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This and That

August 14, 2010

– I saw a cow being born today! For a city girl like me, seeing something like that at the county fair is a completely amazing thing. And they really are not lying with those little signs above the mama cow pens that say that the cow may give birth at the fair, LOL.

– Do you think the Cup handler assigned to supervise Lord Stanley and Patrick Kane yesterday was in need of a medicinal cocktail by the end of the day? Stanley was in some pretty precarious positions yesterday from Cave of the Winds to the steel girders behind Buffalo General to getting stuck in a fire truck.

– Zach Parise was in Buffalo on Thursday for a signing at Great Skate. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Roy-Z was in town this week as well. Please tell me that the hockey gods went all Freaky Friday on us and swapped these two number nines. It would be a win-win situation for all!

– Jersey Shore is back! The sequence of the boys playing with a “chicken cutlet” that had floated loose in the hot tub was one of the most genuinely hilarious things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I’m still shocked that they didn’t know what exactly they were dealing with, especially since they’re supposed to be such notorious ladies men.

– Judging by the release announcing Puck Drop, it sounds like the Sabres are mimicking the format of Puck Drop from a couple of years ago, rather than the “hey, watching paint dry is more entertaining than this” format of last year. Good move. Yes, I realize the jersey reveal has a lot to do with it, but if you’re going to promote something as an event, it has to be something that people want to attend.

If you’ve visited Sabres TV recently, then you’ve noticed that there is a new look & feel to this portion of the site. If this is going to be the template for a redo of, then I like where they are headed.


Separated at Birth

February 18, 2010

CNN’s NHL Olympians “Separated at Birth”.

Miller is one of the included pairs, where he’s determined to be separated from Milo Ventimiglia. It’s not really a bad comparison. One has a wonky brow. The other has a wonky speaking affection.

If you scroll through the rest of the featured players, can it really be a good thing that you’re separated at birth with Mr. Bean? My favorite comparison is the one comparing Sid to one of the Jonas brothers.


Sabres vs. Blackhawks – 12.11.09

December 11, 2009

Random Thoughts from tonight’s game…

– Is Roby and K-Syl’s introduction taped or is it just a late arriving crowd? There’s a ton of people still streaming into the arena behind the two of them.

– If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Bucky’s article on Tim Kennedy and Pat Kane. I adore the “Buffalo touch” of describing what parishes these two belonged to when they were kiddos and how they wanted to beat each other on the streets and the rinks because of that. Catholic school rivalries are hardcore, yo. (Ask me sometime about the Nardin/Holy Angels egging fiasco in the late 90s.)

– Wow, Rob Ray is actually taller than Nathan Gerbe. That’s a nice change from the interviews where Ray is looking up into the players faces just to make eye contact.

– I love how Ray is explaining that the fans (and media) are full of it for thinking that the team plays differently with the backup goalie in net. I think there is a subtle difference between how the team plays when Miller is in net versus when Lalime is in net. When Miller plays, there’s a confidence shown by the skaters that Miller will bail them out if they make a massive mistake. I don’t always see that when Lalime (or the backup du jour) is in net.

– There’s been some subtle booing of Kane and Soupy, but nothing like what has been heard when Those Two That Shall Not Be Named roll into town.

– Per Sabres Edge, Mike Grier’s mother passed away. My condolences to the entire Grier family.

– C-Mac is tied with Vanek for the team lead in goals. Chew on that for a little while.

– Aww, there’s a Make-A-Wish kid in the booth with RJ and Harry tonight. That’s a pretty cool wish to have fulfilled.

– Nice hustle by Rivet to keep the puck in the Chicago zone at least three times on one power play.

– Unrelated note, MTV’s Jersey Shore may has surpassed The Real World in terms of awesomeness. It’s such a cheesy show, but I get a more “real” vibe off of these people than the cast members of The Real World. It’s also more entertaining than the Real Hos shows on Bravo.

