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The Calm Before the Storm – Sabres vs. Pens 3.2.10

March 2, 2010

So tonight is the last game before the trade deadline. Will this mark the last time that we see one of the boys in the blue and gold? Will we be bidding adieu to Clarke MacArthur or Drew Stafford, but saying hello to Biron or Ponikarovsky?

Heads up for tomorrow. The boys over at The Goose’s Roost are running what can best be described as a Buffalo Blog Block Party for tomorrow’s trade deadline day. Most of your favorite Sabres bloggers and other tweeps will show up at various points throughout the day tomorrow, so stop by. We can all commiserate together when Darcy trades Sabretooth for a case of Labatts or a Zamboni battery, or when Rip Simonick gets traded for a mystery Roll Up the Rim to Win Cup.

Here’s the link to the blog, if you’re so inclined…
Trade Deadline Mega Live Blog

ETA: If the linky no-worky for you, then head to The Goose’s Roost itself to join in on the fun.

But back to matters at hand.

I’m excited to have Sabres hockey back. I was ready for the Olympic break. The Sabres just weren’t playing to their full potential. We needed a break. It wasn’t me, it was them. But that’s over now. The boys in blue and gold are back, as are my scintillating in-game thoughts.

– Watching the pregame media scrum with Miller, he’s rocking the hell out of that tweed newsboy cap. Everytime I see him in one, I start humming either Seize the Day” or “Carrying the Banner.” (Do you know how difficult it is to find reasonably decent Newsies clips? And do you know how difficult it is to get Newsies songs out of your head? But all of that is outweighed by how quickly a Newsies – or any Disney song, really – can flip a bad mood into a good one.)

– I’m distracted from Henrik Tallinder’s bad, over-gelled comb back (it’s not really a come over) by Patrick Lalime appearing to dance to his own beat during the Star Spangled Banner. Seriously, dude was not in rhythm. Then again, Miller was standing off to the side with his hands knotted together and this look on his face like he’s the little kid standing outside the confessional for the first time. (Bless me father for I have sinned…)

– With all the trade conversations going on today, I’d be sad to see Tallinder leave. I think he’s resuscitated his career since being paired with Myers. It would be a shame to break up what is probably the Sabres best defensive pairing. And really, at the beginning of the season, did anyone expect these two to be the hot pair?

– Gonchar gets one past Lalime on the power play after the Pens put a lot of pressure on the Sabres in their own zone. I have no idea what the Sabres penalty was, but it was probably something stupid like not saying “God bless you” and handing over a tissue when Crosby sneezed. Despite giving up that one goal, Lalime has looked quite good tonight. It’s the rest of the boys that seem to be stuck in Cabo. 1-0, Pens.

– Per the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Lindy was booed pre-game and Miller was given quite the thunderous ovation.

– This waffle breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts looks gross. America runs on Dunkin, but probably not in the way they want us to.

– I did not miss the Cellino & Barnes pop-up ads. The concept of the ad is cool, but I think it’s the content of the ads that’s bothering me.

– Do we think Miller wishes he could have smuggled Parise/Kesler/Kane or anyone else on Team USA back with him for the Sabres? I’m hopeful someone’s jammed in a suitcase and is going to be released once they’re back in Buffalo later tonight.

– Dupuis gets another one past Lalime. 2-0, Pens.

– Lydman fires one from the point to make it 2-1, Pens.

– The ice mics appear to be turned up to full blast tonight. I’m hearing a lot of dialogue that I probably shouldn’t be hearing.

– TSN is reporting that Ponikarovsky is going to Pittsburgh for a prospect named Luca Caputi. This is noteworthy only because I like the name Luca. It’s one you don’t hear very often.

– Sign you watch too much HDTV: you try to type in the HD channel numbers on an SD TV and get confused why you’re watching YES when you really want ABC.

– Aww, Miller just compared his next six weeks to being that of an infant: eating, sleeping and hydrating. K-Syl gently corrects him by saying that he forgot one other thing that infants do. To his credit, Miller didn’t blanch at that statement. But could eat/sleep/hydrate become the Sabres version of the Jersey Shore’s motto of gym/tan/laundry? Miller also mentioned that he wouldn’t mind winning silver twice in one year. You go Crunchy. You just might make silver every Buffalonian’s favorite color.

– Oh lord, at the start of the third period, only Pommers and Goose have more than one shot on goal. Nothing against Goose, but he’s not exactly an offensive juggarnaut that you want as your leading (or second leading) shot taker for the night.

– These Sabres can’t hit the broad side of an effing barn tonight. They need help.

– If I promise to eat all my vegetables, clean my room, finish my homework and walk the dog will I get Olympic hockey back and/or a Sabres trade?

– Goose “fights” Rupp and goes off cradling his hand after the fight. To be fair, we can’t tell if the injury comes from the “fight” or when Goose tumbles down onto the ice and appears to jam his hand. For the love of Pete, please don’t let it be broken. Injuries to key character guys are not kosher with 20 games left…unless it’s some heinous ploy by Goose to avoid being traded to Carolina for some barbecue.

