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Do Something Good Today

January 26, 2009

Pedigree Dog Food is running its first ever Super Bowl ad this year. And in support of this new ad, they’re going to be running a dog food donation drive for shelters across the country. If you visit the Pedigree website and watch either the Super Bowl ad or the related videos, Pedigree will donate a bowl of dog food to a shelter for each video watched. If the videos are viewed four million times, that is the equivalent of America stepping up and feeding every dog in a shelter for one day. So think of the puppies and go watch the videos already!


We’re Number One(ish)

June 4, 2008

– In the ratings for Monday night’s Triple OT thriller, the Buffalo DMA was the third highest rated market in the country. (Third only behind Pittsburgh and Detroit. So technically, we were the top market that didn’t have a team playing in the game.) The game received a 10.2 rating / 17 share in Buffalo. I’m not sure whether these ratings are based off of an A18+ demo or a P12+, but they’re still pretty impressive. Not that we’re a hockey crazy town or anything.

– First the parade plans are leaked, now the merchandise? Are the Red Wings trying to have karma bite them in the ass?

– Speaking of asses, apparently Sidney Crosby has a large one. Who knew? (Seriously though, find me a hockey player with a small tushie, and I’ll buy you a cookie.) This article is the kind of lighthearted fluff that should be written about more players in the NHL, not just the Sidbot. I can’t wait to see what my wordpress stats tell me about the search terms I get from the first sentence of this paragraph.


Its Total Crackpot Day Again

May 2, 2008

– My first thought on seeing this photo on the front page of the Buffalo News Sports section? He’s not dead, he’s resting.

– Yahoo’s hockey blog is just a treasure trove of material. Today they included Margee’s absolutely fabulous look at the different styles of playoff beards. Like most of Margee’s posts, you might not want to have liquids or food around when reading. You don’t want to do damage to yourself or your computer from laughing hysterically.

– I’m sure that NBC is doing back handsprings now that the Pens/Rags series is not a sweep. If that series, and the Wings/Avs had both been sweeps, NBC would have been faced with no weekend hockey games. (The Philly/Montreal game could not have been moved from Saturday night, due to contractual obligations with HNiC. And you really don’t want to piss off the Canadians by moving something out of HNiC.) Since the Pens lost on Thursday, they now play on Sunday afternoon. No hockey at all on NBC this weekend would not have been a good thing, especially since the league has been trumpeting ratings increases and the fact that they re-signed with the network. It would have been a total momentum killer.

– Am I the last person to know that Elisha Cuthburt is allegedly schtupping Dion Phaneuf? From Avery to Phaneuf with a Komisarek in between? That’s progress.

– And in some non-hockey related news, I find it absolutely hysterical that Canisius’ Springfest Quad Party is causing such a ruckus this year. Channel 2 News is reporting that the Buffalo SWAT Team and cops from Amherst and Lancaster have been called in to manage the throngs of unruly students.

For those of you not familiar with Quad Party, it is a celebration of the last day of classes in the Spring Semester. Students usually start drinking when they wake up in the morning, pass out, or boot and rally only to start drinking again. The college tries to counteract the all-day drinking by having non-alcoholic fun and frolic at the KAC, but people drink irregardless of the fun and frolic. You ever see drunk people go on a carnival ride or try to do sumo wrestling? Take about unintentional comedy! This approach is a big change from Quad Party of the 90s, where it actually took place in the Quad (novel concept for something called “Quad Party,” right?) and the college served alcohol to those of age.

When I was a student at Chez Griff, I remember that Glendale was shut down one year by throngs of partying students. There was ruckus, yes, but no more ruckus than on a typical Saturday night in the Canisius neighborhood.

In addition, anyone who’s ever had experience with Canisius Public Safety knows that they will not hesitate to step in and keep law and order. (I have memories of them chasing two runaway freshmen during Orientation, since they were heading to We Never Proof to go buy beer.) I have to wonder why this year’s Quad Party suddenly requires the presence of the Buffalo SWAT Team and cops from Amherst and Lancaster? Is it because Hizzoner the Mayor lives around the corner from the college, making it a public safety concern? Is Hizzoner causing some problems for the college, as it was their security cameras that proved that Hizzoner’s darling son was lying about taking the family SUV on a joyride and crashing into two cars? I find it hard to believe that this year’s group of students is any wilder and crazier than previous years. And what’s absolutely ironic about the whole thing is that most of the Jesuits on staff can probably drink most of the student body under the table.


And The Winner Is…

April 24, 2008

The Buffalo News is reporting that Jason Pominville has been nominated for the Lady Byng trophy. The award is given to the player who best exemplifies gentlemanly play (an oxymoron in hockey, perhaps.) The News also reports that Pommers has slowly earned the respect of the players around the league for his playing style, as well as for his willingness to step in front of the media and answer the tough questions.

