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It’s All Starting To Come Together

September 18, 2009

Paul Hamilton is reporting that the Sabres lines appear to be coming together quite nicely. I’m happy that the “popular opinion” line of Gaustad, Hecht and Grier appears to be a reality. (Not that I think Lindy reads the blogs or other writings outside of the MSM, but hey, it’s all about me on this blog.) I hope that playing with Grier and Gaustad pulls Hecht out of the funk that he appeared to get into at several points last year.

And Lindy’s also altering The System. Oh, how I’ve missed hearing about The System. Then again, by mid-January, I’ll probably be so sick of hearing about The System, I’ll wish that we traded The System to Atlanta for Max Afinogenov.

– I wonder how much whining the trio of Miller, Gerbe and Kennedy threw at Lindy so that they all could play in Michigan tomorrow night? I mean, we know Miller probably did the least amount of whining, he was probably more of a demander than a whiner, but Kennedy and Gerbe are the youngins and don’t quite have the clout Miller does. I could imagine Lindy letting them play just to shut them up and get them out of his hair (what little he has left).

Anne discusses the awesomeness that is the picture accompanying the Tim Kennedy article on, but I want to talk about how yet another one of the little kiddos is looking up to Gaustad as a role model. This time, Kennedy is analyzing Gaustad’s face off skills, trying to pick up any pointers and techniques to help him win more of them. I know Kennedy said that he wouldn’t dream of out-muscling Gaustad in a faceoff, but those two going up against each other in a drill could be fun to watch.

– The Sabres theme for the year appears to be “City Of Hockey.” I really like how the theme is carrying through the passport-like media guide and the season tickets. I’d like a t-shirt with the crossed swords/City of Hockey logo on it, but again, I need another Sabres shirt like I need a hole in the head. Heh.

– Where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? Project Runway just isn’t the same without them.

– How awesome are the Voltaggio brothers on Top Chef? Not only are they good cooks, but they also have some dry wit and intensity that’s a welcome break from the typical reality show crazy.


Lazy Random YouTube Post

September 9, 2009

I am in love with this State Farm Commercial.

I think my favorite part is the kid’s expression after the jack-in-the-box pops open. That’s a definite clean up in aisle 27 expression. The kid chasing the dog is a close second.

– And that sound you hear coming from my house tonight is probably going to be my DVR exploding. The 2-hour premiere of ANTM, Glee, SYTYCD, and Top Chef are all on tonight. So is Toddlers and Tiaras, but I DVR the late showing of that. It’s such a bad show, but after watching it, I’m thankful that my parents never approached the level of BSC (that’s batshit crazy) exhibited by those on this show.

– Has it been determined what time practice actually starts at Puck Drop on Saturday? The Sabres site lists what times the extracurricular activities will be happening, but there’s nothing about what time the actual hockey stuff will be happening. Clarity is much appreciated.


Joy and Bliss

June 9, 2009

Nothing hockey related to say here, but Mark Paul Gosselaar is my new hero.

I am all about a Saved by the Bell reunion and if Jimmy Fallon can pull it off, that would be amazing.


Newsflash: A Hockey Game is 60 Minutes Long

November 16, 2008

Not 50. Or 51:43. Someone really, really needs to communicate that critical fact to the Buffalo Sabres. Last night’s game was just ridiculous in that the Sabres watched a lead get right the heck away from them. They retreated into their shells, and tried to protect their lead, but guess what, it didn’t work. Has it worked the past 37 times they’ve tried it? NO! So why do they keep doing it?

I honestly wouldn’t blame Lindy if after the game he had told the players they were walking back from Pittsburgh. Maybe a nice hike through some remote areas in cold weather would wake some of these guys the heck up.

– I was really, really amused by Miller deciding to spear Jordan Staal in the bits. Yes, I know its unsportsmanlike and maybe Miller didn’t react in the best way to people being in his personal space. But the Penguins had been taking liberties with him all night, shooting the puck at him after whistles, banging away in the crease, etc. But none of his teammates were standing up for him while these liberties were being taken, so I really don’t blame Miller for taking matters into his own hands, if you will.

