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I Hadn’t Planned on Blogging Tonight

April 6, 2010

But I didn’t feel like flooding Twitter with pointless babble, so instead I come here.

– Harry Neale is in rare form tonight. During the mixup in front of the Sabres net immediately after Myers was smushed, Neale mixed up Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Toni Lydman in trying to describe who was involved in the scuffle. None of these players are interchangeable. Stafford and Lydman are the only two who could mistakenly pass for each other…in a dark alley and from behind, as they have similar builds, but not strikingly similar. Roy-Z is the oddball in the group.

– Then Harry mentions that the scouting on Lundqvist shows that he is rumored to be weak on the high shots. That’s one straight out of the no ish, sherlock files. Us fans were shouting that in the Rangers/Sabres series TWO years ago.

– Stafford scores. Roy-Z defended a teammate. What’s the third impending sign of the Sabrepocalypse? Miller getting into a fight with King Henrik? (BTW, I love the nickname King Henrik in that it’s a close cousin to one of the best racing nicknames out there: King Hiro. Let me explain. Hiro Matsushita was a Japanese Indy Car driver who had sponsorship checks that his driving skills couldn’t cash. One day, he was being a moving chicane in front of legendary driver Emerson Fittipaldi. Emmo calls his pits to complain about Hiro. However, as Emmo is ranting about [fuc]king Hiro, his radio cuts out and all his team hears is “King Hiro.” And thus, a legend was born…and that’s my story.)

– I know this was linked on Puck Daddy earlier today, but this NHL parody video is just hilarious, both for the tagline and the look on Ray’s face. We all know Rob Ray has quite the poker face.

– Miller stops Gaborik point blank on a sliding save in the second period. It was just a stunning save. And did I mention it was a four-on-one? Miller brought a spoon to a knife fight and came out on top.

– Seeing that this game is sponsored by Yanceys Fancy makes me want some cheese. And I do not have any cheese because when my dad went grocery shopping, he thought that my request for “cheese curds” was a silent plea for “cheese curls” and as such, he brought me Cheetos. They’re not exactly interchangeable foodstuffs.

– And The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back on May 3rd. I cannot wait!

– It’s great that Ryan Miller was nominated for the Mark Messier Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (c’mon, it’s not like the real name of the award is that much better). He’s really come into his own this year and is one of the few players that could probably tell his teammates to go eff themselves and not have many repercussions. I just wonder when the nominees for the “Mark Messier Award for Crying Like a PMS’ing Woman Who Just Found Out She’s Out of Ice Cream” will be announced.

– For being only 23 years old, it looks like Little Timmy is developing an unfortunately positioned bald spot. Poor thing.

– Since Stafford is playing somewhat better tonight, is Lindy/Darcy/His Mommy going to let him have his Twitter again? I miss his sarcastic wit.

– According to, the Devils are playing the Trashers tonight. They must be the rec league team from the Streets & Sanitation department.

– Dudes! Derek Roy is getting feisty again. He steps in when Shelley and Miller are going at it after Shelley tumbles over the top of Miller. Miller threw a couple of good smacks before Roy-Z stepped in and gets rewarded with a roughing minor for his efforts. It’s no fight with King Henrik, but I’ll take it.

– The team salute at center ice has so much more meaning when it’s done only once or twice a season. Do you hear me, Rangers? It’s a special gesture and doing it every game cheapens it, in my opinion.

– As the wonderful Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog pointed out, the Sabres and Canucks are division champ and team birth year twinsies. I love fun stats like that!

– Mike Robitaille was the recipient of a standing ovation from the fans tonight. He looks good, but as my mother pointed out, he looks like he’s aged a ton in just a few short months. Here’s to hoping for a continued good recovery for Roby. We all miss him in the booth, and when he comes back, a K-Syl/Roby/Gare booth could be great fun to watch.

– I still want to know where the heck the powers that be found a white sportcoat that fits all of the guys on the team. What’s funny is that with the coat worn over their undershirts, they all look like they’re doing a bad Sony Crockett impression. And seeing the coat with the handwritten messages on the back reminds me of high school and signing your uniform skirts the last day of junior year to celebrate that you never had to wear them again. Whoever gets to keep the jacket at the end of the season is going to have one heck of a keepsake, albeit a somewhat smelly one. Multiple player post game hockey player funk has to be incredibly gross.

