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Crazy Bout a Sharp Dressed Man OR SOTC’s Recap of the NHL Awards

June 23, 2010

–  I f’love this photo of Mr. Miller. The man can wear a suit. And cock an eyebrow like no one’s business. When he has kids, that speculative eyebrow is going to be one heck of a parenting tool.

– I hit a dead link on earlier, and this was the error message I received: This page may have moved, is no longer available, is in the penalty box, or we have a problem with our web site, sorry.

Cute, NHL. Very cute. I mean that in a good way.

– The show opens with a performance by Snoop Dogg. I know when I think of the link between NHL & music, Snoop is the first artist that comes to mind. Snoop’s performance is backed up by a montage of great hits and plays from this past season. Travis Barker appears to be backing Snoop up on the drums. Whatevs.

– Jay Mohr’s monologue makes a “Phoenix Coyotes as booby prize” joke within the first minute-and-a-half. That’s excellent. I also enjoyed his comment about Ovie going off into the Pacific Northwest to scare some campers. Crosby must have his laugh chip installed tonight, as he was cracking up at Mohr’s joke about two minutes in the box not meaning what you think it means when dealing with a lady of the evening in Vegas. Sadly, this monologue is the high point of the night for Mohr.

– The first award of the night is the Calder award, given to the NHL’s Rookie of the Year. Mom speculates that this is the first award because all of the little ones have to go to bed early. Tyler Myers is the winner. Yay! He endearingly pulls out a sheet of paper (8.5 x 11, typed, double sided) to give his acceptance speech. Aww. Myers speech focusing on thanking his friends, family, the WHL, Hockey Canada, the Sabres coaches & management & his teammates. What a sweetie.

– In the “water is wet and puppies are cute” moment, Pavel Datsyuk wins the Selke Award. His speech is borderline hilarious, but his pink shirt and tie combo is the scene stealer.

– Ooh, I just noticed that the banners hanging above the stage change to the number of whatever player is winning the award. Nice touch, NHL.

– Hank Sedin is presented his Art Ross trophy on the red carpet. You read that right. We’re now presenting awards outside and showing them on videotape.

– Patrick Sharp and Pat Kane are off to the side being interviewed by the resident roving reporter, and Kane has his arms wrapped around a Playboy bunny. Oh Pat, you’re so suave. :::roll eyes:::

– Cirque du Soleil Beatles edition performs one of the numbers from their show. Think one of these guys would like to be a backup goalie? They look kind of bendy, and you never know when the opportunity to do a back handspring while breakdancing could come in handy on a killer penalty kill. All joking aside, I’d love to see the Beatles Cirque show in Vegas, but this bathroom renovation has tapped me out for a good long time, so no Vegas for me.

– Ron MacLean and Ted Lindsay present the Ted Lindsay award, which is given to the best player as voted on by his peers. It’s like a badass version of the Miss Congenialty award. Ovechkin wins the award, but, in the words of @LindyRuffsTie, WEAR A TIE YA BUM! Seriously Ovie, this is an awards show, not the airport lounge at McCarron as you’re flying back to Washington after visiting a trade show. My mom wants to know why you also haven’t gotten your teeth fixed yet. If Duncan Keith can get seven teeth fixed, you can have one fixed.

– Getzlaf & Bobby Ryan do this pretty hilarious skit to settle the differences between them due to Getzlaf’s superiority complex since winning gold in Vancouver. That video really needs to be put on a website somewhere for those that missed it. We know hockey players are pretty good at making fun of themselves, so hopefully the league is aware of the positive reception this video has received and starts to make more like it.

– The presentation of the Rocket Richard Trophy is also handled on the red carpet. I’m not a fan of these outside little presentations. Bring them on stage and give them their due like all the other awards.

– John Slattery presents the Jack Adams Award to Dave Tippett. Tippett gets huge, huge credit for turning a pile of sh*t in Phoenix and turning it into a playoff  making rose.

– Kudos to Versus & the league for making sure the nominee & winner names are in a large enough font on the screen to make blogging easier for us at home.

– DB Sweeney (toe pick!) and Jamie Kennedy are up next to present the Vezina award. Kennedy muffs the pronunciation of poor Vezina’s name during the schtick before the presentation. YAY! Miller wins the Vezina and gets big hugs from Brodeur and Bryzgalov. He also pulls a Tyler Myers and pulls out his speech. (Aww.) After thanking the friends, family and girlfriend, Miller thanks his teammates and even makes a special thank you to Patty Lalime. I think the little Lalime impersonation (“ipipip hey buddy” in a french accent) was probably the highlight of the speech.I really hope the league puts Miller’s speech online, since that bit was seriously adorable. Several people on Twitter are speculating that Miller’s love for Lalime tonight indicates that Lalime will be back with the Sabres next year. It might be that, but it also might be a sign of  Miller giving his buddy an ultimate shoutout after the Buffalo fanbase has thrown Lalime under the bus, driven over him, scraped him off the pavement and done it again.

