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Playing for Their Country

April 7, 2008

Paul Hamilton’s locker cleanout day notes included the following gems:

– Gaustad and Pominville will play for Team USA in the World Championships. Miller hasn’t decided if he will play yet. I’m a little surprised by the Pommerdoodle choice. By playing for Team USA this year, Pommers effectively casts his lot with Team USA for 2010, instead of Canada, which is what most Sabres fans identify him with. And can we please HONK for the Goose? The guy had a career year. I’m glad to see him rewarded with a spot. I’m not surprised about Miller’s non-decision decision. I think he needs a rest, and time to deal with a lot of off-season shit, but at the same time, it’s playing for your country. He’s going to be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

– Hecht turned down an opportunity to play for Germany. He’s having surgery on his wrist, which has been injured since January. So, how many of us knew Yo-Yo was injured. He wasn’t running around in the media complaining about his owie, doing interviews wrapped in heating pads…TIMMY. The fact that no one outside the room knew about it helped, in my opinion, solidify his position on the team as a leader.

– Roy-Z will play for Canada, Kotalik for the Czech Republic and Vanek for Austria.

– Teppo and Max haven’t decided whether they will play for Finland and Russia respectively.

– Hank told Sweden to buzz off. He wants to spend this offseason training, something he hasn’t been able to do for the past two seasons due to injuries.