– I love Miller’s subtle plea to the coaching staff via the media for a night off before the playoffs start. I know he wants to get in some goalie practice, but he should also treat himself to that massage and a jacuzzi for his efforts.

– In closing….WHOOO! One banner down, two more to go! LET’S GO BUFFALO!


There’s Real Hockey on My TV

September 23, 2009

Or, a semi-live rambling blog of the of Sabres/Leafs game tonight.

First Period

– I don’t care if it’s the Leafs feed on NHL Network, I will watch it. Somehow, this feed is coming through for me I wonder how many pissed off emails the league/Sabres/MSM received (I know the News and WGRZ were aware of the situation) from Sabres fans. I don’t understand league blackout rules. I mean, yes MSG has the rights to Sabres games, but if MSG isn’t going to be showing the game, why should they give a flying fig that the NHL Network is going to be showing the game? Also, it’s incredibly misleading that the Sabres site advertised the game as being offered on NHLN tonight, when it in fact was not. League website template or not, a team should be able to update its own site with the proper TV coverage information and not have to post the corrected information in a release three clicks into the site.

–  I realize I work with ads all day and should be relieved when I see an unsullied space, but I really miss the dasher board ads. I know it’s time consuming to install them, and all the deals probably have yet to be completed, but the boards look really naked. And there’s too much white on the screen, what with the white boards, white ice and white Leafs uniforms. We could have the abominable snowman frolicking on the ice and no one would notice.

– McCormick and Rosehill interrupt my diatrible about ads by having a nice little fight. I miss fighting. And it was a good, solid fight. Not a let’s tango around each other with our fists raised in the air kind of fight that we’ve often got used to seeing. (Sorry, Petey. Them’s the breaks. But I do hope you make the Devils. You’re a good egg.)

–  When I’m not busy typing, I’m trying to rank the players for my fantasy hockey team.  The Two Eyed Pea Brains draft tomorrow and I realized that there’s like jack defensemen in the Western Conference outside of Lidstrom. At least the moral and ethical battle of drafting Pronger and his Elbows of Doom moves to those peeps drafting from the Eastern Conference.

– Is Miller wearing a camera on his head or is he just making like the Great Gazoo with his headgear?

– Do we really think Luke Schenn can outmuscle Goose and Grier in the Toronto zone? (Does Grier have a nickname? Griersy? Mikey? Fred? Bob?) And Goose is wearing the C tonight. While I have a feeling Rivet will remain the Captain for this season, I really want to see Gaustad wearing a letter this year.

– As the Leafs TV announcers are waxing poetic about the Sabres penalty kill this preseason, Miller makes one hell of a diving, pivot-y save. Score one for the Gazoo.

– And at this point, those bastards at Time Warner realize the feed should be blocked and I lose coverage. I pick up the internet feed on the commercial so I don’t think I’ll miss much. I’ll stick with the Leafs TV announcers, since they’re really not that bad…yet.

– The mom unit is wondering why there isn’t an alternate game offered on the NHL Network while the Sabres game is blacked out. Right now, it’s the black screen of death on the regular channel and “no service available” on the high def one. That’s not good customer service on the part of NHLN/TWC. According to, there’s three other games that the league could slot in so their flagship channel isn’t dead air for three hours.

– The ice sounds on this internet feed are incredibly crisp. You can hear every puck receipt and every zhush of the skate blades.

– The final shot count at the end of the first period is 18-5, Sabres. While there’s no score yet, I think the Sabres have done an incredibly good job at pressuring the net, making chances and playing a solid game. Of course, there’s still two more periods for the wheels to come off the wagon.

Second Period

– On a delayed penalty against Exelby for knocking the snot out of Pommers, Paetsch rips a one-timer past MacDonald. 1-0 Sabres. WHOOO!

– The Sabres Twitter feed is reporting that Stafford is now wearing a cage after taking a stick to the face in the first period. Poor Staffy, but the show must go on. He takes a stick to the face and comes back to the game. I drop a full bottle of hair conditioner on my foot and I’m whining for twenty minutes and thinking I broke my foot.

– WHOOO! Gaustad Hecht (status changed in the 3rd) is credited with the Sabres second goal.

– Is Rob Ray doing the radio broadcast? I spy him ensconced between the benches in his Sabres track suit.

– My inner 12-year-old is coming out, but can we please not use the word “streaking” in reference to Jiri Tlusty, especially after those photos came out.