– Did Tallinder step into Lindy’s dog house again? Every other defenseman played well over 18 minutes (with Rivet and Lydman breaking the 21 minute barrier) while Tallinder was just a hare under 13:30.

– I love the look of intense concentration on Miller’s face in this shot:

Sabres Penguins Hockey

At least he showed up for most of the game.

– I watched Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Thanksgiving Leftover Bonanza this morning. I know that when I have my fellow lushes, I mean “friends,” over for Thanksgiving leftovers, I always make sure to tell them what I’m wearing so that we all can be color coordinated to each other, the kitchenscape and the tablescape. I’m still in horror over what she did to that leftover turkey, as well as shuddering at the thought of mixing mashed potatoes and green bean cassorole together for dumpling filling.


One Reminder and Some Thoughts

November 3, 2008

This is my semi-live blog of tonight’s Sabres/Devils game. If you want to read the NJ perspective, hop on over to Interchangeable Parts for Pookie and Schnookie’s thoughts.

First Period

– For the love of everything holy, why is Timmy charging towards the net helmetless? His helmet should require three teammates, an equipment manager and some vaseline to get it off his noggin.

– Could there *be* any more power play opportunities for the Sabres in this first period? Every time I turn around, some hapless Devil is on his way to the box.

– Glad to see that Rivet is back in the lineup. That was a completely surprising personnel move for tonight’s game. I’m shocked that a) Rivet is ready to play and b) Lindy tinkered with the lineup after such a resounding win. We all know Lindy doesn’t like to tinker after wins. And that’s what she said.

– The Devils should be thanking their lucky stars that the score is only 1-0 at the end of the first period. Weekes stopped 20 Sabres shots while the Devils only put three on Miller. That’s roughly a 7:1 shot ratio. Games are not won like that.

– The mentions of Gaustad’s large body are getting a little out of control. I think we were up to four mentions of Gaustad’s size during this period alone. While Gaustad is a little intimidating on the ice, he’s not an extremely bulky guy off the ice. I mean, he’s tall, but he’s not bulky. He carries his weight well, it doesn’t carry him, is what I’m trying to say.

– I just read that Poz is going to be the special guest host of Kissmas Bash. Please tell me that they’re going to give David Archuleta a bench or something to stand on for any photo ops he has to do with Poz. Otherwise, those could be some extremely awkward looking photographs.

– Speaking of awkward photographs, check out Miller being all Gumby-like with his leg propped up 100% on the boards. I try that, I’m on the floor with a broken something-or-other.

Second Period

Rayzor mentions that Lindy preaches a game of tempo and intensity, and he’s getting both in spades from his team tonight. He can say that again.

– Wow. Marty Brodeur has only missed 9 games due to illness or injury during his career. That’s pretty phenomenal, especially for a goalie. Rayzor then mentions that Miller lost 12 pounds or so during last season, and that wasn’t weight he really had room to lose in the first place. I’m glad that this year the Sabres have a perfectly cromulent backup goalie on place, so that Lindy won’t have to ride Miller like Secretariat. (Speaking of backup goalies, does anyone know where Thiebault ended up this year?)

– I noticed that the Sabres have now posted an “Ask a Sabre” feature. You can submit a question to either the entire team or to a specific player and the question may be answered on The Sabres Show. I can think of a couple very easily.

– Dear Timmy: Please shed some further light on your new found love of reading. Are you a library lover (and not in that way, sunshine) or do you pick up the latest and greatest at your favorite local bookstore?

– Dear Team: Do you think anyone will ever get the mythical 5/25 offer? And as a follow-up, during the doldrums of last season, did you ever want to tell Bucky to shove it up his piehole sideways, as he continued to beat the dead horse that was Briere and Drury.

