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Good News, Bad News

March 11, 2009

– Good News: Max scored a goal last night. That would be his third goal of the year.

– Bad News: Max’s third goal of the year (ugh) deflected off his leg. I know we’ll take goals any way we can get them, but that goal was more or less a result of being in the right place at the right time than a result of any skills employed by Max.

– Good News: The Little Honkers clinched a playoff spot in their Yahoo Fantasy League.

– Bad News: The Sabres apparently need small words and visual aids to understand the “playoff” concept.

– Good News: At least Lalime’s GAA last night (5.17) wasn’t as bad as Marty Turco’s (15.08).

– Bad News: Turco’s a Little Honker and that putrid GAA is killing me. I think both Turco and Luongo are going to have to stand on their head and burp the alphabet if I want to win the goalie stats this week.

– Good News: articles like this about Goose. Both he and Vanek talked about using their time in the press box to study the game.

– Bad News: who am I to kvetch about a player learning more about the game? No bad news here.

– Good News: at least Jeff Carter didn’t get a hat trick last night.

– Bad News: the Sabres shouldn’t have allowed Carter to be in that position to begin with.

– Good News: Kaleta’s fight with Asham. That was great.

– Bad News: the refs breaking up Carcillo and Rivet. I really thought Rivet would have pounded that punk into next Tuesday just for the heck of it.

– Good News: it’s Wednesday.

– Bad News: there’s only 15 more games left in the season and the Sabres are four points out of a playoff spot. Is it too early to start rooting for an epic collapse of someone? Pens, Flyers, Rangers, Habs, Panthers…doesn’t matter at this point.

– Good News: Rick Nash scored an unassisted hat trick the other night.

– Bad News: you now have that song stuck in your head.