex of talking points that he can readily call on at a moments notice.

– Hey look, bitter cynical Bucky has made an appearance.

– Goose scored a goal, continuing his foxy, consistent play.

– Vanek reappeared out of nowhere, scoring a goal. That’s a good thing.

– There were a couple of times during the game that I wanted to bungee cord Ryan Miller to his goal posts. He was either out of position or down on a couple of Leafs shots, and through whatever benevolence (or torture) of the hockey gods, was saved from looking like a fool as the Leafs shot either wide or high.

– Did anyone else notice that the Leafs had an itchy trigger finger on the goal celebration light? How many times did that thing go off despite the puck being shot high or way wide? I’m surprised Miller didn’t start bitching and ask for a pair of sunglasses or some sunscreen.

– What was going on between Dominic Moore and Jason Blake all night? They were especially scrappy with each other. I kept waiting for some sort of throwdown, but it never came.

– Congratulations to the Columbus Blue Jackets for making the playoffs for the first time in their history. They’re going to be one of my WC bandwagon teams for the playoffs, which means that they’ll be destined for an early, yet painful exit. I’m rooting for them if for no other reason than they’re the ultimate underdog, they have an awesome rookie goalie and Michael Peca.

As of right now, other playoff bandwagons that I’m jumping on include the Devils, the Bruins (unless the Sabres make the #8 seed, of course), the Canucks and maybe the Blackhawks.

ETA for an off-topic rant:  While doing some work related reading, I’ve become even more aware of the fact that I am a 27-year-old fuddy duddy. I like reading the newspaper. I like watching local news. (Though admittedly I do check out the web versions of local newspapers and TV stations. I think it’s the commentary from “users” that keeps me coming back for more.) I like watching TV on a TV set through my cable system. (Though admittedly I flove my DVR.) I have a respectable collection of TV shows on DVD, but the world doesn’t stop with those shows. I do watch the occasional online video, but I don’t regularly become glued to my laptop to watch shows. (If I missed something, then fine, but Hulu is not appointment viewing.) I really think that the MSM is not dying, it’s evolving.


News and Snooze

November 9, 2008

Bucky’s news and notes column this morning is a veritable treasure trove of information. I’m not sure where to even begin.

  • Sounds like the Portland Pirates could be on their way to developing another version of the Core 6. While Bucky claims that the Pirates living in the same apartment complex are experiencing a college-type life minus the kegs and mac and cheese, I think they’re just a Heather Locklear and Courtney Thorne Smith away from a Melrose Place redux. (Speaking of which, the CW is potentially going to redo Melrose in the same way they redid Beverly Hills 90210. That could either be a really, really good thing, or a really, really bad thing. Nothing will ever top the cheesiness and craziness that was original Melrose, so should they even bother?)
  • Ovie beat up Malkin’s agent in a bar in the summer of 2007, leading to the destruction of the Ovie and Malkin friendship? Wow. I never pictured Ovie as the type to get into bar fights. I wonder what the fight was all about.
  • I find it hysterical that Chris Chelios admitted that his wife wears the voting pants in their family. While I can kind of see his reasoning behind not voting, you would think that a guy who has practically had a Team USA sweater tattooed on his body would take more of an interest in how his country is being run.

– Hopefully the next three days off will give Ryan Miller a chance to work on some goalie fundamentals. He was giving up some huge rebounds last night. And he was flopping around like a dying trout for a good portion of the game. I don’t think “dying trout” is a proper goalie style.

– I caught the end of the Canucks game last night and was really glad to see the crowd so excited for Luongo to get his third consecutive shutout. I was also amused by the gameday staff playing “Louie Louie” (or is that “Lui Lui”) during the postgame team hugfest.

– This Bills game is annoying the heck out of me right now. But its not what’s going on in the game that’s really bothering me (yet), its the crappy CBS broadcast. First, on the HD channel, it took a few minutes for the Bills feed to come up (forcing us all to watch the Bears/Titans) and even then the Bills feed was in standard definition. Now, after a quarter since the switch to HD, the feed is back to the standard definition one on the high def channel. Its annoying as you know what.

– Anyone who has ever seen the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs needs to watch this Sesame Street clip. Mike Rowe is completely adorkable in it.


Its a Shutout For Reals

November 2, 2008

– Its a gorgeous fall day. The weather is calm. The tree across the street is reflecting the beautiful sunshine off of its golden leaves. I have a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup simmering away on the stove and the Bills are on the TV. Life is good. 🙂

– Admit it. Last night, you were waiting for Miller to give up the inevitable softie in the third period, ruining his shutout bid. I freely admit that I kept waiting for that other shoe to drop. We all know Miller has that occasional brain fade in the waning moments of a game where he’s working on a shootout.

– Anyone want to start a pool as to what “skill player” is going to come out of the lineup when Hecht returns? My money right now would be on Staffy. There have been moments where the boy has played with absolute brilliance and been a physical entity, but then there are other moments where you wonder if he’s thinking more about his guitar skillz than the game he’s playing in.

Lindy’s comments about Clarke MacArthur were also pretty uplifting. Clarke has played well this season and is currently the team’s fourth leading scorer. No way in hell should he sit.

– Glad to see Timmy back in uniform and playing reasonably well.

Yes, Timmy. That really is your name on the back of the jersey. Welcome back!