– Dear Ryan Miller: Please explain why The Refinery sells boob hoodies. They serve no useful function other than to cut a woman in half in the most unflattering way. Please reconsider your stance on selling this garment.

– I’m very, very disturbed by the photo over at Puck Daddy of the gentleman who dressed up for Halloween as the be-gashed Clint Malarchuck. Not cool, dude. Not cool. (I’m not linking to it here, since it is kind of disturbing. The photo is in Greg W.’s preview of tonight’s games, if you need/want to see it.)

– The Devils have cheerleaders? The hell?

– Doc ends a brief anecdote about Nathan Gerbe by mentioning that Gerbe is only 5’8. I don’t believe that. Promoting Gerbe to 5’8 would automatically make Roy-Z about 5’10 and that does not compute either.

– I spend the last little bit of the second period looking for Richie Havens’ version of “The Times They Are A Changin” on iTunes. I cannot find it. Boooooo!

– During the intermission, the broadcast staff relates how surprised they are by Miller’s extremely low GAA. They’re not as surprised as some of the fans are. There’s a vocal contingent of Sabres fans who are ready to throw Miller under the bus if he so much as sneezes the wrong way.

Third Period

– The Sabres start the third period by extending their shotless streak to thirteen minutes. At the beginning of the game, they were shooting every other second. Now, they’re not shooting at all. Do they think that there’s a limit to how often and how many shots they can take during a game? Minimizing their shots is not how they win hockey games.

– Dear Doc: its pronounced Rih-vay. Not Ree-vey. K? Thx. Bye.

– Shaq looks like he wants to be anywhere but being interviewed by Versus. Although I do admit that the interview would go a lot better if Shaq would a) enunciate and b) the broadcast staff turned down the background noise. It was a little difficult to hear what Shaq was saying.

– WHOO! Sejkera and/or Paille score. Versus isn’t clear about telling us who did the deed. Correction: The Kaleta scored. There’s just a little bit of difference between Sejkera, Paille and Kaleta is all I’m saying. Clear player identification is pretty important is all I’m saying.

– Miller arguing his puck into the mesh call is pretty comical. He’s so delightfully animated when he feels he’s being wronged.

– Every time Doc or Rayzor mention the Devils Vrana, I have this urge to start humming the Mahna-Mahna song.

– The Devils look like they’ve pulled a page from the Bad Sabre playbook, thinking that the game can be saved with only two consistent periods of hockey on their part.

– Holy crap. Miller has back-to-back shutouts. I don’t think he’s ever done that before. Keep up the good work, Crunchy!

– Post game gives us a nice interview with Miller. He talks about his puckhandling, and how he feels better with it, since its been worked on in practice. However, the lighting at the Rock and Miller’s sweaty head are conspiring to make him look like he’s rapidly gaining a salt-and-pepper shaggy head. Now I think I understand why he’s usually wearing a hat post game.

And now that the game is over, just a friendly reminder to everyone that no matter who you vote for, make sure you vote.

TSN’s James Duthie has a pretty entertaining look at how politics and hockey have intertwined in this election.

– And in honor of Election Day, this blog would not be complete without two of my favorite clips from The West Wing.

Bradley Whitford pwns this little vignette about how our ballots can be somewhat complicated to fill out and understand.

This next one is one of my faves just because it deals with the stereotype of internet crazies. It’s also Aaron Sorkin’s oh-so-subtle “fuck you!” to the good folks over at, who banned Sorkin from their forums after he got into a pissing match with some fans and one of his writers. In trying to condemn them, he stooped down to their level. Bad Sorkin. But in being a little petulant, he gave Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney and Janel Moloney some pretty great material to work with. Then again, those three could spin shit into gold…and often did, during the John Wells years.


I Am So Smrt

October 5, 2008

I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T.