Also, I like Miller’s acknowledgment that the players are going to go out and have a grand old time after the ceremony is over. I mean, it’s 6pm in Vegas when the show ends. It’s not like they’re going to hit the early bird dinner and then head into their hotel rooms to be in bed by 10. (Well, the latter part might be true. Please reference Mohr’s bit at the beginning.) They’re going to go out and live it up. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you’re caught by TMZ, Deadspin or a stray blogger or tweeter, that is.

– The NHL just tweeted that Miller won the Vezina in a landslide. He had 126 votes, Bryzgalov was 2nd with 79. That’s an ass kicking of epic proportions.

– Brodeur wins the Jennings trophy in a red carpet presentation.

– Shinedown performs. I take a powder. Not my cup of tea.

– Theodore wins the Masterton award. I have to give my mother the Readers Digest condensed version of Jose’s story. It has to be heartbreaking for him to be accepting the award on what would have been the day after his son’s first birthday.

– The King Clancy award is given to Shane Doan by representatives of the US Army. Give all of them a round of applause and a standing ovation, please. Doan gives a plea for any free agents to come to Phoenix, since they’re going to be there another year. Is that tampering, or just a lighthearted plea?

– Nate Ewell, the Caps PR guy, reports on Twitter that Miller carried his Vezina into the press conference, telling the reporters that he’s not letting go, that it’s his trophy. I wish he would deposit his Vezina in the middle of the locker room on the opening day of training camp, challenging his teammates that this is not the piece of silver he wants.

– And here’s Myers with his Calder, grinning like a fool.

– Same thing with Miller and his new friend Vezina.

– Martin St. Louis wins the Lady Byng for gentlemanly play. Water wet, puppies cute. St. Louis a gentleman. NEXT!

– Crosby wins the Messier Award for leadership. I call shenanigans on this one. Crosby won the Cup last season, Mess. You shouldn’t be able to use it as justification for this year’s award. Miller was the leader of our ragtag bunch of players, carried the team on his shoulders, and wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is to either his teammates or the media. Doesn’t that count for something?

– This awards show diary is temporarily interrupted as I have to go play grumpy old lady and yell at some kids to get off my lawn and out of my flower bed. Kids these days…

– The Norris trophy is awarded to Duncan Keith. (Also, Mike Green, listen to the same advice that I gave Ovie. Wear a damn tie like a grownup.) Keith makes a crack that Ovie better keep his hands off his fiancee, as they are seated next to each other in the audience.

– Miller is presented the Foundation award on the red carpet. He wins a crystal trophy and a $25,000 check. Way to go, Ryan!

– The Goos sing their single, “Home.” Tonight’s musical performances are brought to us by Verizon. Hey Verizon, how bout taking that sponsorship money and dropping it off at Buffalo City Hall so I can get FiOS here in the city?

– Guy LaFleur presents the final award of the night, the Hart Trophy. (Random aside, I wonder if the producers of Lost used LaFleur as Sawyer’s alias as a tribute to Guy?) Henrik Sedin wins the Hart. Good. I was going to flip something if Ovie or Crosby would have won. Let’s get some new names on these trophies. Hank makes a subtle dig at his brother Daniel, saying that there’s no way Daniel can say that he is a better player than Henrik now.

– Well friends, this brings us to the end of the 2009-10 season. The draft and UFA day are ahead of us, but really, we’re heading into the doldrums of summer. Enjoy the nice weather and know that hockey is just around the corner.


News & Notes

June 22, 2010

– Is Miller the chaperone for the NHL draft picks attending the Twilight Eclipse premiere? Is his attendance required because he has a Hollywood starlet girlfriend? Is he secretly a member of Team Jacob? Is he going to be required to explain the plot of the movie to his teammates at some point? I have no idea, but there has to be a good reason for him attending this movie. I know when I think of sparkly vampires pining for their true, pure love, the first thing that pops into my mind is Ryan Miller.

– And speaking of red carpets, what kind of bull is it that the red carpet pre-show for the NHL awards is only going to be broadcast on I have a perfectly cromulent TV set with NHL Network that is perfect for watching pretty men on the red carpet. Why should I have to hunch over my laptop’s 17″ screen and deal with a buffering feed? Boo, NHL. Boo to you on this one.