– Miller’s flopped embarrassed reaction to his whiff on the Tlusty penalty shot was pretty funny. Miller had his legs together, but not all the way. You could tell he wanted that one back. Now I laugh. If that happened in March, I’d probably cry.

– The mom unit is watching DWTS on the TV. Why, oh why, is the Miley Cyrus music video for “Party in the USA” debuting during this show? It has nothing to do with either “dancing” or “stars.”

– I come back from a feed crapout to find that Cody McCormick has scored to make it 3-1, Sabres. WHOOO! McCormick (shall we call him Pepper, Saffron? Seasoning Packet?) is just an assist away from the Gordie Howe hat trick.

– More from DWTS. I can’t decide whether to be freaked out by or in awe of the costumes from the stage version of The Lion King. They’re alternately cool and detailed, and yet terrifying.

As Sabres fans, we all need a little hakuna matata in our lives.

Third Period

– Mitchell scores while I’m reading my neighborhood newspaper’s crime blotter (unlike the Amherst Bee, this blotter contains actual crime). The score is now 3-2, Sabres.

– Sensory overload night continues as Glee is now on the TV. And within the first two minutes, they manage to top last week’s Crohn’s shoutout. This Beyonce thing is even more timely and relevant in light of the Kanye debacle, even though it’s probably a very large coincidence.

– Miller shuts down Lori Peckarovsky who somehow got in on a little shorthanded breakaway. (Toronto is a man down due to the puck over the glass delay of game rule.) On this penalty kill, the Leafs allowed no shots. It feels good to once again want to scream “shoooooot” during a power play.

– A scrum breaks out in the Toronto end, as Gaustad gets a roughing penalty, leading to all sorts of chaos. I liked seeing Grier jump in to help Gaustad, even though Gaustad was taking on not only the Maple Leaf player, but also the referee. That takes talent (and a mighty big bit of pissed-off-ness).

–  The Leafs broadcast shows a picture of Stafford with the cage and his grotesquely swollen lip with the caption that he won’t be kissing anyone tonight. That’s snarkily brilliant for a broadcaster. I would also caution the broadcasters to never underestimate a hockey player when it comes to extracurricular activities.

– This is Lindy’s 12th season as Sabres coach. Crikey, I’m old.

– The broadcasters enlighten us with what a typical Sabres third period is like when they have the lead: they clog up the neutral zone, forcing the opposition to work harder to get the pucks in. I’d like to add that they forgot to mention that Sabres third periods generally include the lead being given up at some point in combination with the offense taking a holiday.

– A Leafs player makes one hell of an effort to keep Pommers from scoring into the empty Toronto net. I guess the population of Pominville will have to wait to grow until another day.

– Oh, come on. Two icing calls with less than twenty seconds left in the game? That’s a joke. Can’t the game just end in peace?

– While the Sabres pulled out a win, they played two good periods and one decent period. It’s not bad for preseason, but it’s not good for the regular season, either.


Puck Drop Report

September 20, 2008


I just got back from Puck Drop, and it was so nice to see actual hockey being played. Even though it was just a scrimmage, and there was no hitting, it was good to see the scoring, the skating and the creativity on the ice.

Hockey, Its Good To See You Again!

I fully admit to having edited the above photo in Picasa. The flash of my camera was having a blast catching the reflective stripes on the jerseys. Making the photo black-and-white really made the stripe pop.

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Pommer Signs!

September 18, 2008

In some surprising news today, Pominville signed his contract extension with the Sabres. The population of Pominville will continue to grow in Buffalo for five more years. And the terms of the deal (5/26.5) are probably as close to the mythical 5/25 deal as we’re ever going to get.

With Pommer under contract, six Sabres are locked up with long term deals. I think we can agree that Vanek, Roy, Hecht, Gaustad, Pommers and Miller aren’t six bad choices to build a team around. Miller – when he’s on – is one of the best goalies in the world. Gaustad and Hecht are the quiet, yet dependable lunchpail guys. They’re going to show up game in and game out. Vanek and Roy provide the flash and panasche, while Pominville has developed into a quiet leader.

Now that the deal has been done, and done before Pommer’s self-imposed Friday deadline, let us move on to more important things. Like, what the heck are Sabres fans going to bitch about now? If we don’t have something to bitch about, will we all implode?

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Pominville (and Sabre) memories.