I am one of the households affected by the Time Warner / LIN Broadcasting debacle. My father had gone out on Friday to buy rabbit ears once we heard that WIVB was off the air. We had played around with the ears on Friday, and got a semi-decent, but in no means perfect picture. I knew that HD stations were free over the air, I just had to figure out how to get them. I did some internet research (and TV & antenna manual reading) and realized that my TV needed to be set up to receive antenna signals rather than cable signals. Three quick clicks of the remote later, and the CBS HD feed comes in clear as day. I still have the DVR hooked up to the cable so it can happily record the Sabres game for later tonight viewing.

Victory is mine. 🙂

– There’s an interesting read in today’s Buffalo News regarding the captain situation. I wish Lindy would just name a permanent captain. While the rotating captaincy has provided an interesting insight into Lindy’s and the players’ thought processes (not to mention an entertaining blog post or three), the team needs to have a leader. What better way to start off a new season, one without all the Briere and Drury tomfoolery hanging over our heads, than by naming a new permanent leader. And this season, moreso than last, I really think we have an assortment of qualified candidates to choose from. Pominville, Hecht, Rivet and Teppo would all make good captain material. I still would like to see Goose with an A, as all of the reports regarding his injury have mentioned how well-liked and respected he is in the locker room. I just think that his injury has precluded this from happening.

I may have more to say after I watch the Bills and Sabres games today. GO TEAMS!


Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

September 15, 2008

– Just because Pominville and his agent have put a Friday deadline on signing a contract extension doesn’t mean that it is time to panic. From all accounts, both sides have said that the lines of communication remain open. Both sides have made offers and counteroffers. Both sides are still talking to each other. I can completely understand why Pominville wants to have a deal done before camp starts and I can also understand that he doesn’t want to have the contract negotiations hanging over his head, affecting not only his play, but potentially the play of his teammates. Not that the Sabres have any experience recently with that type of phenomenon, or anything. It’s not yet panic time.

– Today was the Sabres First Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Via the video on the Sabres site, it looks like a good time was had by all. Each foursome was captained by a member of the team. No word on who the winner was of the tournament, as it looks like the video was filmed before the hard core golfing took place.

Most of the video was taken up by an interview with Craig Rivet. He mentioned that while he’s only been in town for three weeks, its felt like three months, as the guys have all been so friendly.

– Tim Kennedy will be blogging from Rookie Camp. Today, while the big boys were out golfing, the rookies and prospects were up at 5:45 am to make sure they could catch the bus to the Pepsi Center. Sucks to be a rookie sometimes, doesn’t it?

– It was announced today that there is the potential of WIVB and WNLO being dropped from Time Warner’s cable lineup if TWC and the stations’ ownership cannot agree on a new licensing deal by October 2nd. Since the stations were the ones that announced the potential loss of coverage, one can only hope that they were hoping for disgruntled (or even gruntled) Bills fans, CSI fans and Gossip Girl/ANTM fans to light up the switchboards at TWC to protest the situation. However, there is a downside to this situation on both sides. It could cause more people to drop TWC and head for the Dish or the new FIOS slowly entering the area. In addition, missing a prime time show isn’t that big of a deal these days, as both CBS and CW put their shows on the internet. If I can’t watch Gossip Girl on Monday night, I’ll watch it the next day on CW’s site. No big deal.


Vogue: Write A List

July 27, 2008

I’m hopping aboard the bloggerly list-making bandwagon. Don’t worry, I brought orange slices for everyone. This is what I’m thinking about today.

1. Someone should tell Shia LeBeouf that being arrested for DUI (and hurting his little self in the process) isn’t a good thing. Most people were willing to overlook that “loitering outside a Walgreens” thing, but a DUI isn’t going to be that easy to overcome. I remember when he was just the sweet kid on “Even Stevens” (a Canisius 2002 O-Staff fave). Now he’s having run-ins with the law. Tsk. Tsk, Shia.