– Fedotenko scores the third Pittsburgh goal, doinking it off the water bottle on the top of the net. 3-1, Pens.

– Roy dents the twine in the back of the Pittsburgh net. However, the puck does the old speedy in & out t that the play needs to be reviewed. Upon further review, it’s a good goal. 3-2, Pens.

– Set fire to the room, Darcy. Do it now.


It’s a point, I guess

February 9, 2010

And that sums up my analysis of the Sabres/Bruins game.

Though I do have to give the little effers credit for coming back from two goals down. I left the office late, and when I flipped on WGR on the ride home and heard it was 2-0 in the first intermission, I was not looking forwards to watching the game.

Can someone please give Tyler Myers a cookie or something for playing over 28 minutes AND taking a shot to the neck?

The second period whip discussing the trade deadline was relatively interesting. Ray said that three quarters of NHL players are mentally unstable and can’t handle the trade rumors. Apparently, NHL players gossip like a bunch of high school girls. I think Ray’s percentage is a bit high. And I get what he’s trying to say, but mentally unstable was probably a poor choice of words. But as I think about it, we as fans sometimes forget that these guys just aren’t names on a roster, they’re actual people with emotions. It’s got to be tough to for them to hear that the fans and/or management want them run out of town on a rail.

They also discussed whether general managers look to the internet for trade suggestions. I’m sorry, that may be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard on a Sabres broadcast. If that were the case, the Sabres would have received thirteen players in exchange for Toni Lydman (per Eklund’s collection of rumors) or Darcy would have traded half the team (but not Roy-Z) in exchange for a Zamboni battery and a case of Labatts. Darcy has a brain in his head (and feet in his shoes). He doesn’t need us telling him how to do his job.

But this is the internet, so we’re going to keep doing it anyways.


Bits and Pieces

June 29, 2009

– With the news that the St. Louis Blues have bought out the remaining year of Jay McKee’s contract, obviously there’s going to be discussion of the Sabres potentially making a move to re-sign Jay. I have to vote no on this one. While Jay was a solid defenseman, the poor dear has been injured more often than he’s been healthy over the course of his career. Those 3-4 shots he’d block per game don’t outweigh the time he could spend on the IR. He’s like a slightly more rugged version of Timmy in that regard.

– The team also announced that it has extended qualifying offers to Stafford, Sekera, Kaleta, MacArthur and Kaleta. With this announcement, the team has effectively secured the rights to any compensation should another team make a qualifying offer. Of the bunch, only Sekera and Stafford could potentially attract offers from around the league. And with Regier’s comments that he’s had discussions with Stafford, but doesn’t foresee him signing before July 1, does this mean the team and Stafford are far apart on a deal, or does this mean that Staffy could be trade bait come July 1 or later? Remember, last year Regier and Co. were quiet on July 1, but made the big move after the fourth with the Rivet deal.

– Any ideas on who Regier was talking about with this comment during his interview with WGR?

There are players we’ve looked at and felt there’s a change that could be good for both the player and the organization. It doesn’t mean the player won’t be back. It doesn’t mean we can’t get the performance we expected from the player, but we would look at some changes.”

Stafford again? Roy? Tallinder?

– Tomorrow USA Hockey announces the invitees to 2010 Olympic Training Camp, to be held outside Chicago in mid-August. Miller is pretty much a lock to be invited, but Gaustad, Pominville and Connolly remain as dark horses. With the comments Brian Burke has made about loving Paul Gaustad’s grit and physicality, I would think he would have a better shot at making camp than some of the other guys.


What a Weekend

March 8, 2009

– So Terrell Owens is now a Buffalo Bill. Please sit back, fasten your seatbelt, make sure your tray table is in the upright position and start enjoying the ride on the Chaos Express now departing from Ralph Wilson Stadium. There is no way that this is going to end well, but we’ll all be in for a ride. After seeing what Owens did to try and destroy quarterbacks in Philly and Dallas, I really hope he doesn’t try the same thing with Edwards. I mean, Edwards is a good kid and a good quarterback. While he’s still learning, he’s at a critical point in his development. A bad season with a person like TO on the squad could do more harm than good. Hopefully, Trent will be able to tell TO to STFU if things start getting out of hand.

The cynical beeyotch in me thinks that the TO signing was nothing more than a ploy by the front office to sell tickets, as its been rumored that season ticket sales and renewals are lagging. I know the Bills needed a receiver, but I don’t think a TO type ego is needed in the locker room.

This season promises to be interesting, that’s for sure.

– I missed most of Friday night’s Sabres game as I was at a home interior decorating party. I came home in time to see the third period. All I can say is that it’s about time that Pommers woke up and put the puck in the net.