He Really Wants To Be Here, Volume II

July 22, 2008

I honestly think that the Sabres are addicted to press conferences. Today wasn’t so much a “rally the fans after something bad happens and assure them that all is well”, type presser. Instead, we got a happy press conference allowing Ryan Miller to take the stage and explain why he stayed in Buffalo for six more years.

Miller stressed repeatedly that he stayed in Buffalo because the people embraced him, he’s playing with a group of guys that he knows and trusts, and he respects and trusts management and the coaching staff. He also stressed that it wasn’t about the money. If it was, he probably would have gotten the hell out of dodge on July 1, 2009. A guy that’s in it solely for the money, and not the love of the game or winning wouldn’t make a statement like this: I’d trade all the money in the world to be able to bring a Cup to Buffalo with my group of friends and my group of teammates.

That, my friends, is the textbook definition of loyalty. Miller pointed out that he’s spent seven years as a professional, and six of them, he’s played with the same group of guys. Kevin Sylvester mentioned that something like this is roughly the equivalent of graduating college and starting a job working with your college friends. (While that could be great fun, I worked with my college friends when I was in college. It was a miracle we got anything done). I really want these guys to be rewarded for staying together. They’ve come so close in two of the past three seasons. There’s no reason that this year can’t be theirs.

I have to give management a bunch of credit for doing whatever was necessary to keep the core group of Miller, Gaustad, Paille, Vanek and Roy together long-term. It meant that hard decisions needed to be made. We saw the end result of those hard decisions in February when Soupy left town at the trade deadline.

Time out for a second.

Miller’s left eyebrow is cocked higher than his right one. Its bugging the heck out of me because its in the center of my screen.

Time in.

Addressing the “I’m going to sign with Detroit next season” rumors was probably one of the best things Miller could have done. I did like that he pointed out that he’s only felt real loyalty to two teams: Michigan State and Buffalo. Detroit never entered the equation. Most of us knew that those rumors were complete bull, but it was nice to hear those words out of Miller’s mouth (again). So pbbbbbbt to those members of the media who insisted otherwise.

Miller seems happy and optimistic. Management is the same. Gaustad and Paille were enthusiastic when WGRZ caught up with them at a Camp Good Days event. The fans are enthusiastic and somewhat looking forward to the season. I wish we were dropping the puck today instead of in two months.


Five More Years! Five More Years!

July 18, 2008

Yea, there’s really not much to say about Ryan Miller’s contract extension except:


2. Suck it, Bucky.

3. Does this mean he reads SOTC, since I totally requested a contract extension in yesterday’s post?

4. The signing shows that Miller is committed to the team and the Buffalo area.

5. The guys that are all signing the long-term deals are all the guys that were brought up together and spent significant time in Rha-Cha-Cha. Miller, Goose, Roy, Vanek, Paille, C-Mac. Something has to be clicking in the room for these guys to stick around. And even if there wasn’t, as the almighty Goose said repeatedly in intereviews, we (the media and fans) don’t know the half of what’s going on.

More later when I can form coherent thoughts.


We Want Ten!

January 19, 2008

And by god, we got them! I haven’t had so much fun watching a hockey game in a long time. Where to start?

– Stafford and Roy’s dueling hat tricks. All of Stafford’s goals were beautiful. He was such a beast last night, and his first star announcement was well deserved. I was really amused that during his post-game interview he had a Sabres Santa hat hanging in his locker. While I know that was thrown on the ice during the hat trick celebration and he probably didn’t know where it came from, I really was hoping he would have put it on during the interview. He could have been Staffy Claus!

– Eric Boulton is such a thug. His sucker punch of Pommerdoodle was uncalled for. I do like that Pratt and Hecht stepped in to defend Pommers immediately. How can you sucker punch Pommers? Its the equivalent of hitting a puppy with a newspaper just for trying to cuddle up with you. I did find it funny that Pommers just crumpled to the ice and put his hands over his head, very turtle-like.


– I mentioned Nolan Pratt in the last comment. After last night’s display of physicality, remind me again why he’s been up in the press box? In addition to being a noted Miller defender, he stood up twice last night, getting into a fight with Thorburn (who made a controversial move in coming off the bench to take on Pratt, when Pratt really wanted Exelby. And seriously, who the heck names a boy Garnet? I feel like with that name he should be one of Miss Scarlett’s suitors or something.) When Spacek comes back this week, if Pratt sits over Patches, I may have to have words with someone.