– There’s a couple shots of Miller looking intense (pissed off? constipated?) on the bench. I have to wonder if backup goalies ever have the urge to make like Stanley on The Office and pull out a crossword puzzle to keep occupied. Or do the backup goalies keep an eye on the game, noticing things that they can bring up to their teammates? (“Hey asshole, you’re not protecting your goalie. Hey you, you were offside 16 of 17 rushes. Slow the eff down/speed the eff up. Hey Lindy, you might want to watch out for Player Name, he’s got a heck of a toe drag when faced with an opponent in the neutral zone.”)

– I see that Soupy has taught Kane the art of the spinorama.

– So Lindy looks like a genius by playing Lalime tonight. The Sabres won and Miller got a well deserved rest. As much fun as watching Miller play against the Chicago young guns would have been, Lalime did a perfectly cromulent – even outstandingly cromulent – job in goal tonight. I also liked that his teammates looked so happy for him during the post game congratulatory helmet nuzzles and fist bumps.

– I hope tomorrow the boys don’t blow the momentum from these past two games. I will be watching the game on a DVR delay as it is the office holiday party. I will be off to get my dinner on, my drink on and see which of my co-workers will be the talk of the office on Monday.

– Not hockey related, but this Peter Gammons column chronicling his career at ESPN is another great read. Gammons has been around and his move to MLB Network will only help bolster the fledgling network.


Bad Moon Rising

December 1, 2009

I wondered last night if we were due for a full moon, and I was correct. The ride home from work featured an absolutely beautiful, glowing full moon set against a pitch black sky. Why was I wondering this? Let’s take a look at all of the oddities from the past 24 hours…

– Snow plows completely randomly not plowing sections of roads. Taking my mother to work caused me to navigate sections of Walden that were plowed / unplowed / plowed again…all in the same lane. It took me 50 minutes to get from her office in Cheektowaga to my office near the airport. That’s a ride that normally takes 15, including a run through Timmy Hos. If this is how the rest of the winter is going to go, it’s going to be a mighty long one.

– Ballard “unintentionally doinking” (™ @BNHarrington) Vokoun during last night’s Panthers game. I get “frustration”, and I get “wrong place, wrong time”, but why would you even consider whaling away at the post with your goalie right there? I know he’s wearing a hard plastic mask and steps in front of speeding, frozen vulcanized rubber on a regular basis, but still, safety first.

– Continuing with the unintentional doinking, Ryan Miller took out the camera dude ensconced in the photo hole behind the glass. Just when you thought Miller expressing concern for the guy’s condition was icing on the cake, he goes and gives his stick to the guy after the game.Classy guy all the way around.

– Henrik Tallinder scored on a goalie after Heather B. called it.

– I tripped across the most random – and hilariously disgusting sentence – incorporating the various search/social media. hey baby, wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo ’til I google all over your facebook? Yeah, wrong and hysterical at the same time.

– Ovechkin knee-on-knee collided with Carolina’s Gleason, causing Ovie to bruise his knee. The league reacted and suspended Ovie today for the next two Caps games. I’m sure that Ovie’s comments after today’s practice were causing some poor Caps PR person untold grief while at the same time giving journalists and bloggers fodder for a good long time. While I do think it’s about time that Ovie was sent for a time out, I do have to wonder how much of the decision to suspend him was driven by the conversations being had by fans and media regarding ugly hits and a player’s “superstar” status versus being driven by the single action taken by Ovechkin last night? Also, how much is Ovechkin really going to learn from his suspension if he’s not going to change his style of play? I know that I joke about it being all fun and games until someone loses an eye, but it would be completely ridiculous if it came to that. I know there’s a lot of people out there who like Ovie because he has a spark of life and rides the line unlike other NHL superstars (Hi Sid!), but there’s a fine line between joie de vivre and utter recklessness. Sadly, Ovie rides the reckless side of the line a little too often.

– Eleanor Waldorf’s lawyer on last night’s Gossip Girl was named after John Larroquette’s character on The West Wing. That was all kinds of awesome.

