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May 9, 2008

– It took guts (no pun intended) for the Oilers Fernando Pisani to come forward and discuss his battle with ulcerative colitis. As someone who has Crohns Disease (a sister condition to ulcerative colitis), its not something that one can easily discuss in polite company. I can completely understand what he went through, as I’ve had some pretty gnarly flare-ups, though none as severe as his. I’ve even had the same medical treatment – Remicade – that he did. (Though I had quite the allergic reaction to it. Not fun.) The fact that he was able to come back from such a devastating flare-up to resume his hockey career should make him a shoo-in for the Masterton. Nothing against Jason Blake, since cancer is nothing to sneeze at, but he was able to keep playing and only missed minimal time. Pisani was knocked on his ass, literally. And nothing against Chelios, since old age is nothing to sneeze at, but illness > age.

– One of the racing boards I frequent posted an article where two members of the FIA (that’s the international organization that oversees motorsports worldwide) complained that a world rally driver was too scruffy for TV. (Bear with me, I will relate this to hockey.) Here’s what these two ninnies had to say:

“He was unshaven, scruffy looking and with unkempt hair,” Thatthi added.

“It is wrong … when the FIA gives him global TV coverage to millions of viewers and to many children worldwide he is a hero and role model.

“I know there is a level of personal freedom one is allowed but I feel he is taking this too far and someone should talk to him or his team about this.”

Chandler (that would be Ninny #1 – SOTC), in his reply, agreed with Thatthi  (Ninny #2 – SOTC) that the issue should be addressed.

“Yes I watched the same as you did … unfortunately it is not a problem that is unique to our sport as the same happens in football and other ‘male’ sports,” Chandler wrote.

“Of course these persons are an insult to real males.

I dare these two ninnies to say to hockey players, football players, soccer players or other athletes that facial hair and scruffiness is an affront to manhood. Seriously, any hockey player in full playoff beard mode would dunk a bitch with one hand tied behind their back. I can understand that a driver might not want to have facial hair due to sweat and other reasons, but who the heck are these two ninnies to legislate facial hair standards?

I also didn’t know that facial hair and scuffiness was a hindrance to someone being considered a role model. I guess then I’ll have to cross Goose and Miller off the role model list. While Goose normally has a nice haircut, his facial hair is often unkempt. And Milller has been known to get crunchy looking from time to time. No matter how much charity work and environment saving they do, they’re not role models because they’re not perfectly coiffed and shaved at all times.*

*Shots Off the Crossbar does not agree with the argument presented by the two ninnies at the FIA. Facial hair and scruffy hair have jack shit to do with role model status. Goose and Miller are fine role models for the youths of America.