– I had to laugh at Roy during his post-game interview. The padding he had over his shoulder made him look like he was auditioning for a role as Pancho Villa (“goals, we don’t need no stinking goals).

– The Sabres penalty kill continues to be fantastic. They killed off 8 penalties, including an almost 2 minute long 5-on-3 situation. And the power play finally kicked into gear last night, with four power play goals on 16 power play opportunities.

– I was really amused at Adam Mair’s repeated requests for gum during the game. And then the trainer pulls out this giant tupperware tub of Dubble Bubble and other pure-sugar-rot-your-teeth type gum. I’m still amazed that these guys can chew gum during a game, and no one’s ended up choking yet.

– Its unrelated to this game, but it will also be really interesting to see how the Pens handle Sid’s absence for the next month. Will they continue to be in the playoff hunt, or will they fall faster than a body with cement shoes?


Live and In Person Thoughts from Buffalo / Ottawa

November 21, 2007
  • Peters and McGrattan were clowning around in the pre-game skate, trading end-to-end shots as they were the last two players off the ice. Peters finally settled it once and for all by going top shelf on the Ottawa net from behind the Buffalo blue-line. The crowd went nuts.
  • Miller had a good game. Sure he gave up some big rebounds (the Alfreddson goal for one), and should be kissing his goalposts for bailing him out on the Chris Kelly breakaway.  Miller also got an assist on Kotalik’s goal and a penalty for interference. I kept hoping he would get a goal, just to complete the unusual-for-Miller stat night.
  • Timmy continued the fine Buffalo trend of missing wide open nets, hitting the post early in the first. My dad remarked that its because Timmy was seeing four nets. Yes, there’s never not a good time for a Timmy head injury joke.
  • I like when we score the first goal. It sets the tone for the entire game. After Ryan punched in the first goal, I really felt like the energy in the building changed. The crowd was more into the game, and it seemed like the players were more into it as well.
  • During the post-game, WGR mentioned that Afinogenov wasn’t his usual detrimental self. Then again, he wasn’t doing much on the positive side, either. I almost wish Lindy would send him to the press box for a game or two. Its never good when you’re biggest accomplishment from a game is not being a detriment for your team.
  • Staffy scored on a beautiful pass from Vanek. But if the pass wouldn’t have gotten through, Vanek would have been lambasted in the media. But at least Vanek’s setting up goals at this point. I’ll take a player who’s setting up goals consistently, rather than one who’s just out there for thrills and giggles.
  • I love how 18,000 people chanting “Emery” in unison can make the heckling sound almost lyrical. I don’t know why, but I really like the name Emory or Emery for one of my future children. But then again, I would be damning her to a life of being called Emery Board.
  • Whoot! A two-game winning streak. Which as Lindy pointed out post-game is better than one, but not yet three. He also said that Timmy’s first period miss was his best Derek Roy impersonation. He’s here all week, folks. Tip your waitress.
  • And the best part of the night – Ronan Tynan sang God Bless America before the game. Which brought tears to my eyes, though I’m blaming the stress of the day for doing that. Then during the game, they interviewed Tynan about his concert in December. He mentioned that members of the Sabres will be performing at his show, specifically Stafford and Miller. I’m pommerdoodling over this one; not only will I be seeing a great tenor in concert, plus a great orchestra, but I’ll also have the added value of two musical Sabres. Then again, I’ve heard Staffy sing, and am aware of his musical preferences, so I’m not sure now it’s going to mesh with a tenor and an orchestra. I’ve seen Miller on the guitar, but never heard him play. Its going to be great!

We Are Sabres!

September 29, 2007

That’s the theme for the 2007-08 edition of the Buffalo Sabres. It works, kind of. I wonder if someone in the promotions office happened to be watching “We Are Marshall” when they came up with that slogan.

But I digress. I was at the Sabres/Pens pre-season game tonight. It was an absolutely amazing game. The hockey was fantastic; though Sid did not play. The Sidbot must’ve been in for a lube, oil and filter before the season starts next week.

I almost thought that I would need repairs after going to the Sabres store before the game. There were people everywhere. I wanted to get a CCM jersey (or have my mother buy it for me as my “surprise” birthday gift since the Ice Bowl ain’t happening), but there were too many people to get near those racks. I did end up buying a Pominville t-shirt and a Sabres 06-07 dvd (which will be reviewed by me later this week. Stay tuned for that).