– Marty Brodeur’s descriptions of his American teammates “helping” him study for the US citizenship exam kind of  make me scared for what answers these guys were actually providing as answers to the questions.I do think it’s pretty cool that Marty is teaching all of his kids French while they are still young. I wish I had picked up a language while I was younger or kept up with either Italian or Spanish after college. Right now I know enough of both to be dangerous and confuse myself. And while I know it’s impossible because Marty has played for Canada in the past, how freaking amazing would a goalie tandem of  Brodeur and Miller be for Team USA?


Its Gone

October 7, 2009

– Ryan Miller’s blog is gone. Sadness ensues from those of us that enjoyed reading his cranky, yet fun, outlook on life. Although, now that the blog is no longer in existence, that means the most recent thing on his site is from November of last year. You may want to have your people get on that, Mr. Miller.

– When I read that the Sabres were blessed by their official team chaplain today, two thoughts ran through my head:

1. They *have* a team chaplain? Bless me father for I have sinned, indeed.

2. A Jesuit is probably the only one that could drink a hockey player under the table. (And note to, the abbreviation for Jesuit is SJ, not JS.)

– The ESPN video of Komisarek and Friends working out is much more palatable than the photo of naked Chara.


Make ‘Em Laugh

September 11, 2009

– Check out this Goose photo on NHLoL. The Marty Brodeur ones are pretty good as well.

– Whose bright idea was it to make the Team USA hockey players look like junior serial killers? I mean, we know it was Kane in the cab with the ice pick, but Miller looks like he’s going to be ready to use that ice pick on the first little punk that only gives forth 40 minutes worth of effort in a 60 minute game.

Although, does the fact that Miller is included mean he’s more of a lock to be the starting goalie over TimTom? Or  is it that Miller just looks more menacing that TimTom?

– Lindy just threw the gauntlet down at Tallinder (which means Tallinder flubbed the catch, tripped, broke his foot and will be out for three weeks). If “Uncle Fluffy” Tallinder shows up to camp or the preseason games, I really think he’ll sit. If “NHL Caliber” Tallinder shows up, then I don’t know who sits.

– I know it’s only the first practice, but it will be nice to see the players on the ice again and who’s ready to play. With Lindy saying that there will be more scrimmages, it should be easier to keep track of what’s going on as opposed to when practice is mainly drills.


You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

August 9, 2009

Edited to now include 100% more mugshot content.

– When Patrick Kane was drafted by the Black Hawks, I wonder if he thought he’d ever be gracing the pages of


Somehow, this tops sloshed and shoeless on the ground as the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to a player before/during/after a visit to the Chip Strip.

Scroll down to the bottom of this Puck Daddy post to see the mugshot. A face only a mother could slap, right?

– Meanwhile, Ryan Miller was off being all responsible and cool like while performing his grand marshall duties for the Grand-Am race at the Glen on Friday night. Sabres Edge has a very nice recap of his comments to the media. However, he – like Rivet earlier this offseason – stated that two weeks after the end of the season is an acceptable slacking off time before getting into summer conditioning mode.

In my opinion, that’s just another gauntlet thrown by a vocal leader in the locker room. Sabretooth forbid if someone shows up to camp schlumpy and in less than top form.


The Summertime Blues

July 7, 2009

– With today’s news that Philly signed Chris Pronger to a seven year contract extension, could this spell the end of Danny Briere in Philly? Right now, Philly has almost $19 million invested in three guys (Briere, Pronger and Timmonen). Briere has been injury prone in Philly and has not been worth the contract to the Flyers. Stay tuned, I guess.

– After reading Bucky’s “Free Agency Winners and Losers” column in Sunday’s News, I was mildly surprised to see him call out the Devils as one of the losers of this initial free agency period. Not many people call out the Devils, especially people in these here parts. Not to mention that the Devils GM, Lou Lamoriello, looks like he knows where more than a few bodies are buried, and how to dispose of nuisances. (He’s a master conspirator in the Devils recent strain of coach killing, is all I am saying.) Anyway, I just have this mental image of Bucky curled up under his desk* muttering “can’t sleep, Lou will get me. Can’t sleep, Lou will get me.”

* I chose a desk, because as a professional, that’s where Bucky supposedly writes from. Unlike us bloggers who write from their couches, chairs, offices, decks, porches, etc.