And, he’s also assisted in the creation of the Pommerdoodle Quote Generator [Patent Pending]. To use the quote generator, just combine any of the following phrases

We need to give 110%

We need to get the bounces to go our way


Its all on us in the room, each of us just needs to dig deep

We’re not giving up


Its a tough road ahead, but we’re going to straighten up and fly right


The team is good. We have a core group of guys


We just need to play the system


In addition, getting nominated for an award is just another thing we can put on the list of things that Pominville and Gaustad have done together this year. So far, they’ve bet the remote control on the results of a football game and both gotten named to Team USA for the World Championships. And that’s just the stuff we know about.

Congrats to Pommers!

-Today’s Mediapost e-newsletter mentioned that the NHL has renewed its deal with NBC for another year, and also re-upped on the flex scheduling options. And, it looks like ratings have increased (households 11%, M18-49 33%). I know that ratings can be interpreted 37 different ways to Sunday, but at least the ratings are increasing.


A Time It Was

April 20, 2008

Moving away from hockey for a couple of paragraphs…

Today’s Grand Prix of Long Beach marked the official end to the split in American Open-Wheel Racing. After today, there will officially be one series, as Champ Car and the Indy Racing League will be united under one series umbrella. While this is the best thing that could happen for the sport, there’s a lot of hurt feelings among the fans and drivers that we had to be put through 13 years of hell to fix something that probably shouldn’t have been broken to begin with.

I’m going to miss the sound of turbo-charged engines. Then again, not going to a race this year is probably going to help my hearing. Even with earplugs, the cars are loud. I’m going to miss sitting at the track and having completely random conversations with the people next to me. I’m going to miss wandering around the paddock and ambushing drivers for pictures. I’m going to miss watching an all-road course series. (The new series will have a road and oval mix. Its easier, but more dangerous to drive on ovals, where as road/street courses require both right and left turns.)

Its been a heck of a ride.

Thanks for the memories, Champ Car!


It was in yesterday’s newspaper that the Philly / Washington game on NBC last Sunday recieved a 5 rating in Buffalo. This rating was higher than the nationwide numbers, and higher than the spot market ratings in Philly and Washington.

Betcha the NHL is really wishing that Buffalo made the playoffs, as those numbers would be doubled, if not tripled.


If Montreal loses tomorrow night, and Calgary loses tonight, CBC will probably want to commit hari kari, as there would be no Canadian team left in the playoffs.

I want Montreal to win, but seeing a #8 seed upset a #1 seed is totally what the playoffs are about.


Can there be some sort of moratorium on asking Miller about his contract status on his Maxim blog? Considering his agent can’t even speak with the club until July 1, anything now is purely speculative and not likely to be answered. I’m sure he’s tired of being asked about it, and his contract year hasn’t even started yet. Let the poor little Crunchy be!


Double Your Pleasure

April 12, 2008

– In the Buffalo News this morning, it was reported that NHL on Versus national ratings are up 50% over last year. That should be cause for celebration, right? Well, put your noisemakers and NHL colored bunting away. The ratings went from a paltry 0.2 last year to a “healthy” 0.3. That’s just sad. (In case you were wondering, the Sabres this season averaged an 8.3 on MSG, which is actually higher than last years 5.1 rating. (Though Nielsen does admit that the ratings for the 2006-07 season were reported lower than they should have been, due to a technical glitch.)

I suppose I should be happy that there’s been some ratings growth, but its still not anywhere near the ratings levels that the NHL as a major sport should be at.

– The playoff hockey so far has been pretty good. Last night’s Philly / Washington and Ottawa / Pittsburgh games both had high pucker factor for fans of either team. I really thought the Pens game was going to go to OT, as Ottawa was working their ass off last night. However, Malone’s really sweet wraparound goal prevented that from happening.

– I shouldn’t laugh about it, but the fact that Thoreson for Philly was rolling around on the ice in extreme agony while play continued around him and the Caps scored was probably the most unintentionally funny moment of last nights action. After seeing how failed that shot block opportunity was, and how much pain he was in, it makes me wonder if he was wearing protection in the bit region? I would think that most players would, considering the chance for injury down there is high due to errant pucks and sticks.

– Zanon’s mic’d up during the Nashville game, and he’s absolutely hysterical. Immediately after a Nashville goal, he’s heard whoo-hooing it up as he skates in from the blue line, then screaming “five-hole, five-hole” at Hasek. I really like these mic’d up moments. I wish the NHL would use them more often.