– The prevalence of back-to-back games on the Sabres schedule for next season illustrates the Sabres need for a perfectly cromulent backup goalie to give Miller a night off here or there. The Sabres need to find a goalie that Lindy will have faith in to play a number of games, and not just sit on the bench wearing a touque, opening and closing the bench door. I’d like to see Marty back here. He’s a good goalie, and a decent guy. There would be a minimal breaking-in period between Marty & Ryan, and Marty already knows enough of Lindy and The System to be dangerous. (On an unrelated note, Lindy and The System would be a great name for a band.)

– However, the goalie situation in the league just got a lot more interesting with the news that the Sharks are not tendering an offer to Nabokov. The goalie pool is deep this year, and watching where the various free agents land is going to be interesting.

– Sabretooth appears to have fallen off the face of the Twitter earth. He wasn’t fired like the Pittsburgh pierogi, right?

– Late edit to add that Goose was the celebrity chair of the Camp Good Days Gala this past Saturday night. Video of him being adorable with the kiddos is at the link.


They Really Can’t Be Serious

December 30, 2008

– And Dick Jauron lives to see another season as Bills coach. I really think the respect of the players is what saved him. All the mentions of “continuity” in the Bills release make me think that management realized that they would have a player revolt on their hands if they canned Jauron.

TSN is reporting that the NHL is considering moving their annual awards show to Vegas in the hopes of drawing more attendees and sponsors. The Palms has reportedly shown an interest in being the host venue, which…ew. I really hope that any players considering staying at the Palms get flea dipped afterward. There’s quite a history of debauchery at that hotel. I mean, that hotel was the site of the infamous hot tub threesome on Real World: Las Vegas. There could still be Trishelle cooties floating around that hotel.  Not to mention that Playboy has quite the presence at The Palms. Aren’t there enough “NHL Players Are Manwhores” stories out there without dangling Playmates in front of them?

Not to mention that Vegas brings up connotations of gambling, and the league did have that pesky Rick Tocchet gambling ring thing a couple of years ago.

Use some smarts for once, NHL!

– Continuing in the “what the…” mode, Barenaked Ladies have written and recorded lyrics to “The Hockey Song.” (aka the old HNiC theme). I didn’t realize that the song needed lyrics. Is this just adding something to the song for the sake of adding something to the song? It’s an instrumental piece for goodness sake.

– Is it really a big deal that Ovie chews tobacco? There are worse “drugs” he could be using after all. Let’s keep that in mind.

And now for some notes from tonight’s game…

– The Sabres really need to work on clearing people out from in front of Miller during a penalty kill. Laich was standing unmolested in front of Miller, leading to an easy tap-in for Washington’s first goal. Tallinder and Lydman should have done some quick math and realized that only four Capitals players were in front of them and noticed that Laich was just chilling out in front of the net.

– The first period was not the most inspired period I’ve ever seen the Sabres play. They were constantly beat to the puck by the Caps, and while there were some flashes of brilliance, more often than not, the team appeared one step out of sync with each other.

–  The second period was not fun to watch either. However, Gaustad gets a gold star for trying, as he leveled two Caps in one shift. He even dared to check the wonderful Ovechkin. I don’t think he got the same memo that the rest of his teammates got about Ovie being untouchable due to his status as a “superstar” (insert your best Mary Katherine Gallagher pose here).

– What. The. Hell. It’s like an entirely different Sabres team has taken the ice after Mair scored to end the Caps shutout. Why do they insist on teasing us like this?

– The little box between the two benches looks so sad and lonely without Rob Ray and his camera dude in there. Speaking of Ray, did anyone else try to figure out the layout of the arena as Ray suddenly went from the Zamboni entrance  during the game to standing just outside the Sabres locker room in the intermission?

– The camera lingered on Miller seated on the bench at the end of the game. Dude had a very intense look on his face, almost like he was praying into his catching mitt. And as I’m writing this, the Caps scored into the empty net. Guess those prayers didn’t work so well.

– Wow, Jose Theodore is short. He just disappeared into the Caps congratulatory postgame huddle.

– I’m watching the postgame show and Goose looks like he’s going to kick ass and take names later. He said about 14 times that the game tonight was embarrassing, especially in front of the home crowd. I also like the subtle dig about how it’s everyone’s job on the team to make hits, not just his or Mair’s. We’ve all noticed that there are certain players on the team who are a little wimpier than others when it comes to hitting. It makes me think that it’s being noticed inside the room, too. Did I mention already that Goose looked pissed? Just want to get that across.