– Thomas Vanek’s official Austrian site has up a two-part interview in which Vanek discusses this past season, his injury and a range of other things. The link is to part one of the interview, with the link to part two at the bottom of part one. It’s a very interesting and candid interview, and about the only first hand information we have proving the Sabres are still alive.

– And finally, as we head deeper into the doldrums of summer, the Hockey Hall of Fame is posting the Penguins Stanley Cup Journal. See pictures and read stories of the players’ days with the Cup. The stories are usually pretty entertaining and the pictures are fantastic.



June 8, 2009

Greg W. twittered earlier today with a link to a blog post regarding a very controversial question a team allegedly asked a prospect during the interview portion of the scouting combine. While the question may have been asked to judge the maturity of the prospect based on his response, there are other, better ways to determine maturity than questioning the prospect’s sexuality. In addition, it doesn’t send a good message to the current players and the league if the team is trying to judge a player by his sexuality. I can’t wait to see what – if any – feedback the league gives on this.

– Moving on, news reports out of Philly indicate the Flyers and Ray Emery have agreed to a 1-year / $1.5 million deal. Such a deal ends the Marty Biron era in Philly. The Philly media also indicates that Marty is allegedly looking for the mythical 5/$25 deal that we all know and love. Now I adore Marty as much as the next person, but there is no way that Marty is worth that much money for that length of time.

It seems fitting that any post talking about both Marty and Ray Emery deserves this video to be included, right?

At least with Emery potentially entering the league again we’ll hear the “Emmmmmm-ry, Emmmmmm-ry” chants again echoing from HSBC Arena. (And part of me kind of would like to see an Emery/Miller fight. Emery may have size and temper, but I think Miller could cut a bitch and swing a blocker when needed. Heh.)



May 19, 2009

– Patrick Kane has been all over the media today. Bucky Gleason did an excellent profile of him in today’s Buffalo News, and ESPN profiled him via stories and other embarrassing information provided by his parents and sisters. I’m sure after reading the ESPN article, Kaner will be hearing no amount of grief from his teammates over dance parties, karaoke and still sleeping in his childhood bedroom when he goes home. After reading both articles, I kind of want to carry Kane around in my pocket. At times he sounds like a grownup and yet, there are other times he still sounds like the 20-year-old kid that he is. Irregardless of where he goes and what he does, it sounds like he’s still grounded in South Buffalo. And I do like that he addresses – somewhat indirectly – the perception that he can be an arrogant little shit. Heh.

– Favorite search term of the day: “the stick that Sidney Crosby youses.” I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen that word spelled that way. Where has our educational system gone awry?

– I’ve been looking at the weather report all day trying to figure out whether hell has actually frozen over, since I enjoyed both Bucky and Jerry Sullivan’s writings in today’s paper.

– The Toronto Star had an interesting article the other day, ranking North American cities based on the winning percentage of their sports teams since 2000. For this purpose, “sports teams” is limited to NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL/CFL organizations. The #1 city was Indianapolis, with Boston at #2 and Vancouver at #3. Of the 37 cities ranked, Buffalo fell in the 29th position. Since the Bills and the Sabres were at varying levels of mediocrity throughout this decade, I was curious as to what the team’s actual records were and how this ranking could have been achieved.

Since 2000, the Bills record is 60-84. By my rough math, this gives them a .416 winning percentage in eight seasons. The Sabres record in that same time frame is 330-245-33-48, with a points percentage somewhere around .565 or so (I took an average of the percentages in the seasons under question for sake of simplicity.)

So what does this all mean? Who knows. It’s open to interpretation, especially since a city so rich in good/decent sports teams like Boston is falls second to Indy, which only has the Pacers and the Colts. In closing, I want to paraphrase something my research methods teacher once said: 25% of all research is crap. You make the call whether this study is or not.

– Joke time: In France, why do they only eat one egg for breakfast? Because to them, one egg is un oeuf. (Thank you, thank you. No applause. Try the fish.)

– This Bob Cole parody is absolutely brilliant. The writer has all of Cole’s verbal ticks down cold.