2. I’m watching the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race. Its boring as all hell, but there’s nothing else on the TV right now. I can say that if I was a person who paid good, hard earned money to sit in the stands for this fiasco of a race, I’d be demanding my money back. Due to excessive tire wear problems that can cause accidents, NASCAR is throwing what they call “competition yellows.” These caution periods (the yellow flag at a racetrack means caution, or “slow down you idiots”) allow the cars to come into the pits and change tires so that no one will be running on excessively worn tires. I get that its for safety purposes, but watching 10-15 lap segments during which no one is really racing hard because they’re worried that too much hard racing will cause their tires to go to hell, doesn’t really make for exciting racing. And when race tickets average $100 (or more), its a hell of a costly investment (when you factor in hotel, gas, food, etc) to watch 10-lap parades.

3. I started watching “Arrested Development” on Hulu yesterday. I like it. That is all.

4. I’m amused that so many of us bloggers (myself included) are amused at the type of book that Poz is reading. This says the girl who just finished “Lean Mean Thirteen” by Janet Evanovich.

5. Ever since I watched the video of “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me” on YouTube, I’ve had that song stuck in my head. It also brought me back to my Girl Scout days, as that was one of the songs we used to sing at camp. Only it was called “Purple Light,” since a song with rifles and ponies in the title might not have been the best thing for young, impressionable girls to sing.

6. The Erie County Fair guide was in today’s paper. Even though the same things appear at the fair every year, I still geek out over them. I have to see the Racing Pigs, visit the Mooternity Ward (and I want to note that Firefox recognizes Mooternity as a word), have some BBQ and a lime fizz, visit the agriculture buildings and look at all the produce and maybe visit the slots. Its a good way to spend a day for a reasonably small amount of money, and you never know what you’re going to see.

7. I’m totally pissed that I read this spoilery, spoilery article on Entertainment Weekly’s site about the Heroes season premiere. It gave away a lot, but still left a lot unanswered. I want it to be September already, damn it.

Mommy, I want one.


Requiescat in pace

June 13, 2008

Tim Russert – one of the biggest, if not the biggest – supporter of Buffalo sports, has passed away at the age of 58. I liked watching Russert on NBC News just because he made politics so accessible. With his dry erase board and wit, he explained the often complicated and wacky side of politics. I’m watching the NBC News right now, and Tom Brokaw recounted a story how Russert had already done the math to show how the electoral college could end up tied at 269 in this upcoming presidential election.

One of my favorite Russert moments occured during the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs. Russert closed out the show with the Cup next to him on set. He proudly showed off a Sabres jersey with “Russert / 06” on the back. He closed out the clip by saying that the next time Stanley appeared on the show, it would be escorted by members of the Buffalo Sabres, as they celebrated their Cup win.

Its sad that Russert will not be around to see that happen.

Requiescat in pace. Unless you feel like having an argument with Jimmy Griffin. Then go forth and enjoy.


Please Don’t Stop the Music

June 5, 2008

Earlier today, it was announced that CBC would not be renewing the licensing agreement for the iconic Hockey Night in Canada theme song. The “ba dum ba dum” song has introduced HNiC since 1968. The theme music not only pre-dates me, but also pre-dates the Sabres. The fan outcry on both sides of the border has been overwhelming, as message boards and blogs are all atwitter with the announcement. However, earlier tonight, CBC announced that “negotiations were still ongoing.” However, a close reading of the article doesn’t give people a lot of hope that a deal will be reached to continue using the music. Everyone just sounds so bitter.

Hopefully people on both sides of the deal will realize that they’re making fools of themselves over the whole situation.

I really don’t want to have a theme song done by BNL or Avril Lavigne (artists represented by the agency charged with coming up with a new theme). While I have nothing against BNL or Avril Lavigne, they don’t scream hockey to me. Great Big Sea…now that screams hockey.

Edited to add: Crunchy posted his last blog entry on today. He made a comment that blogging was fun after reading so many of them. Sweet merciful fuck (scuse the language), what if he stumbled across my blog? He’s going to think that the Buffalo blogosphere thinks he’s a crunchy nutjob. That said, I do not think he is a Crunchy nutjob. I think he’s a very good guy who gives back to the community that’s given so much to him.