– Speaking of Timmy, I was pleasantly surprised with Bucky’s column about our oft-injured center. I think the most surprising part of the article was learning that Timmy is a voracious reader. I’ll freely admit that when I think of “voracious reader” and “Sabres,” that Timmy’s name doesn’t pop to the top of my list. Gaustad, Miller and maybe Teppo pop to the top. Timmy’s chilling out in the basement with Mair and Kaleta. Now I’m curious to know what he reads. Great, classic American literature? Thrillers? Crime drama? Letters to Penthouse? I’m intrigued now.

– With the Sabres and Devils both putting up five or more goals on Saturday night, that means that Monday’s game between these two teams will probably end in a 1-0 score via the most humiliating and embarrassing way possible in a shootout. You heard it here first. (And yes, I do realize that the Sabres / Devils games were some of the more entertaining games last season. Both sides are just due for one of those completely ridiculous games is all I’m saying.)

– That 15-year deal the Isles gave Pretty Ricky is looking more and more ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that he is going to be out for another 4-6 weeks after having knee surgery. This is Ricky’s third operation in the past seven months (two knees and a hip.) He’s going to be playing net in one of those old lady hoverround chairs if he keeps that surgical pace up.

– I still really hate the “hot girls, with skates” commercial. That is all.


Rocky Mountain High…Kind Of

October 26, 2008

– I can’t complain about the Sabres start to the season. While it would be nice if they could finish a game off in regulation time, I really can’t quibble over the fact that they have earned a point in every single game that they have played so far. 8 games and 14 points is nothing to sneeze at. That puts them at #2 in the league behind the Rangers. While I’m sure I’ll be swearing at the boys during January and February, I’m just content now to sit back and watch things develop.

– I do think Ryan Smyth was effective at throwing Miller off his game, leading to the Avs goal in regulation. Miller was in quite the snit during the game, and it looks like the snit continued after the game, if his postgame comments were any indication.

When he comes by and twists me out of position … tipped puck or whatever, that’s a slow-moving puck that I would have reached if I’d been set. I have no idea why he’s allowed to do it. I had the ice. I was there first. Don’t touch me.”

I think this is where the team missed Rivet’s presence. We’ve all see him go after people who take liberties with Miller’s personal space. Last night could have used a little bit of that.

– I would not be surprised if Mike Weber was called up from Portland for tomorrow night’s game against Ottawa. The Sabres are already down to six defensemen, and losing Tallinder to a laceration didn’t help things last night. Even if Tallinder is cleared to go, I can really see the team having Weber on standby. And besides, the last time someone on the team had a “laceration,” that person missed the final two-and-a-half months of the regular season with a lacerated tendon.

And speaking of defensemen, I do think that Paetsch has played well these past two games. Not bad for a guy who’s main role this season is probably going to be a pressbox resident.

– Is anyone else mildly curious about the “interior decorating” that JM Liles helped Miller out with? Are these two closet HGTV fiends, discussing paint colors and hardware? Or are they just mucking around?

– I really liked Bucky’s latest column in today’s paper. I’m glad that Rivet is settling into Buffalo and realizing that there’s more to us than some boarded up old buildings and EB Green’s steakhouse. And is it me, or is Bucky trying to be more positive lately? I know the season is still young, and there’s plenty of criticism left to be wrote, but the amount of “up” writing so far this season is impressive.


Just a Little Bit Behind

October 13, 2008

Like the Bills, I was on a bye weekend of sorts these past couple of days. The real world, plus a lack of motivation, conspired to prevent me from posting this weekend. So, with that aside, here’s a couple quick tidbits.

– Toni Lydman gets a hardy “that’s what she said” from me for his comments on his amazing save against Montreal:

“I didn’t see it right away because it was on Ryan’s other side,” Lydman said Sunday. “I was standing on his left side, I saw it rolling towards the net and I guess thank God I have a long stick.”

Yes, my inner twelve year old is coming out to play today. I think its a coping mechanism in preparation for my 401k meeting this afternoon.

– It wasn’t until I read about it in yesterday’s paper, but I didn’t notice that Lindy was shaking up the PK units. I was surprised as all heck to read that Kaleta was on the PK for a couple of shifts. Maybe the lack of the penalty clock on screen during the broadcast made it harder for me to keep track of that stuff? Who knows. But I do like Lindy’s willingness to experiment.

– During the player intros of Friday’s game, did no one clue the cameraman into the fact that Goose, Timmy and Patches were being introduced from the bench since they weren’t playing? For that matter, why didn’t they let the three of them dress in their sweaters and breezers and skate out with the rest of the team? Last time I checked, a broken thumb couldn’t inhibit skating and someone could’ve pushed Timmy around the ice if his back was still bothering him.

– While I wasn’t at the game, I did read in the Buffalo News gameblog that the population of Pominville sign now reads 26.5 million. Hee. That gave me a good chuckle.

– I watched the pre-game show on Friday night. I think the show is definitely off to a good start. I liked the Teppo feature, as well as the Ales Kotalik interview. The Darcy and Lindy joint interview was fun to watch because you can tell that they really like each other, in addition to just respecting each other. The only thing I didn’t like was that some features were replayed during the game’s intermission. Don’t waste my time like that, Sabres!

– If I wasn’t a fan of Poz already, I would really be one after reading Bucky’s (I know!) absolutely fantastic article about the guy in yesterday’s paper. Poz sounds almost too good to be true.

– I don’t have the best eyesight, but is Miller organizing a deck of cards in this picture?