I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of slug merchandise that is out there. For a town that bitched and moaned about how the slug was blasphemy and the worst thing out there since new Coke, there sure was a lot of slug gear in the crowd.

During pre-game, I played the “who is wearing a letter tonight” game. The winners were Hank (C) and Goose and Timmy (A). I noticed that Goose was the leader of the “lets all stand in a horseshoe and fire pucks at Crunchy” drill, where his main role was to keep the puck moving and clear the net.  He was also the last person off the ice after warmups. Goose must’ve changed sweaters after the first period, as the sweater he had on for the rest of the game was letterless. Either that, or AC Moore needs to make glue-on letters that are slightly more durable.

The start of the game was delayed 15 minutes because there was such a demand for walk-up/will-call tickets, there were too many people in the lobby.  The crowd was a little unhappy with the delay, but they sure perked up when it was announced that Timmy was going to play. The crowd also booed Briere during the highlight package showed on the jumbotron. I can only imagine how ridiculous its going to be when the slag-faced whore himself shows up in the building, not just a video.

Doug Allen sang the anthems as usual, and nothing says national pride like singing along to the national anthem with 17,000 of your closest friends.

The new jumbotron is up, and it is eleventy-seven thousand times better than the one they had up. Its just so crystal clear and snazzy. The best part, is that hanging down below the board itself, are the Sabres slug logos, supported by crossed swords. The way the swords handles are designed and positioned under the slug makes it look like the slugs are wearing Chuck Taylors.

Derek Roy is on fire. I don’t know if Lindy had a come to jeebus meeting with him, or he got the memo about a contract equalling performance, but he has been amazing these past few games. He’s got good supporting players in Staffy and Vanek as linemates. Staffy’s also a beast. He forced a turnover late in the game in the Pittsburgh end that almost resulted in another goal. Timmy’s game-winning goal was brilliant. The man shot the puck into the net when he was falling to the ice.  Amazing. Beautiful. Superb. Pick an adjective. I can’t.

Speaking of Timmy, there was one moment where Timmy was jostling along the boards, and I muttered that he needs to keep his head up, and next thing, Timmy’s on the ice. All you saw were his little skates flailing above the boards. My mother muttered that maybe Timmy needs to concentrate on keeping his body up, not just his head. But Timmy got up. No headache, no foul.

I do have to say that my enjoyment of the game tonight was doubled because of all of the fun that I’ve been having reading the hockey blogs this summer. Whether its pommerdoodling when Pommerdoodle scores, or wanting to yell “Buy Sod” at Jordan Staal, seeing a Jumbotron feature called Crunchtime and being disappointed that its not all about Crunchy, actually noticing changing on the fly and the little bench shuffle, etc; all these things make the game that much more enjoyable.

After the game, the team had a fan-appreciation autograph session. They had the players spread out around the arena, and didn’t announce who was where until after the game ended, so people could not camp out for one player. Our seats were right near where Soupy was stationed, so we went to his line first. He was pretty amused that the first people in line were having him sign Briere jerseys. I had him sign my copy of the Sabres 06-07 dvd, and he said he needed to get a copy of that, since he hadn’t seen it yet. Note to Sabres Management: get them a copy! (Heather, I think he took your advice on the beard thing, since he was rocking one rather well). He did however, lose fashion points for wearing light-cocoa colored pants, camel colored shoes and black socks.
Then we went to the Paestch/Mair line. Pictures of Patches do not do him justice at all. The man is fine [/end puckbunny]. He steals away the fashion points Soupy lost, as Patches had on a pink shirt, which matched the light pinstripes in his brown pants. I don’t have much to say about Adam Mair, as his watchdog was giving me the evil eye for wanting to take a picture. Hank was the only other person on our level, and his line was cut off already.

Those were the only autographs we could get, since both the 100 and 300 levels had been shut down to additional autograph seekers at that point, as the lines were so long. Miller, Afinogenov and Vanek total had somewhere around 4500 people in their lines. Yikes.

I will have my pictures uploaded tomorrow, once I get some of them cleaned up and either uploaded here to to flickr. Some of them definitely require captions, so they may end up here after all.

Peace out.


I Got My Tickets

September 24, 2007

My tickets for the Sabres/Sens and Sabres/Flyers came in the mail today!