– Somehow, Vanek’s post game interview – while saying the same things as Goose’s (minus the hitting part, of course) – lacked that pissiness and frustration that I wanted to see. Vanek sounded almost whiny, like he’s tired of getting asked these questions from the media. Guess what sunshine, you wouldn’t get asked these questions if y’all hadn’t sucked worse than a cheap hooker tonight.

– It’s never a good sign when Miller starts his interview by crossing his arms over his chest. That’s a classic example of defensive body language. And it’s really not good when Miller throws the media under the bus by making a comment about how media members don’t show up to get their own quotes and instead rely on other people for quotes and then write their articles based on this secondhand comment. Anyone else curious as to what media members Ryan is referring to?

– And Lindy continues the bus throwing theme, by throwing all the forwards except for Gaustad, Mair and Ellis under the bus…backing it up, and driving over them again. Lindy also mentions that wimpy play is not going to be tolerated and people will get pulled from the lineup. Though Lindy says it’s not an idle threat, I will really believe that when I see it. If Jochen or Roy-Z is riding the pine on Thursday, I’ll issue a mea culpa post.


Another Couple Day Break

November 10, 2008

– So Doc Emerick was named the recipient of this year’s Foster Hewitt Award, which is given by the Hockey Hall of Fame to a member of the NHL broadcast community for their outstanding contributions to broadcasting and the game of hockey. The list of reciepients is a veritable “who’s who” of hockey broadcasting, including the Sabres own late, great Ted Darling. So my question is, when will RJ get his due? The man has been the Sabres announcer (whether radio or TV) since the team’s second season. In all those years of service, he’s only missed two games due to illness. RJ is an institution in these parts; hopefully the Hockey Hall of Fame will recognize him someday.

– Another weekend gone haywire for the Sabres, another 30-minute closed door meeting before the first weekday practice. I’m sure the players loved having another ass chewing followed by an long practice. But you know what, I don’t care. They blew two games in a row again. Maybe the lesson in removing heads from sphincters and then playing hockey will sink in this time.

(Cookies to the first reader who can name what movie I ripped that last line from.)

And while he’s got his Irish in an uproar, can we then send Lindy down to One Bills Drive and let him say a few words to the Bills? After the way the Bills played this weekend, I think they need a good old-fashioned Lindy lecture. Jauron may be a good coach, but he strikes me as too mild-mannered to put the fear of god into his team. Can you imagine the look on a Bills players’ face if he was called out publicly like Lindy has been known to do with a Sabre or two? Could you imagine how Jason Peters would react if he was called out for AGAIN missing a speed rush?

– Danny Paille is the featured Sabre in this week’s “Your Sabres Delivered” section on the website. I let out a small “aww” when I saw that he mentioned that Gaustad was the teammate he’s learned the most from.

Since I’ve played with him in Rochester he’s taught me a lot on the penalty kill and every time things don’t go well he’s very positive.

Sounds like Goose could be the rah-rah cheerleader in the locker room, which I wasn’t quite expecting. I get a stoic vibe from Goose, rather than a cheerleader vibe.

And I will reserve comment on Stafford hanging out with MacArthur and Paille. Why do I have this feeling that the three of them could be the team’s version of the Three Stooges?

And I will also not comment on his watching of the Paris Hilton BFF reality show. I watched Flava of Love and the Charm School shows, so I have no room to judge.

– I’m not a fan of the Gaustad / Mair / Peters line that skated at practice today. I like the Gaustad / Stafford / Paille line more. The former seems to be a hit first, offense later line; while the latter trends more towards offense with the physicality thrown in.

– It’s now officially the holiday season: I’ve seen the Hershey’s Kiss commercial where the kisses act like bells and perform ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’


On With The Show, This Is It – The NHL Awards 2008

June 12, 2008

– Much like my friends over at IPB, I will be liveblogging the NHL Awards show. The local news has already treated us to a glimpse of Pominville in a suit and tie, and he looks good.

– Its 701pm and Versus is currently showing us the CBC feed of Coronation Street. Its the great TapOut debacle all over again. Is it really that difficult to sync up the broadcast feeds? Hey, what do you know, Versus shows up while I’m typing. Oh, its the NHL Draft show from a couple of weeks ago. We already know that Stamkos is going to Tampa. Do we really need to see this again!? I want to see NHL players in tuxes, bad comedy from Ron MacLean, and interesting musical performances. I’m not asking for much, am I?

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