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Separated at Birth

February 18, 2010

CNN’s NHL Olympians “Separated at Birth”.

Miller is one of the included pairs, where he’s determined to be separated from Milo Ventimiglia. It’s not really a bad comparison. One has a wonky brow. The other has a wonky speaking affection.

If you scroll through the rest of the featured players, can it really be a good thing that you’re separated at birth with Mr. Bean? My favorite comparison is the one comparing Sid to one of the Jonas brothers.


We Want Three!

January 3, 2009

Now that the Sabres beat the Leafs and the Bruins, I’m going to be greedy and ask if the Sabres can go three-for-three in this divisional series of games and beat the Sens on Tuesday.

– Matt Ellis was a little beast today. Two goals, an assist and a plus 3 for the game. You could also tell that the guys were really trying to get him the puck so that he could complete the hat trick.

– I really liked the Ellis / Gaustad / Pominville line. They had some spunk and generated a halfway decent chemistry together. I can’t figure out though, whether this is a demotion for Pommers or a promotion for Goose and Ellis. Either way, it worked.

– Speaking of the Goose, Harry Neale mentioned during the Leafs game that Brian Burke was keeping an eye on Goose for the 2010 Olympic team. Neale mentioned that Burke really liked Gaustad’s physical presence. And short of his death or injury, Miller is a lock for the Olympic team. Could one of his BFF’s in Gaustad be joining him? There’s been rumbles about Burke wanting a bigger and badder Team USA.  Time will tell, I guess.

– Did anyone else notice Lindy crack a smile at the end of today’s game? Smiles from Lindy have been a truly rare sight this season.

– I can live with Brian Campbell being named to the All-Star team, but is he really worthy of a starting position? And I say that as someone who owns Campbell on her fantasy hockey team. He’s a perfectly cromulent defenseman, but I’m not convinced he’s worthy of a starting position. And maybe I’m just naively looking at it from the point of view of someone who thinks that the starters should be the cream of the crop, not just the most popular.

– I’m ashamed to admit that I spent way more time during the Winter Classic than I should have contemplating Ty Conklin’s time management skills. In the third period, he utilized the link-up of the final commercial break and the singing of “Take Me Out To The Hockey Game” to meander over to the Red Wings dugout, get his skates fixed and take a whiz. I’m impressed, Mr. Conklin, very impressed. And it also sounds like the ratings for the Classic were pretty impressive as well. Hopefully, the final ratings will be as good as the overnights.

– I can’t believe that the Boston fans booed Sejkera as he was leaving the ice after taking the stick in the bits. Dude was in some serious pain and they’re booing him. Though I’m glad to see he recovered and was back on the ice. I did get a giggle out of Harry Neale’s euphemisms explaining where Sejkera got hit. Yes, I’m 12. And speaking of injuries, what the heck was up with Max’s mysterious “lower-body injury”? He was involved in a perfectly innocent collision with Chara and then suddenly was gone from the game.

– And Sidney Crosby fought and got 19 penalty minutes during today’s Pens / Panthers game. Sid’s getting a little pissy at how the Pens are playing. Alright, Captain Sid; take some of your aggression out on your teammates and not the opposition.


Ready For Hockey

September 11, 2008

– After watching this video, I am so ready for hockey season to start. Drop the puck already!

– Why can’t the Sabres do a fun season ticket distribution event like the Pens do? Are they afraid that a player would disappear into a house and never return? That Roy-Z or Pommers would be carried off by an army of teenyboppers?

Sid’s either participating in the season ticket promotion or practicing for his post-hockey career as an Avon salesman. (Does Avon still do door-to-door sales? I only get proselytizers and politicians showing up at my door.)

– Speaking of Sid, he’s going to spend another season at Chez Lemieux.

“I’ve been looking for a place for the last year, but I haven’t found anything I’m quite ready for yet,”

So is he not ready to live on his own or does he just have really picky tastes in houses? Inquiring minds want to know!


What He Did on His Summer Vacation

August 7, 2008

– I think Drew Stafford is going to have the best entry in the Sabres “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” contest. According to the Sabres website, Stafford hitched along for a couple of tour stops with the Buffalo band Every Time I Die. It honestly sounds like he had a blast.

– I’m excited that the Olympics are starting tomorrow. For the next two weeks, I turn into a total Olympic geek. I’ll be trying not to break my remote flipping between the 18 NBC channels and CBC to find the best coverage. CBC usually scoops the US channels by about an hour when it comes to showing events. It will be interesting to see if this is still true.

– I can’t imagine the Sabres posting anything like this for one of their players birthdays.

до свидания, Mike Ryan. Have a nice journey. Time to move the “Mike Ryan” tag to the “Former Sabres” category.


We’re Number One(ish)

June 4, 2008

– In the ratings for Monday night’s Triple OT thriller, the Buffalo DMA was the third highest rated market in the country. (Third only behind Pittsburgh and Detroit. So technically, we were the top market that didn’t have a team playing in the game.) The game received a 10.2 rating / 17 share in Buffalo. I’m not sure whether these ratings are based off of an A18+ demo or a P12+, but they’re still pretty impressive. Not that we’re a hockey crazy town or anything.

– First the parade plans are leaked, now the merchandise? Are the Red Wings trying to have karma bite them in the ass?

– Speaking of asses, apparently Sidney Crosby has a large one. Who knew? (Seriously though, find me a hockey player with a small tushie, and I’ll buy you a cookie.) This article is the kind of lighthearted fluff that should be written about more players in the NHL, not just the Sidbot. I can’t wait to see what my wordpress stats tell me about the search terms I get from the first sentence of this paragraph.


How I Spent My Off Day

May 30, 2008

By the Detroit Red Wings.

We went to a resort community south of Pittsburgh. Some of the guys went and played golf, as the course at this resort is super-neat. Others took the chance to have a massage and then play some soccer. Some of the Swedish guys on the team went for something called a Swedish massage, but out of fear for our bodies, we stayed away.

We really want to thank Coach Babcock for letting us have this super fun time!


By Sidney Crosby.

I slept.

The end.