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Its a Shutout For Reals

November 2, 2008

– Its a gorgeous fall day. The weather is calm. The tree across the street is reflecting the beautiful sunshine off of its golden leaves. I have a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup simmering away on the stove and the Bills are on the TV. Life is good. 🙂

– Admit it. Last night, you were waiting for Miller to give up the inevitable softie in the third period, ruining his shutout bid. I freely admit that I kept waiting for that other shoe to drop. We all know Miller has that occasional brain fade in the waning moments of a game where he’s working on a shootout.

– Anyone want to start a pool as to what “skill player” is going to come out of the lineup when Hecht returns? My money right now would be on Staffy. There have been moments where the boy has played with absolute brilliance and been a physical entity, but then there are other moments where you wonder if he’s thinking more about his guitar skillz than the game he’s playing in.

Lindy’s comments about Clarke MacArthur were also pretty uplifting. Clarke has played well this season and is currently the team’s fourth leading scorer. No way in hell should he sit.

– Glad to see Timmy back in uniform and playing reasonably well.

Yes, Timmy. That really is your name on the back of the jersey. Welcome back!

– Speaking of Timmy, I was pleasantly surprised with Bucky’s column about our oft-injured center. I think the most surprising part of the article was learning that Timmy is a voracious reader. I’ll freely admit that when I think of “voracious reader” and “Sabres,” that Timmy’s name doesn’t pop to the top of my list. Gaustad, Miller and maybe Teppo pop to the top. Timmy’s chilling out in the basement with Mair and Kaleta. Now I’m curious to know what he reads. Great, classic American literature? Thrillers? Crime drama? Letters to Penthouse? I’m intrigued now.

– With the Sabres and Devils both putting up five or more goals on Saturday night, that means that Monday’s game between these two teams will probably end in a 1-0 score via the most humiliating and embarrassing way possible in a shootout. You heard it here first. (And yes, I do realize that the Sabres / Devils games were some of the more entertaining games last season. Both sides are just due for one of those completely ridiculous games is all I’m saying.)

– That 15-year deal the Isles gave Pretty Ricky is looking more and more ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that he is going to be out for another 4-6 weeks after having knee surgery. This is Ricky’s third operation in the past seven months (two knees and a hip.) He’s going to be playing net in one of those old lady hoverround chairs if he keeps that surgical pace up.

– I still really hate the “hot girls, with skates” commercial. That is all.