– Saturday’s game was a different story. I watched the game at Tully’s with my fellow amazing lady bloggers. While the company was fantastic, the hockey…not so much. I lost count of how many times the team missed a wide open net or shot the puck wide or just plain screwed up. While the team is only three points out of eighth place, efforts like Saturday night’s will not get them back into the playoff group. I would not be surprised if Tellqvist started on Tuesday, as Lalime looked a wee bit shaky towards the end of the Ottawa game.

– How awful was it that Kotalik learned that he was traded via a text message from Ales Hemsky welcoming him to the Oilers? Regier mentioned that the Sabres have a silence policy until the trade is fully approved by the league. I guess Kevin Lowe and the Oilers don’t have that same policy. Just another reason that Lowe probably won’t be appearing on the Sabres Christmas card list.


Trade Deadline Reflections

March 5, 2009

Well, now that we’ve all calmed down after the rush that is NHL trade deadline day, it’s a good time to sit back and reflect on what happened yesterday.

– Ales Kotalik was shipped to Edmonton for a 2nd round draft pick. While the team will miss Kotalik’s mad blasts from the point and wicked backhands during the skills competitions, he probably wasn’t going to be re-signed at the end of the year and so better to send him somewhere and get something for him.

– Tellqvist was acquired by the Sabres in exchange for another draft pick. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize this isn’t a sign that Ryan Miller’s injury is more severe than first thought. It just means the team needed to bring in some goalie depth, a proven veteran to spell Lalime on occasion. (And according to Miller himself, he’s still keeping active while on the DL. I do appreciate that he calls himself a wimp when it comes to tattoos. I’ll make no bones about joining him in that boat. The needles thing is what does me in.) Let’s give Tellqvist a chance before we automatically throw him and the team off the SS Playoff Chance.

– Dominic Moore was acquired from Toronto for a 2nd round draft pick. From what I know of Moore, his style seems like it would fit in with the Sabres, a mix of mucking and grinding and solid dependable play. While he may only be a rental player, let’s give him a chance before we write him off as gone at the end of the season.

– And in probably the most shocking news of the day, the Sabres signed Tim Connolly to a 2-year, $9 million contract extension. It wasn’t the fact that he was re-signed that was the most shocking, it was the dollar amount and length of the deal that caused many an eyebrow to be raised. Most people – yours truly included – thought that Timmy would be signed to a one year deal at a pretty significant discount. The fact that he was given a raise despite playing less than half of the games in his current contract. Darcy has to know something we don’t or Timmy has to have pictures of LQ at the company Christmas party with a lampshade on his head, that’s the only reason for such a wacky deal. Right? I wish Timmy nothing but the best, and pray that he remains healthy for the next two-and-a-half years.

– It will be interesting to see whether Calgary implodes with the addition of Olli Jokinen to its roster. General perception around teh internets is that Jokinen is a locker room cancer. It seems that Calgary is also slightly distressed that Lombardi was sent packing in this deal as well. If the room is already tempestous, how will adding such a volitile player affect the chemistry of the team?

– Just what Philly needs: two more rock-em, sock-em robots in McLaren and Carcillo. And it looks like that Marty to Buffalo rumor didn’t quite come true. Guess we’ll all have to look elsewhere for quotable material.

– I hope that the news that Kotalik is playing with Hemsky and Horcoff results in an uptick in production for all three. I would be quite distressed if Hemsky’s production suffered, as he is one of the leading producers for The Little Honkers. Yes, it is all about me, why do you ask?

– And in other news, sounds like Vanek is in the market for a new road roomie, as Kotalik was his roomie for the past three years. I wonder if Lindy will slot one of the new guys in, or break up an existing combination? And in other roomie news, while at Barnes & Noble last night, I was reading The Hockey News and Andrew Peters mentioned that Kaleta is his road roomie. Peters likes Kaleta since Kaleta lets him control the remote.  Heh. Would you want to go up against Peters over the remote control? I don’t think so.

– Last night’s game against the Habs was beautiful to watch. Gaustad set the tone early with his crushing hit. The team responded and took shots, and charged the net. Gaustad’s excellent tip of Rivet’s shot and his breakaway goal definitely put him as the second star of the game in my book. First star was Lalime for obvious reasons. Sure, he pulled a Miller and let in a goal with less than a minute remaining in the game to give up the shutout, but he was solid as solid could be for the entire game.

– I liked that the broadcast pointed out Rivet’s absolute happiness with Danny Paille during one of the goal celebrations. Joy like that for a teammate is something nice to see every now and then.

– Sometimes I think that Harry Neale exists solely in the broadcast to announce inane trivia like “on the second Tuesday of each month during the full moon, Patrick Lalime has let in two goals against the Montreal Canadians when playing at HSBC Arena.” Alright, so that’s slightly exaggerated, but you get my point. Harry tries to be a font of knowledge, but sometimes it’s not inserted at the right moment of the broadcast.